After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 17

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Yi Zhong and the Experimental school have built a fierce rivalry between each other over the years.

Being the two highest ranking schools in the city,every year the two schools would challenge each other in all aspects such as, the grades of their students, the athletic achievements. But they would be especially competitive when it came to results day for their Da Kao (Chinese University Entrance Exam) results day, both scholl would hang large banners on their school gates.

On Yi Zhong’s banner was : Congratulations to the XXX students for being awarded the 20XXScience Champions.

And on the Experimental School’s banner was written: Congratulations to the XXX student for being awarded the 20XX Liberal Arts champions.

Chen Yue Yang had seen these two schools go at it ever since he was in primary school, and even as the eyes passed by, their rivalry never ended, instead it got even more intense which led them to actually take their sports seriously, which was never a priority in such an exam oriented high school society.

And after what Zhao Peng Xuan did just now, all the students from the Experimental School were amped up.

From the first time Lian Yu Xing came to see him at his school, Chen Yue Yang knew that Zhao Peng Xuan was not afraid to play dirty to get what he wanted, which is why he had asked Ying Song Ye to record the whole match.

When they were in their freshman year, Chen Yue Yang and Zhao Peng Xuan had practiced screening a lot, although he wasn’t very tall but he was very good at screening, he was also very good at flopping (acting as if he was fouled).

But his basketball skills were also quite good, and so he rarely ever flopped, so not many people knew he had this dirty trick up his sleeve.

Chen Yue Yang turned around and looked at the Experimental School’s students and said, “Everyone stay calm, see for yourselves whether it’s a foul or not.”

Chen Yue Yang usually speaks very casually to other people, the fact that he used such a tone in an environment as serious as this didn’t go down well with the students from the Experimental School, and Lian Yu Xing was pissed off at Shen Shi Cang, he stared at him with both his eyes filled with hatred.

Chen Yue Yang looked at Shen Shi Cang who still had both his hands in the air, Chen Yue Yang had never seen Shen Shi Cang this clueless before.

Then he turned and looked at Zhao Peng Xuan who was getting more and more anxious and sneered at him.

Chen Yue Yang gestured for Yin Song Ye to come down from the bleachers.

Yin Song Ye saw his President waving at him and quickly ran down to him with the video footage in his hand.

Just as he was about to press play, Chen Yue Yang asked him to wait.

Then he turned and called for Lian Yu Xing, “Come here you, why are you so nervous, let’s watch it together.”

It’s common belief that conflict only makes teenage boys grow closer, Chen Yue Yang and Lian Yu Xing were no different.

Lian Yu Xing was similar to Lu Ji Ping, but there were some differences between the two, such as his mysterious Northeastern accent, which Chen Yue Yang found very interesting.

Coupled with the stark contrast of Zhao Peng Xuan, and Lian Yu Xing’s fighting ability, Chen Yue Yang couldn't help but think, “If only these people were my brothers, why would they even follow that bastard Zhao Peng Xuan.”

“You’re all watching right,” Chen Yue Yang said as he pointed at Lian Yu Xing and Zhao Peng Xuan, “Now let’s see who is the shameless piece of trash that flopped.”

The referee who was shoved off the courts was screaming at the top of his lungs, “Shouldn't I be the one watching the replay!? Why the hell am I here?! Have you no respect for the referee?!”

Chen Yue Yang paused the video right before the flop and proposal slowed down the playback speed to 0.5, with every second that passed in the video, Zhao Peng Xuan’s face grew paler and paler.

Lian Yu Xing’s face on the other hand… it turned from being thunderously black to becoming as red as a tomato.

Northeastern men were generally very straightforward, when their friends were in trouble they would help without any hesitation, but when they found out their friends were cheats and scumbags, they would also act without hesitation.

Zhao Peng Xuan said softly, “Big brother…”

“Don’t fucking call me big brother!” Lian Yu Xin was absolutely fuming, “I actually thought you had been fouled, I never thought that you were a flopper.”

Zhao Peng Xuan gritted his teeth and tried to explain himself, “Listen to me, I didn’t --”

But before he finished his sentence, Lian Yu Xing cut him off.

His face was filled with anger and he bellowed back at him, “Shut up, you shameful piece of trash.”

“You four,” Lian Yu XIng pointed at the four other teammates, “Get this scum out of here, he’s tainted our reputation in front of so many people.”

He was vexed, as he thought about how this rascal had caused him to have two fights with Chen Yue Yang  (Although he didn’t win any), he felt more and more embarrassed.

His sword-like eyebrows had turned into Ma Hua (Chinese fried dough), his face began to blush as he walked towards the player in the number 4 jersey and bowed 90 degrees in front of him.

“Chen Yue Yang, sorry.”

Everyone was shocked…

Shen Shi Cang was stunned by this apology, Chen Yue Yang was astonished as well.

This person actually had more worth in him than he had thought.

He straightened his back and tapped on Shen Shi Cang’s shoulder, “After I deal with that fool, I’ll give you a treat, I have wronged you for so long.”

After the Experimental School’s boss had said his words, the other students didn’t care about the competition anymore.

Shen Shi Cang frowned and dodged Lian Yu Xing’s hand.

Shen Shi Cang realised that Northerners love using their hands when they talk.

Lian Yu Xing didn’t think much of this because it was him that hd come to pick a fight with Chen Yue Yang after being fed those blatant lies by Zhao Peng Xuan, he knew that it would take time for him to be forgiven.

And thus that was the end of the match, Lian Yu Xing led his brother back where they came from.

The moment they stepped out of the school gate, Lian Yu Xing heard someone calling him.

“Hey you! Hello!”

The voice had a faint  Taiwanese accent, and it sounded a bit crispy.

Lian Yu Xing turned around and saw a short youth who had small and white arms, he looked like a lotus root that had just been washed, he was holding a metal rod in his hand as he ran over.

At first glance Lian Yu Xing thought he was here for a fight, afterall throughout all his years whenever someone was running towards him with a metal rod it was not for a chit chat.  And he did wrong Chen Yue Yang, so it would be understandable if Chen Yue Yang had called for an attack.

But Lian Yu Xing felt something was wrong with this person.

Has Chen Yue Yang gone mad? What type of new fighting strategy is this? Attack on the already defeated enemy?

The youth ran up to him and said, “Hey you, you left this at the court, it’s yours.”

Lian Yu Xing was a bit shocked at first.

You ran all the way here with a metal rod in your hand not to fight but to give this back to me?!

Lian Yu Xing was about to swear at the youth but he remembered that he had wronged Chen Yue Yang in the past, so he let it go and swallowed his pride, “Thank You.”

The youth replied, “Hey you actually are really nice, I don’t know why people keep spreading rumours about how scary you are.”

Lian Yu Xing’s brothers were all stunned and said in their heart, “Watch what you say!!! The rumours are true!!”

Everyone knew how bad Lian Yu Xing’s temper was but he didn’t know why he couldn’t get mad at this youth in front of him.

The youth saw that Lian Yu Xing’s ears were red and said happily, “My name is Tao Yi Ran, can we be friends? I don’t have any friends that know how to fight.”

Lian Yu Xing’s brothers were speechless…

Lian Yu Xing was taken aback at first then he chuckled at his Taiwanese accent and said, “Ok since I don’t have any friends with good grades.”

His brothers, “Are you serious boss???”

After the match Chen Yue Yang rested for a few days.

The days passed and it was now September, freshmans and sophomores returned to school and the school went back into “Spring Festival” (Slang associated with very crowded places) mode.

It had been half a month since the two of them had switched bodies, and even the people that knew them the most in the Student Board and basketball team had gotten used to their “new” selves.

As the two of them grew closer to each other, the threads in the secret discussion room soon heated up once again.

After the person who had called himself the “passerby” posted a picture of Shen Shi Cang getting into Chen Yue Yang's luxurious car, students started to diss the supporters of both sides.

Chen Yue Yang was bored in his dorm and would often scroll through the threads.

For example --

XXX lou : Anonymous

Those of you who keep stirring up the past to confuse other people, I beg you, can you please wake up? If we were to get to the bottom of things between Shen Shi Cang and Chen Yue Yang even three days and three nights wouldn’t be enough, so stop reposting that picture!”

XXX lou: Anonymous

Can the loyal supporters of both sides please stop this nonsense? Three days and three nights? What do you think this is, <<The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion>>? I’ve been studying here for a year already and I’ve never seen them  fight let alone quarrel, how could there be beef between the two of them? Please stop this nonsense, it's getting super annoying.”

XXX lou: Anonymous

When you get to the bottom of things, Shen Shi Cang is the one who is taking advantage of Chen Yue Yang, when a man becomes a gold digger he can be worse than a girl gold digger, he could even get into the car of his mortal enemy, how much money could he possibly get from those scholarships, Shen Shi Cang definitely is a gold digger.”

XXX lou: The red armband will never be a slave

Shut up! Our president is no such person! It must’ve been Chen Yue Yang who made the first move!

XXX lou: Anonymous

Owh please, our boss has a refined taste, he wouldn’t make a move on that trash, just look at our boss’s birthday party, all the students from class 12 went and his friends from outside also came, but there was no Shen Shi Cang. So who made the first move? Come on, those with red armbands please have some sense of shame.

XXX lou: The red armband will never be a slave

Can you speak properly? Who’s taking advantage of who? How do you know your boss didn’t invite Shen Shi Cang? It could’ve been him that was rejected by Shen Shi Cang.

XXX lou: Anonymous

If the Red Armband has such thick skin, I’ll leave you with this, If Chen Yue Yang invites Shen Shi Cang, I’ll live stream myself swallowing 5 bottles of shampoo. The red arm band, do you dare to do that? Huh? Do you?

XXX lou: The Red Armband will never be a slave

There’s nothing we don’t dare to do, I’ll swear that if Shen Shi Cang goes to the party, I’ll live stream me copying the whole language textbook, from the freshman year to senior year edition.

Chen Yue Yang saw the two of them going head to head and died of laughter.

He didn’t know who that anonymous user was but he could guess who “The Red Armband will never be a slave” was, that cringy username resembled someone he knew in the Student Board.

Chen Yue Yang found this amusing and decided to join.

He came up with a couple juicy topics and sent them out, he couldn't care less about the ramifications.

XXXlou: The boss of Yi Zhong

I hereby invite Shen Shi Cang to my party.

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