End of World Businessman

Chapter 026.3: Lan Cheng's Crisis [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: ?

Chapter 026.3: Lan Cheng's Crisis [3]

Wu Ye’s hand that was holding a rifle in his hand trembled a little before he forced himself to divert his sight elsewhere. The constant sound of crying and pleading that came to his ear made the joy and excitement from making a fortune last night disappeared. There was an indescribable kind of pain in his heart.

Qin Wuhua saw his face had turned pale and knew that he was upset. The only thing he could do was to pat him on the back, silently comforting him.

More than ten kilometers away from Lan Cheng base, the amount of zombies that could be found there suddenly increased. The density was close to that of the hunting area, which meant that the zombie tide was not far away. Most of the zombie hunters stopped here for safety reasons. Only a few zombie hunters who was going after the new zombies were still going in farther. In the distance, the roar of artillery shells in the distance could be heard coming from the special guards fighting in the front line.

Qin Wuhua naturally also wanted to get the tax-free shop reward. Therefore, as early as Ji Xiang issued the announcement, he had already contacted Yang Qi and Yang Li Na, and they helped contact three other first-order peak ability users. As soon as the base gate was opened, a line of eight people went deep into the zombie tide.

Through the improved zombies detector, Ji Yun drove to the places where the zombies were concentrated, all in accordance with Qin Wuhua’s requirements. As the amount of the zombies increased, Yang Qi who was sitting in the passenger seat, began to use his ability to clear the way for Ji Yun.

Wu Ye and the others stood and began to shoot at the zombies. Originally, the three new ability users murmured that Wu Ye is an ordinary man, who at first sight was just like a pampered young master. They feared that Wu Ye would drag them down. After seeing Wu Ye’s superb shooting skill though, they no longer complained.

Wu Ye focused on shooting with all his heart and soul. He didn’t notice that the weak airflow in his body was quietly flowing through his meridians and the fact that his breathing frequency was unconsciously reduced to a very low level. He didn’t notice that he had entered some mysterious rhythm nor the fact that he had entered ‘basic breathing technique’ in the midst of battle.

After marching for another five kilometers, Qin Wuhua saw that there were already many zombies ahead him for several kilometers through his telescope. He also saw that the special guard’s tanks and armored vehicles were fighting but could only retreat. Their efforts to fight the zombie tide was barely enough to be called a dense artillery fire.

Qin Wuhua accidentally spotted a zombie that was extremely fast and obviously larger than other zombies in the middle of the zombies group. He looked at it carefully and noted that it was extremely keen, able to constantly avoided the special guard’s attack and then rushing towards them quickly afterwards.

At the same time, the system, which had been pretending to be dead after energy overdraft, finally said something:

【Mandatory Task: Guard Lan Cheng base, accepted by default.】

【Random Task: Hunt the third-level mutated zombie.】

“Be careful. I feel like the new zombie is nearby.” Wu Ye said as he quickly changed his rifle into a heavy machine gun, asking the system to take over the immediate task for him while the gun was empty.

His speculation confirmed, Qin Wuhua immediately knocked on the back window of the car and loudly spoke to Ji Yun and Yang Qi, “Turn around immediately and set up a roadblock.”

After Ji Yun, Yang Qi, and Yang Li Na responded back, just as loud, Ji Yun rotated almost 180 degrees in place, and turned the car around in minutes. Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s eyes were closed and a yellow light in front of the car flickered. In an instant, three earth walls of more than one meter thick rose from the ground, shrouding the car, while also camouflaging the wall with the color of rock.

After the wall was built, Yang Li Na immediately mobilized her ability, making the outer layer of the wall glittered like gold. The heavy iron weights that she had carried with her disappearing in a flash. Under the wall, a circle of two or three meters long steel bars with wrist thickness of 45 degrees was grown tilted outwards with a sharp tip that shone brightly in the sun, forcing the surrounding zombies to be unable to get close to a simple ‘earthen wall air-raid shelter’ style for a short time.

Yang Qi’s ability was limited. The construction of ‘earth hole’ could only cover ¾ of the car’s part, leaving the rear part exposed, becoming a short-term platform.

“The target is at one o’clock ahead and is approaching rapidly. No. 1 and no. 2 machine gunners, watch out for targets. No. 3, 4, 5 ability users, use your different abilities to clear up the zombie tide and pay attention to preserving your combat strength.”

Qin Wuhua finished ordering, put down the telescope and set up the sniper rifle he bought at a high price.

HeXie: I'm still translating the following 4 parts. I hope you guys can wait!!

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