Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 332 - The Warlord’s Concubine(5)

Su Wan stayed silent hearing that Yin Beichao wanted to go abroad.

“Beichao, you can’t tell your father this directly.”

Su Wan’s thoughts turned and she reached over to grab Yin Beichao’s hands. “Your second brother will be back in a few days. Quietly tell this idea to your second brother. If your second brother adores you, he’ll naturally help you out. The first madam won’t stop you if your second brother tells her about it. Do you understand?”

Yin Beichao nodded firmly. “I understand. Beichao will remember this. Thank you sister-in-law.”

“Silly child.”

Su Wan patted Yin Beichao’s shoulders gently. “If you can go abroad, then go outside and learn. By then...sister-in-law might not be here anymore but I’ll definitely watch over you from heaven.”


Tears immediately formed in Yin Beichao’s eyes hearing Su Wan’s words. “Sister-in-law, wait for me. I’m going to learn medicine abroad. Wait for me to come back. I’ll treat you. I’ll look after you.”

Seeing the sparkling and determined gaze, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, okay good child. I’ll wait for you.”


Yin Beichao nodded and then wiped his eyes. He pestered Su Wan to tell him about the matters abroad up until it was dinner time did he reluctantly leave.

Not long after he left, Shuning came over with the dinner box. The warm dinner was delicious-looking and appealing. Maybe Yao Baiqian thought Su Wan was going to die soon anyway so she didn’t specially deduct her meals. She was treated the same as the other madams in the courtyard.

“Eldest madam.”

The moment Shuning entered the room, she placed the box down first before moving to Su Wan’s side and carefully taking out a few powders of medicine.

“I’ve bought the things after visiting several pharmacies. It won’t bring suspicion.”

Su Wan nodded hearing Shuning’s words. She didn’t tell Shuning to buy them separately but this girl knew to do so. She could be trained and sculpted.

“Thank you for the hard work! Shuning, get ready. After a few days, we’re going to the third master’s residence.”


Shuning became dumbstruck hearing the words. She widened her eyes and got on her knees with a pale face. “Eldest madam, eldest miss, this maid followed you over from the Su Family. This maid has always been loyal to you. Please, eldest miss, don’t just leave this maid to perish on her own. This maid...this maid will do anything. Please don’t give this maid to the third master!”

Shuning was a bit stirred and didn’t pay attention to her words. Su Wan massaged her forehead seeing how terrified she was. “Shuning, calm down. You think I’m going to hurt you?”

“Calm down first. Stay here for night duty. When the night’ll understand.”

Could it be that the eldest madam was up to something else?

Shuning wiped her tears off her face frantically and seeing that Su Wan was going to get up to eat, she immediately stood up and helped Su Wan off the bed...

The night was cold and long.

After a day, the entire Yin Family sunk into silence.

A dim yellow oil lamp was still lit in Su Wan’s room. Shuning sat next to Su Wan’s bed and was on the verge of falling asleep watching the light. At this time, there was a slight creak. Shuning blinked and was about to stand up when the candlelight started swaying and then a slender and tall figure appeared in front of her.

He was...

Third-third master?

Shuning covered her mouth in shock, her eyes full of fear.

“You’re here?”

Su Wan was lying in bed and she gradually opened her eyes. She carelessly pulled the covers to the side and exclaimed, “Shuning, help me up.”

“Huh? Oh, oh okay.”

Shuning snapped out of her trance and leaned over to help her up but a pair of huge hands did her job first. “Let me.”

Su Rui moved over and carefully helped Su Wan up, his finger pressing on her pulse. His handsome but stern face softened. “Do you feel better?”


Su Wan smiled and then stared at the flabbergasted Shuning. “I’m going to die soon. If I pass away, Shuning’s days here will be horrible. Third master, ask the general to take Shuning to your residence tomorrow. She’ll be your maid. When you...get married, you’ll need her.”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered. He stared at Shuning and asked, “Shuning, are you willing to come to my residence?”

“This maid…”

Shuning hesitated. She had never seen the third master treat someone that carefully and considerately.

Could it be that the eldest miss and the third master...

No, the eldest miss would never do that but...

While Shuning was hesitating, Su Wan started coughing again.

Cough, cough.

Hearing her cough, Su Rui’s gaze coldened. He reached over to place his hand on su Wan’s, transferring his vital energy into her.

The room became silent for a moment. Shuning also held in her breath, not daring to say anything. But she stared at Su Rui and Su Wan with wide eyes in curiosity.


A moment later, Su Wan suddenly spat a mouthful of black blood.


Shuning exclaimed in shock, “Eldest madam, this, why is it so dark? You’re...not poisoned are you?”

Shuning panicked and wanted to run outside. “This maid will find Physician Sun right now!”

“Come back!”

Su Wan and Su Rui said in unison.

Shuning paused and looked at them in shock.

“Heh. You want to find Physician Sun?”

Si Rui sneered at Shuning. “Though he, Sun Zhangyi, might not have poisoned Su Wan, he was bribed by the first madam to tell lies. What’s the point of finding him? You want to kill your master?”


Shuning widened her eyes to look at Su Wan. “Eldest madam, this…”

“Shuning, you’ve seen this. Yin Family isn’t for anyone. If I die, the first madam will make you die with me. If I get lucky and didn’t die, she’ll find other ways to kill me.”

Su Wan laughed mockingly. “Everyone is jealous of the title of being Yin Family’s women and the countless glory and honor it brings but who knows about the vile inside stories? Shuning, I’m doing this for you. Serve upon the third master as a maid. He will protect you.”

Su Wan turned to look at Su Rui. “Please take in Shuning. She won’t be able to live in the Yin Family.”

In the original plot, after Su Wan died, Shuning’s days in the residence became really bitter. Not only did she have to tolerate the first madam and the main household’s suppression, she was even engaged to an old man about twenty years older than her or so, and became his concubine because of the first madam. In the end, she was unable to tolerate the beatings and scoldings of her husband so she hung herself.

This was the ending of being her personal maid.

In the original plot, the original owner had asked Yin Beige to take care of her personal maid but after she died, he was so upset that he had forgotten about Shuning. Then, he had Guan Li. Why would he remember his promise towards Su Wan on her deathbed?

The infatuated young general was just like this.

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