Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 11 - Life-saving grace

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The pickpocket didn't expect to be chased by two men at once.

When he turned back, the pickpocket's face changed as he saw Luo Lin and Han Zhennan rushing over like they were flying. Seeing that, he hastened his pace.

He wasn't a pickpocket for nothing, other than having fast reflexes, he also excelled in escaping.

He didn't mind being caught. Being thrown behind bars is one matter, but being beaten up by a group of bystanders was far more terrifying.

Han Zhennan was worthy of being a senior with profound achievements in 'Baji Palms'. Using the center of his body as an axis, he exerted force toward 8 directions which looked gorgeous, causing him to appear valiant and formidable while running.

As Luo Lin was a cultivator of Taiji Palms, every gesture he made paid attention to being one with nature. When he sprinted, it looked extremely natural and effortless. Not only that, but his speed also matched Han Zhennan.

After 5 minutes, the wildly escaping pickpocket couldn't endure it anymore. Although he was swift, how could he be compared to an expert like Han Zhennan?

Realizing that the pursuers were encroaching, the pickpocket ruthlessly shoved the purse into his pants and stealthily reached down into his belt as if trying to retrieve something.

Luo Lin's heart skipped a beat: "Old Brother Han, watch out!"

Han Zhennan extended a hand and grabbed toward the pickpocket's back, but who knew the pickpocket would suddenly turn around with a gleaming knife in his hand which he stabbed outwards.

Baji Palms was famous for its ferociousness, so every gesture contained a powerful force that inadvertently made actions hard to pull back.

As a result, Han Zhennan was unable to dodge in time so he could only watch as the knife drew near his neck...


A resounding smack could be heard as Luo Lin jumped in-between the two.

He clasped the pickpocket's wrist skillfully with both hands and nimbly bent down, seizing the opportunity to throw the pickpocket out.


The pickpocket yelled as he flew out. He had no idea what Luo Lin did, but the instant that fellow scuttled in-between him and that middle-aged man, he had already been thrown out.

A resounding thud could be heard as he landed heavily onto a fire hydrant. The pickpocket grimaced in pain and couldn’t get up.

"Grab him! Don't let him run!" The onlookers who stood by came to their senses and rushed up dauntlessly. Within a few moments, they subdued the pickpocket who had lost any resistance and quickly called the cops.

Han Zhennan looked at the pickpocket who had been subdued with a rather pale facet. Subconsciously, he touched his neck and a trace of chillness seeped into his heart.

Fortunately, only the skin had been hurt, the wound oozed a little blood but there were no major issues.

Despite being a person who had undergone all kinds of situations, Han Zhennan couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat.

He had failed to retreat in time during the confrontation, and if Luo Lin came a second later, he might have lost his life right there and then.

"Old Brother Han, are you alright?"

Luo Lin walked up and gently patted Han Zhennan's shoulder with a little concern.

Han Zhennan took in a deep breath with a bitter smile crawling up his face: "It was so dangerous earlier... Little brother, if not for your timely help otherwise, my little life would have ended there haha."

Luo Lin nodded: "It's good that you're fine, these lawbreakers often possess extreme mindsets. You need to be careful if you encounter this kind of situation again."

"Yes yes yes." At this time, Han Zhennan didn’t treat Luo Lin as a child anymore. He patted Luo Lin's shoulder in gratitude, "Right, until now only I have told you about me, but I haven’ asked how to address you!"

"I am Luo Lin."

'Luo Lin?'

Han Zhennan froze, he smiled on the surface but inwardly, he observed Luo Lin's appearance in close detail.

'His temperament is very familiar... surnamed Luo, studies in Zhengzhou City's One High... haha, if I did not make a wrong guess, then this is interesting.'

'The Luo Family actually produced such a genius?'

'Interesting, very interesting!'

"Luo Lin, a good name! A hero amongst youngsters!" Han Zhennan's heart was full of ripples, yet he had a smiling face, "Little brother, where are you going later?"

"I'll be heading home to take a shower."

"Haha! What a coincidence." Han Zhennan chuckled, and patted Luo Lin's shoulder with his large hand, "Rather than choosing another date, might as well do it today! The hotel I'm staying at is closeby, why don't we go to the hot springs together? I have so much more I want to talk to you about!"

Luo Lin didn’t refuse his offer. His psychological age wasn’t that much younger than Han Zhennan, and he got along better with Han Zhennan compared to his peers. Having such a friend wasn’t a bad thing.

"I'm fine with that, but I wish to pay for my own share. If you don't agree, then I won't go, is that alright?"

Han Zhennan was an open-minded person, he didn’t care about such trifles so he waved his hands: "Little brother you can do as you please! As long as you recognize me as your Old Brother Han. Anyways, I have already treated you as a friend!"

The hotel Han Zhennan resides in was Zhengzhou City's Jianghe Hotel. It’s a five-star hotel owned by the Luo Family.

It’s been a long time since Luo Lin had met such an impressive person like Han Zhennan, so he accompanied him for an entire afternoon.

The two of them shared many common topics, what was more exaggerated was that on business insights, Luo Lin seemed to be more knowledgeable than Han Zhennan.

When they were having lunch at noon, Han Zhennan wanted Luo Lin to stay longer but was denied.

In the end, the two of them exchanged contacts and waved goodbye.

"Little brother, I won't stay long in Zhengzhou City. When you come to Yanjing next time, let your Old Brother Han know!"



Han Zhennan personally sent Luo Lin downstairs and watched as Luo Lin got onto a taxi. After some time, a man with a scar on his face came behind Han Zhennan.

"Big Brother Nan, who is this little friend? To think he’d bother you for an entire afternoon."

Han Zhennan didn’t turn around, there was a smile on his face as he watched the taxi fade into the distance. He then spoke slowly: "Little Dao, do you know what 'realm' is?"

"Realm?" The Scar-faced Man scratched his head and had an expression of embarrassment, "Big Brother Nan, you know I’m a crude person, I don't know what a realm is."

"A realm means that your views, your ideas, and practices are beyond the average person."

"Big Brother Nan, you're saying this little friend?" The Scar-faced Man had an expression of disbelief, "What kind of joke is this... if we're speaking about realms, then Big Brother Nan must have a higher realm than him! He is only a student at best."

"I may be a tad higher than him in terms of our realms, but that’s only for now... Five years ago, I didn't even have his broad-mindedness."

Han Zhennan's words almost petrified the Scar-faced man. Not to mention 5 years ago, even 10 years ago, Big Brother Nan was a ruthless character that could make anyone terror-stricken. His schemes and his broadmindedness knows no equal among his peers.

Han Zhennan shook his head thoughtfully: "As the saying goes, the waves at the back push the waves at the front. Youngsters nowadays are incredible... He’s not older than 20, but he possesses such broad-mindedness and views. If you place him in the society for several years, who knows what his achievements will amount to... Little Dao, do you dare to make a bet with me?"

"What bet?" Little Dao became interested, he had never seen Big Brother Nan talking in this tone for a long time.

"In less than five years, his achievements will be beyond yours."

"Are you pulling my leg?" Little Dao was stunned, it took a moment before he continued speaking, "You’re saying that he’s born to mix in the underworld?"

"Mix in the underworld? Haha, in this world, is it necessary to distinguish what's black and what’s white so clearly?”

“There are days, so naturally, there will also be nights. If there is no differentiation between day and night, then chaos awaits for organisms equipped with biological clocks. White and black is a type of balance, that is nature's law.”

“Survival of the fittest, the strong ones naturally are able to live freely under the light, and within the dark like humans.”

“Humanity is the strongest within nature, it is the same even for modern times. The strongest amongst humans are the ones with the ability to see through darkness and light.”

“Fairness, right and wrong, black or white, only the strong are qualified to talk about it."

The scar-faced man looked at Han Zhennan's profound gaze and was deeply shocked by his remarks.

'That's right, who’s to say that the hidden balance within society, is not nature's law?'

"Big Brother Nan, your words are true!" the Scar-faced man felt hotblooded, "I have noted this down."

Han Zhennan chuckled: "This is the truth? I feel the same way. However this isn’t spoken by me, but by that little friend."


The Scar-faced man was stunned, his gaze became a little unfocused as he looked toward the street where the taxi disappeared.


Because of the previous incident, there was a little avoidance in Qin Wanshu's heart. Therefore, Luo Lin hadn’t taken the initiative to contact Qin Wanshu.

He casually ate in the afternoon and wandered in the areas around the school a few times.

He had already thought of a plan. He’s capable of getting a hold of several tens of thousands in allowance. When that time comes, he plans to purchase a shop in the periphery of the campus as his start-up business.

An afternoon had passed quietly.

Luo Lin felt exhausted but he had nothing to do.

The shops that are up for transfers were either milk tea shops, or small-sized restaurants. They are suitable for making some cash, but there’s no big profits to speak of.

'Looks like there are no good places around the school...'

The exhausted Luo Lin entered a decently-sized internet cafe but it was packed with people. Helplessly, he changed to another cafe but it was the same. One after another, they were either packed, or the empty seats were taken.

'Internet cafes seem to be a profitable business! Especially with a highschool and workplace nearby. The customers all came in groups...'

Unfortunately, the investments needed are too huge, and Luo Lin didn’t have much allowance on his hands.

"Luo Lin!"

When Luo Lin entered an alley, he suddenly heard a crisp voice calling him from behind.

Luo Lin turned around to see his dear classmate, Lan Lan.

Today, Lan Lan wore a blue dress with white laces on the side. Her black hair draped alongside her shoulders while her smiling face contained no make-up, this made her exude a wise and virtuous temperament.

Lan Lan ran up to Luo Lin with a sweet smile.

"Lan Lan, what a coincidence? We are fated to meet."

Lan Lan's little face unknowingly blushed: "I should be the one saying that... you’re not going on a vacation during this break? Why did you come to school?"

Luo Lin saw Lan Lan and couldn’t help being slick: "My left eyelid had been jumping all day, and I came to school following my instincts. After seeing you, I realized our fate seems to be tied together by the heavens haha."

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