Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 30 - Big sisters, Luo Lin is in trouble!

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Brother Dragon followed Chi Shi, and the two of them loitered around the entrance of the illegal internet cafe. Not long after, they noticed two tender beauties chit-chatting at a breakfast store not far away.

Despite being "undeveloped", Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan had both the voluptuous figures and the fair skin akin to those of young girls.

As the weather was slightly warmer today, both of them wore t-shirts that exposed their slender arms, causing the peeping Brother Dragon to stare with widened eyes.

"Yeah, Old Brother Chi, your vision is pretty good." Brother Dragon had an expression of lust.

Chi Shi smiled complacently: "How could I lie to Brother Dragon right? So what do you think, can you rest assured and let me plan now?"

Brother Dragon's eyes shifted about: "Let's head back first. I need to come up with a plan and send two brothers to accompany you... mhm, today we can enjoy ourselves thoroughly! Old Brother Chi, will you be joining us? First, we do it separately, then we can do a thre*some later how does that sound?"

Chi Shi wasn't a person who engages in these matters, but since these two were Luo Lin's sisters, then he must enjoy himself thoroughly to find some comfort.

"Brother Dragon, don't rush into things first. I still have a good trick I have yet to use."

Brother Dragon raised his brow: "Old Brother Chi, what trick are you talking about?"

Chi Shi showed him a mysterious expression before pulling his phone and dialed a series of numbers: "Hello, did you do what I told you to? You didn't get noticed did you? Mhm, good, what brand? LG? What model? This year's newest G822 right?"

"... Ok, that's all. Wu Gang, you're pretty smart! Now that you're with me, when I get famous, I won't forget you."

After he hung up the phone, Chi Shi spoke: "Brother Dragon, you can return to Pink Mommy Bar first. It's 7 AM, the second-hand shop must be opening soon. I'll head there and come back in a while." He then prepared to hail a taxi.

Brother Dragon didn't know what Chi Shi planned to do and asked in surprise: "What are you going to do?"

Chi Shi got on the taxi, and he waved his hand while laughing in a self-righteous manner: "Don't worry, people who live in the mountains have their own wonderful plans." After he said that, the taxi drove off and vanished into the distance.

At the moment, Luo Lin was in his seat. He saw Wu Gang sneaking in through the front door and inadvertently raised a brow. There was a bad feeling in his heart: 'Why do I feel that this kid is a little weird today, his gaze looks a little shifty.'

Unfortunately, he couldn't seem to think of anything. Although this Wu Gang used to walk closely with Chi Shi, the latter had always shown disdain for Wu Gang and never brought him along.

During the last fight, he didn't call Wu Gang to tag along. Now that Chi Shi had been taken down, Wu Gang had no reason to harbor any ill-will toward Luo Lin.

'He keeps looking at me, is it an illusion or am I reading too much into this?'

Luo Lin shook his head helplessly: 'Maybe I'm exhausted from having too many problems lately.'

Even though he thought like this, Luo Lin's gut feeling told him something was amiss. However, no matter how he contemplated, he couldn't place a finger on it.

So he simply opened his book and focused on reading, trying to sweep away the distractions in his mind...


After having breakfast, Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan were resting on a bench wearing sportswear.

They worked together on the interior plans on a piece of paper, and while they were discussing matters, an hour fleeted past.

Song Meiyuan put down the paper in her hands and pulled out a phone to call someone.

After a few moments, she hung up with a little anger and complained to Qin Wanshu: "Hey, this company is not efficient at all! They said they'd take down the walls today but it's already 8 AM, and there's no one to be seen! I even woke up early for this... ahh, my sleep, my wrinkles, my dark circles... ahhh..."

Qin Wanshu comforted her: "Meiyuan, your skin is so tender, what wrinkles are you talking about, your dark circles will go away after a few days of rest, I should be the worried one... Ahh... Luo Lin calls me aunt so much that I'm starting to feel old..."

"Come on, big, mi, mi." That was Song Meiyuan's nickname for Qin Wanshu. Both of them have proud assets, but they were both pots calling the kettle black, not feeling satisfied with their cup sizes.

[TLN: mimi - breasts]

Song Meiyuan stuck out her tongue and made an expression that seemed to say "continue pretending": "We've been together since young, I know the thoughts in your belly. Let me guess, you're thinking of... if my dear lovely baby Obedient Little Luo was a few years older, wouldn't that be great? Hurry up and take over me, come on my dear Little Obedient Luo~~~"

The more Song Meiyuan spoke, the more vigorous it got. In the end, she even imitated Qin Wanshu's shy mannerisms, exaggeratedly pulling on her collars.

"Ah ya! You stinky lass, do you want to die~~~"

After Qin Wanshu's "evil" ideas were exposed by Song Meiyuan, she was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to drill into. Her face flushed red, and her butt perked up as she gently bit down on her teeth.

She looked at Song Meiyuan, and her pair of tender hands attacked the latter's upper, and lower parts, tickling Song Meiyuan until she begged for her life.

"Oh? You ladies seem to be having fun?"

Suddenly, the entrance sounded with a teasing voice that was full of ridicule and disrespect.

Instantly, Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu's playfighting ceased. They quickly turned around and noticed 3 men at the entrance, there were 2 blondies at the front with smiles that were filled with bad intentions.

The person behind them... he looked like a student and seemed quite familiar.

She remembered!

Song Meiyuan showed a look of sudden realization, she pointed at Chi Shi who was behind the two guys: "I know you, you are the person who peeked at us in the grass this morning."

After she said that, Song Meiyuan frowned and looked at the two hooligans in front of Chi Shi.

'What is this situation?'

'They seem to have bad intentions.'

Qin Wanshu fell into a panic, and she had a bad premonition.

At this time, Chi Shi had a face of wilted expression. He then said in a trembling tone: "Big s-sisters... something happened..."


The blondie at the side pretended to slap Chi Shi's shoulder: "Little student, talk slower, there's no rush."

Chi Shi's acting wasn't bad. At this time, his face looked slightly pale, and his forehead was covered in sweat that dripped down. Chi Shi gulped down a mouthful of saliva and continued: "Big sisters, your relationship with Luo Lin isn't ordinary right?"

When they heard Luo Lin's name, Qin Wanshu's heart tightened, she didn't know Luo Lin was a famous person at One High.

When she looked at Chi Shi's pitiful appearance that seemed like he got kidnapped, then looked at the two ferocious-looking blondies that were covered in tattoos, a tinge of anxiety rushed to her heart as she quickly inquired: "What happened to Luo Lin? Did something happen?"

Chi Shi laughed inwardly when he saw Qin Wanshu's flustered appearance.

'Alright, I made the right gamble. You guys have an extraordinary relationship with Luo Lin.'

"Big sisters, you really made me and Luo Lin miserable..." Chi Shi sniffled, "The place you guys bought ... you should know One High's turf is covered by Brother Dragon. You guys didn't greet him beforehand and bought it, isn't this akin to slapping Brother Dragon's White Dragon Hall's face?"

When she heard these, Song Meiyuan also became nervous. She did some homework before she came, and she knows this area's boss, Brother Dragon was a tough one.

However, she didn't care. Even if it involved the underworld, Song Meiyuan, and Qin Wanshu's had deep-rooted backgrounds. The public security bureau was owned by the sisters and brothers in their old home.

All it takes is one phone call, and the cops would come rushing so there was nothing much to be afraid of.

However... the matter appeared rather complicated, someone seemed to have taken action on Luo Lin...

'This stinky brat, he was all fine yesterday, please don't let anything happen to you...'

Chi Shi saw the nervous expressions on them and felt pleased inwardly. He then continued to speak: "Thank goodness Brother Dragon is a gentleman, he never touches a woman. You two are fine, but Luo Lin and I will be in big trouble... that day after you sent Luo Lin to school, Brother Dragon's men witnessed it and identified him."

"When I arrived at school this morning, I saw Luo Lin and we chatted a little before Brother Dragon's men took him away... now Luo Lin had been captured by Brother Dragon's men, big sisters, hurry up and fish him out of trouble... "

"Luo Lin and I have been classmates for three years, we have deep feelings, I don't want to see him in trouble..." After he said that, Chi Shi didn't forget to wipe his nonexistent tears with a look of sorrow and an attitude as if all was lost.

Qin Wanshu completely lost it when she heard this, she was so terrified that her face turned pale.

'Luo Lin is in trouble... He got disciplined... how did they treat him?'

When she thought about Brother Dragon, the boss of the white whatever dragon hall, the scenes of the underworld in the hong kong movies flashed in her mind and her heart palpitated.

'My Little Lin, please be safe...'

Song Meiyuan was more shrewd than Qin Wanshu. At this time, she observed Chi Shi's exaggerated expression and suppressed her inner nervousness. She held Qin Wanshu who was about to rush out and asked: "Why should we believe you!

You say Luo Lin is in your hands, where is the evidence?! This is a lawful society, the underworld? Are you guys going against the law?" Before her voice fell, Song Meiyuan made a gesture of calling the cops.

Chi Shi expected this and yelled: "Sisters! Don't! Don't call the cops! Brother Dragon is a real person of the underworld, he kills people like playing with toys, he doesn't joke around!

"This was just a matter of paying protection fees, don't blow things up! A human life compared to tens of thousands of dollars, you guys better think carefully!" He sneakily moved his hand back and pinched the blondie at his side.

Blondie got the hint, he quickly pulled out a mobile phone and swayed it before Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan's eyes: "Ladies, does this look familiar to you?"

Qin Wanshu's legs went soft the moment she saw the phone in the blondie's hand, her eyes turned red from fright: "Don't be rash, how much money do you want, I give, I will give it to you!"

Song Meiyuan was unaware of what's going on. She took a gander at the phone and looked at Qin Wanshu's collapsed manner, so she pushed for an answer: "Wanshu, don't be afraid. What's wrong, tell me quick???"

Qin Wanshu's lips were pale: "I gave this phone to Little Lin when he turned 17 as a birthday present!"

Song Meiyuan's heart skipped a beat: "Are you sure?"

"I'm not wrong, it's an LG phone! G822! There's no way it's so coincidental, it definitely belongs to Little Lin!"

At this moment, the calm Song Meiyuan also turned pale. She spoke with lips so pale that it looked devoid of blood: "Where is Luo Lin, I will follow you."


Before his voice fell, he waved his hand and pretended to pull Chi Shi's collar out of the door.

When Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu, these top-grade beauties stood in the middle, the two blondies blocked the exits of the two women: "Be smart and don't think of pulling any tricks. Come with us honestly, or else if you're a minute late, the surnamed Luo brat will have his hand chopped off!"

How would these two think of doing anything else? They just wished to rush there as quickly as possible to get Luo Lin out. No matter how much money, they're even willing to fork out her inheritance.

There was no need for the blondies to urge. Qin Wanshu and Song Meiyuan rushed, their round butts wriggled as they ran speedily.

At this time Chi Shi got a proper look at these big beauties, they had voluptuous figures and curves in all the right places, their skin fair and tender, looking fresh and full of maturity.

They were the best partners for nightly war activities... When he smelled the faint scent of fragrance on these two women, Chi Shi male hormones gradually surfaced, there was an excited voice in his head: 'Luo Lin, continue laughing at me!'

'I, Chi Shi am going to subdue these chicks!'

'Even if I can't beat you. Your daddy, I will fu*king disgust you for your whole life.'

'I will make you regret for a lifetime!'

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