Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 17 - Foolish one

TL-ed by weiisnothere

When Luo Lin arrived at the hospital, Liang Zi was alone and laying on the hospital bed.

"Big Bro Lin you're here!" Liang Zi was a hot-blooded man through and through, not even being injured could not contain his energy. He then tried to get off the bed to greet Luo Lin.

Luo Lin pressed Liang Zi back onto the bed, and placed the fruit basket on his bedside: "Where’s Little Chuan?"

"I'm here Big Bro Lin!"

Liu Wanchuan appeared at the entrance of the ward, in his hands were bags filled with buns and two water bottles.

When he found out Luo Lin came, he greeted the latter enthusiastically.

"Have you eaten Big Bro Lin?"

"I've eaten."

Luo Lin waved his hand and motioned them to sit down: "I have a few questions."

Upon hearing that, both of them became interested and nodded energetically.

"You guys have been playing around since the beginning of year one, are there any brothers that you can trust?"

Liu Wanchuan shook his head: "The ones that I trust are only Liang Zi and Big Bro Lin. Those that messed around with us since in the beginning were just a bunch of rogues. The only interaction between us are greetings when we cross paths on campus."

"Are there any that you usually eat and drink with usually?"

"There’s no one after we moved up to the second year."

Liang Zi added, "The second-year students aren't as united as the third years. There’s three factions on the campus. One of them is led by that #@!#[email protected]#! Chi Shi, another being the fearless bunch of first-years, and the final one... Qian Hu. Right now, us second-years are like scattered sand."

When Qian Hu's name was mentioned, Liang Zi's gaze flashed with a hint of imperceptible admiration and fear.

Luo Lin certainly knew who Qian Hu was. In the underworld, he was known as the 'Prince of the Underworld'.

His father, Qian Baiwan, was an indisputably well-known gangster in the underworld since 20 years ago. Not only did Qian Baiwan possess many money-making methods, he also had deep-rooted connections… He was a real gangster.

For people like Brother Dragon, even if you multiply him by a hundred, they wouldn’t be opponents of Qian Baiwan.

Qian Hu was the most influential within One High. With one command from him, a hundred over men would gather.

Qianhu's father seemed to be a rather open-minded person because he never interfered with his son's affairs but allowed him to develop on his own. Whenever Qian Hu runs into trouble, his father would gladly wipe his bottom as long as it doesn’t involve any lives.

Despite that, Qian Hu didn't have a bad reputation. He never bullied anyone and would only retaliate when provoked.

Regarding the position of the Boss of One High, Qian Hu never expressed his opinion, it was as though he had no interest in it. The other delinquents took this as a green light and had been salivating for the position of boss of One High.

When Qian Hu was mentioned, Luo Lin's lips curled up into a cold smirk.

'A good reputation?'

'Haha, like father like son, they're both hypocrites.'

During his former life, Luo Lin was told by members of the biker gang that Qian Hu had defiled many girls during his school days, even if the number does not add up to 100, there must be at least 80, and most of them were virgins as well.

It wasn't that Qian Hu had no interest in the position of boss, he was just focused on other matters. His head was filled with filthy thoughts so how would he have the time and energy to entertain other matters?

Chi Shi relied on his father's name to bully the innocent..

However, Qian Hu was more despicable, he used his 'Prince of the Underworld' title to bully women.

Luo Lin considers this type of person to be the most disgusting.

However, currently, Qian Hu wasn't his enemy so there was no need to provoke Qian Hu. His current enemy was Chi Shi.

The most important thing Luo Lin needed to do now was to eradicate Chi Shi's forces.

As for the bunch of fearless first-year delinquents, they seemed like a bunch of thorns. Even though they couldn't be touched, dealing with them would be easy as they were a bunch of little fellows. Just give them a little sweetness and they’ll become obedient.

Looking at Luo Lin's thoughtful expression, Liu Wanchuan and Liang Zi dared not interrupt.

After a moment, Luo Lin spoke: "Little Chuan, right now Liang Zi can't move so I'll need you to take action first, are you willing to do it?"

"I am willing!" Liu Wanchuan quickly answered.

Hearing this, Liang Zi became flustered: "No, why are you not bringing me with you. Big Bro Lin, I'm only slightly wounded. Then again, I fight better than Little Chuan!"

Luo Lin smiled: "We need to use our minds to fight, how can we get involved in fights all day? Rest assured, Little Chuan's task is not as arduous as yours, but the time isn’t ripe yet."

Liang Zi barely accepted it after listening to Luo Lin's words. He shot a glance at Little Chuan: "Be careful, let big brother know if you're afraid, I'll give you a hand."

Little Chuan also had a sharp tongue: "Alright, if you don't mind it then why should I care? Isn't that right, handicapped buddy."

Liang Zi was about to rebuke but Luo Lin interrupted them with a chuckle: "Stop fighting. You’re people who will become bosses so why are you acting like a bunch of brats? How could you guys manage an organization in the future if you can't endure this."


That word was like a ball of flame which instantly ignited the flames in the hearts of Liu Wanchuan and Liang Zi. Their ears perked up immediately.

Luo Lin wiped his sweat while inwardly thinking: 'My mouth slipped unintentionally, how could I expose my ambitions...'

Luo Lin hurriedly waved his hands: "I meant letting you guys become the bosses of the first-years."

These words started Liu Wanchuan: "That bunch of fearless first-years? Brother Lin, are you pulling our leg? Those little fellows are ruthless, they don't care about anything! If I became their boss then I'd have to wipe their asses every day!"

Luo Lin let out a meaningful chuckle: "Stop spouting nonsense. When the time comes, listen to my instructions. Little Chuan, go and charge up your phone, there's always no signal... If I can't contact you during a crucial moment then the position of boss will be changed to someone else."

Luo Lin strode out of the ward after saying these words.

That night.

At the film district, on the gates of Pink Mummy Bar, hung a 'business closed' sign.

At the entrance, there were two vans and a black-colored Volkswagon. From the half-opened rolled up gates, emanated smells of cigarette smoke.

For the gangsters who mixed in this turf, everyone knew that the famous 'Brother Dragon' made a big mistake today.

Seven to eight underlings under him had been thrown behind bars for extortion because no one expected to run into a member of the Criminal Police Brigade.

The nature of the crime was nasty and it also involved several hundred thousand dollars.  Since there were pictures and audio evidence, not even the Jade Emperor could get these people out of prison.

Were it not for that clever brat, maybe Brother Dragon would be enjoying himself in a hot spring right now.

At this time, Brother Dragon had shamed himself.

'We must get our honor back as soon as possible. The more ruthless it is, the better!'

Brother Dragon had gathered a bunch of dabbler gangsters with an Underworld Convening Order.

In the bar, there were a few round tables arranged. Brother Dragon sat in the foremost seat with a solemn expression. There were over twenty people at the scene, they had a cigarette in hand as they exhaled large tufts of smoke.

A lot of their appearances were similar, blonde-dyed hair with tattoos all over. Their ugly mugs sported menacing expressions while they exposed their torso, a large portion of them even appeared as though they lacked nutrition!

The large gold chains which hung from their necks couldn’t conceal the overpowering aura of countryside folks which emanated from their bones.

Despite all that, they showed solemn expressions, making it seem as though it was some kind of mountain-dwelling bandit or underworld gathering.

No matter what, this scene still managed to frighten the students who peeked in from the entrance.

For the student delinquents who roamed this area and idolized Chen Hao Nan, they were obsessed with these sorts of matters. Some students posted these on QQ and within minutes, this matter had spread across the students like wildfire, becoming more exaggerated as it spread.

TL Note: Chen Hao Nan - The main protagonist of a popular Hongkong movie series involving triads titled, Young and Dangerous.

These rumors were about a One High student who single-handedly fought several gangsters, and not only did he win, this student also left without any injuries while those gangsters were apprehended.

At this moment, the underworld boss Brother Dragon was taking pledges of alliance and had put out a wanted order!

Everyone discussed and guessed who was the person who caused so much trouble. Some speculated that it was the fearless bunch of first-years, some guessed it was Wolfdog from the southern street, some even suggested that it might be the 'Prince of the Underworld' Qian Hu who challenged Brother Dragon.

At this moment, It seemed like the underworld will soon undergo a storm of carnage.

Brother Dragon had done some casual investigations, and he found out that the scheming little fellow was called Luo Lin, a third-year student from One High.

The surrounding brothers who dug around were startled! This individual seemed rather impressive, a wealthy young master, and the heir of the Luo Enterprise!

TL Note: Brothers is a term that can be used to describe either underlings, partners, or good friends depending on context.

Brother Dragon began to conjure some crooked ideas, if this matter was handled nicely then maybe he would be able to extort a good amount of money.

However, his courage soon wilted. Extortion? Eight of his underlings had gotten arrested because they tried to extort some money.

The little fellow was capable of utilizing the Criminal Police Brigade. He was young but he had schemes and power. A moment of carelessness might even cause them to eat a loss if they ever planned to confront him.

Unfortunately, they lost their face so they need to regain it. These are the rules of the Jiang Hu.

TL Note: Jiang Hu - Commonly used to describe either one of two communities, a community of martial artists, or the underworld triads.

If outsiders knew that Brother Dragon was a cowardly person who’s fearful of a highschool student, then how could he continue mixing in the underworld?

He pondered over it all afternoon and finally came up with an idea. He shall fight violence with violence, and fight poison with poison!

'So this Luo Lin is a rich second generation huh?'

'Don't we have a rich second generation too?'

Chi Shi's father was the deputy mayor and he possesses great power.

After Brother Dragon sent someone to do some investigation, he immediately broke out into smiles before applauding his own ingenuity.

It turned out that Chi Shi and Luo Lin had a lot of grievances between them. Chi Shi had also put his hands on Luo Lin's men.

This time around, Brother Dragon could flatten Luo Lin without hurting his own men. It wouldn’t concern him even if Chi Shi ate a loss.

While his mind was filled with schemes, Brother Dragon had a solemn expression while he carried out the 'conference'. On this particular night, Chi Shi also attended the gathering and even brought along a few lackeys from school.

These fellows became so excited that they almost pissed their pants after witnessing this situation. It was as though they had formed a subtle sense of fate between themselves and Chen Haonan which moved them to no end!

'We finally became gangsters.'

Compared to these fellows, Chi Shi was much smarter. He wasn't interested in being a 'gangster', he was interested in becoming famous, and having a chance to fu*k Luo Lin up.

It seemed that he was being aided by the heavens, Chi Shi wanted to look for Brother Dragon to play around and waste time, but when he heard of this incident, his heart started burning with rage: 'Luo Lin, looking for trouble with brother Long, are you tired of living!?'

Hearing that the conference was over and that the pledge of allegiance was starting, Chi Shi who didn't have much experience in society rushed in to volunteer himself.

Even though there were over twenty people who showed up, they are merely here to show their faces.

As for making them pledge their allegiance, 'do you think we’re in a movie?'

They thought inwardly but kept their silence on the surface. They listened to Brother Dragon acting out his play without uttering a single word.

Everyone knows that tonight's play was meant for the dumbass Chi Shi.

"How would our White Dragon Hall be able to stand firm in the underworld if we allow a highschool student to piss on Brother Dragon's head?!"

Little did he know that Brother Dragon wasn’t considered a legitimate person of the underworld, nor that the White Dragon Hall was just a name the latter came up with temporarily.

Because of this, Brother Dragon even praised himself for having such literacy talent for coming up with such a lovely name.

"Brother Long, we must get our face back!"

Chi Shi took a step forward before Brother Dragon finished speaking. The surrounding men who watched by the sidelines raised a brow at his actions and sneered inwardly: 'The foolish one had sent himself to the wolf's mouth.'

As he felt everyone looking at him, Chi Shi assumed that it was one of admirance which caused his pride to soar to unprecedented levels.

He strode toward Brother Dragon with his chests puffed up and smacked the table: "Brother Dragon, there's no need to look for pledges of allegiance anymore, isn't it just Luo Lin?”

“Leave this trifle matter to me. All I need is a word from you, and on the first day of school, I, Chi Shi will make sure Luo Lin crawls out the school gate!"

'What the fuck, he's so easy to fool. I’m not even done, to think that I wasted so much time writing such an emotional script.'

Brother Dragon took in a deep breath and glanced toward Chi Shi. His gaze seemed to contain a common hatred as he patted Chi Shi's shoulder: "That’s enough, say no further, you really are my good brother."

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