Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 15 - The police belle is here!

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At the entrance of One High, parked a small-sized white-colored Volkswagen sedan.

In the driver’s seat, the beauty clad in police uniform made a phone call.

"Mhm, I'm here, where are you?"

Luo Lin simply said: "I already saw you. Come to the place opposite the school." After saying that, he hung up the phone.

When Jiang Yan heard the busy signal transmitted by the phone, the indignance in her heart soared.

'Stupid brat! You're pretty arrogant huh! You actually dared to hang up on this big sister!'

Although she was furious, Jiang Yan had made a promise to her brother-in-law earlier. Since Luo Lin was a youngster, and this would be the first and last time they’ll ever meet, she shall endure this anger.

When she glanced toward the alley from the driver's seat, a male and female student coincidentally emerged. That boy even waved toward her with a big grin on his face.

"Hmph!" Jiang Yan harrumphed coldly at this sight, she then turned her steering wheel to drive over.

At a bus stop nearby, gathered around eight youngsters in their twenties who also noticed this sight.

"Damn, that’s the brat! Brothers, let's go!"

"Don't be hasty! Did you forget Brother Dragon's instructions?"

"If someone's coming to fetch him, then we need to utilize this opportunity to extort a little money. The wound on my face is so obvious, he wouldn't be able to escape responsibility even if he wanted to. Wouldn't it be better if we gave him a beating after extorting him?"

"... Guys look, isn’t that white car going over? It has a regular car plate so there's no risk, it's probably his parents. The moment the doors open, let’s rush up and block their path!”

As the sun was really bright, Jiang Yan had to put up the sunshades on the windows so no one could see the uniform she wore from outside the car.

The crowd nodded in agreement and subconsciously touched their wooden sticks. They kept their distances from one another, pretending not to know each other as they gradually approached Luo Lin.

Luo Lin had long noticed their movements but acted as though nothing happened. He waved vigorously toward the white car with a smile as if he was afraid the gangsters might not notice the approaching car.

"Luo Lin, I'll go home on my own..."

"Listen to me, we'll go together." Luo Lin's manner of speaking made her unable to refute. On the other hand, Lan Lan seemed to adore Luo Lin's overbearingness.

After she heard his words, Lan Lan nodded like an obedient wife.

When Jiang Yan stopped the car, she noticed the appearance of the girl beside Luo Lin. That girl had no make-up on, but she looked beautiful.

The corners of her eyes curved upwards, she had a petite nose and a delicate ruby-lipped mouth that adorned her fair-skinned oval face. Natural black hair flowed over her shoulders.

However, the clothes she wore seemed rather old-fashioned and looked like it had been used for a few years. This inadvertently concealed her dazzling beauty.

However, in the eyes of a mature woman, this kind of lady is the most beautiful.

Innocent and precious.

At the thought of that, it made Jiang Yan who passed the age of 23 feel a little jealousy and envy...

'Youth sure is great...'

After the car came to a halt, Jiang Yan rolled down her windows: "Luo Lin?"

Luo Lin nodded.

Now that the obstruction of the glass was gone, Jiang Yan had a better view. She noticed that Lan Lan's skin seemed to appear much better, within the fairness, there was a tinge of rosiness.

Luo Lin who stood beside Lan Lan appeared rather frivolous but he definitely counts as a handsome young man. He was around 18 years-old and had a stature of 1.8 meters. His gaze contained a little mischievousness. Overall, Luo Lin had the appearance of a talented person.

'These two... they’re in a relationship? They do match each other quite well.'

When the term 'relationship' came to mind, Jiang Yan felt a little downcast as she never dated during her school days. It would be a lie if she claimed to have no regrets, her youth had passed her by, and it would never return.

In society nowadays, men pay too much attention to fame and fortune. They are scheming when it comes to relationships, not a single one is genuine.

If one wants to experience their first love, haha, in their next life perhaps.

When Jiang Yan observed the shy Lan Lan who stood behind Luo Lin, the heart of comparison arose in her heart, causing her to feel a little sad.

'If I went back in time, would I be the one who stands behind this handsome youngster?’

A lot of thoughts surfaced in her mind in that moment. Jiang Yan, who was hailed as the flower of the police force by many, became distracted, but she soon broke out of her stupor.

For some reason, Jiang Yan raised a question with a tinge of jealousy: "Is that your girlfriend?"

Even Luo Lin was stupefied by that unexpected question.

No one would expect a frosty woman like her to take the initiative to ask questions... and such a gossipy question at that. However, the other party had a dignified and serious expression throughout.

Luo Lin sighed inwardly.

'Women really are hard to fathom...'

It was no wonder that guys who turned 18 are allowed to become soldiers, but the legal marriage age was regulated at 23. What does that signify?

Women are harder to deal with than enemies!

Marriage was a matter much crueler compared to the battlefield where stray artillery flew about.

Lan Lan blushed and lowered her head.

Luo Lin didn’t answer her question and simply smiled: "You guess."

Jiang Yan froze momentarily before realizing her gaffe.

'Why did I ask a question like that?'

Her face turned red from embarrassment so she turned to the other side and said: "Get in the car."

Luo Lin shrugged and quickly opened the rear door: "Lan Lan go in first."

Lan Lan nodded and got into the rear seat.

At this moment, a group of youngsters appeared at  the front of the car and quickly hurried over to Luo Lin.

Luo Lin noticed this and smiled inwardly. He calmly shut the door and spoke in a gentle tone: "Stay obediently in the car."

When Jiang Yan heard Luo Lin's words, she knitted her brows. She seemed to feel that something was amiss, and when she noticed eight malicious-looking men walking over, it made her suspicions grow deeper: "What's going on?"

Luo Lin didn’t get into the car nor did he say anything to Jiang Yan. Instead, he made his way toward the approaching group of men.

Jiang Yan suddenly came into realization and thought inwardly: 'I knew it, this Luo Lin isn't anything good... Rich second generations are all bad people, those people are probably delinquents from school."

When she thought of that, Jiang Yan locked the car doors. It was as though she was afraid that these gangsters might get into the car and make it dirty.

She was a police officer after all, so how could she tolerate scums of the society.

Jiang Yan wasn’t in a hurry, and after her anger subsided, she watched on coldly with folded arms.

Jiang Yan knew that when little gangsters like them are gathered in one place, there would be smoking and laughter, they’d mess around in the streets thinking they are all that.

When Luo Lin finished chatting, he would naturally get in the car. Of course, if they talk for more than 10 minutes, then Jiang Yan would leave without him.

In comparison to Luo Lin, she felt more goodwill toward Lan Lan... Whenever she looked at Lan Lan, it felt as though she was looking at herself during her school days, a well-behaved girl who didn’t speak much.

Jiang Yan initiated the conversation, and the two of them began to chat.

Lan Lan was an innocent girl who admired justice. The moment she laid eyes on Jiang Yan's police uniform, she felt an overflowing amount of goodwill for Jiang Yan.

As they communicated, the two of them began to find common topics. Maybe it was to avoid embarrassment, the two of them didn't mention Luo Lin.

Lan Lan was simple-minded so once she indulged herself into the conversation, she didn’t notice the situation outside of the car.

At this moment, the leader of the group began to 'negotiate' with Luo Lin.

"Brat, you're pretty ballsy huh? Walking up to us alone... have you heard of our powerful Brother Dragon?”

“Let's not mention anything else. My brother's face had been badly wounded by you. I'm not afraid to tell you that even if you reported this matter to the police, you wouldn't win.”

“The wound on his face is considered a light injury, it's a crime you have to compensate for medical fees and criminal responsibility for. Since you're young and also seem like a smart person, I'll give you a chance.”

“Two of our brothers had suffered physical injuries, another one of us suffered psychological trauma. That will be a total of $30,000 Yuan. It's not much so leave your money here and don't let me see you again in the future."

Luo Lin thought inwardly: 'You people probably want to cheat me of some money before beating me up.’

‘Such an outdated method... even resorting to using the law against me, you think your big brother isn’t familiar with the law?’

‘Your group of people probably won't know what law you violated even if you received the death sentence!’

Luo Lin didn’t pay his words any heed but he still worked hard superficially. The person in the car was part of the Criminal Police Brigade! It would only take seconds for them to pull out a handcuff or a gun, that was more than enough to scare off these cowards!

Luo Lin pretended to be flustered: "B-big brothers. I am y-young, I didn't know... I won't dare to do this again. B-but... that, I d-don't have much money, I'm o-only a student."

After seeing Luo Lin acting in this manner, the several youngsters all heaved out collective sighs of relief.

They head rumors of this student being a stubborn person who possessed good skills, but little did they know he was a coward, one who caved the moment he was up against a group of people.

They had made the mental preparation to shed some blood today however, it seemed like there was no need for that anymore.

Once they get ahold of the money, they could just beat him up to soothe their brothers' hearts.

The blondie who witnessed Luo Lin's beating up his brothers was also stupefied. He then became relieved and categorized Luo Lin as a newborn calf who became terrified after facing this many people.

The people in the back laughed wretchedly as they rubbed their fists together, getting ready to receive payback for the loss the moment they received the money.

"No money?" The youngster laughed coldly and raised his brow,

"You think we're blind? Isn't that car behind you here to fetch you? I don't care if it's your mom, your dad, or your uncle. This matter must be resolved with money, otherwise don't even think of leaving!”

“It's ok if you don't have money, that car must be worth quite a lot right? If you don't have enough money then leave the car behind.”

Luo Lin panicked: "D-don't! That car belongs to my sister, she’s very hot-tempered, and she will beat me up when we get home!”

“H-how about I go ask my sister first, is that alright? I will ask her for money, I r-really have no money on me!"

The youngster nodded: "Let your sister know, and tell her to drive closer."

Luo Lin did as instructed, he waved toward the car.

Jiang Yan had seen everything clearly and even though she couldn’t hear their conversation, it seemed like they were getting along harmoniously.

Luo Lin made an expression of uselessness as if these people were his big brothers.

When she saw Luo Lin waving his hands, Jiang Yan pretended to not notice and continued chatting happily with Lan Lan.

Luo Lin vigorously waved his hands but there was no response from the other party. Seeing this, Luo Lin pretended to show a helpless expression: "My sister is mad at me, she’s ignoring me."

"Fuck, why are you so wishy-washy!" The youngster yelled, "If she doesn't come, then we'll go over!" After he said that, the youngster waved his hand and shoved Luo Lin over to the car while the others followed closely.


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