Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: ?

The special guard had left the base early this morning, and Lan Cheng base had blocked all gates and forbidden anyone to enter.

The survivors of the refugee camp were all terrified. From last night, they had begun crying for help from all the people, kneeling down on their knees. When the night had turned to day, they began to besiege the base. They all hit the walls and gates at all costs, like they had all lost their minds. Their all-out effort to end everyone in mutual destruction made the soldiers manning the wall shudder.

Lan Cheng base attached the most importance to planting. Therefore, there was only one small ammunition factory in the base. As such, in general, it was weaker than the other medium-sized bases of the same level. Lan Cheng upper echelon couldn’t do anything but to work hard on the base defense and let countless machines and tens of thousands people to strengthen the base wall day and night. For more than a year, Lan Cheng had added to the weakest part of the base wall, making the wall to 12 meters high, 8 meters wide at the bottom, 5 meters wide at the top, and 55 kilometers long. It is said that it could resist the zombies tide that amount below 3 million, certainly stronger than many settlements of the same level.

But, people were smarter than zombies. They would not only attack the weakest part of the base wall, but also climbed up the wall at all costs, even if they had to step on the mountain of corpses built of their companions.

Outside the base, the refugee camp had become a literal hell on earth.

Inside the base, righteous and willing people were constantly demonstrating their power under the administrative office building of Lan Cheng motto of | Strength | Reveal | Might.

The zombies’ tide hadn’t arrived, yet the base was already in chaos.

If this momentum was not stopped in time, even if Lan Cheng base is preserved, it was very likely that those at the top would have to be replaced.

At 10 A.M., Ji Xiang, the top person in charge of Lan Cheng base, announced to the whole base through radio——

The first wave of the zombies is expected to arrive at 11 P.M. tonight. All hunters are required to leave the base immediately and exterminate as many zombies as possible. Now. In this eradication operation, all registered zombie hunters who immediately went out of the base to fight can received 1000 rounds of ammunition and 15 litres of gasoline, free of charge.

In this crisis, any excellent zombie hunter team that could hunt 5 new zombies or more would receive an one-year tax-free shop, free of charge by showing the evidence of the new zombie crystal nucleus. Of course, the nucleus would still belonged to the team who manage to hunt the new zombie.

Lan Cheng base had also given the green light for the refugees. As long as each refugees outside could pay 40 transparent crystal nuclei for each person, then they are allowed to enter the base. During the zombies siege, Lan Cheng base would start a special area for refugees to gather and guaranteed that they would be provided with the most basic living security for free until the crisis ended.

During times of crisis, people were more prone to look for opportunities to kill their relatives and friends.

In such a turbulent time, Ji Xiang’s announcement was sent out, making Lan Cheng base’s atmosphere boiling.

All the people, who were fighting and making trouble, dispersed without exception. Ordinary zombies hunter would never say no to free bullets and gasoline. The zombies siege was not a joke after all. Even if Lan Cheng base didn’t give anything, they still had to work hard to survive the zombies. Meanwhile, the powerful zombies hunter team were more focused on the tax-free shop the announcement mentioned.

Even if it would only work for one year, even if it’s only one small shop, the word ‘tax-free’ was enough to make their eyes turned red. So far, only the top team consisting of five zombie hunters that were led by Ji Xiang had the tax-free privilege in Lan Cheng base. Of course, their leadership and decision-making power were much more important than some small tax-free shop, and perhaps in some people’s eyes, this commitment was seen as the first step to decentralize the upper-echelon’s power.

Lured by the promise of gain and driven by evil.

The situation in the base soon calmed down. Before long, the zombie hunters came out of their home in droves to pick up the promised bullets and gasoline. Outside the base, a small door that only allowed two people to pass side by side, was opened. Hundreds of guards were guarding it with guns visible and the refugees were only allowed to pass after they pay the full amount of crystal nuclei and be tested for infection.

The chance for survival was placed in front of the refugees just like dangling a big chicken leg that you couldn’t eat in front of a starving person. The refugee camp, which was already out of order, was in complete chaos. In order to get those 40 transparent crystals, this place had become a real purgatory.

Some people took away other family’s only wealth and rushed into the door despite the desperate cries from the family.

Some people intercepted and took the blood-stained wealth from the still warm corpse.

Some people rushed to the middle of the road and sold their wives and children to the people who came out of the base with a ferocious expression.

Some people knelt by the roadside, begging the zombie hunters to be kind enough to save their young children’s lives.

Some people resolutely picked up a simple weapon and walked towards the zombie tide…...

A few minutes of walking was enough to see the cruelest and most helpless scene in one’s life.