Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 247 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (9)

While Su Wan was giving Su Liang and Su Pei an opportunity, Su Rui also carelessly revealed his plan to Su Ya in Su Residence’s study.

Hearing that Su Rui wanted to gather the people who didn’t activate their spiritual powers successfully in the branches and in the main family and give them a second chance, Su Ya was shocked by his son’s efforts.

“Zhan’er, this father doesn’t doubt the effect of the Yuling Chant but those who failed to activate their spiritual powers are indeed too weak. Their characters aren’t the best either. If we give them all the available resources to cultivate and train them, some people in the family might have complaints.”

Su Ya was knowledgeable and ambitious. He wasn’t narrow-minded but as the clan elder of a family, he needed to consider the entire family’s honor and glory first.

“Father is correct.”

Hearing Su Ya’s words, Su Rui couldn’t help but nod. “Father, you just need to gather everyone who failed at activating their spiritual powers within the family but still desires to become a summoner over here. Su Wan and I will deal with everything else.”

“Everyone? No limit on the age?”

Su Ya knitted his brows after hearing the words again. In his perspective, the younger the candidates were, the more potential they’d have. What right do people who failed to activate their spiritual powers for many years and had become aunts and uncles now have for the family to waste their resources on them?

“Ambition isn’t limited to age.”

Su Rui didn’t approve of Su Ya’s thoughts. Summoners within Dongchuan, mainland, lived for a very long time. As they leveled up, they’d live for an even longer time. Compared to the tens of thousands of years that summoners would have, being thirty or forty, or fifty or sixty, it was nothing!

Even if some people were nearly seventy, they still had dreams and hope inside their hearts. These people were much better than those who just turned adults, having no dreams or hope.

“Okay, okay. Since you’ve decided, then you can have your way.”

In the end, Su Ya compromised with Su Rui. In his perspective, the bigger this event was, the better. It was really beneficial to the Su Family too. People have been trying to spy on Su Zhan’s secret lately. Su Ya may as well make this known to everyone. Best if everyone in the Orinda Country knew.

An innocent man only gets in trouble by carrying a precious jade on them.

Su Ya knew that. If Su Family really has some sort of precious treasure of skills, it’d definitely attract disaster one day.

He might as well be more generous this time. While increasing Su Family’s strength, he can also give the royal family a favor.

“Zhan’er, make a copy of the Yuling Chant so that I can take it directly to the imperial capital.”

Hearing Su Rui talk about the effect of this chant, Su Ya thought it was really magical but it was only suitable for people without much talent. Plus, if the chant was unique, it could indeed cause one’s skills to skyrocket quickly. But Su Rui was planning on making this well-known within the entire Orinda Country. Then countless people would be fighting for a limited number of resources in the future with this new summoners’ tributary. Just how big of a development would this have on Su Family?

Of course, even though that was the case, it was the first grand revolution on Dongchuan, mainland, in history. Ever since, countless new summoners would be born and they would never forget the Su Family and Su Zhan.

Thinking that Su Family might be written down in history in the future, Su Ya’s heart immediately palpitated.

Su Rui also faintly smiled hearing Su Ya’s words.

Su Ya was indeed a knowledgeable person.

The best way to protect a secret was to not address it as a “secret.”

The father-son pair had a great time discussing the Yuling Chant. Before Su Rui left the study, Su Ya suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help but stop him. “Zhan’er, it’s old man Zhao’s birthday in a few days. Father needs to leave the Meite City and head to the imperial capital right now. Please attend his birthday banquet on my behalf and try to get close to Zhao Family’s young miss while you’re at it.”

Zhao Family?

Su Rui paused before saying, “I’m not interested in the Zhao Family.”


Su Ya coughed behind him and said, “Um, there’s no harm in getting to know more people. Plus, Zhao Family’s young miss is a well-known beauty. She’s also interested in you. Men ah, it’s normal to have mistresses and concubines.”

Su Ya thought that his son might’ve been holding it in the division for a really long time, about three years or so. That’s why he transformed into a wolf and ravaged Su Wan, no?

Plus, seeing Su Wan’s small figure, it didn’t seem like she could endure that.

With his son’s stamina, it was definitely no issue having four or five mistresses. When the time comes, he could get a few more genius grandsons to play with. Ah, that was an amazing feeling~

Su Rui’s expression finally darkened after hearing the words. “I know what to do. I don’t want anyone to intervene in my matters. Lord, even if you’re my father, you’re no exception!”

While talking, a burst of purple clouds spread around Su Rui and the purple ming happily cried out.

It hadn’t killed anyone in a long time. It hadn’t drank any blood. It was really unhappy~

Su Ya was speechless.

Are you threatening me?

Dang, thing is I actually feel threatened. My son is really domineering~

Lord, you’re being playful again~

By the time Su Rui returned to his courtyard, Su Liang had already fixed up the place. He and Su Pei received Su Wan’s promise so they had hurried back to rest a long time ago.

Su Wan and Little White were the only ones in the room.

Little White was still lying on the table eating midnight snacks. One couldn’t even bear to look at his round stomach.

Meanwhile, Su Wan was packing the clothes up. Su Rui walked in to see the small bag Su Wan placed on the table. “Wife, we’re going out?”

“Yeah, I want to go home. How did it go between you and the Lord?”

“We finished talking. I’ll give him a copy of the Yuling Chant so that he could hand it to the royal family.”

Su Rui turned and closed the door, murmuring softly, “What?”

Little White who had almost turned into a round ball rolled over on the table and exclaimed, “Master, that Yuling Chant is an ancient mnemonic chant!”

Ever since Little White recognized Su Rui as his master, he had been worried about Su Wu. In the end, he told Su Rui what happened, including the Yuling Chant.

He thought that Su Rui just wanted to spread this to the Su Family but who knew that he was also willing to give this to the royal family?

“So what if it’s an ancient mnemonic chant?”

Hearing Little White’s words, Su Rui chuckled. “In ancient time, what grade would this Yuling Chant fall under?”


Little White was at a loss for words. To speak the truth, this Yuling Chant had no grade. During that time, it was the trash of the trash.

“Actually, between the period of the ancient time to now, there has been a decrease of talented people on the mainland. The summoners weren’t as good either. This would let more people become summoners. They could also have the ability to protect their family as a result, isn’t that really good?”

Su Rui said with a really solemn expression, “Maybe the bestial tide will come one day. The battle between humans and magical beasts will never end. Plus… Little White, since you can wake up from the seal, then what about the other species? Or even the magical beasts in the abyss? If we humans aren’t strong enough, how can we fight against the other species? How can we protect our land?”

Little White was at a loss for words.

Sob, so touching. It’s so teaching. Master, you’re so amazing! This divine beast has great taste. I actually chose such an admirable master. Therefore, my name will fall down history for sure, right?

While Little White was feeling touched inside, Su Rui suddenly changed the topic. “However, if we spread this mnemonic chant and this falls to hands of people with ulterior motives, that’d be a disaster. Therefore… Little White, do you know a way to control the Yuling Chant? Or do you have anything to seal it? That we can add into the chant?

Little White didn't know what to say.

So, you’re still too naive~

Little White did know how to control the Yuling Chant.

Of course, Su Rui who was familiar with the plot also knew too. In the original plot, people have been coveting after Su Wu’s cultivation skills. There was even a white lotus who tried to get close to her under the pretense of her best friend. After successfully gaining Su Wu’s trust, the little white lotus obtained Yuling Chant’s method. In order to make it unique and so only she would have this skill, the little white lotus secretly hurt Su Wu, wanting to kill her. At that time, Su Wu had used the other type of skill that Little White taught her. This was a way to control the Yuling Chant and silver-white tiger family’s unique skill.

The skill was called Soul-swallowing Chant. The moment it was used, it could engulf all the spiritual power that was cultivated by the Yuling Chant, beating the other party back to their original form.

That’s right. The gold finger prepared for the female lead was just that strong!

But right now, this all belonged to Su Rui and Su Wan.

Since they could create a new city, they could also destroy the legend.

That’s how it’d go. They’d have no other choice but to take the path of the leading role~

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