Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 16 - I'm so scared mister gang boss

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In a few moments, the group of people reached the car. Aside from the instigator who stood with Luo Lin, the others had all surrounded the car as though they were afraid it would suddenly drive off.

It was only after seeing the group of hooligans standing outside the car that Lan Lan was shocked back into reality. She also noticed the two guys who were beaten up by Luo Lin, as well as a youth standing in front of the car. He was dragging Luo Lin over to stand by the window of the driver’s seat.

Lan Lan seeing this suddenly blurted out of panic, “Sister Jiang Yan, these are all bad people!”  

Jiang Yan furrowed her brows deeply and waved her hand, stopping Lan Lan from speaking.

It was at this moment that she realized the situation might not be as simple as she thought. These people surrounding the car appeared vicious and fierce. They were definitely up to no good.

Thinking this, she subconsciously touched her gun and handcuffs. Fortunately, she had been in a rush to get off work today and hadn’t gotten the chance to change her clothes. She was even still carrying her gun.

While she was in ponder, the youth who had dragged Luo Lin over tapped on the car window, making several “dong dong” sounds.  

Jiang Yan’s expression was serious as she remained silent. She kept a hand on her gun, watching to see just what these people were up to.

Due to the tinted glass, the insides of the car couldn’t be seen clearly from the outside. Even if someone were to lean against the window, they still wouldn’t be able to see the police uniform on Jiang Yan.

That youth knocked on the window several times, but there was no response from the inside. Additionally, the car door was locked. He assumed that it was because the people inside were frightened. In any case, he wasn’t in a hurry.

He turned his head and asked Luo Lin, “Do you have your sister’s number? Give her a call and tell her what’s going on!”  

Luo Lin nodded, he took out his phone and swiftly made the call.

The phone rang for a long time before Jiang Yan picked it up. Before she could speak, Luo Lin began to yell in a panic,

“Big Sis, Big Sis! Why aren’t you opening the door? These people said they want $30,000, or else your car will be taken away! Big Sis, please don’t get angry with me, just give me the money! I’m scared! They’re with Brother Dragon! Brother Dragon is a gang boss and once he gets angry, he will hack me to death!”    

Besides Luo Lin who had a very panicked expression, the youth was already beginning to reveal a smile.

‘Haha, students are so easy to scare. Without even being taught, they can say things like hacking people up and other gang-related talk. It frightens anyone the moment they hear it. It’s just that I don’t know if this rather bad-tempered older sister really doesn’t care about her little brother.’

The moment Jiang Yan answered the call, she had more or less made out the situation despite not having a clue what Luo Lin did to offend these people.

Regardless of the reason, they surrounded the car, took a hostage, and even tried to extort her! These were already enough to be considered blackmail, not to mention that they were blackmailing her for $30,000. With such evidence lined up, there was no other outcome than to be locked up.    

Ultimately, Jiang Yan was an outstanding police officer of the Criminal Police Brigade who frequently came into contact with cunning criminals.

She quickly straightened out her thoughts and said, “Luo Lin, pass the phone to the person next to you.” While she said those words, Jiang Yan secretly turned on the sound recording function on her phone.

Luo Lin chuckled inwardly, ‘Hehe, this cold-faced police belle is rather quick-witted!’

When the phone was passed over into his hand, that youth smacked his lips, “Hello, you’re this kid’s sister, right?”


“Open the door!”

“Tell me what you want, I’ll satisfy you.”

That youth blanked out for a moment. He clearly never imagined that this kid’s sister would be this unperturbed. There was a large group of men surrounding her car, yet she was still so calm. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter because the pair of siblings wouldn’t be able to escape today.  

“This matter is pretty clear. Your little brother injured one of my buddies and left a mark on his face that disfigured him. As this is a minor injury, and considering that your little brother is young, I don’t wish for him to go to jail. So, let’s settle this out of court. Take out $30,000 and you guys can go home and have lunch comfortably.”

Jiang Yan had long since noticed a guy with a red mark on his face standing by the car. It was just a slight swelling that would go down in a few days.

It couldn’t even be considered a minor injury. Even if a lawsuit was filed for compensation, the court of law might not even take on the case. Compensating him with $300 to $400 Yuan for medical fees would already be considered a fairly good deal. However, this person wanted $30,000 Yuan!

This was just a typical case of seizing the opportunity to extort someone.

“$30,000 Yuan is too much. Moreover, your buddy’s injury can’t even be considered a minor injury. How about this? I’ll compensate you with $400 Yuan.”

“Fu*k, you stinking whore. Do you treat me as a beggar?! Negotiating conditions with me?!” The youth couldn’t hold back anymore and cussed without restraint, “$30,000 Yuan and not a single cent less otherwise, I’ll smash up your car right now!”

As he said those words, the youth signaled his men with a gaze, and the guys surrounding the car all brandished the wooden sticks they had been carrying. They waved the sticks around, flaunting their strength.

Jiang Yan sneered at the sight. If the group of men really tried to smash her car, then they would truly have committed a great crime.

“I don’t have any money.”

“No money?! Hmph! Not a problem, just leave your car behind!”

“But my car is worth several hundred thousand. Didn’t you want $30,000 Yuan?”

“Fu*king hell, stop talking glib with me! This grandpa has a big appetite, I can swallow it up. Your car is worth several hundred thousand? Okay! Grandpa has changed his mind. You will fu*king compensate me for how much your car is worth!”

“What if I’m not willing to give it to you?”

“You’re not willing?! That’s not for you to decide! If you dare drag things out some more, you’ll have to leave both your car, and your little brother behind. You can come over and collect your little brother’s corpse two days later!”

“You’re saying that if I don’t compensate you, you’ll kill Luo Lin?”

“He’s called Luo Lin? Hmph his name is rather refined, but with such an irresponsible older sister, he sure is unlucky! That’s right, this grandpa is not a perfunctory person. If I dare say it, I’ll do it!”

“You’re going to kill someone? Oh, I’m so scared.” This line sounded comical but Jiang Yan said it in an extremely frosty tone.

“I’ll hand over the car key now so please don’t kill Luo Lin, Mister Gang Boss.” After saying this, Jiang Yan ended the call and stashed the recording file away securely.

After that, she used her phone to take some photos of the scene outside, making sure to capture the vicious and fierce appearances of the hooligans who were brandishing their wooden sticks around.

Outside the car, the youth revealed a victorious expression. The guys who surrounded the car followed along and chortled loudly. However, at the next second, all of their expressions froze instantly as their complexions turned pale like they had just eaten insect feces.  

The car door opened, and a beautiful woman dressed in a police uniform emerged.

Accompanied by a cold smirk on her face, she placed the car key into the hand of the youth who stared at her blankly like a fool. “Mister Gang Boss, the car is now yours.”

This dude was totally stunned in place. His mind had stopped working, and he simply couldn’t respond in time. He had completely fallen for the trick that Jiang Yan and Luo Lin set up together!

Foolishly, he smacked his lips as he took over the car key from Jiang Yen.

How could these ignorant individuals have known that in the moment the key landed in the youth’s hand, it would be akin to committing a crime involving several hundred thousand Yuan?

In the instant the hooligan had accepted the car key, Jiang Yan’s expression turned cold immediately.

Almost immediately she brought out the handcuffs from her waist and cuffed him!


“You are suspected of committing blackmail. I’m arresting you on behalf of the Criminal Police Brigade. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will be used against you in the court of law and order.”

Once Jiang Yan had finished talking, the surrounding group of stick-wielding hooligans froze as they realized the truth of the situation. Without a second word, they threw away their sticks and scurried away in a fluster.

Jiang Yan had already anticipated this situation from early on so she didn’t expect to arrest all of them. She swiftly pulled out her gun and aimed toward the hooligans who were escaping the quickest.

She yelled out coldly, “All of you, place your hands behind your head and get down! You’re just accomplices so the punishment for your crime will be relatively light. However, if you resist arrest, that’ll be adding on another offense. If you don’t want to be listed as a wanted fugitive, then stay standing where you are.”

Jiang Yan’s words were slightly exaggerated. As the culprit had already been apprehended, it was unlikely for the ones who escaped to be listed as wanted fugitives. At most, they would be locked up for a few days to aid with the investigation.

However, this group of hooligans weren’t highly educated nor were they familiar with the law. Some of the dim-witted ones were frightened by Jiang Yan’s words, so they placed their hands behind their heads and got down.

There was only one tanned, slightly-built man who scampered into a wayside lane like a rat crossing the road. In the blink of an eye, there was no trace of him left to be seen.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I miscalculated. To think that one of them managed to escape...”

Amidst the silence, Luo Lin shook his head and sighed, shrugging his shoulders helplessly.

Jiang Yan shot Luo Lin an icy look as feelings of disgust sprouted inside her heart. Having arrived at this stage, Jiang Yan totally had reason to believe that the rascal made use of her to deal with these hooligans.

‘No wonder this kid asked me if I was a member of the municipal committee! The young master of the Luo Family, he’s so young but full of tricks!’

Jiang Yan had no time to pay Luo Lin any attention. She quickly took out her phone and called the office, informing them of the situation and the location of the incident. She also made it clear that she would be in-charge of the scene of the crime.

After all of that had been dealt with, she hung up and shot a glare toward Luo Lin’s direction.

Seeing Jiang Yan’s expression, Luo Lin smiled abashedly, “That… Uh, Big Sis… since you’re busy right now, why don’t I leave first?”

As Luo Lin uttered those words, he opened the car door and beckoned Lan Lan, taking on an attitude as if he wanted to flag down a taxi.

Jiang Yan raised an eyebrow coldly.

“Don’t even think about leaving, follow me to the station and aid in the investigation!”

‘What is this?! After causing such a mess, you planned to make me clean it up while you go off with your little girlfriend into your lovey dovey world... Do you take me for an idiot?’

“Okay, okay, okay. No problem. Big Sis, it’s not like you don’t have my phone number. Just give me a call and I’ll be there ha!”

At this moment, a taxi had already arrived on the opposite side of the road. Luo Lin led Lan Lan by the hand and ran over to it.

Lan Lan had no idea what was going on so she turned back toward Jiang Yan and bade her farewell reluctantly. “Police Officer Sister, goodbye!”


The taxi drove off speedily into the distance with a wisp of smoke. Seeing the thick trail of smoke, Jiang Yan’s complexion turned ashen with anger and gritted her teeth begrudgingly.

“Okay, young master of the Luo Family… You actually played such a trick on me! I’ll remember this debt. You better pray that you don’t meet me again otherwise, I… I’ll castrate you!”

Aside from the driver, there was only Luo Lin inside the taxi. He narrowed his eyes and began reflecting on what happened today:

Luo Lin dropped Lan Lan off at her house, and before they parted ways, he left her his phone number. He instructed her to give him a call if anything were to happen.

Luo Lin’s unquestionable expression swept a wave of emotion through Lan Lan.

“If I’m not wrong, that famous Brother Dragon should be able to find out about me if he snooped around a little. If there’s no mistake in my memory, Chi Shi should’ve recognized Brother Dragon as his Boss.”

“If Brother Dragon wants to deal with me, he’ll certainly send out Chi Shi. After all, he suffered a loss outside the school. If he wished to get back at me inside the school, then he would have to depend on a lackey inside the school. Chi Shi is the best candidate for that. Not to mention that there are grudges between Chi Shi and I.”

“The moment that pig-headed Chi Shi hears that Brother Dragon wishes to deal with me, he’ll certainly be glad to shoulder this task.”

‘Initially, I wanted to wait for Liang Zi’s discharge before messing with Chi Shi, but my plans couldn't keep up with the changes.’

‘Once the October vacation ends, I reckon that Chi Shi will begin dealing with me. Since the “battlefield” will be the campus, then I’ll need to figure out the situation through Liang Zi and Xiao Chuan!’

When he thought about this, Luo Lin told the taxi driver, “Go to the hospital that’s by the intersection up ahead.”

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