End of World Businessman

Chapter 024.1: Opportunitites [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: TheDerpNite

“Ouch, it hurts, it hurts, It hurts so much I think I'm going to die.”
Qin Wuhua pushed open the door and saw Wu Ye lying on the cold cement floor, shouting loudly. Qin Wuhua dashed forward like an arrow and lifted the man up from the floor. Seeing Wu Ye’s eyes misted with tears, Qin Wuhua immediately asked, “Where did you fall?”

Wu Ye still had a bit of integrity left, so he didn’t say anything like “an egg dropping and breaking.” Instead, he chose to hold onto his legs, pressing them while breathing in. One side of his mind was shouting at the system that had told him to follow it closely. On the other side, he let Qin Wuhua help him take off the cigarette bundle tied to his back.

“Didn’t you say that you weren't coming back?” Qin Wuhua asked with a cold voice.

Wu Ye lay carelessly on the bed, his peach blossom eyes looking innocently at Qin Wuhua as he brazenly said with a cheeky smile,  “I miss you, so I came back. Why? Am I not welcome?”

Qin Wuhua had a bellyful of questions (accumulated) to ask (wronged feelings), but all of it was stifled when he heard those three words; ‘I miss you’, his ears turning faintly red. The change could barely be seen because it was concealed behind the wheat colour of his skin.

Qin Wuhua slightly turned his eyes away: “The situation with Lan Cheng’s base is about to become chaotic. Be careful during these times.”

“Lan Cheng’s base in chaos? What’s the problem?” Oh, no. With Lan Chang’s base in chaos, to whom would he be able to sell his cigarettes to?

Qin Wuhua quickly told him about the new zombie. He also didn’t forget to mention the fact that the capital had sent an airplane to pick people up.

“So what are you going to do?” Wu Ye asked, even as he wondered whether this new type of zombie was a third class zombie he needed. If that were the case, then the matter of the orange crystal would be settled soon. If you left Lan Chang, then where were you going?

Qin Wuhua irresponsibly laid down his burden: “You’re the boss, we’ll all listen to you.”

“Then we shouldn't be so anxious to go. We’ll wait. Besides, since a new type of zombie has appeared in Lan Cheng’s base, it might appear in other locations as well. It’s a pity that I brought so many cigarettes with me. I'm afraid I won’t be able to sell them all at a good price given the current situation.” In Wu Ye’s mind, the more chaotic the situation, the less luxury goods could be sold. On the other side, goods like food that were necessary for survival would be more liable to be robbed by people who went insane.

“You brought cigarettes? What’s their qualities?”

Lan Cheng’s base had a superior geographical location compared to other bases. The grains that it produced could support the whole base and then some. It was completely self sufficient in that regard. Meanwhile the capital, the largest base in HuaXia, had more than 40 million survivors. However the grains it produced could not support its population, so it depended on trading arms and medicines with other bases for supplies.

As a result, survivors that lived there had to pay a high cost for the privilege. In exchange, they enjoyed the highest security as well. Presumable, those who have decided to go to the capital would certainly be happy to take some supplies along the way to resell them.

Wu Ye saw Qin Wuhua’s manner that told him that there was a way. He didn’t blink: “Of course the goods are authentic, they’re definitely better than the one pack that you can get for 200 transpaernt crystals at the store.”

“I’ll show you a pack.”

It was only after Wu Ye nodded his head that Qin Wuhua untied the tightly bound bed sheet, casually drew one out, untied the box, took out a pack of cigarettes, and left the room.

“Chief, where did these come from?” Qian Xin was an old smoker. After the apocalypse, he was forced to give up smoking for over a decade. So, when he saw a pack of cigarettes, he got excited and forgot to ask Qin Wuhua why he was talking with someone else in his room.

“You check the quality first. How much can you sell it for when you put it on the market?”

Qian Xin opened the cigarette box and pulled out a cigarette. Before he started, he sniffed it, then he took out the lighter that he carried and lit one. He took a deep breath and slowly breathed out a smoke ring. “It’s a bit like hibiscus, but it’s not mellow enough. It feels a bit like fake hibiscus. But, it’s real and tastes stronger than Qianyun. You could sell a package for at least 500 transparent crystals.”

Mufrong was an authentic medium to high end cigarette in HuaXia, so the counterfeit he had was almost of the same grade and taste as soft as the authentic one. Meanwhile, Qianyun, in fact, were the cheapest cigarettes that Wu Ye had seen in the store in this world. Qian Xin was worthy to be called a life-long smoker. His words hit the nail on the head.

T/N: Mufurong is Cotton rose hibiscus.

Wu Ye was dumbfounded: “Can you really sell a pack for 500 crystals?” The price far exceeded his expectations. Wu Ye thought of the full 500 packs of counterfeit cigarettes he had brought and thought of the profit he’d earn is they were all sold. Wu Ye couldn't help but dry his mouth. The profit would be astounding.

Qian Xin saw Wu Ye swagering out of Qin Wuhua’s room and was stunned for a moment. He immediately realised that he should have been the one that saved the chief’s life that Ji Yun spoke of. The boss of the group. Thinking of what the chief had told him, Qian Xin didn’t have any contempt for Wu Ye’s baby face.

When he met the chief two days ago, he had been bitten by a zombie. If it wasn't for the vaccine that Wu Ye had left for the chief, how could Qian Xin have survived? Therefore, Wu Ye was not only his chief’s saviour, but also his own.

“Boss!” Qian Xin shouted heartily, in a sincere voice, but Wu Ye was stunned.

He didn't have any impressions of taking in a new little brother, ah?

Qin Wuhua let out a rare little smile: “He’s Qian Xin. My old comrade in arms. When I met him in the security area two days ago, he had already been bitten by a zombie dog. The vaccine you left saved his life.”

“So that’s what happened.” Wu Ye looked at the gauze that was wrapped tightly around his calf, and asked, “Are you better now?’

Qian Xin was a veteran in the army, and he always used a loud voice when he was reporting: “Reporting to boss. It’s much better. It will not affect the operation at all.”

Wu Ye was a little dizzy after his ‘roar.’ “It’s good that you’re fine now. Let’s talk about cigarettes first. Can I really sell these cigarettes for 500 crystals a package?”

Qian Xin seriously reported, “With the quality and if there's a logo, it won't be difficult to sell them at this price. But, these cigarettes don't have a logo, so people will know that they are counterfeit at a glance. Customers will definitely ask to open packages for their inspection. So there’d definitely be some losses in price. But, if we sell them at 300 crystals per package, then it should be easy to get rid of it.”

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