Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 34 - At daggers drawn

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Wolfdog had seen a lot of things in the past.

He saw Luo Lin at first glance after he rushed into the Pink Mummy Bar. Luo Lin was staring silently at Brother Dragon and his two blonde henchmen along with another person who looked like a student.

The cloth strips that wrapped around Luo Lin's hands were dyed in a crimson red which occasionally dripping onto the glass-covered floor.

When Wolfdog witnessed this, he knew that the bastard dragon must've angered Luo Lin completely.

When he thought about Brother Da Qiang's assessment of Luo Lin, and the latter's identity. Wolfdog didn't doubt that if Luo Lin wishes to kill him, Brother Dragon won't be able to leave this place alive.

With so many people around, Luo Lin could appoint a scapegoat with a casual point of his finger.

If they relied on the identity of a minor and admit to excessive self-defense, the scapegoat would be released within 2 years.

However, Wolfdog understood Luo Lin's personality. That fellow wasn't a hot-headed person, and he would most definitely not use his brother as a scapegoat.

Today, even if the bastard dragon doesn't die, he would be skinned to the bone.

When Wolfdog thought about this, he beckoned his follower and strutted into the bar with a club in grasp.

His sharp gaze noticed both Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan who were collapsed onto the sofa. With a single look, he could tell that they experienced a lot during this period.

Wolfdog had no idea Luo Lin arrived at a critical juncture which prevented anything too serious from happening.

He inadvertently assumed that the bastard dragon defiled these ladies who were also Luo Lin's loved ones. That made the fire in his heart soar!

Although Wolfdog was a gangster, he wasn't the same as Brother Dragon. Brother Dragon climbed up to his position with his wits while Wolfdog relied on his hot-blooded and righteous personality, both of which were acknowledged by many.

Even though he loved to drink and discuss life with beautiful ladies, it was either consensual or business, never had Wolfdog forced himself on a woman.

In his dictionary, women are sacred!

Wolfdog never looked down on women, even the technicians who worked at bathing centers.

Women are sometimes are stronger than men.

Some men resort to escaping their problems or ending their lives if they ever encounter any work or business-related troubles.

In contrast, a lot of women despite being garbage collectors or sex workers live on courageously!

Some of them live for themselves, some do it for their elderly parents or younger siblings.

Insulting women, especially defiling women, was Wolfdog's most disdained and hated behavior.

That bastard dragon had not only violated Wolfdog's principles, he also angered Luo Lin so he should just leave his life behind...


Including the recently arrived Wolfdog, and the silent and terrifying Luo Lin, there are five other male students in the bar.

These 5 were Luo Lin's left and right arm: Liu Wanchuan, Wang Liang, Lin Jiadong, Li Nan, and Li Chenggong.

They did not know the reason behind Luo Lin gathering them here, but judging by the environment of this place... Brother Dragon and Chi Shi must've violated Brother Lin's bottom line.

The five of them dared not speak. Luo Lin didn't move so they didn't move as well.

If Luo Lin wishes to kill someone then they would gladly follow him!

It was that simple.

"Drip... Drip..."

Luo Lin allowed his blood to drip, his narrowed eyes were like a pair of sharp blades that pierced the hearts of both Brother Dragon and Chi Shi.

They never would've thought that a famous person like the South Street's Wolfdog, would turn out to be Luo Lin's helper. They lifted their eyelids and looked at Wolfdog's furious expression and thought inwardly: 'Is this Wolfdog really is Luo Lin's brother?'

'Things aren't looking good.'

At this time, Chi Shi had been frightened to the point that his legs shook nonstop. If looks could kill then Luo Lin's gaze had killed him over a thousand times!

As a big gangster, Brother Dragon had experienced various things, but the current situation in the bar made his heart palpitate.

He had heard Wolfdog's words at the entrance, word for word, it clearly implied that they wanted to take someone's life!

However, he still had some sort of wishful thinking. No matter how strong Luo Lin was, he was only a student. He couldn't possibly kill someone, right?

Maybe he could pull a bluff or two and this matter would be resolved. However, Wolfdog's presence made him wary.

Everyone knew of the contradiction between South Street's Wolfdog and Brother Dragon... Whenever both sides met, the situation felt like war would break out at any moment.

Fortunately, Brother Dragon had accepted a follower whose father was the acting Deputy Mayor, otherwise, both sides would have clashed!

Brother Dragon thought of a plan: 'At the key moment, I need to use Chi Shi as a shield!'

'They knew Chi Shi's identity. If a fight breaks out and Chi Shi got hurt, then the other party would be doomed.

"Old Brother Chi, don't be afraid, your Brother Dragon is here." Brother Dragon suppressed the fear in his heart and pretentiously patted Chi Shi's shoulder.

He turned around to yell: "Wolfdog, never would I have thought you'd claim to be brothers with a highschool student, it seems like I have overestimated you."

"You're Luo Lin right?"

"Little fellow, you're young but you have guts.  If you think that you could touch my territory simply because Wolfdog is your back-up, then you're sorely mistaken. Your balls have yet to drop, you should go home to look for your mommy. It would be bad if you got frightened by the sight of blood."

Even though he uttered those awe-inspiring words, he moved closer to Chi Shi so he could push him to the front at any moment.

At this time, Chi Shi had been frightened by this unprecedented scene. How would he have time to ponder the thoughts of Brother Dragon?

He held his breath and resorted to his old trick: "L...L-Luo Lin, I advise you not to fool around... Don't forget who my father is... today this matter, we did not go overboard, you came at the right time... Let's talk about the last time you have slapped Brother Dragon's face, give us an explanation here!"

Chi Shi dared to confront Luo Lin because he felt the presence of Brother Dragon beside him. He pretentiously pretended to be a big boss, but with his brainless IQ, how would he realize that the fox who was exploiting the tiger's might, was in fact, Brother Dragon!

At this time, except for Chi Shi, everyone could tell that he was terrified from hearing his trembling tone.

Liu Wanchuan and the others felt more contempt toward Chi Shi. Wolfdog was speechless in regards to this official second generation.

To be frightened to this extent, he wasted all his years living in this world.

In comparison, the two blondies in front of Chi Shi were much smarter. They knew that Brother Dragon was unreliable so they retreated. It looked like they were returning to the group, but they were actually trying to hide so that if a fight breaks out, they wouldn't be used as cannon fodders.

The tension in the air was pushed to the extreme.

Not a single person on Luo Lin's side made a move. Normally, they would have rushed up, but Luo Lin was the shot caller today.

If Luo Lin does not speak, no one would make the decision, including Wolfdog who was the boss of South Street.

When everyone was about to suffocate from the tension, Luo Lin finally moved. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and instantly, the five brothers at the side quickly took out their lighters "Pa Pa Pa" a few sounds resounded and Luo Lin's cigarette was lit.

Luo Lin smoked and exhaled, as though he was clearing out his thoughts.

Anyone familiar with Luo Lin knows that this meant that he has finally thought of all possibilities, what he was going to do next, what it would lead to, and what would happen, what the consequences were along with the side effects.

Everything had been thoroughly considered by Luo Lin in all aspects.

Liu Wanchuan looked at Luo Lin silent smoking manner, and felt his heart shudder. Out of everyone present, he understood Luo Lin the most.

To him, having Luo Lin as his big brother was his fortune.

If he became Luo Lin's enemy or became an enemy that his big brother hated, then he must be prepared to lose his life.

Toward ordinary people and ordinary matters, Luo Lin would laugh it off because he had a magnanimous mind.

However, once he got mad, then what incurred it would be an unforgivable mistake.

Liu Wanchaun sent a sympathetic glance toward Brother Dragon and Chi Shi when he thought of this.

'A massacre is inevitable.'

It is a one-sided massacre, not an equal fight.


The cigarette in Luo Lin's hand burned with sparks. Amidst the smoke, Chi Shi seemed to have noticed the devil's grin as Luo Lin's lips curled upwards in a devilish arc.

It was as if that smile was declaring his death penalty, a moment of carelessness and he will be consigned to eternal damnation and doomed never to be reborn.

"Who touched my loved one." Luo Lin spoke, his voice was so calm that it struck fear in the hearts of his enemies.

Chi Shi, Brother Dragon, and one of the blondie all turned to look at the other blondie.

Once Luo Lin got the answer, his eyes turned cold. He walked unhurriedly toward the blondie.

The blondie retreated a few steps in fear after he noticed no one planned to help him. He held the table behind him and grabbed an empty bottle before smashing it.


After the butt of the bottle shattered, he pointed the bottle at Luo Lin. The sharp edges of the broken bottle reflected a cold light under the sunlight.

"Brat! There's a perpetrator for injustice and revenge. I'm only working for Brother Dragon! If there's a problem, go look for Brother Dragon!" As Brother Dragon did not help him, there was no need to remain loyal so he said those words to protect himself.

"Don't rush, everyone has a share." Luo Lin's cold voice was freezing over, his reddened eyes flashed with a murderous intent that caused the blondie to break out in cold sweat.

In the end, he could not bear the pressure from Luo Lin and threw the bottle tremblingly toward Luo Lin: "Fu*k! Go to hell!"

"Bang!!" A sound resounded, and blood splashed.

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