Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 2 - Aunt, you’re so beautiful

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Chapter 2 - Aunt, you’re so beautiful

Qin Wanshu changed into a pair of slippers and put on an apron. She then went into the kitchen to prepare meals for Luo Lin, twisting her buttocks as she made her way there.

“Your parents should be home tomorrow. Aunt had just spoken to them on the phone. Your mum told me to look after you, also to remind you not to fool around and focus on studying. Sigh… If she knew that you run out to drink every few days, it would be weird if she doesn’t beat you to death."

Luo Lin smiled.

'Mhm, thank goodness it's tomorrow and not today. If they noticed the smell of alcohol on me, I would be beaten up.'

For the former 17-year-old Luo Lin, the most severe punishment was to withhold his allowances. That punishment is worse than death itself.

However, the current Luo Lin wasn’t a little child anymore. He knows that as a child, one thing is the most important: Filial piety!

Of all virtues, filial piety is the most important. When Luo Lin gets older, and when his parents are not around anymore. There will be no more chances to show filial piety anymore.

As a person who lived two lifetimes, this principle was well understood by Luo Lin.

Luo Lin soothed his dry throat with a glass of warm water. He glanced at Qin Wanshu who was busy in the kitchen and felt a warm sensation spreading within his heart.

The current Luo Lin hadn’t done anything atrocious to Aunt Qin which made him feel relieved.

Luo Lin stared at Qin Wanshu’s virtuous silhouette and swore to himself inwardly: ‘In this lifetime, I will never allow Qin Wanshu to leave my side ever again!’

Such a good woman was so rare that you might not find a second one even if you ran around the earth 33 times stark naked. Qin Wanshu was a model template of wife material, so why would Luo Lin allow her to leave his side?

While Luo Lin held the cup in one hand, he unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt with the other and sauntered unhurriedly toward the kitchen.

Leaning against the door, he watched as Qin Wanshu prepared his meal with a smile on his face.

Maybe Qin Wanshu felt Luo Lin’s presence outside the kitchen, or perhaps she felt his gaze lingering on her, Qin Wanshu spoke without turning around: "Little Lin, stop fooling around. Aunt Qin will be done soon. You drank so much alcohol yesterday, I’ll make some congee to soothe your digestive system."

Luo Lin took a sip of water as he observed Qin Wanshu’s side profile and perky buttocks. He then inadvertently exclaimed: “Aunt Qin, anyone would be willing to become a monk in their next life if they could marry you in this lifetime."

Qin Wanshu was startled by Luo Lin’s sudden words and almost cut her fingers. After she came back to her senses, she turned around to see Luo Lin holding a cup as he stared at her buttocks.

Her cheeks flushed red as she squeezed her words through gritted teeth: “Stinky brat, are you looking for death?” After Qin Wanshu said that, she swayed the vegetable knife in her hands menacingly.

Luo Lin who saw this chortled out loud: ”Aunt Qin, you have such a good figure yet you wear such conservative clothes. It’s such a waste. The weather is so humid nowadays, so why don't I accompany you to the beach to play in a few days?”

“If you put on a bikini, those models on the cover of fashion magazines would have to hide in a hole.”

“Ah no no no, let's not do that. If Aunt Qin puts on a bikini at the beach, there would undoubtedly be a bunch of men staring at you. How can I allow other men to look at my gorgeous and sexy Aunt Qin in her bikini?”

“If you're putting on a bikini, then it could only be for me, isn't that right?"


Before Luo Lin could finish his sentence, Qin Wanshu’s face flushed red as she shut the kitchen door. Her sullen voice then rang out from behind the door: “Stinky brat, I’ll tell your mom if you dare ridicule your aunt like this again!”

Luo Lin ignored Qin Wanshu ‘threats’ with a chuckle as he ran off to surf the internet

After she closed the door, Qin Wanshu found herself unable to calm down.

Ba-dump ba-dump

Her heart raced quickly.

It’s very common for big beauties like Qin Wanshu to be pursued by men, however, there weren’t many who dared to tease her this blatantly.

Never would she have thought the first person to ever do this to her would be an underaged brat who calls her "aunt".

In her eyes, Luo Lin will always be a little kid. However, today she blushed because of this little fellow.

‘This is so shameful…’

"This brat is too naughty! He’s only 17 years old yet he has such a slick mouth. When he gets older, wouldn’t that be disastrous?

…Did he compliment my figure earlier? He said that the model on the covers of magazines can’t compete against me? Was he being genuine?"

Qin Wanshu subconsciously lowered her head to look at her fair and tender cleavage on her chest and began to imagine herself in a bikini at the beach. Unexpectedly, she began to feel a slight yearning for it.

All of a sudden, her ears turned beet red as she remembered how Luo Lin stared at her buttocks with an evil smirk.

“Ahh! What am I thinking about? This is so embarrassing!” Aunt Qin covered her face with her hands, feeling somewhat ashamed.

“He even said that anyone would be willing to become a monk in their next life if they get to marry me in this life. Aiya! What is he talking about, does he have any shame~~~!”

Luo Lin who was surfing the internet in his bedroom didn’t see Qin Wanshu's ashamed mannerisms. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hold back and rush over to hug and give her a big smooch.

Qin Wanshu was such an adorable big beauty, yet she dresses up in such an old-fashioned and conservative manner.

When Luo Lin thought about how she always mentions the fact that she was Luo Lin’s ‘Aunt’, it made him chuckle.

Finally, the sounds of cooking can once again be heard in the kitchen. Luo Lin logged into his QQ account, and just as he came online, beeping sounds rang endlessly as a bunch of messages flooded in.

TL Note: QQ is a popular social media app in China.

A majority of them were from the hooligan friends asking him out for drinks, and a few are from flirtatious ladies he met at the bar. Most of them read:

“Handsome, are you free tonight?”

“Handsome, I have a few sisters who arrived at Chang Jiang City. They do not wish to return home with me. Could you take care of them?”

… and there was one woman who directly said: “I am so lonely tonight…”

In the past, Luo Lin might have enjoyed being pleased by a bunch of ladies. However, would these ladies be able to arouse the desire of the current Luo Lin?

Men should prioritize their careers.

Right now, there was nothing more important to Luo Lin than the investment convention that will be held three years later. He must appear in a power manner, to stand firmly before the Four Great Families that were akin to giants in his former life.

Luo Lin opened his friend's list on QQ and blacklisted anyone who sent him messages before proceeding to delete them after.

It was at this moment that a male icon popped up.

Luo Lin furrowed his brows after he saw the contents of the message.

Someone named 'I Am A Big Handsome Man' said: “Luo Lin, I’m warning you. Leave Han Xuan alone from now on! Otherwise, you’ll face the consequences!”

'Han Xuan?'

Luo Lin narrowed his eyes at the mention of this name as the corner of his lips curled up into a bitter smile.

During his former life, it was because of this woman that he committed such a big mistake. However, Luo Lin didn’t hate her, even if he wanted to hate someone, then he could only hate himself for being useless.

Now that he could start over, Luo Lin would never repeat the same mistakes.

'As for this woman, haha, I'll leave it up to fate.'

Currently, Han Xuan was considered one of the four campus belles. Her father is the Deputy Governor who lives in Zhengzhou City. His official position is a rank higher than Luo Lin's uncle who works as the Municipal Committee Secretariat.

Han Xuan was a standard young lady who came from a government official background. Everything from her appearance, figure, and even temperament are first-class. Otherwise, why would she be one of the four campus belles?

The former 17-year-old Luo Lin didn’t know that she possessed such a powerful background. He simply assumed she was a young lady from a wealthy family.

Luo Lin paused for a moment and turned back to his phone.

Luo Lin looked at this 'I Am A Big Handsome Man' person's personal information and confirmed his identity.

This fellow is called 'Chi Shi', a classmate of his, and also Han Xuan.

As his name suggests, this dumbass can go eat shit.

TL Note: The name Chi Shi has a similar intonation to “eat shit”

Relying on his father’s position as the deputy mayor, Chi Shi acted like a tyrant on the campus. He used money to gather the school delinquents that followed tightly behind his butt.

Most of these delinquents were ignorant students from ordinary families, they only wished to muddle through life.

However, Luo Lin's behavior was rather similar to that of a delinquent so he wasn’t any better than Chi Shi.

Han Xuan was a big beauty. Luo Lin attempted to woo her at first sight, and he would usually harass her at school.

As for Chi Shi, he was also interested in Han Xuan.

Even though Han Xuan had always disregarded Luo Lin who was a playboy.

Chi Shi still felt that Luo Lin wasn’t pleasing to his eyes so he would often oppose Luo Lin every opportunity he got.

He finally obtained Luo Lin’s QQ account after a thousand means and plans, which resulted in the threats now.

Speaking of which, if Luo Lin excluded the various identities of his relatives. Just with his uncle’s identity alone, it was sufficient to suppress Chi Shi’s father.

The differences in levels between a Municipal Committee Secretary, and a Deputy Mayor are as clear as day and night.

If Luo Lin was the same person as the past, he might have replied with: ‘Fu*k your mum Chi Shi, if you have the guts, go get someone to chop me down. Your grandpa will play with you until the end!'

The current Luo Lin however, has matured. He does not regard Chi Shi as a person, let alone care about his words. He merely treated it like a dog barking and just ignored the message.

At this moment, another message on QQ attracted Luo Lin's attention.

This girl icon whose nickname is 'Little Lan' said: "Luo Lin, I heard that Chi Shi plans to trouble you. Be careful when you come to school tomorrow..."

There were a bunch of ellipses behind her message, showing that she was worried about Luo Lin.

Her real name was Lan Lan, Luo Lin’s desk mate. She had a simple and honest personality, and she came from an ordinary family.

Her appearance was ordinary, and her figure was also ordinary… however, that was only for now.

Luo Lin attended a classmate's reunion dinner when he was 23, and was greatly surprised when he laid his eyes on Lan Lan.

Her eyes sparkled, and her teeth spotlessly white. Her fair skin was framed by her long supple black hair, showcasing a temperament like she was a pretty daughter in a humble family.  She was gentle and her gestures appeared graceful. She also had a voluptuous figure which was exquisite and delicate.

At that moment, Lan Lan was no worse than Han Xuan.

Unfortunately, Lan Lan already had a boyfriend which made Luo Lin regret to no end. He hated himself for judging a book by its cover, that he didn’t discover that Lan Lan’s potential to become such a beautiful woman.

It truly shows that a girl goes through 18 changes in her lifetime.

Luo Lin smiled as he sent a reply: "Thanks for the reminder."

Lan Lan soon replied: "You're welcome..."

Luo Lin inadvertently smiled as though he could see Lan Lan’s flushed face across the screen.

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