Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 32

You might say that Xia Baobei is spoiled. After eating such a large bowl of porridge, she suddenly said that she still wanted to eat some home-cooked dishes. Xia Xu was confined in bed due to her pregnancy, and the young lady refused to go to Lecturer Jiang’s family home. Eventually, Jiang Moxiu could only call Mo Liu, and the pampered lady went to the Mo family home for dinner.

However, before going to the Mo family home, Jiang Moxiu went to Huo Youyi’s bar. Baobei would never step in there ever again, so she waited in the car. In fact, Jiang Moxiu didn’t want Baobei to enter that place too. Apart from taking something from Huo Youyi, he also had to settle what happened the day before.

When Lecturer Jiang came out, he was carrying two cases, one large and one small.

After an hour’s drive, they arrived on Yuquan Mountain. It was already past dinnertime. As they approached the guard post, Jiang Moxiu took out an access pass and placed it near the windshield. In reality, instead of the access pass, the guards would recognise faces more. If an unfamiliar person brought out an access pass, they would still be stopped and questioned before they were allowed in.

“Baobei, do you have a license?” Jiang Moxiu suddenly asked.

“I do. Xia Tian and I went to get our licenses after graduating from high school.” As she nodded, she also turned to look at the soldier standing guard. This was such an extraordinary world; even the guards were so good looking!

“Then, have you driven before?” He turned the steering wheel round a bend.

“I’ve driven in S City. It’s too complicated to drive in the capital, and I live in school anyway, so there’s no need for me to drive.” Baobei explained.

“I have an R8. Do you want it?” Lecturer Jiang asked. This man had his own intentions.

“The distance between the dorm and the classroom is so short. It’d be too high profile if I drove an R8 in school. Others would think that I’m showing off.” Baobei was slightly repulsed by this suggestion.

“Xia Tian drives too, and he even changes his car often.” High profile or not, that was all subjective. Or perhaps Baobei simply had her own biases. No one ever said that Xia Tian was high profile or a showoff.

“That’s because he’s not living on campus.” No one knew how he managed to persuade their father, but their father bought him an apartment off campus. Previously, their father even wanted to force Baobei to move in with Xia Tian, saying that they could look after each other, and that it was more convenient for them to own their own apartment. Baobei refused; she didn’t want to end up as Xia Tian’s nanny, cleaning the house, washing their laundry, and cooking for him.

Tsk! Baobei would never understand the reason why the apartment was purchased. The reason that Xia Tian gave to his father was simple: he was a grown-up, and was ready for relationships. There was a tale that explained the difference between a father’s and a mother’s love. A son returned home for the holidays and was sleeping in his bed. She found a picture of a girl in her son’s wallet when she snuck into his room. After a sigh, she would quietly put a few hundred dollars into his wallet. This was a mother’s love. A son returned home for the holidays and was sleeping in his bed. He found a picture of a girl in his son’s wallet when he snuck into his room. After a sigh, he would quietly sneak in a condom. That was a father’s love.

That was the reason why Xia Tian could live in a luxurious apartment alone off campus.

“That’s what I mean.” Jiang Moxiu suddenly said. “You should live off campus too.”

Baobei was stunned, as she immediately understood what he meant. Just as he was about to reply, the car stopped, and the sounds of a commotion drifted to their ears.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Jiang Moxiu rubbed Baobei’s neck, then stepped out of the car.

Baobei wasn’t pampered when it came to certain matters. When Jiang Moxiu reached the passenger seat, Baobei had already alighted by herself.

The one yelling expletives was Mo Liu. Even though it wasn’t a family gathering, many of them returned home for dinner tonight. Originally their dinner had started, but a call from Jiang Moxiu resulted in everyone having to wait for him.

“Fuck! Grandfather Mo didn’t say anything too, why are you making a fuss?” Jiang Moxiu wasn’t going to let anyone take advantage of him.

“Yo! What’s this?” Mo Liu’s eyes were sharp. His gaze lit up when he saw the wooden box in Jiang Moxiu’s arms. How could he not recognise Huo Youyi’s prized collection, the limited edition ‘09 Lafite? There were only twenty bottles in the entire world. Huo Youyi used his extensive resources to obtain five bottles, and all the brothers craved it badly!

‘09 Lafite’s quality was on par with an ‘82 one. Even the regular ‘09 Lafite that could be bought in the market cost between $75,000 to $100,000 after taxes. These twenty limited bottles would be priceless.

“It’s a gift for your grandfather.” Jiang Moxiu stood where he was. It was only when Baobei walked over that he held her hand and entered the house.

“Fuck! It really is that! Huo actually gave you a bottle! Damn, I begged him so hard for it, but he didn’t even give a shit!” Mo Liu was furious.

“Whoever said it was a bottle?” Jiang Moxiu’s lips curled up into a smile. “I’ve got three bottles.”

“Damn!” Mo Liu threw his glass away.

“Big Jiang is here?” Seated beside the window was the eldest and second young master of the Mo family.

Jiang Moxiu’s expression froze. He didn’t care about replying; he swiftly turned to look at Baobei. As expected, Baobei looked awestruck. There was no helping it. Since the first time Baobei saw the eldest young master of the Mo family at Xia Xu’s wedding and found out that he was the head of the Special Forces, Baobei had surprisingly viewed this man as her idol, and the object of her ultimate sexual fantasy. Later on, she learned of his relationship and was heartbroken. Since then, she would still be in awe every time she saw him.

Mo Liu immediately chimed when he saw what was going on. “Give me a bottle, and I’ll chase him out immediately!”

The people inside the house could hear the fuss that Mo Liu made outside just then. The eldest young master leaned against the sofa, and placed one arm across his chest, while his other hand toyed with a teacup. “Baobei, come over to me.”

“Ok!” She immediately scampered over. There was no question about it. Baobei’s interest in the eldest Master Mo was like that of a fan fawning over her idol. The truth is that the eldest young master was the idol of many of the second and third generation families’ daughters-in-law. A character like him could only be worshipped; it was blasphemous to think of possessing him alone.

“Liu-zi [1].”

“Yes, my brother?” He said in a flattering tone.


“Yes!” That was all he was capable of. And to think that he had just said he would chase his brother away.

“Da-shao [2], can you move a little?” Jiang Moxiu had already regained his composure.

“What’s the matter?” The man replied with a smile.

“Let’s spar.”

“Are you seeking death?”’ Mo Liu shook his head, as he tactfully stood aside. Over the past few years, Da-shao had intensified his training, and spent all his time and energy in the army. Huo Yanning had said this before: Da-shao was currently free of any burdens. He could do his best without any hesitation, and was unrivalled in the army. The ability of the Special Forces was unmistakable; as for Da-shao, he could handle even if they came at him from all corners.

“What shall we compete on?” He continued beaming.

Baobei was even more confused now. How could someone look so good when smiling? Fortunately, she regained her senses and recalled whose wife she was. Lecturer Jiang might be strong, but wasn’t he seeking death by sparring with the Special Forces? Hence, she could only smile patronizingly at Da-shao. “This man of mine is still young and immature. He’s just joking, Da-shao, you don’t have to stoop to his level.”

Jiang Moxiu almost coughed up blood when he heard that, and he didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“Compete on the frequency of your sex lives.” Mo Liu came up with a foolish suggestion.

Pfft! It would be tragic if he won by this!

Jiang Moxiu suddenly felt defeated.

“Make one more sound, and I’ll destroy you!” Da-shao raised a brow, as the teacup in his hand flew out suddenly, accurately hitting Mo Liu on his mouth. Immediately, the nuisance was settled, and Mo Liu brought his swollen lips and hid at a corner.

“Let’s do calculus.” Lecturer Jiang’s scheming was way out of Mo Liu’s imagination.

Sure enough, Da-shao’s brows twitched, as he tried to stifle a laugh.

“Big Jiang, you’re smart.” Er-shao laughed.

“Er-ge is being too polite.”

“Why don’t you give that thing in your hands to me, and I’ll chase myself out. How does that sound?” Da-shao suggested. So what if he was a soldier? Da-shao was also adept at having fun, and he knew how to appreciate the good things in life. He had clearly heard what Mo Liu had said just then.

“It’s a deal.”

Hence, the Lafite that was meant for the grandfather of the Mo family went to Da-shao. In the end, Da-shao left happily under Baobei’s unwilling gaze.

“I’ll deal with you when we go home!” Jiang Moxiu was seething mad with Baobei. This was a misstep! In future, when meeting with the Mo family, he had to check if Da-shao was there! He was simply here for a meal today, but he lost a bottle of limited edition wine. And there was the problem of this little girl who made him lose his dignity! It was then that he decided on something else. “There’s no need to discuss further on the matter of studying off-campus. You’re moving in with me after this.”

“Booo…. You’re a tyrant! That was my idol! You’re not even allowing me to pay homage to my idol! Villain! And don’t you dare to bring forward the bitter days that I'll have to spend as a housewife!” Cohabitation! A trial marriage would mean that she would have to become an apprentice housewife. All the things that Baobei would have to do was driving her nuts. Come to think of it, she was a young lady who was barely twenty years of age. She hadn’t even fully enjoyed her youth, if she was to enter the fortress, she might as well be killed!

“Is Big Jiang here?” Grandfather Mo’s thunderous voice sounded even before he arrived.

Jiang Moxiu immediately beamed and walked over. “I’m sorry to impose on you, Grandfather Mo. I came in a rush, so I didn’t manage to bring any presents. I have a few slabs of quality ink, I’ll bring them for you next time.”

“We’re family, there’s no need to talk about imposing or not. That’s just being too cordial, I don’t like to hear that.” The moment Grandfather Mo heard of the ink slabs, he was overjoyed. Seeing his response, Jiang Moxiu had better quickly send those slabs over!


“Pretentious!” Baobei and Mo Liu glanced at each other, as they came to the same conclusion.

“Big Jiang, Liu-zi said that you’re a monster.” Er-shao continued stirring up trouble.

“Brother! You’re my brother!” Mo Liu was depressed.

“I’m torturing you because I love you.” Er-shao stood up and took Grandfather Mo’s prized wine. It was only when important guests arrived that the old man could bear to drink this. It seemed like today was one such day, and he happened to be here.

Everyone gathered around the dinner table and the meal began. In front of each of them was a small porcelain cup. Er-shao was intoxicated by the fragrance of the wine; it must have been aged for many years! “San-er would be so aggrieved if he knew that he missed this meal.”

“He is now a full-time good husband and father. Spending time with his wife is more important than anything now.” Mo Liu was also immersed in the wine.

“So you are aware of this?” Grandfather Mo took the chance to vent. “Even your third brother can turn over a new leaf and become a good man. Why can’t you do the same? If I hear any of that nonsense of yours, I’ll cripple your manhood!”

Mo Liu clenched his thighs together unconsciously. He was the youngest in the family, and the others wouldn’t have dared to act like him. Since he was pampered, he dared to rebut his grandfather. These few years, he had seen the other brothers start their own family and establish their careers. Only this youngest one would come back every few days to accompany the old man and chat with him, hence the old man had a soft spot for him. The fact that Mo Liu was this daring was all because the old man had spoiled him.

“Damn! If you cripple lao-zi’s [2] manhood, won’t you be depriving yourself of your descendants?”

“How dare you call yourself lao-zi in front of me!” The old man slammed the table, his reprimanding voice full of power. He’ll live a long life. “Lao-zi has so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, why would I still need to rely on you to continue the family line?”

“Yes yes yes!” Mo Liu tapped on Er-shao’s shoulder. “Grandchildren eh?”

“Before he could finish his words, he was punched in the stomach. “Who are you scolding?”

“Lao-er, hammer this unfilial kid on lao-zi’s behalf!”

“Roger!” Er-shao began his punishment. He hammered his brother furiously, as though he was beating up a thief. This was real power that he trained from real fights. Everyone knew what a scary and powerful man the second young master of the Mo family was.

“Damn that old man! How could he not give me some face in front of guests! You win! I’ll remember this! I’ll definitely have my revenge some day!” Mo Liu gulped his wine, then ran away as he shouted.

“Hey! This bastard! How dare you threaten me! Lao-er, break his legs!” Grandfather Mo seemed angry, but his tone sounded cheerful.

“Damn old man ---”

Mo Liu ran off in a flash. Baobei was piqued by the scene. Liu-shao was usually arrogant, and now, he was putty in his grandfather’s hands.

“What a disgrace to the family. I’m sorry that you have to witness this.” Even though the old grandfather apologised, he was in a great mood.

“Grandfather Mo, Liu-shao is too funny. This is so fun!” Baobei chuckled.

“Hmph! What fun! He only knows how to make me angry.” He was almost chiming. “I say, the second daughter of the Xia family, since Liu-zi is so much fun, how about you become my granddaughter-in-law?”

Baobei paused, as she covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

“Cough!” Jiang Moxiu deliberately coughed and said, “Grandfather, you can’t just cut in like that.”

“Sure! Then I’ll just speak to the Xia girl privately tomorrow.”

Jiang Moxiu felt defeated again. This grandfather and grandson combination; the younger one probably learned from the older one.

After a few minutes, Er-shao smoothened his shirt as he walked over. Behind him followed another man.

“I’ve dealt with him, and got him buried too.”

“Why are you still running around during dinner? Hurry over, our guests have been waiting for some time.” The old man frowned at the door, showing his displeasure only for the guests.

Jiang Moxiu turned, and almost spat his wine out.

Wasn’t this the man whom he bribed away! Didn’t he say he was going to leave? Why did he return?!

“Da-ge, didn’t you say that you were returning to camp?” The corners of Jiang Moxiu’s lips twitched.

“Yup! I was going to go, but I got a call later that the matter was settled. I thought that since there was an important guest at home, so I came back.” Da-shao pulled a chair out and naturally sat down. He then picked up his chopsticks and ate a few mouthfuls, then turned and smiled at Jiang Moxiu. “I did leave, but I came back again.”

What he meant was that he didn’t break the rules.

“Baobei, take a closer look. This is what a monster is truly like.” Er-shao took the chance to educate Baobei.

“Da-shao, you’re so cool!” Baobei showed Da-shao a thumbs-up.

“I’m just so-so.” He gave a small bow, and even threw a flirtatious glance in her way.

And of course, the young lady couldn’t bear that look.

In any case, Lecturer Jiang ate this meal and filled his tummy with nothing but vinegar [3]. What can be predicted was that, when they returned home that night, Baobei would be in trouble. The debts she owed out of bed, she had to repay them in bed!

[1] Refers to Mo Liu. As previously referenced, the brothers of the Mo family are not listed by name sometimes, but by the order of their birth. Those that have appeared in the novel thus far are:

  1. Eldest young master: Da shao
  2. Second young master: Er Shao
  3. Third young master: Mo San Shao (Xia Xu’s husband)
  4. Sixth young master: Liu Shao/Mo Liu

[2] Lao-zi - another way of saying “I/me”, in a contemptuous/arrogant manner. Also means father/elder/old man.

[3] Eating vinegar is a metaphor for jealousy.

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