End of World Businessman

Chapter 025.1: Hot Sales [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: TheDerpNite

Professor Li actually said that after Wu Ye left, their living standards plummeted. Qin Wuhua’s ability to kill zombies was very potent, but the crystals earnt that weren't spent to help cultivate his ability went straight into bullets and gasoline. He didn’t have Wu Ye’s cheating way of making money, and Qin Wuhua himself had some other plan.

In addition to this, as soon as Wu Ye left, a new type of zombie was discovered, causing prices in Lan Cheng to soar. Where could he go to be able to purchase enough meat for their three meals a day? Of course, under Qin Wuhua’s care, they were still able to eat until they were full.

In the apocalypse, Ji Yun’s strength in battle was not high, and he became a nobody struggling in the middle of the lower class people. As such, his awareness for hardship had already been engraved deep in his bones. When he was on duty, he saw the ferocity of the new zombies from afar, and immediately persuaded Qin Wuhua to buy enough food, bullets, spare guns, and gasoline to keep at home. Facts had proven Ji Yun’s preparation for a rainy day was not a mistake. The next day, which was just yesterday morning, the price of food in Lan Cheng base doubled and soared. The trading area was in complete chaos, and the small vendors who usually set up stalls outside had disappeared. Only the local stores were still open while being guarded by fully armed base guards.

When food prices soared, it was inevitable that some people would make trouble. Ji Xiang, the man in charge of Lan Cheng base, strongly declared that all troublemakers would be executed and their families would be expelled from Lan Cheng base.

Seeing that the zombie army was about to attack the base, there was only one way out of the base. As such, regardless of how much dissatisfaction the survivors had, they held their grievances in their stomach and queued up to buy food. However, how long could such a high-pressure policy be able to maintain the peaceful and calm environment?

As time went on, there were survivors who became more and more impetuous. Ordinarily, these small disputes and misunderstandings only needed a few words to be settled. With present situation though, they immediately rose into square offs.

Wu Ye had only stood by the window for less than half an hour, but he had already seen several outbreaks of fighting.

Lan Cheng would be very chaotic in near future.

Soon, when the night fell, Yang Qi and Yang Li Na came to visit with their big customer.

The big customer was called Zhou Cang. He was an intermediate second-order ability user with healing ability. Although he was not young, he was famous in Lan Cheng. In the era where medicines were lacking, the healing power of Zhou Cang wasn’t popular with the common people. His ability couldn’t cure headaches, but it was very effective in healing wounds. Hence he mixed with several strong permanent teams in Lan Cheng, muddling along with wind and water, and made a lot of money in the process. Therefore, he had longed to go to the super base, the Capital, idling around where the level of security is higher.

However, the upper echelon of Lan Cheng had painstakingly used generous conditions to hold onto him all these years so that he had no choice but to stay. Yet now that the rare chance to go up north for free had came, he’d be foolish not to take up the offer. Furthermore, it’s through the air route with the highest level of security.

Zhou Cang knew that he had a lot of crystal nuclei, gold, silver, and jewelry in his possession. However, when he got to the Capital, with its high prices, what sort of things could he buy with just this small amount of money? So, knowing that the Capital had sent a special airplane to pick up second-level ability users, he had been thinking of bringing some valuable goods of the past. By chance, at this time, Yang Li Na came to his door and asked him if he wanted to buy cigarettes.

“Young Master Wu, the quantity I want to buy is quite large. Can you give a larger discount on the price?” Zhou Cang’s eyes were very sharp. He looked at Wu Ye’s white and tender face, his elegant clothes, and figured that he was not inferior to Ji Chong, the son of Ji Xiang, the top person in Lan Cheng. Combined with Yang Qi and Yang Li Na’s high praise, and the goods he took out, he was certainly not an ordinary person. Hence, he spoke to him with respectful tone.

Wu Ye is the second in the family, and since the meaning of the second word was not good, most outsiders called him Young Master Wu directly. So, when Zhou Cang called him that, there was no sense of discomfort. He simply accepted it as his due. But, in Zhou Cang’s point of view, that was not the case.

“For the sake of Ah Qi’s face, I can give you a discount up to 5 crystals at most.” There was no need to worry about if he was going to sell the goods, as Wu Ye could see that Zhou Cang really wanted to buy the goods.

Zhou Cang didn’t expect the relationship between Wu Ye and Yang Qi to be so close, due to their relationship having a vague superior and subordinate feel to it. He had just inspected the goods from Yang Qi, and the quality was extremely good. With the price offered by Wu Ye, he could at least double it after they were shipped to the Capital. If all went well, there would definitely be no problem to sell a pack for a thousand crystals.

“The total amount of crystal nuclei in my hand is about 30000 crystals.”

Wu Ye’s ability to calculate mentally was good, “Rounded, for 30000 crystals, I can give you 102 packs of cigarettes.”

Zhou Cang’s eyes lit up: “I still have a lot of gold and jewelry in my hand.”

Wu Ye deliberately made himself look uninterested, shook his head, and refused: “Lan Cheng’s recent situation is not good. Once there is a panic, gold and jewels are not as good as the crystal nuclei in terms of value.”

Zhou Cang knew this to be the truth. What’s more, he was not allowed to carry more than 30 jin of luggage on the plane. He was not allowed to carry more than the amount of gold in his hands.

“Young master Wu, the two of us are frank and straightforward people. We should stop haggling over price. Now, in the market, 5 grams of gold can be converted into 1 crystal. I, meanwhile, will use 10 grams of gold to be converted into 1 crystal. As for the other jewels, how about giving me a discount?”

In apocalypse, gold remained the only government-authorized form of currency. However, while jewelry like jade, pearls, and diamonds could be used as currency, they were not as popular. So, the price for these items were generally something that needed to be negotiated between the buyer and seller. Therefore, these items always experienced great fluctuations in value for every transaction.

“Alright, concerning this, we’ll do as you say. While I don’t have a lot of goods here, regardless of Ah Qi’s face, I can only give you 200 packs in total at most. Now, it’s up to you.”

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