Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 36 - Once he does something, then it must be amazing!

TL-ed by weiisnothere

Luo Lin's lips curled upward as though he was doing something casual: "Next, let me ask you a question. If you don't give me a proper answer, it won't be as simple as a slap."

"I heard that our fingers are directly connected to our hearts. If I plucked out your nails, maybe your heart will undergo a piercing pain. Are you ready? I'm going to start asking questions... My aunts, are they beautiful?"

Brother Dragon was stunned, but he wasn't stupid. He knew that Luo Lin was beginning to make things difficult for him.

The way Luo Lin acted like an underworld society boss angered Brother Dragon: "Fu*k your mom! Do you think I'll answer if you ask me? Who do you take me, Brother Dragon for?!"

"Swoosh!" Luo Lin did not say anything, he simply lifted the awl and stabbed it into the gap of Brother Dragon's finger. He then pushed it upwards causing blood to spray all over Brother Dragon's face.

"Ah Ah!!"

It seemed that the saying fingers were connected to the heart wasn't fake. Brother Dragon who did not make a sound from being stabbed in the back cried like a pig being slaughtered,

Luo Lin's indifferent voice rang: "I'll ask you again, are they beautiful?"

"Beautiful your %#@[email protected]!!" Fu*k, if you touch me one more time, I will fu*king... AHHHHH!!!"

Without waiting for Brother Dragon to finish his sentence, one more sound "Zheng!" resounded, and Brother Dragon's forefinger's nail had been pried off!

"I'll ask you again, are they beautiful?"

"Ah! Yes! They are beautiful!"

"They're beautiful?"

Luo Lin's eyelids jumped, "You ***, you really had bad intentions for my aunts huh?"


A dreadful sound resounded, and Brother Dragon's middle finger spewed with blood!



Luo Lin eyes became fierce, "You fu*king dare say they're not beautiful?"


Brother Dragon screamed so miserably that his throat turned sore while blood flowed out profusely!

"I'll ask you again, is it beautiful or not?"

"Beautiful... AH! No no, they're not! Ah, no, beaut... AHHH!-"

Without waiting for Brother Dragon to continue, the untouched pinky on his right hand had also been pried out by Luo Lin.

"Continue answering, are they beautiful?"

Brother Dragon only knew how to scream, he did not dare answer anymore.

"Swoosh!" Another sound resounded, and the left thumbnail had been pried!

"Ahhhh!!! Fu*k your mum Luo Lin, Fu*k your whole family!"

"Wrong answer."


"Ahhh, big brother! Great uncle! Great uncle Luo! I'm wrong! This little one knows he is wrong!"

"Wrong answer again."




A gust of wind wheeze past, everyone on the scene, whether it be the Black Gloves, the onlooking students, or the brothers brought by Wolfdog was startled by Luo Lin's behavior. They felt as though they are at the bottom of a freezing river.

They felt that Luo Lin was too ruthless, so ruthless that even ghosts and gods would be frightened. However, it was very creative and satisfying... For people like Brother Dragon, he should be punished like this!

To raise bad intentions toward women, dying a thousand times isn't enough to calm the people's anger!

Wolfdog had already been stupefied that his eyes were widened and his mouth left open. Despite his vast experience, he still had to admire Luo Lin's means.

It was the first time Liu Wanchuan and the other 4 had seen Luo Lin so mad and they were dumbstruck. They looked at the 10 fingers which were muddled with blood and felt pity in their hearts.

'What a sinner, to dare touch Brother Lin's loved ones, he must regret living.'

After all of Brother Dragon's fingernails have been pried open, Luo Lin stood up and returned the swiss army knife to Wolfdog. Afterward, he asked Brother Dragon and Chi Shi: "Do you guys know what punishment awaits men who hold bad intentions for women?"

Chi Shi's butt had already become wet from incontinence, his teeth quivered. As Brother Dragon set the precedent, he dared not utter words randomly, so he remained quiet.

All of a sudden, Chi Shi began kowtowing.

Luo Lin coldly waved his hand: "Pull off their pants!"

A few black gloves pulled down these guys' pants and exposed their filthy butts. Luo Lin turned to Wolfdog: "Ah Yao, lend me a few brothers of yours."

Wolfdog nodded and 4 well-built men came over with clubs: "Brother Lin, what do we do?"

Luo Lin shook his hands: "It's not much, just an eye for an eye, let them taste how it feels to be penetrated."

Wolfdog immediately understood and thought 'what a high-level trick!'

He then raised his hand: "Brothers, bring the clubs and blast their chrysanthemums!"

TLN: Chrysanthemum is an euphemism for butt hole.

When they heard this, excluding Brother Dragon who was on the brink of fainting because of pain, Chi Shi and the two blondies began yelling. They looked at those black and thick clubs with fear, so much so that they pissed themselves and either started begging or cursing.

The 4 helpers didn't give them any chances to struggle, they simply made their way over and with all their strength, stabbed forward with their sticks.


Simultaneous screams pierced the vast afternoon skies, chrysanthemum-like clouds had dispersed into scattered clouds by a sudden gust of wind.


"Chrysanthemum remnant, full of wounds~ Your laugh had yellowed, wilted petals and heartbroken people..." At this time,  a certain heavenly king level star in Taiwan was in a tightly shut room while he hummed his newest melody. Several producers at the side listened with intoxication and closed eyes, and after some time, they applauded.

"Great song! Great song! Good artistic mood, use this as the main song for your next album. It must be a hit!" The superstar agreed and lightly waved his hand: "Oh, this isn't bad, adjust this a little...  Now this is good~" (The above part is of no relation to the story, simply a prank, to offset the atmosphere, don't treat it seriously.)


Looking at these four guys who were on the brink of collapse, Luo Lin beckoned the five brothers: "Guys, get my aunts to the hospital. Give them the best care. Little Chuan, this is my card, the password is the same as the before, take as much money as needed. Make sure my aunts are safe, give them a full-body check-up or something and when everything's settled, give me a call. As for the certificate of injury... make it as serious as possible understood?"

"Yes!" Liu Wanchuan understood what he meant and quickly did as instructed.

Before they left, they told those black glove members who gathered here: "The bastard dragon had been taken down, let's withdraw!"

A group of black gloves left cheering as their Brother Lin had destroyed Brother Dragon!

A 17-year-old student destroying a 30 over year-old big-time gangster. That's a legendary achievement that hadn't been witnessed in 100 years in the underworld!

Even these students know that Brother Lin's name would resound within the underworld forces overnight!

These student followers scattered and left the alleyway in succession. Wolfdog was the only one who remained at the entrance of Pink Mummy Bar.

Wolfdog walked up to Luo Lin and whispered: "Bro Lin, how do we clean up?"

Luo Lin casually smiled: "Today matters were a little blown up, I'm afraid it's not that easy to settle. Brother Ah Yao, I'll leave this scene to you, do as you normally would, is that ok?"

Wolfdog nodded: "There's no problem, I'm fine with shouldering this matter too. The problem is..." He pondered, and pointed at Chi Shi who dumbly sat in a pool of his own bodily fluids with tears and snot all over his face, "This Chi Shi, he's not that simple."

Luo Lin smiled, and lightly patted Wolfdog's shoulder: "Regarding Chi Shi, I'll do it myself, rest assured... Sorry for the bother today, this is our first cooperation and you had to wipe my butt."

"Hai, what are you saying." Wolfdog waved his hand, "There are five words floating in heaven, that this is not a problem! I'm more concerned about you, this Chi Shi's father is the Deputy Mayor..."

Luo Lin said: "Don't worry, I have a plan. Wolfdog, hurry up and clean up these matters. For those 4, once you're done cleaning up the scene, call the ambulance for them. I'll take a step first." Luo Lin left after leaving these words.

"Brother Lin, where are you heading?"

Luo Lin casually replied without turning back: "Turning myself in."

These words almost frightened Wolfdog to death, but when he thought about Luo Lin's background, he broke into a sudden realization.

Regarding these kinds of situations, taking the initiative was wiser than being passive and waiting for the other's family to appear at your doorstep.

He knew that now the black side of stuff had tided over. The white side would start moving now.

Wolfdog's forehead seeped with cold sweat, whether its black or the white path, Luo Lin possessed such strength and means. Brother Da Qiang wasn't exaggerating when he said Luo Lin was extraordinary.

Luo Lin intercepted a taxi and quickly drilled in.

"Huh? Little brother, it's you again, what a coincidence! Where are you heading to?"

Luo Lin recognized this taxi driver as he was the one who ferried him to the Night Market Street previously. He smiled and greeted: "To the police station."

"Alright." The taxi driver did not speak nonsense and stepped on the accelerator, leaving a gust of smoke behind.

The car quickly arrived at the entrance of the police station. Luo Lin got off and took out his phone. After thinking for a moment, he decided to call Jiang Yan who worked in the police brigade.

"Hello." From the phone came a cold female voice.

From the tone of voice, it was Jiang Yan who picked up. Luo Lin spoke: "Police Flower Sister, do you remember me?"

Jiang Yan paused for a moment before saying: "I was thinking who it was. It turned out to be the big young master of the Luo Family. I'm currently working, I have no time for you. If my brother-in-law didn't ask me to help the last time, I wouldn't have bothered."

Luo Lin smiled, "I don't need you to help me, aren't you from the police brigade? You work at the security bureau, right? I'm at the entrance, I helped you get an extortion case the last time. Aren't you going to welcome me?"

Jiang Yan remained silent for a long time, and there seemed to be a sound of a window being opened.

After a brief moment, her cold voice seemed to have some subtle ups and downs as she spoke: "I saw you... but, I'm busy now, I don't have time to play with you. Why are you looking for me, just tell me what you want? Like the previous time, if you are going to make use of me, I will immediately hang up."

After being in contact with him once, Jiang Yan know Luo Lin had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, she mustn't treat him as an ordinary high school student. Since he was looking for her, there must be an issue.

"Oh, how could you say I'm using you, didn't I give you the merit the previous time?" Luo Lin quipped and then said seriously, "This time, things didn't blow out of proportion, so I'm just making a police report but the police station too far, this place is closer so I came to look for you."

Jiang Yan frowned: "What case? You don't have to look for me for typical civil disputes, the brigade won't set out a case."

Luo Lin let out 'hehe' sounding touches of laughter: "There's not much hassle, the offender has arrived by himself, I came to surrender."

TLN: Hi guys! This is an announcement to inform you guys that I'll be stopping the translation of this series as I need to focus on IRL matters. I'm so sorry! I've been thinking about this for quite a while, so sorry it had to turn out this way... It's been a pleasure translating this novel, if anyone wishes the pick up the novel please do! I hope that the new year will turn out for the better for everyone!


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