Assassin Farmer

Chapter 126 - Yue Kui Inn

“We’re almost here.” Lin Siyao chuckled lightly in Su Shuilian’s ears, whispering tenderly. This caused her to blush furiously and become angry.

It was no wonder. Let alone her, but even he didn’t expect to have intercourse in the running carriage. He, a cold aloof man, was unable to resist her.

“No one will know.” He hugged her tightly and pecked her flushed forehead. If it weren’t that they were in a carriage, he really might consider having a few more rounds.

After labor, her skinny figure had become plump and she also reached climax much quicker than before pregnancy. This made it harder for him to restrain himself.

“Liar!” Su Shuilian glared at him, annoyed yet ashamed. She was ashamed because she lost herself in the passion.

God. The more she thought about this, the more unrestrained she thought she had become.

Though the noises drowned out what was happening inside the carriage and the people following along may not have noticed any unusualness, the driver did. After all, the climax resulting from intercourse caused the steady carriage to shake nonstop.

Due to this, there was no way the driver didn’t know what was happening inside the carriage, separated by a curtain. She was too ashamed to see anyone now!

“Shuilian...we’re a couple.” Intercourse between a couple was normal. Even though the setting and time was a bit off, they weren’t breaking any laws. Who said that a married couple couldn’t make love during the day inside a running carriage?

“I wasn’t talking about this…” Su Shuilian got angry. The speed of the carriage slowed down, so they must be approaching Yue Kui Inn.

Oh, they actually spent nearly three hours in the carriage making love. Coming to this realization, she let out a silent groan in exchange of Lin Si Yao’s grin.

“Don’t worry, believe me, okay?” He carried the two children in one hand and the other hand around Su Shuilian’s waist. Knowing that she must be sore and tired, he supported her and they slowly got out of the carriage.

As expected, she saw a quick glimpse of the driver’s blushing face as he tried to hide it under his tanned skin. What should I do? What should I do? Did he really hear the activity inside the carriage? Should I say, “Glad I entertained you?”

Su Shuilian slapped off Lin Si yao’s hand around her waist, embarrassed. She was about to take the twins from Lin Si yao when he turned and handed Lin Long and Lin Shuang to Liang-momo and Bai He, so they could feed the kids.

“You still need to rest.” He grinned.

More like he was afraid she was too sore and couldn’t handle the weight of the twins okay! She glared at him before following the others. She walked alongside Yang Jing Zhi and Qing Lan towards the biggest inn in Yue Kui Town.

“Eh? Uncle, is my aunt sick? Why is her face so red?” Situ Yun arranged the carriages and saw Su Shuilian’s red face from the distance, asking in shock.

“No.” Lin Si Yao glanced at him. Seeing that it was only a question out of concern and meant no harm, he let it be and followed Su Shuilian’s footsteps into the inn.


“Five suites with double beds please.” Situ Yun said to the waiter who was welcoming them.

“Customers, you must be staying the night here. Five suites with double beds? Nine adults and two kids...Oh, someone has prepared the rooms for you already. It’s fortunate you booked the rooms earlier, otherwise there may not be that many rooms available.” The waiter smiled and led the group upstairs.

“Booked? We didn’t.” Situ Yun looked at the waiter, confused. Did he get the wrong people?

“You did. There’s no way I made a mistake. An hour ago, when five customers came to stay the night, they booked the rooms for you. They even paid the deposit. Look here…” Looking at Situ Yun’s incredulous expression, the waiter swiftly took out the account book from the counter and showed it to him.

Situ Yun skimmed and turned to look at Lin Si Yao. Five people?...They had a hunch who they were. But why did they book the rooms for them? Were they afraid that they wouldn’t have a place to stay?

“Please.” Situ Yun nodded at the waiter. Seeing that his uncle didn’t intend on rejecting the offer, they may as well accept their favor. He was always the type of person to take advantage when possible.

The biggest inn within Yue Kui Town had two floors and a total of twenty rooms. There were eight suites on the second floor facing the south. The rooms were full immediately. The group occupied five rooms and the other three rooms were taken by Blood Union’s Emperor— Xue Li and his team.

“I’ve been waiting for a while.” At the corner of the stairs on the second floor, Xue Li leaned against the pillar, his hands crossed against his chest. He smiled at Lin Si Yao who was supporting Su Shuilian and followed the waiter and Situ Yun, greeting.

“No one asked you to wait for us.” Lin Si Yao glanced at him before supporting Su Shuilian a few more steps, up the second floor.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Xue Li observed the beautiful woman the former God of Slaughter was supporting. He praised silently: she’s worthy of being his son’s wife. Every move of hers displayed her elegant and noble nature. She didn’t act like a little girl at all.

“No need.” Lin Si Yao said faintly. He supported Su Shuilian and walked past his father, towards their room.

“Really?” Xue Li chuckled. He glanced at Liang-momo and Bai He who followed behind them, his intense gaze on the twins in their arms. He couldn’t help but ask, “How old are they?”

The last piece of news the twelve Blood Knights gave him confirmed ‘his’ identity. He also found out that ‘he’ had gotten married two years ago, but he didn’t know ‘he’ had kids. Even more, a pair of adorable twins.

He spent an entire day at Da Hui Palace digesting this piece of information.

God had blessed him. Not only did he have descendants to his bloodline, he also found the lost son between him and Ruo-er, from twenty-four years ago as well as two adorable grandchildren.

“Uh...four months ago.” Liang-momo discreetly looked at her Young Lady and Guye who were ahead of her. Glancing at her Guye’s indifferent and aloof expression and her Young Lady’s grumpy look, she carefully responded.

“Four months...You’ve taken good care of them. Can I...carry them?” Xue Li smiled at Liang-momo and Bai He, revealing his inner desire.

If Ruo-er found out their son had children, she must be even more excited from when she first met him!

Xue Li thought about his fragile and delicate wife who he tried so hard to comfort. He was afraid of giving her a huge shock by surprising her. He may as well soak in the joy himself first.

“Um...Guye?...” Liang-momo looked at Lin Si Yao for help. What if the other party was a bad guy? Though he didn’t seem like it, it wasn’t like bad guys would make it obvious.

“I can’t even carry them?” Xue Li glanced at Lin Si Yao, feeling wronged. At very least, he was the children’s grandfather. He didn’t even have the right to carry them?

“No.” Lin Si Yao looked coldy. He hadn’t processed his potential identity. If he allowed the interaction between them, that meant he indirectly accepted his identity!

“Dammit. It’s not like anything would happen if I carry them.” Xue Li felt hurried. It’s fine if his son was stubborn and refused to recognize him as his father, but he couldn’t accept how he didn’t let him near his grandchildren.

He was the Emperor of a nation. When did he ever need to stoop down and please the other party? If it wasn’t because he felt guilty for neglecting his son, causing him to be stranded in another nation and suffering endlessly, almost dying, he would never stoop this low.

Yet, he didn’t even grant him a small request like this. Did he think he was easily bullied?

“I just don’t want you to touch them. It’s not like you’re going to lose anything from this.” Lin Si Yao took Xue Li’s words and tossed them back at him.

“You…” Xue Li glared at his son, his heart aching yet feeling annoyed at the same time. He flipped his sleeves and exclaimed helplessly, “No matter what, you can’t stop me from hugging them.”

“Why not?” Lin Si Yao sneered. They hadn’t seen each other for twenty-four years, yet the moment they met, his father wanted to steal his children. Hilarious. Did he think because he was the Blood Union’s Emperor, he could do anything?

“A Hui…” Su Shuilian pulled on his arm which was still around her waist. She reminded them they were being too loud and they woke Lin Long up.

“Carry them inside first.” Lin Si Yao furrowed his brows and ordered Liang-momo.

“Yes, Guye.” Granted permission, Liang-momo and Bai He carefully carried Lin Long and Lin Shuang, and followed the frightened waiter as well as the two wet-nurses into their rooms.

Yang Jing Zhi and Qing Lan followed closely behind the wet-nurses. They finally saw the appearance of the man Lin Si Yao was confronting now that nothing was blocking their vision. He was Blood Union’s Emperor— Xue Li.

Heaven, what was going on?

Yang Jing Zhi looked at Su Shuilian, shocked. The other party also returned an equally confused look. Without another thought, he pulled Qing Lan into his room.

“I’ll talk to you later.” When they passed by Su Shuilian, Yang Jing Zhi whispered in her ears.

“Okay.” Su Shuilian nodded. She had the same thought in mind. Earlier, they hurriedly got into their respective carriages, so they hadn’t gotten a chance to talk.

“I’s time we sit down and have a chat.” With outsiders gone beside Su Shuilian who Lin Si Yao was holding, it was just the father-son pair left. He sighed and suggested.

“I was thinking the same.” Lin Si Yao nodded. Both parties wouldn’t give up unless they talked this out. Xue Li might even follow them and disturb their lives later on.


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