Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 9 - Feelings and righteousness

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At this moment, Qin Wanshu's cell phone rang. When she realized it was a message from Luo Lin, her heartbeat sped up inadvertently.

"Aunt Qin you should take a rest, it's getting late. You've been working hard for over a month, sleep well or you'll get dark circles oh~ PS: The takeaway was delicious."

Qin Wanshu stared at the message for a long time and she felt a burst of sweetness sprouting within her heart: 'This brat is pretty good at showing concern.'

After Luo Lin sent the text message, he sat down before the computer.

The incident between Luo Lin and Aunt Qin might not necessarily be a bad thing, but he shouldn’t go overboard either.

Even if Luo Lin didn’t mind crossing the barrier formed by age and seniority, Aunt Qin might not be able to tolerate it. Everything should be left up to nature.

At the end of the day, Luo Lin was still a child in the eyes of many. No one would be willing to fall in love with a brat who had yet to grow up.

Therefore, Luo Lin must strengthen himself, whether it's his body, or his career. If he doesn’t make full use of this opportunity, then it would be akin to not living up to the expectations of heaven.


At this moment, he received a text message.

His face changed the moment he read the message.

"Big bro, Liang Zi was beaten up by Chi Shi!"

The person who sent the message was a little brother who Luo Lin took under his wings. His name was Liu Wanchuan, a 2nd-year high schooler, one year younger than Luo Lin.

After sifting through his memories, Liu Wanchuan seemed to be a rather decent kid. Despite him not being studious and well-behaved, he was very loyal.

Liang Zi, the person who was beaten up by Chi Shi, was Liu Wanchuan’s classmate. His real name’s Wang Liang, who’s also a loyal lad.

Although the former Luo Lin was disobedient, he paid more attention to the loyalty between brothers.

'Alright Chi Shi, you didn’t dare to confront me but you laid your hands on my brother! To think you'd come knocking at my door just as I was looking for an opportunity to engage you!'

Without any hesitation, Luo Lin picked up his phone: "Little Chuan, where are you guys?"

“We’re on the 3rd floor, in the Orthopedic Emergency Room at the Second People's Hospital. Big Bro, Liang Zi didn’t want me to tell you but I felt like I had to…”

"Alright, wait for me!"

Luo Lin hurriedly put on his clothes and rushed out the door.

Luo Lin who had undergone a rebirth understood one truth: In this world, nothing is truly black or white.

During his previous life, he ate a loss at the hands of Pan Corporation's Young Master Pan Jiajun because he lacked awareness.

Whether it be a family, or a person who wishes to become strong, they mustn’t pay too much attention to creed, but methods!

You’re a gangster? So what?

There’s no lack of brave men in this world!

Liang Zi got beaten up because Chi Shi didn’t dare to confront Luo Lin. That’s why he acted against Liang Zi and Little Chuan in the shadows to vent his anger.

As a big brother, Luo Lin must stand up for them. Not for anything else but Liang Zi's loyalty!

At first, Luo Lin considered if he should temporarily sever his connections with those delinquents.

This time, however, Liang Zi who was beaten up for his sake gave him a clear answer.

At Luo Lin's urging, the taxi reached the hospital in 20 minutes.

He rushed to the emergency room on the 3rd floor. At first sight, Liang Zi's grimacing expression came into his view, and beside him was Liu Wanchuan who paced back and forth.

"Big bro!" Liu Wanchuan greeted Luo Lin.

Wang Liang’s pale face became a little ugly as he had no idea Luo Lin was coming. After staring fiercely at Liu Wanchuan, he wanted to get up to greet Luo Lin: "Big bro... I-I am alright, what brought you here..."

"Sit down!" Luo Lin didn’t give him any chance to speak, he just went up and stopped him from getting up.

There were bruises everywhere on his right arm. When Luo Lin saw Wang Liang's pale face and his grimacing appearance, his heart ached.

"Where's the doctor?"

Liu Wanchuan: "The doctor went to get some medicine, he’ll come shortly!"

"Nonsense! This hospital is materialistic! You guys haven't paid right?"

Liu Wanchuan and Wang Liang kept quiet. They were only high schoolers, not even their parents knew about this matter so where would they get the money from?

There were no solutions other than to contact Luo Lin.

In fact, Wang Liang had been waiting for nearly an hour. The doctor said he went to get the medicine, but he was still nowhere to be seen.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Luo Lin took out his wallet. He pulled out a credit card and casually threw it toward Liu Wanchuan: "Little Chuan, there's a bank downstairs. Go and withdraw $10,000, the password is 888999, come back quickly!"

"Big bro, this..." Liu Wanchuan froze in place. $10,000 was 3 to 4 months' worth of salary for both his parents combined!

"Big bro, we can't take your money!" Wang Liang was a chubby fellow, sweat had already permeated his entire body, but his tone remained firm. He became flustered when Luo Lin wanted to spend money on him.

Luo Lin ignored Wang Liang and glared at Liu Wanchuan: "Little Chuan, Liang Zi’s bones are hurt. If we don’t get treatment for him, he might become disabled for the remainder of his life. If you don’t want to spend my money, sure! We’ll enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together. In the future, we will beat the airplane with our left hands like Liang Zi!"

TL Note: Beating the airplane = Masturb*tion

Luo Lin made a casual joke but no one dared to laugh. Liu Wanchuan stopped being hesitant and rushed out of the emergency room.

With money, everything became easier.

After Liu Wanchuan withdrew the money, Luo Lin took it and walked out personally. After a few moments, the doctor came hurriedly into the emergency room.

The doctor spoke in a tone of blame: "You've already been hurt to this degree, why didn't you come and seek treatment earlier."

Liu Wanchuan realized something after he saw how the doctor acted. Now that he had experienced the harshness of society, he didn’t take the words of this doctor seriously.

When the moody Wang Liang saw the doctor's pretentious face, he wanted to throw out a few slaps but was stopped by Luo Lin's gaze.

After some time, treatment was finally done, and Liang Zi had a plaster cast on his arm.

When that was done, the doctor arranged a quiet ward for them. Wang Liang rested on the bed while Luo Lin and Liu Wanchuan sat on the side.

"Let's smoke."

Luo Lin gave Liu Wanchuan, Wang Liang, and himself a stick of cigarette before lighting them all up.

"Liang Zi, tell your Big Bro what happened today."

Liang Zi calmed down quite a little after his injuries had been dealt with.

Earlier, he saw Luo Lin settling his hospital fees, and he knows it wasn’t a small amount. Inwardly, he wrote down Luo Lin's kindness.

Liang Zi hesitated for a little before answering: "It's alright Big Bro, that Chi Shi’s usually pretty arrogant. When he heard that Little Chuan, and I are quite powerful amongst the 2nd years, he came over to stifle our prestige."

Liu Wanchuan understood Liang Zi's motives. He also didn’t want to provoke trouble for Luo Lin so he spoke in support: "Big Bro, Liang Zi's right. That Chi Shi acts like a tyrant on the campus because his father is the Deputy Mayor.”

Luo Lin smoked with an indifferent expression. He scrutinized Liang Zi with narrowed eyes, and then turned to look at Little Chuan before he burst out of sudden laughter: "The both of you don’t recognize me as your Big Bro anymore."

His words startled both of them: "How could that be???"

The cigarette in Luo Lin's hand fizzed: "If you treat me as your big bro then tell me the truth. What did they say, how did they beat you up, tell me everything."

They did not know whether it was an illusion, but Liang Zi and Liu Wanchuan both felt as though Luo Lin's temperament had changed.

When they hung out with Luo Lin the last time, it was because Luo Lin wanted to woo some girls in the lower grade, the Luo Lin of that time felt like a little delinquent demon king.

Although Luo Lin was loyal to his brothers, he was a ruffian through and through, there was no momentum as a big brother.

However, the current Luo Lin gave them an unfathomable feeling. It was as though Luo Lin could see through their thoughts with his narrowed eyes.

Liu Wanchuan inadvertently gulped down his saliva, he nudged Wang Liang gently: "Liang Zi, let’s come clean."

Liang Zi wanted to rebuke him, but the majesty Luo Lin exuded made him swallow his words.

Luo Lin knew that Liang Zi was a stubbornly loyal person so he turned toward Liu Wanchuan.

Liu Wanchuan couldn’t stand Luo Lin's gaze and inhaled a deep breath, ready to come clean: "Brother Lin, it's like this.

After classes ended, Liang Zi and I went for a smoke break. By the time we left the campus, everyone was almost gone.

That was probably when Chi Shi targeted us. When we entered the alleyway on the west side, Chi Shi brought 7-8 men to obstruct our path. They said some things that enraged Liang Zi so he ran up and kicked Chi Shi.

Chi Shi's lackey ran up and wanted to bash Liang Zi's head, but Liang Zi blocked it with his arm so that was how it got injured. I was beaten down by a fatty.

Their group thrashed us with kicks and punches and ran away afterward."

Luo Lin asked calmly: "What did they tell you?"

At this moment, Liang Zi became infuriated: “That Chi Shi took advantage of numbers and threatened us. He wanted us to follow him, and told us to backstab you! Fu*k! What kind of person does he take me for?!"

Now that Luo Lin knew the ins and outs, he patted Liang Zi on the shoulder: "Good brother."

When Liang Zi got emotional, the feeling of Luo Lin's warm hand patting him made him feel warm inside: "It's nothing, I only got a little hurt!"

Liu Wanchuan said: "Big Brother, what should we do now? Should we get an explanation from that bastard Chi Shi?"

"Yes, we’ll need an explanation, but not now." Luo Lin stood up and extinguished the cigarette in his hand, "Chi Shi's father is the Deputy Mayor, let's not put our hands on him in the open or it'll be bad for us. I heard Chi Shi wants to be the boss of One High so we can work from here."

Other than the principal, no one else knew Luo Lin's background. He also didn’t plan on telling his identity to anyone, at least for now.

Wang Liang and Liu Wanchuan came from ordinary families, if Luo Lin divulged his identity, the youthful friendship between them might change.

"Work from there? How do we do that?" Liang Zi became interested and his eyes sparkled, "Seriously, if Chi Shi becomes the boss of One High's boss, I’ll be the first one to revolt!"

Liu Wanchuan also cheered: "Yes Big Brother, we only need one word from you and we will immediately bring our brothers to fight Chi Shi!"

"Ah ah." Luo Lin gently smacked Liu Wanchuan's head, "What age are we in now, you think you are in the ‘The Bund’? Fight them? You think the police are all eating shit?"

TL Note: The Bund is a Hongkong TV series hailed as ‘Godfather of the East’ - courtesy of google

Liu Wanchuan scratched his head: "Big Brother, just instruct us and we'll listen to you!"

Liang Zi looked at Luo Lin with a firm gaze

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