After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 13

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Cheng Hui Si never thought that Shen Shi Cang would ever come back.

Last night, she and her son had spewed countless insults aimed at Shen Shi Cang in front of Liu Cheng Hai, maybe Liu Cheng Hai knew that there were still two major shareholders in the Shen company that hadn’t been settled, thus he didn’t dare to show his temper, which was why he had asked for one of his butlers to try and get Shen Shi Cang to make a personal apology.

But he knew that his plan would never be successful, everyone knew that Shen Shi Cang had disowned himself from Liu Cheng Hai and had left the family a long time ago.

Compared to Shen Shi Wang, Cheng Hui Si hated Shen Shi Cang more, if it weren't for the fact that Shen Yue Mei gave birth so quickly, she wouldn’t have needed to wait so long before marrying Liu Cheng Hai.

So she was already filled with anger and on top of that her beloved son was punched by him last night, that’s why she scolded him the moment she saw him at the Shen Family house.

Besides, she knew what Shen Shi Cang’s temper was like, it was exactly like Shen Yue Mei’s, to them she was untouchable, and there was still Cheng Ming Xi at home and so many servants, which was more than enough to deal with  Shen Shi Cang

What Cheng Hu Si was unaware of was that the young man standing in front of her was not the one she used to know, although his body looked the same, his soul was the soul that belonged to Yi Zhong’s ringleader - Chen Yue Yang.

Chen Yue Yang swore by this motto, “If I can handle it I will control myself, but if they cross the line, I’ll put them in their place,” he had just been insulted by someone who was clearly no better than him, how could he ever let that slide?

“Before calling me names, how about you take a good long look at yourself in the mirror,” Chen Yue Yang said without a sense of respect, “ However bad I am, at least I was not born out of wedlock, I’m not sure I can say the same about your son… What should we call him then?”

“Why you!” Cheng Hu Si was vexed by his words.

Seeing that his mother was infuriated Cheng Ming Xi stepped in and said, “Shen Shi Cang! You’ve crossed the line!”

As he said that he rushed forward towards Chen Yue Yang, Chen Yue Yang doged his punch with ease and flipped Cheng Ming Xi on his back, then he placed him in an armlock and pinned him on the ground with his knee. He then pressed Cheng Ming Xi’s head against the coffee table and said, “A useless mistress and her bastard son want to bad mouth me, what a joke!”

Cheng Hui Si realised that they were in trouble and ordered the servants to step in, “Hey! Are you all dead?! Go and get that piece of trash!”

“Nobody move,” Chen Yue Yang picked up a glass cup and smashed it against the table, then he pointed the razor sharp end of the broken glass at Cheng Ming Xi’s eye, “If anyone moves, I’ll slice his face open like a hot knife through butter!”

Seeing this, nobody dared to move.

Cheng Hui Si’s hands shook as she called her husband, she was in tears when he told him what had happened, all her makeup had been wasted, her black mascara and eyeliner had rolled down in a scary streak, which was totally different from how she looked like before the incident.

Chen Yue Yang said in a deep and commanding voice, “Apologize.”

Cheng Hui Si thought she had misheard him, so she asked, “Huh? What did you say? You want us to apologize?”

Chen Yue Yang said, “Yes, I want you two to apologize to Shen Shi Cang now!”

As he said this he brought the razor sharp glass even closer to Cheng Ming Xi’s eye.

Cheng Ming Xi gave in first, “I...I was wrong! I’m sorry!”

“What about you?” Chen Yue Yang raised his head and asked Cheng Hui Si.

“S...Sorry…” Cheng Hui Si’s eyes were fixed on her son, as she reluctantly said what he wanted to hear.

Her face was already pale, she could not believe what was happening.

She could remember that last time she saw Shen Shi Cang was in the hospital, that time Shen Yue Mei had just been admitted into the hospital due to a terminal illness, Cheng Hui Si walked into the hospital like a trophy hunter looking for his next victim, when she reached Shen Yue Mei’s ward, she saw a woman hooked up to an oxygen mask accompanied by her quiet son, that sight instantly made her day.

It seemed like just a blink of an eye, and now that quiet boy had turned into a beast with claws that had returned to claim what was rightfully his.

Chen Yue Yang squinted his eyes, and felt that just an apology would not suffice, so he said, “Do you know how to recite the Dizi Gui ( Chinese guidelines for living in harmony with others)”

Cheng Hui Si, “No… No I don’t…”

Chen Yue Yang, “What about the Three Character Classic (Chinese Classic Text)

Cheng Hui Si, “Men at birth, are naturally good…?”

Cheng Yue Yang, “I meant the whole thing.”

Cheng Hui Si, “I don’t know how to…”

Everyone there, including a few of their servants were shocked by what Chen Yue Yang had said.

Seeing how this case of domestic violence was quickly turning into a joke to Chen Yue Yang, all the other people were dying of laughter on the inside.

“Go and get two newspapers,” Chen Yue Yang said to the lady watching a movie, “It needs to be the Legal Paper (Chinese Newspaper).”

The lady, “...ok.”

When the lady came back with the newspaper, Chen Yue Yang looked at Cheng Hui Si and gestured with his chin while saying, “Give it to her.”

Cheng Hui Si looked at her son, then she bit her lips and took the newspaper.

Chen Yue Yang said, “ You, go to the corner of this room and start reading aloud the newspaper from the first page till the last, and don’t even think about stopping until I say so.”

Everyone was shocked.

Cheng Hui Si, “What do you mean?!”

Chen Yue Yang smiled, then he knee jabbed the back of Cheng Ming Xi, he cried out in pain, a gesture that was a mere glimpse of what would happen if Cheng Hui Si defied him, “I’m teaching you how to be a good human, understand?”

Cheng Hui Si was lost for words.

But as she looked at her son, she knew she had no choice but to comply.

After seeing that she was reading from the newspaper, he felt that the act of pinning Cheng Ming Xi was a bit tiring, so he reached for a ribbon that was hanging from an ornament on the coffee table, then he tied Cheng Ming Xi’s wrists to the armrest of the sofa.

He had already been fighting before even going to high school to him, tying people up to restrain them and fighting with his fists were as easy as ABC, not even wild boar could undo his knots.

Chen Yue Yang picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, he chose an apple from the fruit bowl and started munching away while he watched his favourite basketball team play.

He just couldn’t stand how badly Shen Shi Cang was being treated by those two fools, how dare they raise his voice at him, how could they ever bully a highly educated gentle being?

Looking at how Cheng Ming Xi and his mother would’ve treated Shen Shi Cang today, Chen Yue Yang assumed that it was the norm in the Shen’s house.Today,he helped him gain power in Shen's house, which was his way of saying thank you for accompanying his grandmother.

But… he still did not know what happened between Shen Shi Cang and Liu Cheng Hai.

Because of family relations, Chen Yue Yang occasionally met Liu Cheng Hai at the birthday banquets of other uncles or at business banquets. Although they had never spoken to each other before, Chen Yue Yang had a good first impression of Liu Cheng Hai.

Besides, after living with Chen Ming, who was accustomed to using his belt on his children, whenever Chen Yue Yang saw elders who were kindly smiling, he would inevitably have a good feeling about them.

But, before the arrival of Liu Cheng Hai, someone else came.

He was wearing a black well tailored suit, his shoulders were broad but he had a narrow waist, he had a pair of long legs wrapped around by a slim fit dress pant, this person was very pleasing on the eye. Especially his round eyes which looked like stars in the night sky, he had deep eye sockets, a high nose bridge and think lips, and on top of all that he stood at an imposing 6 ft 2, Chen Yue Yang couldn’t help but admit that, “This guy was fucking handsome.”

When he walked in all the servant would either call him “Big Master” or “Chairman Shen”.

Owh, so this is Shen Shi Wang.

No wonder why he felt that those eyebrows were familiar, this guy was just a carbon copy of Shen Shi Cang.

They were from the same mother, of course they would look alike.

Chen Yue Yang kicked aside Cheng Ming Xi with his leg and turned off the TV, he got up from the sofa and nervously said, “Big brother…”

As the words came out of his mouth, Chen Yue Yang heard everyone in the room gasp in shock, even Cheng Hui Si who was still reading the newspapers was stunned, it was like they had seen a ghost.

Did… he do something wrong…?

Chen Yue Yang couldn’t help but frown and guess what he did wrong.

But before anyone could say anything, Shen Shi Wang said to him, “Let’s go out and talk.”

Chen Yue Yang looked at Shen Shi Wang’s tall and big figure walk away, then he looked around at all the other people in the room who were as equally confused as he was, with a stomach full of doubt he followed Shen Shi Wang outside.

Just as they had opened the door, Chen Yue Yang saw that Shen Shi Wang’s eyes were tearing up.

Chen Yue Yang was confused.

Although he wasn’t full on crying yet,  his eyes were already all red like a rabbit. In addition, the skin of the two brothers of the Shen family were very fair. Now Shen Shi Wang's nose was red, and Chen Yueyang felt even more confused.

He walked up to Shen Shi Wang and frowned at him with a head filled with questions.

Shen Shi Wang looked back at him, it was like he was choking on his own tongue when he said, “Call me that one more time.”

Chen Yue Yang had been coldhearted ever since he was a child,  so immune to emotion that when Chen Ming used a belt to discipline him, he would never ever even shed a tear.

Because since young he believed that “Real men don’t cry, they bleed.” .

So when a mountain of a man like Shen Shi Wang started tearing up in front of him, he was a bit confused to say the least.

He snapped out of it and called him once again “Elder brother.”

And just like that a flow of tears were about to come rushing down Shen Shi Wang’s handsome face.

Chen Yue Yang felt a little guilty.

Hey bro, please don’t  cry!!!

Shen Shi Cang come here and stop your elder brother from crying!!!

But luckily the tears just went in circles in his eyes and never came down.

Shortly later, when Chen Yue Yang was still looking at Shen Shi Wang’s eyes, Shen Shi Wang placed a bank card in his hands and said, “Shi Cang, I’m so happy that you still see me as your brother, it doesn't matter if you don’t want to come home, there’s enough money for you to spend in this card, the password is your birthday.”

Chen Yue Yang : ? ? ?

And so he held on to the bank card and got into the car that Shen Shi Wang had arranged for to send him back to school.

When he got back to his dorm, he still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

He just could not believe what both the Shen brothers had done.

Before leaving, Shen Shi Wang had said to not worry about the matters of the Shen family, Chen Yue Yang decifred what Shen Shi Wang had said and came to the  conclusion that Shen Shi Cang was a runaway.

What on earth was going on?!

The number one scholar lord in Yi Zhong, the student that all teachers loved, the child that every parents wished their child was, the student who won so many scholarships, was actually a rebel and a RUNAWAY !!!

Chen Yue Yang kept on thinking about why he chose to run away,  but just could not seem to find an answer.

It was only after dinner that Shen Shi Cang came back.

The moment he heard the door opening, Chen Yue Yang jumped out of his bed and blocked the doorway, then he asked in a deep voice, “Shen Shi Cang, why did you run away from home?”

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