Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 31

When Jiang Moxiu carried Baobei to work, he felt a dire need to construct his own investment banking building. Having groomed Jiang Mojie to oversee operations in the United States and turning his business focus domestically, there was a need to expedite the construction of Boyu Complex.

There were some issues with an acquisition plan, hence Jiang Moxiu had to return to office to attend a high-level meeting. However, given the secretly passionate man that he was, he would rather not attend the meeting than to leave Baobei at home. As a result of the drug, Baobei was extremely tired, and had already slept for an entire day.

On this April day, Jiang Moxiu actually wrapped Baobei with a military coat and carried her openly into the office building and into the resting area. Under the watchful eyes of everyone at work.

“Brother, did you change jobs and start a childcare centre instead? She’s already an adult, why are you still bringing her around everywhere?” Jiang Mojie couldn’t resist the urge to tease him.

The meeting room was filled with the management group of more than ten people, all of whom seemed excited to see how the situation would unfold. Jiang Moxiu rubbed his nose and coughed lightly, then pretended to flip through the documents. He was probably feeling guilty, so he actually bothered to explain. “She’s not feeling well. I’m worried if I leave her alone at home.”

“Ahhhh….” Jiang Mojie raised his tone, his eyebrows arched.

“Cough! Let’s begin the meeting.” He frowned, signalling to Mojie that he would suffer a fate worse than going to the countryside to farm carrots if he continued.

Baobei only awoke in the evening. In the towering building, the sunset shone through the window, painting the room into a golden-brown colour. As she laid on her side, one hand supporting her cheek, she opened her eyes lazily and squinted as she looked at the window. This woman’s lazy actions were definitely mesmerizing and sexy. If Lecturer Jiang was here, he would definitely turn into a wolf again. That is, if he still had the energy to do so.

For a moment, she didn’t know where she was. Alarm bells rang in her heart. Could it be that everything that happened with Lecturer Jiang last night was only a dream, and she had actually been kidnapped? As the thought flashed past her mind, Miss Xia sat up with a start.

When she looked closely at her surroundings again, she recognised that this was the resting area in Lecturer Jiang’s office. It was only then that she lay back in bed in exhaustion.

She wanted to continue sleeping, but she was simply too hungry, and her body was shaking uncontrollably and weakly. Hence, she decided to get out of bed to search for food. However, just as she tried to stand up, her legs gave way and she fell to the floor. Images from the previous night flashed past her mind, and she turned scarlet from the memory.

There was only mineral water and alcohol in Lecturer Jiang’s fridge, and nothing that she could eat. She had no choice but to make her way to the pantry. When she arrived, she saw Xiao Tangxuan, the female “general” within the team. People would often address her as “Auntie Xuan”, because even though she was slightly over thirty, she was like an elder sister, with the aura of a queen, hence she was addressed as such.

Auntie Xuan turned around when she heard a sound from behind her. The fingers that held a cigarette were long and clean; she had pretty fingers. There was also a half-drunk cup of coffee on the table in front of her.

“You’re awake?”

“Umm. Yes.” Baobei was feeling somewhat guilty and shy.

Auntie Xuan could clearly tell what had happened. She was still a young girl, and though she was properly dressed, the marks on her neck were obvious. The elder Mr. Jiang must have been very passionate, making one envious. “Big Jiang said that you weren’t feeling well. Are you better now?”

“Yes yes, much better now.” Since she was given the opportunity to move past the topic, she would naturally take it.

“Are you hungry?”

What a nice person! Baobei nodded hastily.

Auntie Xuan glanced at Baobei and continued to smile. She was at such a fragile age, full of vitality and madly in love. That was a nice sight to see. She then turned around and retrieved a thermos. When she opened it, there was still some remnant heat.

“Big Jiang got someone to deliver it this afternoon. Heat it up before eating it.” She then poured the food into a bowl and placed it into a microwave, her movements somewhat unnatural. She turned around once again and returned to the sofa before lighting up a cigarette. After taking in a puff, she asked, “Do you mind?” Though her expression said, I’m going to smoke regardless of whether you minded or not.

Naturally, Baobei would shake her head. She didn’t see the need to make things difficult for someone she liked.

Auntie Xuan was actually there to take a breather. She had a marathon of meetings the entire day, as though she was fighting a war. When she saw Baobei, she was reminded of her past self during college, before she came to a sudden realisation that her college days were a long time ago. Back then, when an opportunity to enter the investment world arose, she made up her mind to put down everything in the country and left for abroad, including her beloved boyfriend. Now that she had achieved what she desired, a multi-million dollar salary, a house and a car, the only things she lost were youth and love. Sometimes, she would ask herself if it was all worth it. When she found out that the Crown Prince was returning to the country to conquer the world here, she had no choice but to follow. However, everything here changed. When she attended a gathering with her classmates, some of them threw jealous looks at her, even though they intentionally flaunted their marriages in return. Perhaps this was the way humans worked - while they envied her success, she envied their blissfulness.

Once, while waiting at a traffic junction, she spotted her ex-boyfriend. At that time, she was driving a million-dollar sports car, while he was carrying his daughter and waiting for his ride by the roadside. She wanted to take a closer look, hence she made a u-turn. She saw him getting into a small Hyundai that was driven by a female. The driver wasn’t pretty, but her expressions were gentle, evidently someone who was family-oriented. At that time, the burden that she carried in her heart for more than ten years was relieved. Having seen that he was doing well, she felt assured.

She didn’t know how she could actually open up and tell this young lady so much about her past. The young lady listened in a daze, but looked like she was about to cry.

“Did you ever think of getting back with him? If it were me …” What would she do? The other party already had his own family, and he even had a child. Yet, would she be resigned to this fate?

“He already has the female lead in his life, and his own life to lead. What right do I have to step into his life once again, and bring nothing but trouble?”

Her response was so cool!

Auntie Xuan took another puff on her cigarette, then blew out the air gracefully and smiled. “Silly girl. Love doesn’t count for anything for someone like me. In this world, you’ll be played to death if your reaction’s slow, bored to death if you’re incapable, scared to death if you are cowardly; drink to your death if your tolerance is low; die of fatigue if your body is weak; be screwed by others to death if you are straightforward, and exploited to death if you are capable. The only thing that can undo the inequality is simple. As long as you become the person who creates the unfairness, be the one who toys with others, be the one who scares others, and be the one who pranks others.”

Baobei nodded in agreement. No matter how sheltered Baobei had been, this was the reality that she lived in. She’d been influenced from a young age, and could see the situation clearly. “But Auntie Xuan, it’s tiring to do that.”

Auntie Xuan laughed, then tapped Baobei’s forehead lightly with the hand she was holding the cigarette with. “Do you think that everyone is as fortunate as you are? I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. A person who hasn’t lived the life of royalty won’t be spoiled like royalty. These people would have the time and money to look at the sky, ponder about life or be despondent. I couldn’t. I had to fight because I grew up carrying the burden of my family and my life! This is also why I never waste time complaining. I didn’t have a choice over my family background; no one owes me for this. There are some girls who would spend their lives fangirling and dreaming about the day where they would become like the female lead in soap dramas, rising from the ashes and becoming prosperous from then on. But I would never compare myself with these leads of dramas; they are either naturally good-looking, or their encounters were extraordinary. I’m able to get to where I am now because my heart is stronger than others, and I’m able to face the challenges that life throws at me calmly.”

“Auntie Xuan, you are truly my idol!” How could Baobei understand this state of mind if she was left on her own? People would always say, “Xia Baobei, you’re too powerful”. However, Baobei was clear that this “power” was given to her because of her upbringing and family background. It wasn’t something that she had innately, nor fought for it herself.

Auntie Xuan squinted as she looked at Baobei through the smoke, pretending to be deep in thought. “Don’t think of me as your idol. It’ll be tough. You should always maintain your current wittiness and bravery.” She paused and sighed. “Back then, I was also witty and brave, but now, I’ve lost the wit, my anger’s gone, the people are gone, and all I have left is bravery.”

“Pfft!” Baobei spat out in a mess. There were also times where Baobei felt defeated. If one spoke to the three in her dorm, they wouldn’t believe what they heard.

A flurry of footsteps sounded by the corridor. Baobei looked up, and coincidentally met the eyes of Jiang Moxiu. Immediately, her face flushed. She didn’t look carefully, or she would have noticed that a dubious dull red flush had also appeared on Lecturer Jiang’s face. How shameless! He’s a player, but he’s still acting all innocent.

But Jiang Moxiu was, after all, Jiang Moxiu. Within three seconds, he managed to regain his composure.

“Baobei~, why didn’t you look for me when you woke up?” His voice sounded before he arrived. He had made more than ten trips to the resting area just to see if she was sleeping well. He went again just then, only to find her missing, hence he rushed out in search of her.

Auntie Xuan smiled knowingly, and stood up tactfully. When Jiang Moxiu slipped into the pantry, he was stunned when he saw Auntie Xuan. However, he immediately put up his bossy posture in order to hide his awkwardness. “I’m looking for you. There are some figures that aren’t clear. Go take a look.”

“Understood.” She stubbed the cigarette, waved at Baobei, then retreated.

“How long have you been awake for?” He ruffled Baobei’s hair with one hand, and before she could protest, he pulled her and sat her on his leg. The young lady immediately became shy, and forgot her anger.

Jiang Moxiu looked at Baobei’s blushing face and his mood improved. He whispered beside her ear, “In future, I’m going to f*ck you every day. What should I do if you get embarrassed so easily?”

Embarrassment turned into anger. She grabbed Lecturer Jiang’s neck and shook it violently. “You’re shameless! Shameless!”


He steadied Baobei, held on tightly to her neck, and kissed her roughly.

His tongue pervaded her mouth suggestively. Her legs were opened as she sat facing him, and all she felt were soreness and pain between her legs. Baobei even suspected that the effects of the drag hadn’t worn off entirely. Otherwise, how could a single kiss make her lower abdomen tighten and an embarrassing wetness pooling below it?

They continued for some time before he was satiated. When their lips parted, Jiang Moxiu leaned on Baobei’s forehead, panting lightly.

Miss Xia’s reaction was epic. She stared into Lecturer Jiang’s eyes and said, “You’re hard.”

Jiang Moxiu took a sharp breath.

“If it wasn’t out of consideration that it was your first time yesterday and your body needs rest, I would definitely f*ck you again!”

When comparing how shameless one could be, Baobei was a far cry from Jiang Moxiu.

“Alright. I won’t tease you anymore. Let me get you some food.”

“Who’s the one teasing!”

Jiang Moxiu carried Baobei and sat her down properly. He then got up and took the thermos, but it was already empty. He saw the light from the microwave and opened it, and was speechless. There was a large fruit bowl that was filled halfway with porridge. He was feeding a pig, no doubt about that.

When Baobei saw the large bowl placed before her, she was so happy she could cry. Just then, she only saw Auntie Xuan making herself busy, but she couldn’t see what Auntie Xuan was doing because the latter’s back was facing her. She only felt that Auntie Xuan was virtuous and considerate. However, at this time, she felt that Auntie Xuan was somewhat mad. Evidently, when God gives you some talents, he takes away your ability to do others. It was no wonder Auntie Xuan was so strong. She didn’t have any female genes in her.

Jiang Moxiu pinched Baobei’s face, then took two spoons and accompanied her as she ate.

“How many meals did you eat today?” She could only faintly remember that he carried her into the office. Auntie Xuan said that they had meetings for the entire day, so Baobei knew she had to also show concern for her boyfriend.

“I had a sandwich in the afternoon.” This man looked very good even when eating. He was also hungry, so he ate heartily, but he didn’t lose the innate gracefulness in his actions.

A spoon was placed before him. When he looked up, the young lady was smiling cheerfully at him.

He returned her smile, then opened his mouth and ate from her spoon. He also copied her actions, took a big spoonful and delivered it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and ate half of it. What a tease. The other half went into Lecturer Jiang’s mouth.

“Yo yo yo!” A sudden croak that sounded like the owner of a brothel rose from the door. “Elder Mr. Jiang, we are almost driven crazy by numbers in the meeting room, and here you are, flirting with a young lady?”

Jiang Moxiu leaned back into the sofa and blinked. “What’s the matter? Do you have something to say?”

“No! Why would I dare to say anything?” He smiled shamelessly. Knowing that he couldn’t get past his brother’s defences, he turned to attack Baobei instead. “I have to say, Baobei~, it must have been intense last night. Look at your neck. Don’t tell me it’s mosquito bites. This mosquito must have been too horny, otherwise it wouldn’t simply bite this area.”

Unexpectedly, Baobei wasn’t embarrassed by his words. Instead, she raised her head and looked calmly at him. “So are you jealous, envious, or angry?”

Jiang Moxiu put down his spoon. “I’m the one who made those marks. I even made marks in other places. As for you, Jiang Mojie, did your guts grow just because I didn’t bash you for a few days? How dare you tease your sister-in-law?”

“I would never dare to.” He hastily waved his hands.

“I think you are itching for a beating.”

“I’m not!”

“How about this, I just bought an oilfield in Saudi Arabia. The workers there have given feedback that the reforestation is not doing well. You can go there tomorrow and start planting, and you’re not allowed to return until the entire desert has become a lush greenland.”

In the end, instead of going to the village to plant radishes, he had to go to Saudi Arabia to grow plants. Jiang Mojie, you deserved this!

“The both of you are ganging up to bully me!” Jiang Mojie ran away in tears as he complained.

“Don’t be bothered about it. That kid will always throw tantrums a few days every month.” Jiang Moxiu pouted. Unexpectedly, his neck was attacked. That calm from the young lady previously was all a facade. However, when a prey pounced on him, how could he not return the favour? It would be a waste if he didn’t.

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