After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 14

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As soon as he heard what Chen Yue Yang said, Shen Shi Cang’s hand tightened its grip on the doorknob.

He slammed the door to show his anger.

Upon seeing this, Chen Yue Yang raised his eyebrows in surprise. For many years, no one had dared to slam a door in front of him.

“Are you showing me your temper?” Chen Yue Yang said as he walked up to Shen Shi Cang, then he patted his shoulders and said, “Do you even know what you’ve done? Even if you get a beating for this you should count yourself lucky, and now you dare to show your temper?”

Shen Shi Cang took a step back and said, “I’m not used to it.”

Chen Yue Yang was confused.

Because he was used to holding his buddies by their shoulders and didn’t think much of it, only Shen Shi Cang had this problem of being overly sensitive. He could still remember when they were deskmates, he would use his arm to nudge Shen Shi Cang, and this would cause him to frown for half a period, he was acting like a girl from the ages of Neo-Confucianism.

Upon seeing how ruffled Shen Shi Cang’s feathers were, Chen Yue Yang decided to toy with him a little bit more.

Boys always seemed to gravitate towards such innocent and pure people, otherwise they would be known as Yang Guo (Famous male character in Chinese Wuxia novel) who had passed up many other beautiful women and stayed loyal to his wife Xiao Long Nu (Yang Guo’s master who ended up being his wife eventually). But Chen Yue Yang who was always thick skinned, had straightened up his act when he reached senior year, but now that he had met Shen Shi Cang, his mischievous true colors were being shown again.

Chen Yue Yang laughed, and said, “You need to see the whole picture first, if I touch you, then I’m just touching myself,” He said as he scratched his chest, before continuing, “You see, this, this is touching you.”

Shen Shi Cang was speechless…

Shen Shi Cang had always been a bit shy, and ever since he sat for an exam, he has always come in first place, if he wasn’t received praise at school, then he was just merely waiting to receive it, and he had always lived his life in a proper manner, there was never any flaws in his daily routine.

Up until the swapping of their souls…

Shen Shi Cang’s ear got red, then he grabbed Chen Yue Yang’s hand and said, “Stop it.”

Chen Yue Yang allowed him to do so but said, “I will stop, but only if you stop giving your cold shoulder.”

Chen Yue Yang didn’t know why, but he never liked how Shen Shi Cang kept on hiding himself from him, and after the two of them went to different classes, they had never been as close as when they were deskmates.

He originally couldn’t care less about his relationship with Shen Shi Cang. But everytime he would lay his eyes on Shen Shi Cang at the schoolyard, he would always feel a sudden urge to talk to him. But he never took the initiative to talk to Shen Shi Cang nor did Shen Shi Cang take the first step to approach him.

And with the emergence of all the rumours, the two of them grew further and further apart, separating the two of them with an uncrossable valley.

Chen Yue Yang was pissed off by the fact Shen Shi Cang was not answering him, so he said, “I’m talking to you, how can you ignore me, at least give a reply.”

Shen Shi Cang, “Uh-huh.”

Chen Yue Yang, “Very good, call me big brother.”

Shen Shi Cang was lost for words.

Realising that Chen Yue Yang was starting to be a nuisance again, Shen Shi Cang sighed, then he unbuttoned his sleeves and started to pack his bag for tomorrow's classes.

Chen Yue Yang didn’t persist in getting an answer from Shen Shi Cang, instead he walked up to him and brought up their age difference, “You better hurry up, I’m turning 18 next month, you’ll still be 17 right? I just went to your house today, and according to your driver, you are smaller than Cheng Ming Xi, Cheng Ming Xi has already called me elder brother, when do you plan on following suit?”

“You’ve been to the Shen family house?” Shen Shi Cang stopped what he was doing and turned around in an instant to interrupt Chen Yue Yang.

Chen Yue Yang looked at those light brown eyes that belonged to him, when he noticed that they kept on darkening, he got a bit nervous, “Uhm… yeah, sometime during the day your family’s chauffeur came to pick me up at school, I was supposed to go and apologize for beating up Cheng Ming Xi, it was your father’s orders.”

As the words had just come out of his mouth, Chen Yue Yang saw his light brown eyes light up in shock, then he felt Shen Shi Cang grabbing his shoulder while asking, “What did they do to you?!”

“Owh, don’t you worry,” Chen Yue Yang chuckled, before continuing, “Nothing much, when I entered your step mom shouted her head off at me, and your good for nothing younger brother flung a fist at me.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Shi Cang raised his voice again, “Are you hurt?!”

“Hahaha,” Chen Yue Yang found the shocked look on SHen Shi Cang’s face extremely funny, “You underestimate me, how could that midget Cheng Ming Xi do anything that would harm me?”

Shen Shi Cang didn’t say a word, as his stone cold emotionless face turned dead serious after hearing what Chen Yue Yang said, Chen Yue Yang felt uneasy.

Chen Yue Yang took a few steps backward, and for some reason he stopped looking at Shen Shi Cang, then he explained himself, “Don’t worry, you’re body doesn’t have a single scratch on it, after the ordeal, you’re brother came and arrange for someone to send me back here.”

Shen Shi Cang’s eyebrows flickered, his already pale lips became even more pale, and with a trembling voice he asked, “Shen Shi Wang…?”

Chen Yue Yang chuckled and restlessly said, “You see that’s the problem with you, you keep calling everyone by their names, he’s your own brother for crying out loud. And he’s so much older than you, even my brother who is just a few minutes older than me forces me to call him “elder brother” .”

After hearing what Chen Yue Yang said, Shen Shi Cang slumped back into his chair, those brown eyes were lost in a world of confusion and sorrow, he wasn’t looking at Chen Yue Yang, he was looking straight at the wall of their form,  he said in a sad voice, “He’s not my brother.”

Chen Yue Yang remembered how Shen Shi Wang reacted to him calling him “elder brother”, and quickly connected the dots, coming to the conclusion that something wasn’t right.

It seems to be that the swapping of souls was coated with silver linings.

Who would’ve thought that a delinquent like Chen Yue Yang would transform into an angel every time he went home and bring back first class results slips to show his parents.

And who would’ve thought that the model student Shen Shi Cang hada massive fallout with his own family causing him to run away from home, disown his own father and his own brother, and be forced to work at a construction site to make ends meet.

Just as Chen Yue Yang was thinking, Shen Shi Cang broke the silence, “During our freshman year, my mother passed.”

When he heard this, Chen Shi Cang frowned, because he remembered something that had happened that same year,

That day, he had been involved in a gang fight, his father had just returned from a business trip in Los Angeles, and was infuriated by his son’s actions. So, he took a leather belt and belted Chen Yue Yang, his tender skin turned bright red and he felt a spicy sensation travel throughout his back as the belt made contact. Although he did not bleed from the beating, but his wound swole, and after the blood started to flow again in that area, even if he were to wear a single piece of garment and stand in the icy cold field, he would not feel cold.

He slung his cotton jacket over his shoulder and headed to the park, it was to hot in his room, he needed to be somewhere more cooling, but as he was walking, under the light of the streetlamps, he saw a familiar face.

It was December in Beijing which meant that it was freezing, the young boy that was leaning against the fence was only wearing a thin overcoat, he wasn’t even in winter clothing.

Under the warm light, Chen Yue Yang saw a very attractive side view of the young boy, his eyes traveled from the young boy’s structured eyebrows to the bridge of his nose, then to his lips, then to his very prominent jaw line, this face looked like it had been drawn by the heavens.

The only thing that wasn’t right, was that there were tears flowing down this gorgeous face.

Shen Shi Cang had skin as fair as snow, when he got angry the tip of his nose and  his cheeks would turn slightly red, who knew that when he cried the tip of his nose would turn bright red.

“Hey!” Chen Yue Yang exclaimed as he saw him, then he continued, “You’re not crying because of what happened in the afternoon are you?  How childish!”

He had always been very playful, and would always find a way to ruffle Shen Shi Cang’s feathers.

During the morning Beijing had its first snowy day of the year, it continued until the afternoon, and there were thick blankets of snow throughout the city.

Ever Since they had met each other, Chen Yue Yang had never seen any sort of expression on Shen Shi Cang’s face, until the day he saw Shen Shi Cang looking out at the snowflakes falling, he saw Shen Shi Cang’s whole face light up in joy.

Once the recess bell rang, Shen Shi Cang rushed out of the classroom.

This was the first time Chen Yue Yang saw Shen Shi Cang leave the classroom so eagerly, in the past he used to always stay back and arrange his notes, or he would read up on the upcoming subject.

Their classroom was on the first floor, and Chen Yue Yang just so happened to occupy the desk near the window, outside the snow was falling gracefully from the sky.

In a matter of seconds, Chen Yue Yang saw Shen Shi Cang looking starry eyed at the snow, then he reached out his hand which was as fair as snow and gently held the snowflake in his hand, his eyes were brightly lit with joy.

The first thought that came to Chen Yue Yang’s mind was, “Is he holding snow? Why does it look like he’s holding a precious stone worth a million dollars?”

But what he didn’t know was that Shen Shi Cang had grown up in Hong Kong, and he had seen many precious stones before, but snow… this was his first time seeing snow, and there was so much of it!

“Eh eh eh Guan Zhe!” Chen Yue Yang said as if he had made a stunning discovery, “Look in front!”

Guan Zhe was sleeping so soundly when he was awoken by someone tugging his uniform and shouting at him, he slowly opened his eyes and said, “It’s only snow, what’s the big deal…”

Chen Yue Yang pulled him over as if he had found a chest filled with treasure, he said softly but his voice was filled with excitement, “Who cares about the snow, look at those Southerners playing in the snow!”

Guan Zhe followed in the direction that Chen Yue Yang’s finger pointed at, his eyes widened as he saw Shen Shi Cang having an absolute blast in the snow, this sight stunned him speechless.

And apart from Shen Shi Cang, there were some other students from the other classes, it seemed as if they were all “nerds”, they wore glasses, their uniforms were all tucked in neatly and their hair was prim and proper, exactly what a model student would look like.

And all these students were all screaming in Cantonese as they played in the snow....

“Ahhhhhhh I want to build a snowman!”

“Snow really is so cold and white!”

“Wow! Look, it’s a snowflake! It has 6 corners! It looks so beautiful!!!”

That wasn’t all, there was one student who walked up to a fresh blanket of snow and just threw himself into it, and started rolling around in the snow as he laughed happily.

“Holy! Shit!” Guan Zhe couldn’t control himself, “Those Southerners really are something else.”

Chen Yue Yang patted Guan Zhe on the back and said, “I think, we ought to teach them how to play properly in the snow.”

Guan Zhe, “... huh?”

Chen Yue Yang saw that some of the students were having a snowball fight, they were playing as gently as the Male lead flirting with the female lead in korean dramas, it was so unmanly, even if they had said some korean like “Oppa ~ Kajima” it would still be a disgusting sight in Chen Yue Yang’s eyes.

Let’s show these Hongkies how a real snowball fight is fought.

Chen Yue Yang opened the window, and he didn’t even have to stretch those long legs of his before he could reach the outer ledge, he turned around and told Guan Zhe, “Help me close the window,” then he jumped off the ledge.

The first floor wasn’t that high up, and Chen Yue Yang had been jumping over the huge school main gate all along, so this was no big jump for him.

He jumped into the parterre, scooped up a big pile of snow, then he skillfully squeezed the scattered white snow into a fist-sized snowball. Then walked straight towards Shen Shi Cang.

Maybe Shen Shi Cang had already lost himself in this amazing winter wonderland, and was obvious to what was coming for him.

Before he could even react, Chen Yue Yang had already yanked his uniform and jacket upwards exposing his bare chest, then he smacked the humongous snowball right on Shen Shi Cang’s bare chest.

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