Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 35 - Brother Lin doesn't show his prowess easily

TL-ed by weiisnothere

"Brother Lin! " Liu Wanchuan and the 5 brothers were startled but Wolfdog stopped them.

"You guys are Luo Lin's brothers, right? Do things well, there's a lot you can learn from him."

When Lin Jiadong saw the situation on Luo Lin's side, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He stopped Wang Liang who was about to rush out: "Look carefully, there's no issues."

As the bottle was about to smash into Luo Lin's head, he reached out to stop the bottle, and blood splattered from Luo Lin's already wounded hand.


Luo Lin took this opportunity to grab blondie's neck. Borrowing his momentum, Luo Lin pressed him to the ground ferociously.

Without any expression, Luo Lin ruthlessly stepped on the back of the blondie.


Accompanied by the loud shriek was the cracking sound that emitted from Blondie's spine.

When Chi Shi and Brother Dragon saw this sight, their expressions changed for the worse.

'Luo Lin's so ruthless, he actually broke someone's spine?!'

"You like pulling women's hair right?" Luo Lin questioned as he pressed the blondie to the floor. He stepped on the blondie's face with one foot and reached out to grab a handful of his hair.


A weird sound could be heard when Luo Lin pulled his hand back, and a bald patch appeared on the blondie's head, revealing his bleeding scalp.


Blondie shrieked once more and struggled desperately. When he waved his arm around in an attempt to resist, Luo Lin grabbed his arm and lashed out with a kick, breaking his arm.

"Ah Ah!!!"

Mournful screams chilled the hearts of everyone at the scene, some people could even see a protruding area from the shirt sleeve. That must be a broken bone that pierced through the skin.


Chi Shi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his pants became wet. To him, incontinence was a common problem, so this didn't phase him much.

Brother Dragon also turned pale.

'I miscalculated, I really miscalculated!'

'This Luo Lin is so fu*king cruel!'

Now that things had gotten to this point, how could he sit around and wait for his turn?

While Luo Lin was focused on the half-dead blondie, Brother Dragon sneakily reached for the hidden compartment in the bar counter. Silently, he took out a sharp dagger.

When Brother Dragon found a good opportunity, his large body lunged forward as he tried to stab Luo Lin in the back.

"To hell with your mom!" Wang Liang who witnessed everything pulled out a stick and hurled it toward Brother Dragon.

Luo Lin didn't need Wang Liang's help as he had been paying attention to Brother Dragon and Chi Shi's every movement.

He straightened his waist and turned around to kick the fat Brother Dragon, sending him flying into Chi Shi before the both of them smashed into the wooden table behind them.

Luo Lin waved his hand: "Drag these 4 out!"

There was still a remaining blondie that was unharmed. After he heard Luo Lin's words, his heart thumped and he dashed toward the exit.

Wolfdog went up and blocked his path, he lifted his club and ruthlessly smashed toward his knees. "Bang!" the blondie fell to the floor screaming while he hugged his knees.

The five brothers rubbed their hands in excitement after hearing Luo Lin's words.

Other than Liu Wanchuan who went out to instruct the brothers to pave the way, the other 4 brothers grabbed a person each and made their way toward the Pink Mommy Bar.

"Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!"

Just like that, four drenched dogs were thrown onto the floor.

The onlookers around finally saw a trace of movement from the bar and scrambled up to watch, some sharp-eyed people immediately recognized the important people on the scene.

"Look, it's Chi Shi! So the person Brother Lin wants to beat up is Chi Shi!"

"This brat was frightened like a dog the previous time, but he did not change his habit of eating poop. He actually provoked Brother Lin again, he really doesn't know how to write the word "Death"!"

"Shhh, lower your voice, don't let others hear you. Don't forget that Chi Shi's father is the Deputy Mayor!"

"Ah ah, it's a small matter, are you that ill-informed? Do you know who Brother Lin's father is? It's our Zheng Zhou City's number one! Our Municipal Committee Secretary!"

"Stop bluffing, Brother Lin surname is Lin, our Municipal Committee Secretary is surnamed Lee, how is that possible!"

On the side, some people pondered and said earnestly: "Speaking of which, I seemed to have heard of this. However, our Secretary Lee isn't Brother Lin's father, but rather his uncle. In short, Brother Lin and Secretary Lee are related."

"Fuck, are you serious?"

"How could it be fake? My brother works in the government department, he was the one who told me. He also told me not to provoke Luo Lin, saying he has a backer. I asked how strong his backer was, and that it couldn't be our Municipal Committee Secretary right. Guess what my brother said?"

Everyone moved closer and perked up their ears: "What did he say?"

"My brother said that it wasn't his dad, but it's close enough. Anyways, they are closely related."

"What the fu*k! So that's why Luo Lin was so arrogant! As long as he goes down this path, maybe the Prince of the Underworld Qian Hu might have to fawn over him."

"Fu*k, what are you talking about!" A friend who had a pretty good relationship with them covered their mouth, "Next time, keep your mouth shut, don't talk about everything. There are things you can say, and things you can't. Chi Shi has already become like this, do you want to become worst than him?"

That person shuddered after hearing that and quickly kept his mouth shut. He dared not say anything more and looked at the wonderful scene outside like a well-behaved child.

The Black Gloves let out a big open space, and 2-3 people held a person each. Chi Shi, Brother Dragon, and the 2 blondies all knelt on the floor.

The others were fine, but Brother Dragon was a big gangster in this area, he was the recognized boss of the west street.

Under everyone's gaze, he was pressed down on the floor, his face was so dirty like it was muddled with poop. His face turned green, and his large body struggled to break free: "Fu*k your mom! Do you know who am I?" You better kill me today, or else I'll fu*king kill your entire family!"

"FU*K! You dare talk like that again!" Liang Zi was the most hot-tempered amongst the 5 brothers. He went up and kicked Brother Dragon' in the face.

Brother Dragon felt dizzy, although he was mad, his fear prevailed. At the moment, he wore a ferocious expression as he stared at Liang Zi with reddened eyes: "Brat, I have remembered your face, you better watch out! One day I will pay a visit to your house and fu*k all the women in your house! Hahaha!!"

Liang Zi's face turned green. He wanted to kick him once more but was stopped by Luo Lin.

"Brother Lin!" Liang Zi turned around and when he realized it was Luo Lin, he ceased his actions. He went back to stand behind Luo Lin and stopped moving like a well-behaved child, but he stared fixedly at Brother Dragon.

He was never afraid!

Not to mention being afraid of someone who was pressed on the floor like a drenched mongrel, even if he was facing against a thousand strong army, as long as it's for his brothers, Liang Zi would never back down!

Everyone retreated slightly as they knew Brother Lin was going to start with this bastard dragon. They stared with widened eyes and observed closely.

In fact, Luo Lin was not the only one that felt disgusted toward the dragon mongrel, everyone else did as well. They wished to peel his skin!

They waited for their respected Brother Lin to instruct them on how to discipline that arrogant mongrel!

Luo Lin stood in front of Brother Dragon and looked at him in an overlooking posture. There was a shoe print on his wretched face because of Wang Liang.

Luo Lin asked indifferently: "Dragon mongrel, you talk about fu*king this and fu*king that every time you open your mouth. Let me ask you a question. Did you bring my aunts here today because you wanted to fu*k them?"

These words made Brother Dragon speechless and also made the onlookers freeze, they could not tell what Luo Lin was thinking about.

'What the fu*k, Brother Lin's question is too strong.'

'How does he expect this mongrel to reply?'

Brother Dragon couldn't stand a highschool student questioning him in such a condescending manner, but when he recalled Luo Lin's ruthless methods of beating up someone, his courage perished instantly, but he still forced himself to reply: "Damn it so what? Your daddy wants to fu*k them! What kind of nonsensical question is this?!"


Luo Lin ruthlessly slapped Brother Dragon, giving him a burst of dizziness with stars surrounding his head.

Luo Lin was so strong that he left a swollen handprint on Brother Dragon's face.

"I'm not satisfied with your reply." Luo Lin remained indifferent, "I will ask you again, are my aunts beautiful?"

Brother Dragon had already been stunned by his previous question,  and this question once again confused him, so he stared at Luo Lin and did not speak.


"I am asking you, my two aunts, are they beautiful?"

Brother Dragon remained silent and got another slap.

Luo Lin waved his hand and spoke to Wolfdog who was behind him: "Ah Yao, I remember that you carry a swiss army knife around, did you bring it today?"

Wolfdog did not know what Luo Lin planned on doing but he still brought it out: "Here Bro Lin."

Luo Lin took over the knife and pulled out a small yet sharp awl. He then instructed the follower beside him: "Hold this bastard dragon's hand down."

After his words well, four black gloves walked up and pressed Brother Dragon's hands on the floor.

'Looking at this posture, it seems that he wants to cut the dirty hands of Brother Dragon, but that awl is so tiny, what is he going to do with it?'

Wolfdog knew that Luo Lin had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, so he narrowed his eyes and did not speak. He simply waited for the good show, maybe he could even learn a trick or two!

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