Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: ?

The sky was turning light, Wu Ye was awakened by the sounds of gunfire and chaotic screams. He looked around the room, alerted. When he saw Qin Wuhua standing by the window, he asked, “What’s wrong? What’s going on out there?”

Qin Wuhua had been watching from the window for some time already, and said in a deep voice, “Some people intend to hijack the airplane coming from the capital. Some people ask for the survivors in the refugee camps outside the city to be let in Lan Cheng base, hoping that they’d have a chance to live.”

According to the information that was collected about the situation outside the base, the combat effectiveness of the base would not exceed tomorrow morning at the latest. By that time, the zombie’s army would be able to enter the base and the first one to bear the brunt of it were the survivors from the refugee camp outside the base. There was no high and thick wall, no guns and bullets shell; they had NOTHING. If Lan Cheng base didn’t let them into the base, they would have no other choice but to die.

However, there were at least tens of thousands of survivors in the refugee camp. And once they were allowed to enter the base as an exception, there was no way of knowing whether people would be behaving themselves or harboring evil intentions to Lan Cheng base. If it was the latter case, then the base would be placed in an awkward predicament from being attacked from the back. Another thing was the fact that most of the survivors in the refugee camp were women, children, old, and weak. Their fighting capability was low.

Besides that, it was already difficult to support themselves. They didn’t have enough food in their hands to support others. From the perspective of Lan Cheng base upper echelon, letting these people into the base would not help their combat strength. Instead, they would consume a lot of food which could be used to feed the young and strong forces in the base that went out to resist the zombie’s siege. To the upper echelon, it was really too dangerous to put these unstable factors in their rear.

But, what else could be done? Should they just watch as these people be reduced to become the zombie’s ration outside the base?

Of course, it’s not as if there weren’t any bases who had left the refugees out there to die. Putting aside those that were eventually destroyed by the zombies, even those who survived found themselves in the position where talents were fleeing from them.

That simply couldn’t be helped. After all, anything could happen in the apocalypse. There was no one who could guarantee that they and their families would not become refugees and be placed in the same position one day as well. Rather than becoming a fodder for the zombies when that day came, they would rather devote their efforts toward building up a ‘benevolent and righteous’ base.

After all, the base was made from iron and would stand tall, but the survivors would trickle out like water. Once the base rating fell down from middle-sized settlement level, the military would withdraw the special guards they sent. The zombie hunters and government personnels would leave. All these meant that the base would be abandoned and there would be no regular delivery of ammunition, gasoline, medicine, etc every ten days. Without these things, the survivors would only lose faster, and the only fate awaiting the base at that point was only destruction.

The upper echelon in Lan Cheng base were faced with a dilemma.

The special guards were now concentrating on fighting the surging zombies outside. They would not rashly took over the supreme leadership of the base until survival had been ensured. Therefore, at this time, they would not interfere with the decision that the Lan Cheng base’s upper echelon chose.

Lan Cheng base was originally formed by the survivors. So, the senior officials that was in charge of Lan Cheng base affairs, frankly speaking, were just leaders from the zombies hunting team who stood out amongst the survivors in the beginning. It was unlike other bases where some family had military and political forces backing them with huge roots behind. Or, in other words, the Lan Cheng upper echelon station were in fact not as stable as the ordinary people thought of.

Some zombies hunter, who knew about it and had some strength at the same time, was ready to move at this delicate moment.

What Qian Xin saw was the ferocity of the new zombies and the siege that Lan Cheng base was likely to face. However, what Qin Wuhua saw was the surging tide inside the Lan Cheng base itself. What this upcoming zombies siege brought was not only a bloody battle, but also a change of blood at the upper echelon of Lan Cheng.

During the time when authority changed, opportunities came.

Wu Ye did not understand the twist and turn it took. He simply felt that it was too cold-blooded and cruel to allow his countrymen to be slaughtered just like that. And...since he had the ability to protect them, why should he let them be killed in vain?

“Will Lan Cheng base let those people in?” Wu Ye asked as he got up and went to the window. There was a scuffle in the street downstairs. At the distance, the city guards were coming methodically with weapons and explosion shields on hand.

“Yes, but it will be for nothing.” Qin Wuhua looked over at the lofty city wall outside the window with deep eyes.

The world beyond the wall had already exploded.