After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 3

Chen Yueyang felt a weird sense of discomfort, as he looked at the cup of soybean that was supposed to be his.

Without saying a word, he raised his head from a slumped position, and stared at that idiot Lu Jiping for a good couple of seconds.

The entire Class A put down their pens, stopped whatever they were doing, and just stared in Chen Yueyang’s direction with a sense of curiosity.

Just as Chen Yueyang was about to say something, Lu Jiping whose brain-clearly-had-yet-to-develop said, “Our boss hates wasting food, which is why he is giving this to you. Don’t for a second, think that he actually is on good terms with you.”

Chen Yueyang was speechless.

The lack of intelligence shown by his own ‘brother’ Lu Jiping was hysterical.

That bastard, he was making it look like Shen Shicang was the one who needed a helping hand! Did he think that he was shameless?

Chen Yueyang swallowed the urge to beat Lu Jiping with Shen Shicang's fist, then he  raised his eyes, and said with a cold and calm expression: "I see, you can go back now."

After Lu Jiping had left, Chen Yueyang, held true to the principle of “Wastage is a crime” and made quick work of the beverage just like he used to every morning.

But there was one thing constantly on his mind, throughout the whole self-study session, he felt as if he was an endangered species of animal exhibited to the whole class. He felt that every move he made, everything he said and did was being carefully recorded and analyzed by his classmates.

Chen Yueyang looked back at them one by one, and then asked, "What are you looking at? Did you get the first place in the last exam? If you didn’t, then get a grip on your life! Quit staring at me!”

To the students in Class A, results were everything, and seeing Shen Shicang - Rank No.1 - speak like this; caused them to reflect on their own results, ultimately convincing them to lower their piercing gaze and return to battling with mathematics in that manner.

Chen Yueyang was very satisfied with this; he reached down and took out an exercise sheet from Shen Shicang’s bag and prepared himself to show off his skills.

But, when he saw what was on the sheet, boy was he surprised… It was filled with chemical equations that looked more like demonic drawings to him! He was doomed...

This was not what he had had in mind, he thought that all Science stream students had to do, was just blindly memorize a couple of formulas, then he’d be good to go… What the hell was this?!

In the morning, when they were about to go their separate ways, Shen Shicang had suggested using their phones to record their literature, maths, and science classes but Chen Yueyang just couldn’t be bothered at the time.

He had even thought about ridiculing Shen Shicang when he got home, for learning such simple things on a daily basis, but the current turn of events was like a tight slap to his face, courtesy of reality,

Compared to the ones he was used to, the difficulty of the questions he faced now before they had chosen their majors was mind-boggling.

For example, the introduction to Chemistry class in their freshman year had been such a basic and easy-to-understand subject. So how come, upon reaching senior year, it had become something with such killer questions?

Chen Yueyang looked down and tried to put on a very focused look as he ‘pored’ over the Chemistry questions. Alas, on the inside, he was panicking - he could not even understand the question, let alone solve it.

Hence, once the school bell rang and the Chemistry teacher walked in, Chen Yueyang   reluctantly took out his phone and started recording the lesson.

For all students at Yi High, the first step they made upon admission to this school, was choosing their “Battle Team”.

And as for the two lucky boys at Yi High who had just swapped souls, they were each the perfect representation of two completely different perspectives and paradigms.

Let’s talk about the golden history of when their feud first began.

In their first year of high school, Chen Yueyang and Shen Shicang had been in the same class and were even deskmates. Shen Shicang had been the icy-cold aloof guy with excellent grades, while Chen Yueyang had been a pure rebel ranked at the bottom of the class. Judging from their personas, the two of them ought to have wanted to strangle each other at first sight.

However, in reality, the two of them had initially gotten along with each other quite well.

Later on, right before they were supposed to choose their majors, rumor has it that the two of them ended up exchanging blows in a fistfight outside the school’s back gate. As a result, both of them suffered severe injuries and had to request half a month's worth of sick leave. When they returned to school again, one of them had his arm slung across his chest and the other was walking with the aid of crutches.

From then on, Shen Shicang became even more stoic and withdrawn, and Chen Yueyang never again took the initiative to speak to him.

Gossip spreads as quickly as a virus, and as it is continuously shared, various versions and interpretations begin to materialize, until finally, no one really knows the real reason behind it all.

However, regarding the character setting of Shen Shicang and Chen Yueyang being each other’s arch-enemy, was no fabrication.

In comparison with this, under the passive influence of various high-profile students, the dispute between the school ringleader and the school scholar-lord became even more heated. And soon their school forum became a hotbed for debates as they now had their own “fans” who were ready to defend themselves!!

If that photo that Guan Zhe had randomly snapped of them, had been enough to set the fire underneath both fanbases; then this morning’s development, of how “Chen Yueyang” had proactively sent his follower to give “Shen Shicang” a glass of hot beverage, then this was enough to send everyone into an unending frenzy.

Title: The Blood Petition to kick Chen Yueyang out from Yi High!

0 lóu: @Representative from Biology Class

Those jiejies who bad-mouthed our scholar lord’s fanbase for having big faces yesterday, do your faces hurt now? Please open your eyes and take a real good look around. Who do you really think is leeching off of someone? For f*ck’s sake, he’s acting like he’s chasing after a little girl, I mean he even sent him ‘breakfast-made-with-love’! We’re already seniors, he probably wanted to disrupt out Prefect Shen’s revision on purpose! *spits in disgust* He has no shame!
1 lóu: @Anonymous

Let me just counter-attack this OP, what happened this morning was clearly an act of submission by your beloved scholar lord! Why don’t all of you open your eyes and get a better look at where your beloved Prefect Shen is from okay? He’s a Southerner okay! And as for that soya bean drink, even some of the people born-and-bred in Beijing have difficulty stomaching it sometimes! The fact that he could down the entire glass without a single twitch in his expression, if that wasn’t a sign of submission to our boss then what is?
7 lóu: @Anonymous

The topic is clearly a personal attack, so I’ve already reported this. No need to thank me~[Smiling emoji]
12 lóu: @Anonymous

They have been in the same school for more than two years now, why the sudden act of kindness? It really seems to me that Chen Yueyang really doesn’t do things by halves eh? Even this display of submission is so public, and I heard that he kissed ass to be able to move into room 401… And now look at him sending him warm sweet beverages in the morning, tsk tsk tsk...
19 lóu: @Anonymous

Those supporting the scholar lord please take a good look at yourselves and that trash you worship, look at the state of his family, is he even worthy enough of our boss’ servitude? It’s true that he is ranked first amongst all Science majors, but our boss is first amongst all the Arts majors! Plus that Shen fellow comes from a family that’s literally got broke written all over them! And during the holidays he needs to work part-time at a construction site, whereas our boss is the son of a wealthy man. So how is he a lesser person than Shen Shicang? If the term kiss-ass must be used, then it’s definitely to describe Shen Shicang not our wealthy boss!
25 lóu: @Anonymous

[Bouncing Ball Emoji] Oh please save yourself some face, that number one spot in the Arts major doesn’t mean anything. Please disclose your boss’s ranking in the entire city. Our high school’s Arts stream only just gained traction a few years back, and it is still a long way behind the Arts stream of Shi Yan High School! On the other hand, the Science stream has been around since the school was built! I think your first-ranked boss wouldn’t even make it into the top 10 of the city ranking, compare this to Prefect Shen, who definitely doesn’t have such an embarrassing city-wide ranking. Regardless of whether it’s amongst the school students or the entire city, he’s always number one.
44lóu: @Anonymous

Huh? First in the city? Ok, let’s talk about the school basketball team that got first in the city which was captained by none other than Chen Yueyang, not once but twice! And we absolutely massacred that puny Shi Yan High School team. And when we lifted the trophy all of you had big smiles on your faces, so what now? You’re not going to give credit where it’s due?

Chen Yueyang was sprawled across his desk as he made use of the free time between periods to check the school forum.

The school forum was originally meant to be used to share important announcements and academic information, but ever since their sophomore year, underneath the school forums, a forum that allowed anonymous posts suddenly appeared.

The admin that created this forum had the username “S” and this letter-S seemed to be a symbol of a blackhat boss that was adept at programming.

This room was specially designed so that only people with student-accounts could join, and before joining there would be a slew of head-cracking questions that only students would know the answers to. Hence, this was literally heaven on earth for all the students of this high school as even the teachers had no clue it existed.

And the students were in full support of this discussion room, so it quickly became very popular. Apart from the elusive Mr. S, there were a few other figureheads present in the room like @Representative_from_Biology_Class and @Yi_High_has_a_ton_of_braindead_fans who played big roles in making this room a success.

Chen Yueyang would also scroll through the discussion room whenever he was bored, he usually found the content to be quite meaningful.

He scrolled through the posts one by one, occasionally coming across things that he would find meaningful and interesting. Furthermore, Shen Shicang often spent most of his time alone, so he didn’t even have people he chatted with in class. From the morning’s revision session until lunch, not one person came to disturb him, and thus he could only spend his time in this discussion room to cure his boredom.

While he was scrolling down, Chen Yueyang came across the latest update, and his stomach began to turn inside out.

233 lóu: @Anonymous

Supporters of the school ringleader, quit wasting your time here! According to a reliable source, Lian Yuxing from Shi Yan High School is planning a group attack on our ringleader this afternoon, hurry up and inform him! Tell him to hide and stay safe so he won’t end up with broken legs again!

After reading this update, a familiar face flitted across Chen Yueyang’s mind.

Lian Yuxing was the captain of the Shi Yan High School’s basketball team. He had come to Beijing during his sophomore year, but during that year because he joined the pro-league’s training camp, he ended up missing out on the finals of the regional tournament. After that, for some reason he kept coming and picking fights with Yi High, claiming that the Yi High basketball team had played dirty and that was how they won the tournament.

Of course, the two hot-headed youths barely exchanged a word with each other, and after locking eyes, they instantly broke out into a brawl. The fiasco was only halted when someone reported the incident to the police and the fight was broken up.

But this time, Chen Yueyang felt that it was a little different. He had this inkling that Lian Yuxing only had one thing on his mind in coming to Yi High, and that was for a fight.

If Lian Yuxing came across Shen Shicang in ‘his’ own body…

Chen Yueyang looked down at ‘his’ hands, the fingers were milky-white, supple and evenly separated at each knuckle. They were extremely attractive hands, but were hands that had no relation whatsoever to physical altercations, and he instantly felt his head begin to throb with foreboding.

Then, he stuffed his phone back into his pocket and dashed out of the classroom.

He ran like the wind, because this time, someone’s life was at stake.

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