Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 3 - Encounter with Han Xuan

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Luo Lin casually replied Qin Wanshu and began browsing through the internet. While he was reading news of current affairs, the voice of the big beauty Qin 'aunt' resounded outside his room: "Little Lin, Aunt is done preparing the food. Stop browsing the internet and go wash your hands."

"Okay, I'm coming."


On this particular day, all Luo Lin did was eat and browse the internet.

As decades had passed, Luo Lin had forgotten a lot of events which occurred this year. Therefore, he had to brush up his knowledge or he would be treated like an alien in the event that a discussion about current affairs came up.

The next day, Monday.

Luo Lin woke up at 5 AM and did 50 push-ups and 200 sit-ups. It was only after transitioning into his middle-aged years that Luo Lin understood the importance of being healthy. That’s why from now onward, he will work out and increase the load gradually.

He took a warm shower after his workout and arrived on the campus at 6 AM in the morning.

After he stepped foot into the classroom, Luo Lin realized he was the first to arrive. It seems that he’s more diligent than those model students!

Luo Lin found his seat in the last row based on his vague memory and pulled out a book from under his desk.

After taking a glance, Luo Lin realized that the questions he found to be difficult in the past seemed much simpler now as it only took a little thinking to solve them.

“The entrance exams will take place a year from now. I think I’m able to get into a decent university with my ability." Luo Lin silently worked up the determination to study hard.

Being enrolled into a good university will be extremely beneficial for the development of his social network!

During his previous life, Luo Lin had gotten into a decent university through some connections. However, it was only a provincial university. No one would know of him even if he tore a hole in the sky. If he wishes to enter a university, then he should strive for University of Beijing!


Time trickled unknowingly, and it’s almost 7 AM. One after another, familiar yet foreign faces swarmed into the classroom.

When these classmates realized Luo Lin was already in class so early in the morning, they all showed expressions of bewilderment.

‘Did the sun rise from the west today? Why did this idler show up so early?’

Luo Lin's background is considered powerful within Zhengzhou City. However, similar to him, there were many others who came from prestigious backgrounds.

That’s the reason why even though Luo Lin was already in his 3rd-year of highschool, he had never once told anyone his family background.

It wasn’t because Luo Lin wanted to be inconspicuous, it was simply because he was threatened by his mother.

‘If you dare flaunt your dad, uncle, or your grandpa's identity, your monthly allowance will be reduced to a hundred!’

This trick was extremely deadly for the young and mischievous Luo Lin.

Even though Luo Lin had never told anyone his identity in the two years and more he spent in school. He often mingled with delinquents, and never specifically avoided these people so most of them knew that Luo Lin had a rich businessman father, an uncle who works as the Municipal Committee Secretariat, and also a grandpa who holds a position in the military.

Those delinquents loved pestering Luo Lin because they knew he was a rich second generation with a fat wallet.

The recollection of how he enjoyed being flattered by these people made him shake his head with a bitter smile. His younger self seemed so outrageously naive.

The current Luo Lin had a psychological maturity beyond his old self. Without a doubt, he knew how to distinguish the motives of those who tried to befriend him.

Therefore, there was no more need to entertain these scoundrels anymore.

As tumultuous thoughts filled his head, Luo Lin suddenly smelled a faint whiff of fragrance beside him.

Luo Lin turned around and noticed Lan Lan who carried a tiny white backpack taking a seat.

"Good morning."

Luo Lin greeted her with a smile and Lan Lan who had just taken a seat was startled, and her face quickly turned red. She replied softly with her head lowered, and did not dare utter a second word.

One must know that the former Luo Lin had never taken the initiative to greet Lan Lan.

A burst of clamor soon resounded from outside the classroom. Luo Lin inadvertently looked up and saw Chi Shi swaggering into class with a bunch of lackeys tailing behind him.

"Haha! Brother Shi, the fatty from last night was such a coward. I sat on his face and he didn’t even dare utter a single word."

"Mhm, Cai Tou, do you think you’re that awesome? That fatty said nothing because he's afraid of Brother Shi. You think he's afraid of you? It was the majesty of Brother Shi that made that stupid fatty freeze!"

Chi Shi remained silent, but one could tell from his expression that he was pretty proud.

The rich second generations of this era were all like this, they derived pleasure from bullying the weak and feel that they’re very awesome.

Luo Lin cast a glance at Chi Shi before he carried on with his stuff. At the same time, Chi Shi noticed Luo Lin who was in his seat like a well-behaved student.

Chi Shi shot him a fierce glare which Luo Lin, unfortunately, failed to notice.

"Brother Shi, look at that Luo Lin. After he saw you, he sat honestly at his seat and didn’t even dare let out a fart." The lackey beside him whispered.

Chi Shi assumed that Luo Lin was terrified of him and coldly snorted: "Some people overestimate themselves. They don't even have any background or identity, perhaps they have some money at home, but before absolute power, they can't even be compared to a single fart!"

"Yes yes yes!!”

The lackeys around him vigorously nodded. They knew that Chi Shi's father was the current Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, they also knew the 'someone' Chi Shi mentioned was Luo Lin.

Although no one at school knew Luo Lin's identity, the clothes he wore showed that he wasn’t from a poor household.

Chi Shi only saw Luo Lin's identity as an upstart family that owned a little money, so he wasn’t fearful of him.

"Oh, Brother Shi, Sister Xuan has arrived." A lackey softly reminded.

Chi Shi turned around to look, and Han Xuan was dazzling as ever. Although she was only 17 - 18 years old, her figure was mature and voluptuous. Her gown outlined her figure that was rounded at the front, and perky at the back, slender yet curvaceous.

This was the direct assessment of Han Xuan's figure.

Han Xuan had a pair of attractive large eyes that shone with kindness. Her fluttering eyelashes could not conceal her watery gaze.

"Little Xuan, you're here? How about having dinner with me after school?" Chi Shi went up without any hesitation..

Han Xuan ignored Chi Shi and strode toward Luo Lin with a sullen gaze.

Chi Shi froze when he noticed Han Xuan's gaze lingering on Luo Lin.

"Brother Shi, is Sister Xuan looking for Luo Lin?"


Chi Shi slapped his lackey's head and glared fiercely with widened eyes: "Shut your mouth!"

Apart from Chi Shi, Luo Lin also furrowed his brows slightly. He faintly felt that Han Xuan was walking toward him.

Lan Lan spotted Han Xuan coming closer and when she noticed Han Xuan's sensual figure and exquisite face, Lan Lan lowered her head in inferiority, not daring to meet her gaze.

When Han Xuan reached Luo Lin’s seat, she calmly took out an envelope from her purse and tossed it onto Luo Lin's desk in a graceful manner.

Han Xuan then threw him a disdainful glance: "Don't do such pointless things in the future. If you have time to write love letters, you might as well spend it on your studies."

Other than being one of the four campus belles, she was also the class president.

'Love letter?'

The entire classroom submerged into silence while an expression of gloat crawled up onto Chi Shi's sullen face.

'Haha, it turns out that this Luo Lin wrote Han Xuan a love letter, and had it returned by Han Xuan!'

'This is great, Luo Lin was rejected before everyone in the class, now he must be ashamed big time!'

Luo Lin looked at the rejected love letter on his desk, and realization dawned on him: 'It looks like I wrote Han Xuan a love letter.'

Luo Lin recalled that during his former life when he first confessed to Han Xuan, he sent her a BMW sports car as a gift, it could even be said that he was throwing gold at her!

Unfortunately, Han Xuan didn’t acknowledge it in the slightest. At that time, Ma Lei who was another one of the capital’s four princes was also at the scene.

Before the gazes of the crowd of people from influential families, Ma Lei smashed the car into scrap metal without hesitation.

One could only imagine the anger Luo Lin felt at that time, but who knew that Han Xuan wanted to humiliate this rich second generation who had nothing better to do.

Han Xuan was a rich young lady fed who grew up with a golden spoon, she had plenty of money.

So, Han Xuan casually wrote a check and threw it on the car before coldly leaving a sentence: “The only man that I will admire is one of indomitable spirit, an individual who can support a piece of heaven on his own. On the other hand, you’re someone who probably has issues surviving in this world without the blessing of your family."

Everyone present at that time came from prestigious families, and unlike Luo Lin who leeches off his family, all of them at the very least possessed some sort of capability.


Luo Lin inadvertently let out a sigh as memories from the past resurfaced.

However, he had already become indifferent to it all.

In regards to this big beauty who he once pursued relentlessly, he had also become indifferent.

A man must aspire to leave his mark in the world!

Everyone has a heart that loves beauty, we are human after all. However, Luo Lin will never tumble for a woman!

That was his bottom line!

If it was in the past, the scene before him would undoubtedly cause Luo Lin to fall into an embarrassing predicament. He might throw a tantrum from anger, and even get into a fight with those that laughed at him in a fit of rage.

However, the current Luo Lin wouldn’t get mad over such a trivial matter.

Luo Lin chuckled as he pulled out a lighter from his pockets. Under everyone’s widened gazes, he lit the love letter on fire and threw it out the window next to his seat.

"Haha, sorry Big Beauty Han, it was just a moment of impulse."

Afterward, he resumed reading the book in his hands. Coincidentally, there was a word he forgot how to read, and he turned to inquire Lan Lan: "Lan Lan, how do you read this word?"

"Ah?" Lan Lan was stunned but soon answered timidly, “‘Scram’? This word reads as ‘Scram’. The meaning is also the same."

"Oh, so this reads as 'Scram'. Thank you Lan Lan." Luo Lin returned to his seat with a smile, but soon, his brows creased together.

‘... Something's wrong.’

When he looked up, he found Han Xuan staring at him with a face flushed with anger.

... All the other classmates, including Chi Shi, had their mouths turned into an ‘O’ shape.

'Oh, the misunderstanding is huge this time!'

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