Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 13 - Shut the gates and beat the dogs!

TL-ed by weiisnothere

The customers who visited this internet cafe were poor people without any identity. These gangsters often frequented businesses without any legal licenses to collect protection fees, using the glorified term called 'taxation'.

They assessed that Lan Lan wasn't a wealthy lady with any identity so they began harassing her. Not to mention that Lan Lan indeed looked really good.

Luo Lin who sat in the innermost booth noticed this situation, narrowed his eyes while his brain turned quickly.

Luo Lin didn't know who these three gangsters with blonde-dyed hair were, but he knew the 'Big Brother Dragon' they mentioned.

The legendary Big Brother Dragon was the 'overlord' of the territory in the vicinity of the campus. There are a lot of shops and houses under his jurisdiction, and he also owned a small-scale bar.

Not only that, Brother Dragon also had contacts with some gangsters in the underworld.

To put it clearly, he was a 'landlord' with connections to the underworld.

During his previous lifetime, Luo Lin often played in Baldie's bar where he saw many glimpses of Big Brother Dragon.

However, every time he saw Big Brother Dragon, that fellow would be following tightly behind Baldie's butt like a lapdog.

Brother Dragon ruthlessly charged $500 Yuan as 'taxation fees' every month. As there were a large amount of illegally-owned businesses within his territory, Big Brother Dragon would get a monthly income of at least $10,000 yuan.

Luo Lin didn’t wish to interfere with these unethical rules, however... these little shrimps dared to harass his pure and adorable Lan Lan, are they tired of living?

"Big brothers, this matter does not concern this lady. She's my customer. Moreover, she's only a student, please don't talk to her in that manner, she's only a little girl after all." Auntie Zhang rebuked in slight anger.

"Student? Haha, that's great. Little lass, put on your uniform before you come to look for me ha! Big brother loves uniform cosplays!" The blondie chortled out loud in an arrogant manner.

He glared at Auntie Zhang, "Hey old woman, don't think that you can talk to me like that. I'm only treating you nicely because you're old. I'll give you a chance to repent, bring over the register book for today, and let me look at this juicy little girl's identity card.”

'That’s too much!'

There are a lot of onlookers who couldn’t tolerate it anymore, but no one had the courage to step out. They knew who 'Big Brother Dragon' was, according to rumors, he would slash anyone with a knife when he was enraged!

"You! ...You people are too much! This is a lawful society, you guys can't do this!" No matter how pure Lan Lan was, she could tell that these gangsters were harassing her so she stood up with her face flushed with anger.

"Oh... yes~ It's better now that you're standing. Big brother really likes your pretty face, and your little buns are not matured yet huh? It's not obvious, but you have a nice figure, especially those round and supple buttocks of yours..."

The blondie began acting more unbridled. His eyes stared fixated on Lan Lan's buttocks while he had a wretched smile on his face.

"Does it look nice?"

A frosty voice suddenly resounded from behind the three of them. At this moment, the lights in the internet cafe seemed to have dimmed slightly.

They turned around to find a student-like boy locking the door of the internet cafe. He then casually pulled out a chicken feather duster from the table and strode toward them.

The dim illuminance in the internet cafe was no different from night time. Luo Lin walked unhurriedly toward them, his eyes flashed with occasional flickers of chilling light which made the three tense up.

'Fuck, isn't he just a student? Why should we be afraid of him!'

The leader of the group mustered up his courage and tried to make himself appear fierce as a devil: "Oh? There's someone who isn't afraid of dying? You wish to stand up for this girl, but figure out the situation brat, we have three on our side, you're alone!"

Lan Lan, Auntie Zhang, and the customers in the internet cafe held their breaths. They could see that Luo Lin was picking a fight with the three of them but... one student against three gangsters, how could he possibly win?!

Lan Lan wished to speak out but her nervousness held her back, it was as though something was stuck in her throat. Her palm oozed with cold sweat.

"I asked you a question. Is. She. Pretty?"

Luo Lin stopped in his tracks when he arrived right before the three of them, asking one word at a time.

No one could make out Luo Lin's expression, but they could see the occasional chills in his eyes.

"Damn it..." The leader of the trio could not tolerate being stared at in this manner, he didn’ reply and waved his arm decisively, "Fu*k him up!"


Luo Lin didn't wait for them to take action and simply lashed out with a kick. The leader of the blondie trio was immediately sent flying into the wall, causing large chunks of dust to fall.

His sudden outbreak startled everyone in their place. The scene resembled the scene where Chen Zhen in the movie Fist of Fury, sent the Japanese martial artist flying. It appeared extremely ferocious yet graceful!

TL Note: Jing Wu Men - The movie Fist of Fury starring Bruce Lee!

"Ahhh fu*k~ Damn it~" As the leader had a well-built physique, he wasn’t knocked out from the impact. However, he held his stomach and rolled on the floor, the pain caused him to grimace, "F-fuck him up~ Beat him up~ I want to kill him~!!!"

The blondie's accomplices then broke out of their stupor and threw their fists toward Luo Lin. They appeared to be in their twenties, their bodies were tanned and rugged. Their punches contained their full force, which looked powerful but unfortunately... In the eyes of Luo Lin, that degree of strength was simply not enough for him to look at.

Luo Lin confronted them upfront. When the fists were about to land on his face, he dodged and nimbly shifted to the left side, raising the chicken feather duster while he did so.


Luo Lin whipped one of them in the face, causing a fresh red imprint to emerge.

"Ah!" Rage filled that gangster's mind as he lashed out a kick toward Luo Lin.

Luo Lin evaded to the side and easily avoided the kick. He then bent down and rushed forward. When his shoulder scraped against the rage-filled blondie's calf, Luo Lin suddenly got up causing the latter to lose his balance and fall.

Seizing the opportunity, Luo Lin then lashed out with his feather duster once more. The sound of a whip could be heard and the duster landed accurately on the 'center' of the blondie.



A loud smack resounded and the blondie collapsed whilst screaming. He held his crotch with both hands as he rolled around in anguish.

Everyone including the remaining blondie stared wide-eyed in amazement.

Especially the last-standing blondie who subconsciously covered his crotch, he gulped a mouthful of saliva as though he had felt that attack.

In a blink of an eye, two blondies had been taken down. Although the areas Luo Lin targeted was a little despicable, him being young and outnumbered made him look like the ferocious one.

Not to mention Luo Lin's nimbleness and athleticism made the gangsters appear far too clumsy in comparison.

From the beginning to the end, Luo Lin had a slight smile on his face with narrowed eyes. He showed an attitude that he did not really care about them.

After the two of them had fallen, Luo Lin turned his gaze toward the remaining dazed blondie. He placed the feather duster over his shoulder and stared smilingly at the remaining person.

The remaining blondie broke out of his daze and tried looking around for weapons but there was nothing that he could use!

In the end, he pulled out his belt and held it tightly in his grasp. The blondie forced himself to meet Luo Lin's gaze: "Y-You... you b-better think carefully, we are the men of Big Brother Dragon! If you take down all of us, then don't even think about walking out of this alley unscathed!"

Hearing his words made Luo Lin laugh: "You're saying that if I don't touch you, then I'd be able to leave with my body intact?"

The blondie hesitated for a moment before nodding.

A gentleman does not eat an immediate loss. The moment he escapes from here, he would give Big Brother Dragon a call!

Luo Lin naturally knew his little schemes but on the surface, he casually threw the feather duster to the side and lightly waved his hands: "Alright then, bring these two away."

The Blondie was stunned, he didn’t expect the other party to let them go.

'If that's the case, then we should go quickly!'

'This brat is definitely a martial artist, who knows if he is from a family of martial artists. Anyways I would be eating a loss if I confronted him alone.'

The blondie kept his silence and supported the fallen men up. They leaned against each other and trudged toward the exit.

The ones that fell also kept their silence, they realized they had eaten a loss this time.

However, once they report back to Big Brother Dragon and gather more people. Who would care if that boy’s a martial artist or not, they would make sure this brat gets it!

"Right, hold on."

As the three who were granted amnesty was about to walk out the door, Luo Lin's cold voice resounded from behind them.

The three of them halted in their footsteps.


Luo Lin pointed at the person who verbally harassed Lan Lan, "You have to be sincere."

The leader of the blondie is a standard hoodlum, although he acted arrogantly during usual times. Once the situation calls for it. What was dignity? What was face? He could throw them all away.

Anyways, he’s bound to get payback for this. Since that student had pointed him out, he simply turned around and bowed down toward Lan Lan without the slightest hesitation: "I am sorry."

Despite doing that, he cursed inwardly: 'Brat, just you wait... Anyone who offends Big Brother Dragon will pay the consequences! No one dares to act like this in our turf'

When he was done, the three of them turned around to leave with hastened footsteps.

Luo Lin didn’t pursue them anymore.

He glanced at Lan Lan and gently patted her shoulder: "Lan Lan rest assured, everything will be fine." After he said that, Luo Lin pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, is this Big Brother Wu?”

“Mhm, yes, I am Little Lin.”

“That... I lost my wallet on the bus and I have no money on me right now. My parents aren't home so could you get someone to fetch me?”

“... Mhm, yes, I am at school.”

“No no, don't tell my uncle about this, I'm afraid that they'll worry.”

“Mhm, yes, that'll be it.”


Luo Lin hung up the phone. He disregarded the surprised gazes from everyone as though nothing had happened and smiled.

"Don't pay this matter any mind, continue browsing your internet." Luo Lin smiled at the onlookers.

He pulled out the bench and signaled Lan Lan to take a seat. Lan Lan felt worried, she knew that the people Luo Lin had beaten up today are gangsters, if they brought their friends here then Luo Lin will be in trouble!

"Luo Lin..." Lan Lan tugged on the hems of Luo Lin's shirt.

Luo Lin gently placed his hand on Lan Lan's shoulder and whispered gently: "Don't worry, I'm here, nothing will happen."

Trust was a very strange thing, although they were peers, Luo Lin gave Lan Lan a sense of security, like when she would sleep in the arms of her father when she was younger.

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