Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 39

The next day, Jiang Moxiu had to spend a large amount of time explaining to Baobei how he got the bruises on the corner of his mouth. He only said that he had knocked himself accidentally when he was showering, but that spot that was hit was too sensitive, so the young lady imagined many scenes, which eventually developed into him being punched by the boyfriend of one of his lovers. He tried his best to explain and console her, but he knew now that he was fighting alone against the Xia family forces.

Jiang Moxiu was utterly disdainful of classmate Xia Xiaotian, who was now standing behind Baobei, bending his head down at a 45 degree angle, acting all pure and innocent!

After saying goodbye to the group of guarded people from the Xia family, Jiang Moxiu finally managed to bring the person out. After getting into the car, he still didn’t dare to act recklessly at the entrance of the Xia residence He simply reached out to caress Baobei’s soft cheeks before acting all calm and driving off.

It was only after driving for a few hundred metres that Jiang Moxiu could finally heave a sigh of relief.

“It’s been hard on you.” Baobei touched Jiang Moxiu’s face, feeling sorry for him.

“Will you give me a kiss then?” He turned around and grinned, but it tugged the wound at the corner of his lips, which was so painful that he had to suck in a deep breath.

Baobei didn’t shy away from it. She leaned over and kissed Jiang Moxiu’s cheek. It was a light peck, causing the man to narrow his brows in dissatisfaction.

“I want to visit my alma mater.” Baobei ignored Jiang Moxiu’s unhappiness as she sat upright, placing her hands properly on her knees.

“Primary school? Middle school? Or high school?” He raised his brows in question.

“High school.”

“Why can’t you go there on other days?” It was her own school after all.

Baobei pouted unhappily. “That’s why I say that you’re unromantic. It’s different going on other days, as compared to going today!”

She didn’t bother to explain further; after all, she made up her mind to return to school today. She wanted to go back to the school that Xia Tian and her had treated as their family backyard, go to her former classroom and hang around, and in the evening, go to the food street beside the school and try all the stalls there. Most importantly, she would do all these whilst holding this man’s hand.

“Show me the way there then. I’m not familiar with the roads here.”

“From today onwards, you must familiarise yourself with it.”

“Yes, Boss!”

“Behave yourself!”

They started shopping from the accessories street. The car was parked far away at the carpark near the business district, and Baobei went ahead first to buy a mask to cover Jiang Moxiu’s face. The lass had explained it as covering up his ugliness!

Jiang Moxiu was suddenly conflicted when he walked the streets with his mask on. He was bringing Baobei out to play, and he had prepared himself well. He was wearing a casual outfit, donned a black cap, white shirt, black harem pants and white sneakers. On his back was a black backpack. He should look young enough, right? But when he stood beside the young lady, he still seemed old.

Removing the glamorous outfit from yesterday, Baobei resumed her regular dressing style today. A high ponytail, revealing her flawless and pretty forehead, acting hipster for once. A white t-shirt, cropped jeans and British college-style flats. On her nose was a pair of large black-framed spectacles, making her appear youthful and innocent. Coupled with her smooth and round little face, this child seemed to be going down the path of a loli.

Baobei instantly scuttled into an accessories shop that she used to frequent. The lady boss was still the same. Only six months had passed, but the lady boss was now heavily pregnant. She was naturally surprised when she saw Baobei, and the pair chatted like old friends. The lady boss then looked askance at Jiang Moxiu a few times, sizing him up, and eventually she couldn’t help but ask, “Is that your boyfriend?” After receiving an affirmation, she asked again, “Is he a celebrity?” Baobei was overjoyed.

Actually, their relationship was that of a regular boss and customer, and they weren’t really that close. However, returning to this familiar territory, her alma mater, so her past feelings were evoked.

Since the shop owner still needed to tend to her business, Baobei didn’t hold her back for much longer. She dragged Jiang Moxiu all around the shop, and finally settled on a pair of silver couple rings, which she pestered Jiang Moxiu to buy as a gift for her.

“Why would a girl be the one to ask for a ring?” Jiang Moxiu chuckled as he poked Baobei’s head.

“I just want that!” Baobei hooked her hand around Jiang Moxiu’s arm and sulked.

“Why don’t we buy a good pair later?” A pair of rings that cost about a hundred dollars was a small toy for kids. In actuality, Young Master Jiang wasn’t willing to purchase engagement rings. As a token of their love, what if, among other things, the rings rusted or faded? That would be really terrible.

“I like this one.” Baobei was adamant.

After a short deliberation, Jiang Moxiu still whipped out some money and bought it. The ring was free-size and it was too big for Baobei, so she could only wear it on the index finger that signified singlehood; on the other hand, it was too small for Lecturer Jiang, so he could only wear it on his pinky.

“Why are your fingers so fat?!” Baobei exclaimed as she squeezed and flipped her boyfriend’s hand around and scrutinized it. She normally didn’t notice it, but right at this moment, Baobei had a fetish for big hands now.

Jiang Moxiu chuckled, then whispered to Baobei, “The size of a man’s fingers are proportionate to the size of that area. Hasn’t Miss Xia tried it before?”

Blood rushed to her face, and eventually, she garnered all her anger into a strong punch onto Lecturer Jiang, “You’re so perverted!”

After saying goodbye to the accessories shop owner, Baobei and Jiang Moxiu walked slowly towards the school, holding hands, their fingers interlocked. It was a long path, and the school was right in the centre. Magnolias were planted along the wide pedestrian pathway, and when it was the season of magnolias, the fragrance would permeate their senses. There were also plane trees planted along the roads. On the bright, sunny afternoon, the shadows of the trees would hover, creating a romantic atmosphere. This was also S City’s popular lovers’ road, and numerous couples would take strolls along this path.

Baobei felt as though she had returned to the busiest and most productive three years of her life. Every morning, she would go to class with a group of friends. At that time, they were focused on their education, so in the entire three years, they didn’t have the time to look outside of school. Later on, after graduation, her tablemate suddenly felt emotional at the school gates; after all, children would always be melancholic during the graduation season.

All the way, she pointed out many things to Jiang Moxiu, as though she wanted to tell him everything related to this road. The couple walked extremely slowly; as Jiang Moxiu heard the young lady’s endless rambling, his heart softened.

How could he not know that this child spent the best and most fulfilling three years of her life here? She had already started reminiscing about these fleeting years at her young age.

“Everyone is in different schools. Some went up north, others down south, and some went overseas. Just half a year after we graduated, we wanted to have a small gathering last year during the Chinese New Year period, and some classmates suggested going back to school with the entire class to discuss and break down the solutions for the college entrance exams.”

Jiang Moxiu caressed the young lady’s face, smiling dotingly.

In the past, she would always complain that the road was too long, but today, she felt that they covered the path too quickly. The school’s security guards were evidently familiar with Baobei. They greeted her, and when they noticed that Baobei was holding her boyfriend’s hands, they even teased her.

The school during the holidays was very quiet. There were a few males who returned during the holidays to play ball games, while fourth and fifth levels of the study block were final year students who were preparing for their college exams.

Baobei dragged Jiang Moxiu to her former classroom, Class 3-1, hoping to return to her desk for a while. She had some romantic thoughts in mind, but when she reached the classroom, she realised that the classroom was filled with students. Competition in a private high school was more intense than regular high schools, and the third year students would be facing the most important battle of their lives.

She felt rather regretful, yet she envied their current situation.

“Shi Xiaoxi mentioned this before: when it’s time for college exams, Bin Laden died; when it was time for the midterms, Gaddafi died; when it was time for the year-end exams, Kim Jong-il also passed away. She believes that this is not coincidental, but a sinister plot! There shouldn’t be any more exams! However, right now, I feel like I want to return to this classroom.” Baobei turned around and giggled at Jiang Moxiu.

“That can’t happen,” He pretended to look stern, “If you want to return to this classroom, who will I meet?”

“Whoever you want to!” She pouted playfully, but the melancholic feeling in her heart immediately lessened.

“Let’s come back another time.” Jiang Moxiu stood behind Baobei and looked at how she was glancing everywhere, looking as though she couldn’t bear to leave, then lightly caressed her nape.


When they went down, they met her former class teacher, Teacher Mei. One of the best teachers in the word, she had always led the graduating classes. She was equally surprised to meet Baobei. She had guided countless exceptional students in her teaching career, and Baobei was one of them. After exchanging pleasantries, Teacher Mei asked about how Baobei had been recently, and Baobei graciously introduced her boyfriend to her teacher.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jiang Moxiu.” This was Baobei’s teacher, so in a rare instance, Jiang Moxiu shook hands with her.

“Nice to meet you.”

Lecturer Jiang was still wearing a mask. Seeing this, Baobei wanted to laugh.

Teacher Mei had warmly invited Baobei to her current class to cheer her students on. As the most outstanding graduate from the previous batch, and the literary scholar in the entire province, Baobei had just become a legend in school, so she had an important position in the hearts of the students who were going to graduate.

Teacher Mei wouldn't take no for an answer, while Lecturer Jiang also persuaded Baobei, hence Baobei eventually returned to the classroom that she missed.

“Alright, everyone, let’s take a break. Introducing a senior who had just gotten off the firing squad last year, our provincial literary scholar, Senior Xia….” Teacher Mei introduced Baobei, while Baobei stood beside her and turned her quiet gaze towards Jiang Moxiu, who was watching her intently at the entrance. Suddenly, Baobei felt an immense sense of bliss.

The students had already started becoming rowdy; Baobei’s name was one that they had heard countless times. Since Baobei was in her alma mater, she wasn’t shy at all. She shared with her juniors her experience preparing for college exams, and some tips on revision. There wasn’t much time, so she couldn’t talk for long, but instead, she mentioned the ones she felt were important.

One youth asked her how blissful university life was. Oh, the yearning for university was the strongest motivation for almost all the third years. Baobei thought about it, then turned towards the door, “The biggest benefit about university is that no one will care whether I’m too young to be in a relationship.”

Laughter ensued, and some of the braver boys even started whistling.

“Then, does Senior have a boyfriend already?” Another courageous one asked.

“Yes.” She replied confidently in a clear voice, making her look even more lovable.

“Woah!” There were all sorts of gazes, from envy to jealousy.

“Senior, is that person at the door your boyfriend? He’s so handsome!”

“Song Ting! Are your eyes so sharp? He’s wearing a mask, how can you tell that he’s handsome?”

“It’s the same with you. Even if you don’t wear the mask, I can tell that you are disgusting in both your looks and heart.”

Baobei looked at the bickering male and female kids, feeling somewhat envious. Tsk! She was only a year older than them, how could she see them as kids?!

After bidding farewell to Teacher Mei and the students from Class 3-1, Jiang Moxiu suggested for Baobei to show him the sports field. The young lady was visibly upset after leaving the classroom. He couldn’t tell how she was feeling - she wasn’t even that old, and had just entered university, why did she have so much to lament? It was really strange.

“During the graduation ceremony, Xia Tian, as the valedictorian, said in the last part of his speech, 'I hope that our principal would quickly install air-conditioners in all the classrooms. Although I’ve graduated, my heart goes out to our juniors!' A second-year boy immediately yelled in reply, 'Don’t worry, Senior! We will take good care of the girls!' The entire hall fell into chaos at once. My father was livid, and even said that he would hang Xia Tian up and give him a beating when they got home.” Baobei was pulled into Jiang Moxiu’s embrace, as she recalled something every time they came across a different venue.

This is youth, these are memories, and this is also about growing up, isn’t it? Someone had said this before: When I was young, I was always conflicted about whether it would be better to go to Qinghua University or Beijing University in future. After I grew up, I realized that I was really overthinking it. The funny parts of our childhood really culminated into the most precious thing in our lives.

On the way to the sports field, they met a group of students in basketball jerseys. Baobei took a quick glance, oh my! Her classmate was in that group!

“Hey! Xia Baobei!” The other person also noticed her.

This was their class’ sports representative, who later went to military school. Baobei was perplexed; did the military school also go on holiday during Labour Day?

“Zhang Yihao, did you come back to play basketball?” Xia Baobei asked calmly.

“Yup, with some juniors. There are a few others from our class who are playing soccer there. I’ll ask them over.” Zhang Yihao was smiling widely.

“There’s no need. We’ll arrange to meet another time. I have something on today.” Once there’s more people, they would surely have to gather over a meal and karaoke. However, she was on a date today with Lecturer Jiang. She wasn’t going to let anyone disturb them.

Zhang Hao was a dim-witted person; it was only now that he noticed the tall and dashing man beside Baobei. “This is… your man?”

“Yup, her man.” Lecturer Jiang replied before Baobei did.

“Ohhhh….” Zhang Yihao took a step back, then turned and yelled, “Brothers! Damn, Baobei is attached!”

Baobei was speechless.

There was someone in the group that Baobei couldn’t help but notice. That was the sweetest secret in Baobei’s high school life. Wasn’t he studying abroad? That person also looked over. Baobei smiled at him and greeted him softly.

“Hi, Wei Jie.”

The other party was in a daze, clearly not in the right frame of mind.

“Oh? Baobei, do you know Wei Jie?” Zhang Yihao was really a blockhead.

“I don’t,” Baobei replied with a smile.

Lecturer Jiang raised a brow.

Baobei looked at her watch, “Zhang Yihao, I have to go. We are going to accompany my parents to shop later, so we’ll make a move first. I won’t be saying hi to those at the sports field. Tell them that I’ll meet them during the holidays. Bye.”

The young lady turned and left.

Jiang Moxiu allowed her to drag him, and turned his head back to nod at Zhang Yihao as a means of farewell.



“A senior whom you don’t know huh?”

“Ohhh…”  A ripple uncontrollably flashed across her face.

“I’m jealous.”


The journey back to the alma mater started from the couple rings, and concluded with Lord Jiang’s jealousy. And the result of Lecturer Jiang’s jealousy was rather serious.

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