Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 34

Note: NSFW content ahead!

After a quick shower, Baobei slid under the covers and prepared to sleep. The blanket was freshly aired, so it carried a hint of the sun’s fragrance with it. Baobei suddenly felt blissful as she hugged the quilt, feeling that this happiness was somewhat unreal. It was her fortune to be able to meet someone like him at her age. What good deeds did she do in her previous lives that she could actually have such good fortune in this lifetime?

She slowly drifted off to sleep after some time. However, after sleeping for a short time, she felt uncomfortable. She heard a faint noise. She opened her eyes drearily, just in time to see a black shadow leap in from the balcony. On impulse, she sat up and wanted to scream, but the figure reacted faster than her, pouncing onto her and covering her mouth.

She was so scared that tears started seeping out from the corner of her eyes.

“Wifey, don’t be scared, it’s me, it’s me.”

What! When she heard this voice, she calmed down a little. She then looked carefully at the man’s face in the moonlight, and confirmed that it was Jiang Moxiu. This daredevil, not going to sleep in the middle of the night and coming out to scare others! In a fit of anger, she started hitting Jiang Moxiu’s chest furiously.

Seeing that Baobei had recognised him, Jiang Moxiu released her. If the old master had rushed over from her scream, the guards and guard dogs would surely surround the place, and he would immediately be shot to death.

“You scared me!” She sounded tearful.

“Alright, it’s my fault.” He quickly tried to extinguish the fire. “I just missed you.”

“We’re on the second floor. It’d be terrible if you accidentally fell off,” she said begrudgingly. Unconsciously, she moved to the side, making space for him.

“In order to ensure that Mojie and I could protect ourselves, we were thrown to the army during summer holidays when we were teens. Two floors is a simple feat.” The man was shameless; he was climbing into the room of a woman in the middle of the night, but he made it sound like it was something to be proud of. When Baobei moved, he quickly lifted the blankets and snuck into it like a loach.

“Oh! My wife, Baobei, let your husband hug you!” He immediately pulled her into an embrace like an octopus.

“I heard from Xia Tian that when Brother Yanning was locked out by Sister Beibei, he had to climb eight storeys!” Baobei gestured the number eight, her tone fascinated.

Anything that Baobei said was cute to Jiang Moxiu. He kissed her fiercely. “Yanning is a special forces officer trained by Da Shao. It’s only eight floors; even if it's eighteen floors, he’ll probably only require a few minutes.”

“Wow!” Baobei exclaimed.

The man frowned, somewhat unsatisfied that the young lady was in awe of other men. “I can also climb eight storeys.”

“Were you also trained by Da Shao?” This child’s admiration of Da Shao was probably amplified through Huo Yanning.

Jiang Moxiu scoffed, “When I was in the army, Mo Shenzhong was still fooling around somewhere.”

His words were really sour.

He suddenly recalled the time he spent in Tibet two summers ago. Not only was it an exercise on his survival and fighting skills, he was even brought to the border for close to two weeks. He chased robbers, ambushed drug cartels and weapon smuggling syndicates, and attacked hidden terrorists. Everything was real, and he met death in the face.

There was another man, he was such an arrogant man. When they were serving in an uninhabited area, that man had killed five Japanese poachers of Tibetian antelopes, who were hunting them for research. While he was filled with indignation, that man had directly shot the five men dead, and reported it to their superiors. According to that man, the poaching of Tibetian antelopes warranted a death sentence. Foreigners who committed crimes in China, should naturally be punished according to local laws. Moreover, they were Japanese; there were new feuds and old vengeance, it was already good that he didn’t shoot them a few more times. Once, they met some separatists sneaking around at the borders and caught them. The same thing happened; that man killed all of them along the international border.

The two short summer holidays changed him drastically, be it his values, or his definition of life.

“I’ll take you to Tibet during the summer holidays.” He looked at the young lady in his arms.

“Hmm?” Baobei couldn’t react immediately to the sudden change in topic. She then smiled and said, “Sure.”

“Someone told me that Tibet is a good place; it’ll be a feast for the eyes, a torture for the body, and a hometown for the heart.” Tibet was also an important place for Jiang Moxiu.

Baobei looked up to Jiang Moxiu. His eyes moved to the ceiling, his gaze darkened, as though he was reminiscing about the past.

Actually, Jiang Moxiu wasn’t that old; it was just that everyone forgot this fact because of his success. He was barely twenty-seven; to other men, twenty-seven was the age where their lives were beginning to take flight. Jiang Moxiu also had to work hard in order to achieve what he had; however, it was only the two summers in Tibet that he probably lived freely and for himself.

Baobei chuckled, “I’m so used to your perverted expressions that I feel like laughing when you look solemn.”

Look at this precious thing! One could say that she wasn’t understanding, but there was a sharpness that flashed past her eyes when she made the joke. Jiang Moxiu immediately withdrew from the sadness and looked at the proud look on the young lady. He then turned her over and pressed her down. “Perverted?! Am I just a pervert to you?! See how I'll punish you!”

“Don’t pretend! How can you not admit that you’re depraved?” Baobei laughed, “Us women are more honest and brave than you men. Women would dare to mock themselves for having a flat chest, but there’s no man who would ever admit that his dick is small.”

“You women are truly ungrateful. Don’t you recall who was the one who worked so hard to make you into a woman yesterday? And … a small dick?” Jiang Moxiu frowned, then furiously rubbed against her.

Immediately, she felt it; Baobei held onto the pillow and squealed softly, her face flushed.

“Who was the one who cried and screamed when hugging me last night? So big, so big, big brother’s dick is so big.” He even raised his tone to imitate Baobei’s voice.

“You’re slandering me!” The young lady turned away.

“I didn’t. Tonight, I’ll make you scream this out.” He cackled.

“You’re shameless!”

“Yup.” He closed his eyes and nodded, relishing it as a compliment.

“You’re useless!”

He managed to stop himself just before he nodded. He looked down at the woman below him and chuckled, “Not bad, Xia Baobei. You know how to provoke others now.”

The corners of his lips raised up lightly, and she reached her arms over his neck, softly teasing him, “Ummm… It still hurts there…”


Jiang Moxiu’s face turned green immediately. He came from a rich family, but he didn’t act like a pampered young master. He didn’t believe in the saying, “Walking through ten thousand flowers, but never allowing a single leaf to touch him [1]. Instead, he firmly believed that “A man who walks by the riverbank would surely get his shoes wet" [2]. Once he was committed to Baobei, he stopped playing around. He had stayed celibate for three years, and now that he had finally tasted meat, he made up his mind not to restrain himself and “do” it.

Think about it, weren’t they flirting just then? The mood was just right, but the young lady told you, she had just lost her virginity the night before, and she was still hurting. No matter how lecherous he was, he would still feel sorry for his wife, and didn’t dare to do anything more.

Baobei stuck her tongue out. Jiang Moxiu’s conflicted expression fulfilled her young lady’s pride, but she also felt sad for him. She pulled his neck down closer to her, then widened her smile, “Actually, it’s not that painful anymore. You just have to be more gentle.”

Look here, others would say that Jiang Moxiu coddled Xia Baobei to death, but didn’t Xia Baobei spoil Jiang Moxiu too?

When a man is driven by his sexual impulses, his IQ would fail badly. When Jiang Moxiu heard Baobei’s words, his expression was like seeing the sun after a fog. That smile was simply too lewd!

Then, he sealed her lips with a kiss. The young lady’s supple lips carried a sweet fragrance with it. His agile hand slipped in from the bottom of the top, tracing leisurely up from her torso to her chest. His touch was light like a dancing fairy, capturing every bit of her perfect figure. When his fingers touched her, she unconsciously trembled.

Jiang Moxiu was an experienced man! Having realised this, Baobei bit him viciously. She drew blood with one bite, and the metallic taste of blood lingered in their mouths. However, the man on top didn’t want to back off. Instead, he smiled as he squinted, then kissed her even harder. The teasing fingers suddenly turned violent, as he started to fondle her breasts roughly.

“Ohhhh....” The dual simulation made her feel breathless.

Very quickly, her clothes were thrown aside, as the wet kisses started moving down. She felt as though she was thrown into a tranquil ocean, and the seawater was about to fill her nasal cavity. She felt as though she was going to choke, yet she felt the thrill of almost being suffocated.

His lips and tongue flitted around the precious floral area; her lower half was already overflowing.

Using a pillow to support her waist, he then knelt between her legs.

“Baobei~, good girl, baby, open your eyes.” He moved up to capture her lips.

She listened obediently, her hazy eyes reflecting some mistiness, bringing about a sense of coyness and sexiness.

He led little brother Jiang to the entrance, while his other hand supported her neck and made her look.

He entered slowly.

She let out two soft moans, almost like sighs. To a woman, the most pleasurable moment was when the emptiness was filled in. The young lady immediately writhed, and the muscles there tightened bit by bit, like a slick little mouth, sucking his family jewels tightly.

Noticing that she was about to close her eyes again, he supported her neck higher, then aggressively thrusted in.

“Baobei~, open your eyes and see. Oh, look at Brother, oh, look at how Brother fucks you, oh…”

At this moment, the young lady was the weaker party who was being subdued. She could only listen to him instinctively, and she supported herself up and looked. She took in a deep breath, and her pussy also tightened. The image of the engorged penis pushing into her was incredibly lewd, and the dirty talking by the man who was working hard above her further simulated her senses.

“Are you trying to squeeze your brother to death?!” He frowned, and was almost pushed out from the tightness. He relaxed his tempo, moving in and out slowly, trying to resist the urge to shoot.

“Brother…” Her words sounded like a sob, as she opened her arms and demanded a hug.

He carried her up, supported her waist with his hands, but the movements where their bodies joined never stopped. This position allowed him to enter deeper, and within a few strokes, the young lady started sobbing, as she felt a mix of soreness, numbness and pain. Baobei couldn’t tell if she was feeling comfortable or not, she only felt that she was going crazy.

The man under her carried her and moved up and down. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. When he kissed her neck, he was panting, but it sounded even more alluring to her.

The man started to feel unsatisfied with this speed and tempo. He circled her waist and laid her down, then grabbed her legs and folded them. The tempo suddenly increased. The man had a strong waist, and his hips thrusted forward quickly and powerfully. The young lady cried out in shock. In order to prevent her body from falling, she had to push her waist up when he thrusted forward to meet his movements. She then realised that this movement intensified the pleasure, and made the man’s movements even more frenzied.

The solid bed creaked loudly as the couple on the bed immersed themselves in the intense pleasure.

The couple only woke up after ten the next day. The family didn’t bother to knock at their door; they probably had found out that Jiang Moxiu wasn’t in the guest room.

Baobei bled slightly again, making Jiang Moxiu so anxious that he hastily called Jiang Bei. He was viciously teased over the phone, making Baobei so embarrassed that she almost raised her legs and crippled Jiang Moxiu’s little brother.

“What about the bedsheets?” They had already gotten dressed, but Baobei was worried about the bedsheets.

Jiang Moxiu wanted to tell her to leave it to the cleaners, but as he thought about how prideful the young lady was, he pulled the bedsheets out and stuffed it into a bag, “We’ll bring it home to wash.”

Jiang Moxiu walked pompously down to the first floor, but Baobei was feeling sheepish, hence she hid behind Jiang Moxiu, fearing that they would meet the elders. Fortunately, the old master had already left for golf early in the morning, and the empress dowager had gone for breakfast with the other rich ladies, so there was no one apart from them, the helpers and the guards.

Jiang Moxiu stole two portions of breakfast from the kitchen, then ushered the young lady and slipped out of the house. He didn’t mind staying, but his little wife was too embarrassed to stay on.

On the way back to the city, the empress dowager called. Unexpectedly, she didn’t say much to Baobei, but after nagging at her son, she suddenly teased him: “Mr. Jiang, you were very intense last night huh? We could hear you from downstairs.”

This was something that Jiang Moxiu would never allow Baobei to hear.

Baobei demanded to return to school, with the excuse that the others thought she had gone missing after not returning for two days. Jiang Moxiu’s lips curled up into a smile. He knew what his little wife was thinking of. The three lasses in the dorm knew that she was taken away by Lecturer Jiang; naturally, they wouldn’t be worried. It was Baobei who was scared of staying with Lecturer Jiang, as their nights would be filled with lecherous activities, and her body wouldn’t be able to take it, hence she wanted to escape.

Jiang Moxiu displayed his benevolence, as he decided to give Baobei a week’s time to bid farewell to her sisters. It was Labour Day next week. After going back to S City to propose the marriage, getting engaged and then cohabiting officially after the engagement, if the young lass tried to escape again, he’ll just drag her home and do her!

[1] This is a reference to a player - engaging in countless relationships, but never committed to a single woman.

[2] While this refers to someone who would be affected by their surroundings, the converse is also true - a person true to their principles wouldn't be affected by their surroundings as well.

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