Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 29

Baobei spent a night in Xia Xu’s house. However, she was unable to sleep, and in her drowsiness, all sorts of things ran through her mind. Before she slept, she even peeked at Lecturer Jiang’s home from afar. The lights were off, and no one had returned. He probably had spent the night in another house.

When she woke up the next day, her heart suddenly felt like it had walked out of a fog. She met Mo Liu just when she was about to return to school. He was on the way out; she mocked him for finally learning to get up early, and even demanded that he send her back to school.

“Damn, we are not headed in the same direction.”

“The earth is round, so it’s still along the way.”

“Then I’ll have to charge for it.”

“Why are you so stingy?! A gorgeous woman is asking for a lift, you should feel honoured.”

“I insist on being stingy. Are you going to pay?”

“I’m broke!”

“Big Jiang isn’t.”

She pouted. “There’s no money to be earned. There's only me that you can get.”

“I’d rather not! I’ll never dare to covet you. I’ll be slaughtered by Big Jiang if I do!”

“Hurry up! Is it on the way?”


Mo Liu swung the keys on his fingers as he walked towards his car. He had barely taken two steps when he felt joy. As the saying goes, you shouldn’t talk behind others’ backs. Just as he mentioned Big Jiang, he was walking in their direction.

“Big Jiang! Here!” He waved his hands wildly and shouted, then nudged Baobei forward. “The Master of your family has arrived, he’ll definitely be more ‘along the way’ than I am.”

Baobei’s heart jumped when she saw Jiang Moxiu, but she couldn’t get past her pride, so with a sullen face, she waited for Lecturer Jiang to make the first move to appease her.

Jiang Moxiu was extremely tired, so he was in daze as he stared at the young lady walking towards him. Yesterday, he had waited for her outside her dorm till past midnight. He had been worried sick, and it was only later that he heard from Mo San that she had spent the night here. There was an indescribable feeling in his heart, so he decided to just head to the top of the mountain and spent the entire night under the chilly winds. Now, he was stuck with a throbbing headache.

Mo Liu gleefully handed Baobei over to him, then walked away, whistling a tune.

Jiang Moxiu glanced at Baobei, then walked quietly towards his car. When Baobei saw his moody expression and refusal to speak, her expression immediately darkened. She then followed him for a few steps, but he didn’t stop and hold her hand before walking further, like he used to.

Anger got the better of her. When Jiang Moxiu turned a corner, Baobei didn’t follow him. Instead, she continued walking forward.

He noticed her movement from the corner of his eye, then went up and held her back. He opened his mouth, as though he wanted to say something, but held his tongue back eventually. He only managed four words, “I’ll send you back.”

She tried to loosen his grip on her, but failed. “Let go of me!”

“Be good, stop throwing a tantrum.” Jiang Moxiu could feel his consciousness fading. He was probably down with a fever.

“No one’s throwing a tantrum! Let go of me!” This child started her stubborn streak again. She wasn’t in the mood to listen. What tantrum? When did she start throwing a tantrum?

Since she couldn’t free herself, she hastily decided to lower her head and bite into Jiang Moxiu’s arm. He finally released her due to the pain. Once Baobei was free, she gave him a hard shove, then turned and ran off.

Jiang Moxiu was already feeling giddy, so he staggered backwards from her shoving. He was already trying his best to keep his balance, as his hands hit the floor first, and a sharp pain arose from his wrist. He bore with the discomfort in his body as he struggled to stand up. By the time he reached the entrance of the estate, she wasn’t there anymore. He stood there and pressed his temples with one hand.

“Mr. Jiang, Miss Xia just left in a taxi.” The security guard hastily told him.

Jiang Moxiu whispered his thanks.

The security guard noticed that Jiang Moxiu appeared unwell, so he asked if he needed help. He waved him away, before frowning and walking back.

She was still throwing a tantrum. As she ran to the entrance, she instinctively looked in, but saw that he didn’t chase after her. The rims of her eyes turned red with annoyance at him. Alright then, it’s fine that you don’t chase after me; it’s not like I care! She raised her hand to flag a cab, then left without looking back. Xia Baobei was usually a reasonable person, but when it came to Lecturer Jiang, she acted like a child! That’s the reason for the saying that people are just shameless; regardless of whether intentional or not, they are always conscious that the person who treats you the best is the one that can be bullied the most. Hence, everyone would always choose to bully the one that treats them the best. The ones that can hurt us, are usually the ones that we love.

Half an hour later, Jiang Moxiu’s medic buddy Wang Luoyi brought his medical supplies to Jiang Moxiu’s villa. He was gleeful as he saw the man lying weakly on the bed, and after examining him, his glee increased.

“High fever, a sprain, and a bloody teeth mark. Big Jiang, I didn’t know that there could be someone on earth who had the ability to torture you to this extent.” As he thought about the rumours within their social circle, he added, “The ladies of the Xia family are all difficult to deal with.”

“Shut your trap!” Jiang Moxiu’s expression was ugly.

“You’ve got to be on a drip for your fever, otherwise you’ll take a long time to recover.” Wang Luoyi wasn’t angry, and he took out a bottle of saline from his medical case. Jiang Moxiu had already described his symptoms before he came, so he was armed with everything he could do to treat him.

Jiang Moxiu grunted a soft reply, before closing his eyes tiredly.

Wang Luoyi skillfully mixed the medicine, hung up the bottle, and inserted the needle. Only Jiang Moxiu was capable of making the renowned “saintly hands” Wang Luoyi perform such menial tasks.

“What’s wrong? Had a tiff with the little girl?” Wang Luoyi sounded as though he had experienced this before. He was one of those who married young; he was hitched by the age of twenty-three. He was a lucky man. His wife was someone he grew up with; before they married, they were in a relationship for eight years, leading the pack among those who started their relationships early. Now, at the age of twenty eight, his children were already a few years old.

“I don’t even know what she’s thinking. She’s young, but she’s incredibly unreasonable.” Jiang Moxiu complained.

“They are all like that at that age, you should give in to her as much as you can. It’s not only people of her age who are unreasonable, women from the age of three to eighty are all unreasonable. It’s just that they all think that it’s natural for them to be like that.” Wang Luoyi added.

“How else can I give in to her? I merely said something wrong and she’s ignoring me already.”

“Have you coaxed her?”

“I was waiting for her to calm down …”

“What! You can’t wait for that. Once a woman really calms down, that’s the end for the two of you. It’s precisely because she cares that she’s not calm, and acts so unreasonable.” Wang Luoyi sat down by the edge of the bed.

Jiang Moxiu let out a long sigh. “When can she be more mature…”

“It’s because she treats you as someone she can depend on that she allows herself to act childishly in front of you. I’d have to say this, I think being immature is fine. She’s genuine enough, and you don’t have to guess what she’s thinking. Listen to my advice. Women have to be coaxed. Go and apologise to her. If she ignores you, you act shamelessly in front of her. If she hits you, you let her vent her frustrations. Once she’s done hitting you, you can just grab her, kiss her hard and tease her.”

Jiang Moxiu couldn’t help but laugh.

Regardless of gender, it must be clear that when a couple is together, they should try to change the other party. They should accept them for who they are. That is tolerance. If all they can think of is to change the other party, that’s not life, that’s war.

The distance between mountains are clouds; the distance between trees is the wind; the distance between people is the heart; the distance between the heart is love. The human heart has a large capacity to store the mountains and the seas, heaven and earth. With one’s love deepens, it’ll be strong enough to brave any storm.

Just as Jiang Moxiu was well-rested and prepared to go out and coax his little lover, a threat and an opportunity appeared at the same time.

Women could be really terrifying when they are not in the right mind. In their dorm, there was one who had just broken-up, and another who had quarreled with her boyfriend. That night, Baobei and Fang Jie decided to act on their whims. Shi Xiaoxi and Jiahui coudn’t do anything about it except accompany them, and the four girls ended up going to a club together.

These four youthful girls would naturally invite the attention of countless men. Moreover, Xia Baobei was among them. Baobei had really gone all out tonight; when she took off the small leather jacket, woah, what was left was a tight-fitting black off-shoulder dress. The dress was so short that it barely covered her thighs, and accentuated her curves. Paired with stilettos, her fair legs looked extremely sexy.

There were people who tried to hit on her. Even though she ignored them, she didn’t reject their advances, and simply sneered at them.

Towards such a sexy ice-cold beauty, the men naturally rushed over in droves.

Shi Xiaoxi usually had many things to say, but she truly hadn’t really seen the world. When she was faced with such a situation, and saw the lusty looks from the people around, she was dumbfounded. Then, when she saw an eligible bachelor who had stuck around Baobei the entire night trying to flirt with her, she immediately calmed down.

Using the excuse of going to the ladies, she took the opportunity to call Lecturer Jiang.

The voice on the other end was extremely hoarse. He asked clearly for their location, instructed them not to wander off and that he’d be there soon, then immediately hung up. Shi Xiaoxi clutched her phone and nodded, then slowly made her way back. When she returned to their table, Jiahui and Fang Jie had just come back from dancing, but Baobei was missing. They couldn’t find her on the dance floor, and so they panicked.

Jiang Moxiu was in the hospital with Wang Luoyi taking an X-ray when he received the call. When he hung up, he directly asked Wang Luoyi if he knew where “MIX” was. Wang Luoyi recognised this place; wasn’t it the club owned by He Youyi?

“That’s He’s club. What’s wrong?”

Jiang Moxiu gave up on the x-ray, and he hastily bound the bandages that had been half-removed. He whipped out his phone and stepped out. Just as he reached the carpark, Shi Xiaoxi called again and explained the situation. Jiang Moxiu was anxious; he was worried that she might have met with some misfortune. He pulled out He Youyi’s number and dialed it, walking even faster.

Baobei felt weak all over, and at the same time, there was an indescribable fire within her body. The man who was holding her had his hands firmly stuck onto her waist. She tried to struggle, but she couldn’t find the strength to free herself. She knew what had happened; she had been drugged. As brave as she normally was, at this moment, she was truly scared. Leaving the protection of Jiang Moxiu and her family, she didn’t even have the ability of self-defence. If she was really taken away by this man, she would definitely be helpless.

She was petrified, and tears were flowing out of her eyes. She shoved the man hard, but her gentle and weak pushes only tickled the man’s heart further.

The moment He Youyi received the call, he immediately ran to the security office to pull out the CCTV footage. The three others from the dorm were also brought there, and He Youyi got them to look for signs of Baobei from the footage.

Baobei’s ordeal lasted less than ten minutes, but these ten minutes felt like ten lifetimes to her.

The bachelor had shoved her into his car. When he saw Baobei’s flushed face, with her eyes half closed, he was aroused, and he reached over to kiss her.

Baobei felt nauseous; his mouth stank. She turned her head away weakly, but it was turned back in place. Her tears continued to flow freely, and her consciousness started to fade. If only … if only …

Kissing further downwards, the bachelor was eagerly trying to remove her clothes when he was abruptly pulled back. When he looked up, a group of fierce-looking men in black had already surrounded him. He recognised some of them as MIX’s bouncers. Seeing the familiar faces, he heaved a sigh of relief, and raised his hands in a friendly gesture. “Hey, I didn’t break any of MIX’s rules.”

Everyone in the night scene would know that MIX’s He Youyi held a tight reign over the venue. He would definitely never allow drugs in his club, nor any incidents where people were taken against their will.

He Youyi stuck both his hands into his pockets as he strolled over leisurely. He knew that his bouncers already had the situation under control, so he tried to act cool.

He pretended to spit on the ground, then used his thumb to clean the corner of his lips. “Is that true?”

“Young Master He, I really didn’t.” The man smiled patronizingly. He was the heir of a rich family from the south, and he was used to having his way in his own territory. However, he was also aware that he was in the capital city, where things were not what it seemed on the surface, hence he didn’t dare to be too full of himself.

“Then what’s with the girl in your car?” He Youyi took a peek and saw that she was still properly clothed, so he heaved a sigh of relief.

“This is my girlfriend. She’s drunk and I was about to bring her home.” The man lied. Baobei moved her hand weakly in the car, as though she wanted to smash the car windows.

This was an incredible young lady. She didn’t care what situation she was in, she still remained tough. He Youyi immediately wanted to laugh, but it wasn’t the right scenario to do so, so he retained a stern face and said, “She’s your girlfriend?”


Before he could finish his word, He Youyi punched him.

“Damn, your girlfriend? Who do you think you are?” He punched him once with each word. He Youyi suddenly turned more violent, and reached his hand out. His bouncer retrieved a metal baseball bat, as if from air, and handed it over to him, and He Youyi raised it down on the man.

In his haste, the man used his hand to block the blow, and a clear “crack” could be heard.

“Young Master He, let’s talk things through!” The man repeatedly pleaded, as he held his hand and retreated several steps backwards.

“Talk things through? No way! I’ll destroy your entire family!” Just as He Youyi raised the bat again, he heard the shrill of tires screeching. He turned around to look, then smiled gleefully. It had only been less than twenty minutes, but Jiang Moxiu had managed to speedily arrive.

No matter what, He Youyi was someone who was highly educated, and even held a high-ranking position in the Education Ministry. It was only by choice that he acted like a ruffian. Hence, if something like this happened under his watch, he couldn’t simply stand idly aside. He was answerable for it. Moreover, he was worried what Jiang Moxiu might do in his anger, hence, he raised his hand first.

Jiang Moxiu didn’t even close the door of his car before he walked over to them, every step emanating a menacing, vicious air.

“Big Jiang, Baobei is drugged. You should take her to the hospital first. I’ll handle things here, and will give you a proper answer.” He Youyi wanted to slow him down first.

Jiang Moxiu didn’t react to his words. He simply walked forward, and as he walked past He Youyi, he snatched the baseball bat from his hand.

“Big Jiang!”

He Youyi couldn’t stop Jiang Moxiu in time. The man also couldn’t escape even though he knew he was in grave danger, and could only watch as Jiang Moxiu raised the bat high and smashed it down on the man’s head. Instantly, blood spurted out from the man’s head, and he lay prone on the ground. However, the blows continued to rain on his body, and the sound of bones breaking sounded terrifying in the carpark.

“That’s enough! Big Jiang, enough!” He Youyi got two men to pull Jiang Moxiu back. “Baobei is fine now. It’s not worth it if you have to bear the burden of killing an imbecile like him!”

Even though He Youyi was persuading Jiang Moxiu, he knew that it was already too late. He knew that Jiang Moxiu had used his full strength when he swung the bat down on the man’s head. There was a chance that the man was already dead.

Jiang Moxiu sniggered, then threw the bat on the floor. In two large strides, he walked past the crowd and bent into the car to carry Baobei out. The gentleness that he exuded was a stark contrast to the viciousness that he had just shown when he was beating the man up.

“Break both his hands!” There were his final words before he left the scene.

He Youyi took in a deep breath and nodded.

He then signalled to the bouncer, who immediately carried the bloody mess of a man on the floor.

“This bastard is infamous across the club scene. He always uses a mixture of tranquilizer and Spanish Fly [1]. He actually dared to use it in my club. You can decide if you want to bring Baobei to the hospital or home.” After He Youyi said his piece, he even gave a cheeky smile.

“I’ll settle my scores with you another time!” Jiang Moxiu glared fiercely at He Youyi.

“F*ck! I’m innocent!”

He Youyi was truly regretful now. If he had known this would happen, he would have just stayed with the Education Ministry instead of opening a club for fun. This time, he had offended the King of Hell. This owner was a very loyal friend. Even if Jiang Moxiu didn’t blame him later on, he still felt responsible, since it happened in his club. Hence, he called up the Sixth Young Master, Huo Yanning, Xia Tian and a few other buddies and destroyed the club. After the destruction, they even took a picture together for memory’s sake, all of them with their arms slung over one another and smiling cheerily. The smashing of clubs was a tradition for this group of men. Mo Liu had done this before when he was in high school; at the time, he even used guns to wipe out the area.

After destroying the place without hesitation, He Youyi put out a sign that said, “Under Renovation”.

All these just so that he could feel better, these bunch of men are truly crazy.

[1] Spanish Fly is an aphrodisiac.

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