After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 9

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Being a Northerner who came from a well-to-do family, Chen Yueyang was baffled by Shen Shicang being so against him going to the public bathhouse. To him, nothing else could ever come close to the feeling of the soothing warm water

After he called out for Shen Shicang, he waited for an “eternity” but there was still no response from him.

Chen Yueyang frowned, did he not hear him?

He pushed open the toilet door and leaned half of his body out to take a peak,  he saw Shen Shicang flipping through a stack of mock question papers, so he shouted, “Hey, I’m talking to you! Didn’t you hear? Hurry up and come in.”

He waved his hands as he spoke, if he were to hold a handkerchief in his hands he would look exactly like the ancient female performers on stage when they enticed their viewers.

....but come to think of it, at least those female performers were fully clothed, unlike Chen Yueyang who wasn’t wearing anything.

After Shen Shicang heard his voice, he rolled his head down, even though he was looking at himself, but the fact that he was naked made him feel a little aroused.

He felt his face slowly getting warmer and warmer, he kept on forcing his head away from Chen Yue Yang,  refocusing on the test paper again and again without saying a word.

Seeing that Shen Shicang turn his back on him, Chen Yueyang was unhappy.

It was all because of him that he couldn’t go to the bathhouse and now he won’t even lift a finger to help him?!

Chen Yueyang let out a deep sigh, then he went back into the toilet to grab a towel to wrap around himself. He put on a pair of slippers and walked out of the toilet and was reaching for the main door.

Shen Shicang turned around and was shocked when he saw what Chen Yueyang was doing; he was half-naked with just a towel wrapped around his waist, and he was going to open the door!

“What are you doing!” Shen Shicang screamed as he rushed to pull Chen Yueyang away from the door, while he closed shut the door that was already ajar.

Shen Shicang’s fringe was a tad longer than Chen Yue Yang’s and now that his hair was wet, it would easily poke into his eyes. Chen Yueyang swept up his hair in an elegant motion, exposing his porcelain white forehead.

Chen Yueyang took his other hand off the door handle, as he saw the sorrowful look on his roommate’s face, he couldn't help himself and let out a chuckle, then he continued to say, “If you don’t help me, then I’ll just have to ask some other boy.”

Shen Shicang was desperate and blocked the entire door with his body, then he stuttered, “You… you, can’t do that.”

Chen Yueyang raised his eyebrows, “Why not? This is a boys dormitory, even if I do ask someone to help me, that person would be a boy not a girl.”

After hearing what he said, Shen Shicang didn’t want to listen to his excuses and just continued to stare at him.

Chen Yueyang got a bit startled by how Shen Shicang was staring at him, or it may have been the fact that he was still wet all over and a gust of wind had just blown in from the open window, sending chills down his spine.

“Owh stop making a fuss will you,” Chen Yueyang said as he tapped on Shen Shi Cang’s shoulder, “Why is a gentleman like you, getting worked up over such a petty incident?”

Shen Shicang shoved off Chen Yueyang’s hand, but showed no signs of moving away from the door.

Chen Yueyang had lost his patience, he slapped Shen Shi Cang’s chest and said, “Touch your chest, it’s totally flat right, so tell yourself, you are a man, there’s no reason to be ashamed.”

As soon as he saw Chen Yue Yang lay his hands on his chest, Shen Shicang’s eyes started tearing.

He reached up and grabbed Chen Yue Yang’s hand firmly while he said, “Stop being so touchy.”

“Hah”, Chen Yueyang laughed, “We have swapped bodies remember, there is nowhere that I haven’t laid my hands on before, I never said anything about you touching my body, so what’s the big deal?”

Shen Shicang was infuriated by what he said, “I don’t… touch your body like that! You’re the only one doing it!”

Chen Yue Yang, “Then what about when you use the toilet? Don’t you use your hands to…?”

Shen Shicang was speechless for a moment

Shen Shi Cang, “You....!”

He didn’t expect Chen Yueyang to bring up such a sensitive topic.

But what really shocked Shen Shicang was how casually Chen Yueyang could lower his guard and thicken his skin.

Chen Yueyang saw that Shen Shicang was so angry that he started breathing heavily and sweat bullets, just as if something out of the ordinary had happened.

He tilted his head and looked at Shen Shi Cang, when he saw his own handsome face, the same face he used to admire every single morning in the mirror was now filled with rage, he felt a bit sorry for what he had done. But he remembered that it was Shen Shicang in his body not him, which to him, made it a tad more intriguing.

Hence he continued, “Oh my… I never thought that one day men would be able to finish their business in the toilet with both their hands behind their back…”

Whenever Chen Yueyang spoke there was an air of arrogance present, his sentences would end in an ascending tone it had become second nature to him, now it was more obvious than before.

Shen Shicang was so mad at how such shameless words were coming out of his own mouth, he wished that he could swap back to his own body that instant, such words should never have come out of his mouth.

Then he said, “Shut, UP!”

“Okay,” Chen Yueyang said, “I’ll shut up, but only if you move out of the way, I need someone to scrub my back, if you don’t want someone else to lay their hands on your precious body, then you do it yourself.”

Shen Shicang reluctantly said, “Okay, fine, I’ll do it.”

Chen Yueyang nodded happily, almost as if the whole idea of bathing together was no big deal to him.

Chen Yueyang sat down on the chair in the toilet and passed the bath scrubbing gloves to Shen Shicang, with his back facing Shen Shicang, he pointed at his back and said, “Okay, come on and scrub elder brother’s back.”

The bathroom was steamy and warm in no time, they had only been in for a few minutes and their skin was already a pinkish.

Shen Shicang picked up the bath scrubbing gloves; which to him looked more like baking gloves, and slipped his hand in, with his other hand he rubbed the surface of the glove, it felt very rough and course, which made him frown.

If I rub this on my skin, wouldn’t I get injured....

Shen Shicang was hesitant, he looked at his own flawless back and then looked at the glove. Although he hadn’t even started scrubbing, he could already feel the pain and discomfort.

He started by gently scrubbing his back, but Chen Yueyang was dissatisfied, “Hey, what the hell are you doing? Put some force into it, are you trying to tickle me?”

Shen Shicang added a tiny bit more force.

Chen Yueyang was still unhappy, “Hey! Did you not have anything for lunch?! Scrub harder! You’re scrubbing like a little girl.”

After hearing this, Shen Shicang started to really scrub hard.

Caught off guard by this sudden exertion of force, there was a scream that echoed throughout the bathroom.

Chen Yueyang was in so much pain that he jumped out of his chair, “Bloody hell, why did you suddenly slash me with that thing, are you trying to kill me?”

He admitted that he had spoken to him harshly just now, and he was still in Shen Shicang’s body but, was this bastard so angry that he had lost all his intellect? Did he no longer care for the wellbeing of his own body?

But after paying some more thought to what had just happened, Chen Yueyang questioned what he felt.

Shen Shicang was such a gentle being, how could he ever muster enough force to hurt someone who had been going to bathhouses for decades, Chen Yueyang was never really afraid of feeling pain, he should have had no reason to feel such pain just now...

Chen Yueyang turned around and reached out his hand, “Give me that thing.”

Shen Shicang passed the bath scrubbing gloves to Chen Yue Yang.

After Chen Yueyangput it on, he looked up at Shen Sh Cang, then looked down at his pale pink arm that was heated up by the steam, and then scrubbed his arm with half the strength that he usually used.

In a split second, he felt pain shooting throughout his whole body.

Chen Yueyang retracted his hand, then he looked at the skin on his arm, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the skin that was pink just now had turned bright red now.

Anyone who saw the current state of his skin would guess that Chen Yueyang had been attacked by a wild animal.

He threw away the bath scrubbing gloves  with a stiff expression, and then pushed Shen Shicang out of the bathroom

Chen Yueyang leaned back against the bathroom door, looked sideways at the mirror on the sink, and saw the face belonging to Shen Shi Cang...and his thin, tight upper body.

In the past whenever he looked at him, Chen Yueyang had  felt that this guy's skin was too white. How could a grown man have such fair and tender flesh, now that he could see the skin more closely, Shen Shi Cang’s skin resembled the skin of the Princess of the pea.

But upon closer inspection, Shen Shicang really was drop-dead handsome.

After his cold star-like pupils were soaked in the hot and humid steam, a layer of transparent water appeared, as if covering the pure black eyes. His lips that looked pale in the past, under the steaming heat, appeared pure and pink, not to mention the skin, which was fair and radiating light.

It's just that his facial features were much more profound than ordinary people, especially his eye sockets, which were especially deep, which made his facial structure look delicate and not feminine.

Chen Yueyang wandered his hand over Shen Shi Cang's cheek in the mirror, and then couldn't help but squeeze it slightly.

It actually felt pretty good.

Wait, what did he just feel?!

Pretty good?! What?! What the hell?

Chen Yueyang was immediately taken aback by his own inexplicable and dangerous thoughts. He quickly turned on the faucet,gathered a  handful of cold water, and splashed it on his face in a dire attempt to wake himself up.

His heart in his chest seemed to be beating extremely hard.

Chen Yueyang quickly took a cool shower, and then changed into a set of fresh clothes. Before he even had time to wipe his hair dry, he rushed out of the bathroom.

He felt that he should find a serious thing to do now in order to divert his attention.

Chen Yueyang sat in the lower bunk, Shen Shicang turned his back to him, he looked at Shen Shicang for several seconds before saying: "You should come home with me this weekend, I need to show you some things that need to be done at home.”

How come it felt like this whole ordeal was becoming more and more like a date.

Chen Yueyang was about to throw up thinking about this.

But Shen Shicang didn’t know what Chen Yueyang was thinking about on the inside.

Shen Shicang put down his pen and stood up, he walked up to Chen Yueyang and kept on looking at him without saying a word, prompting Chen Yueyang to continue speaking.

Chen Yueyang said, “Actually if you go home, I won’t be that scared, because you are exactly how I act at home.”

Shen Shicang, “What do you mean?”

Chen Yueyang continued, “My grandmother is old, she can’t really think properly anymore… she has Alzheimers, and her heart is very weak, whenever I’m at home I have to pretend to be a studious student, something that you already are, so you don’t have to worry.”

After explaining himself, Chen Yueyang felt a bit embarrassed.

The mere thought of someone who had fought his way up the school food chain, never wore his school uniform to school, who was always eternally swearing and someone that treated fighting as a daily routine, would put on his school uniform neatly, would wash off the hair product and would discard all the swear words he knew as soon as he entered his house. And, after every exam, he would be bringing home stellar results.

He already had a whole gang of henchmen at his disposal, he had never lost a fight in his life, but when he went home he was a mama's boy.

Chen Yueyang almost felt that his acting was worthy of an Oscar Award.

“Owh yes, I almost forgot to tell you,” Chen Yueyang thought about Shen Shicang’s emotionless face and said, “Could you please smile more in front of grandma? Old people need a little more happiness in their lives.”

After hearing this, Shen Shicang took a couple steps backwards.

Chen Yueyang stood up, took a step towards him, and then held his shoulders, before letting out a broad smile, which resembled a creep who was about to lay his hands on a young lady.

“Come on, smile for elder brother.”

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