After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis

(Arch-N) Chapter 11

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Of all the seventeen years he had been living, this was the first time someone said something like that to Chen Yueyang.

Although he was a delinquent and he was used to throwing around profanities, if somebody said that he was “exchanging his body for money” he would never let that slide.

So the hot headed punk of No. 1 High landed a well weighted punch right on Cheng Mingxi’s face, as he said, “If you can’t stop talking trash, shut the hell up!”

Cheng Mingxi slumped down and backwards in a limp motion, it took the help of all four of his followers to prevent him from falling head first onto the hard concrete.

He looked up and was in disbelief that someone had just punched him, he said furiously, “Why you little rascal, how dare you hit me?!”

Cheng Mingxi had never thought that Shen Shicang was capable of violence, he had always thought that Shen Shicang was no more than a nerd, thus he didn’t expect any retaliation when he said what he said, but this time he was met with a powerful right hook that left him in a daze.

Chen Yueyang walked up to Cheng Mingxi and pulled him by his hair, he just couldn’t stand that disgusting hair colour.

Cheng Mingxi lifted his head to prevent his precious hair from being pulled out, he looked up as Chen Yueyang gave his hair a tug and all he saw was Chen Yueyang’s arm raising high in the sky before coming straight down for his neck like a lighting bolt, the swift strike sending him straight to the ground.

Chen Yueyang held Cheng Mingxi’s limp body by his collar and gently tapped his face, I said, “If you can’t stop talking trash, just shut the hell up.”

Seeing how easily their boss was dispatched, the four followers didn’t dare to take Chen Yueyang on.

Cheng Mingxi looked at his useless “brothers” and was infuriated, but all he could do now was to submit to Shen Shicang, “Ok, ok ok, sorry !”

“Stop it,” Shen Shicang said as he saw the helpless Cheng Mingxi being beaten to a pulp, he felt sorry for him, “Let’s go in.”

Chen Yueyang was unsatisfied and let out a “Qie” (Chinese Word used to show frustration.), so he shoved Cheng Mingxi aside and decided to leave him alone.

But to his surprise, when Shen Shicang walked past him, Cheng Mingxi’s eyes lit him, and he crawled over to Shen Shicang and clung onto his leg.

“Boss! You’re finally here!” He shamelessly said, with no sense of dignity or pride he continued, “Boss! He hit me!”

Both Shen Shicang and Chen Yueyang didn’t know what to say…

Chen Yueyang was about to go crazy, do you even deserve to colour your hair that way?! Does being a thug in your eyes mean that you report every little incident to your teacher?

Shen Shicang couldn't care less about Cheng Mingxi and just walked straight into the nightclub without looking at him.

Chen Yueyang’s head was starting to fill with malevolent thoughts after seeing how helpless Cheng Mingxi was.

In the past whenever he came to the Starry Night nightclub, Cheng Mingxi had an unlimited flow of drinks, which he used to flex on and flirt with almost every single girl in the club, luckily he had found out and was able to stop Cheng Mingxi’s shameless act.

Cheng Mingxi wasn’t a rich kid, he relied solely on his highly capable mother, he had only got rich through a tremendous amount of good fortune. Cheng Mingxi’s stepfather, Liu Cheng Hai, had a lot of business dealings with the Chen family. In addition, Cheng Mingxi himself had always pledged his loyalty to Chen Yueyang. Therefore, Chen Yueyang had to consider the repercussions to the Chen family business if he decided to put Cheng Mingxi in his place, he wasn’t willing to see his father’s face again over a petty incident like this.

But he just remembered that he was no longer Chen Yueyang, he was now Shen Shicang, so he could disregard the family ties between the Chen and Liu families.

Chen Yueyang pulled over Cheng Mingxi’s shoulder and said, “Why did you tell him that just now?! Did you really think he would help you?!”

Cheng Mingxi furiously shoved him aside and asked, “You! You! What on earth is going on with you and Chen Yueyang!?”

Cheng Mingxi couldn’t believe what had just happened, first things first, since when was Shen Shicang so violent, and secondly, how come when he pleaded for help from his boss, his boss just walked past him like he didn’t exist.

In the past whenever he called Chen Yueyang elder brother, Chen Yueyang would almost always respond,  even though Chen Yueyang wasn’t as friendly to him compared to Lu Ji Ping and Guan Zhe, but he would always respond, how come he was so different today?

And it had been almost half a year since Chen Yueyang had been to the Starry Night, and now he shows up with Shen Shicang all high and mighty… it seems as if everything has to do with his relationship with Shen Shicang.

Cheng Mingxi continued, “Chen Yueyang does not belong with someone of your standard, if you were as smart as people say you are, you better distance yourself from him.”

Cheng Mingxi was originally going to ask Shen Shicang to get lost, but after being hit so hard, he wanted some revenge.

After hearing what Cheng Mingxi said, Chen Yueyang asked, “What do you mean by that? How do you know that he is out of my league?”

Cheng Mingxi pursed his lips then continued, “Well you see… no matter how big the Shen family gets, they will still be under the control of my father, do you really think your status is equal to Chen Yueyang’s, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth?”

After listening to Cheng Mingxi’s explanation, Chen Yueyang found it hard to deny the facts.

The words that came out of Cheng Mingxi’s mouth carried a lot of meaning with them.

Chen Yueyang knew a bit about the Shen family.

Old Master Shen  was still deeply in love with his already deceased wife and had not remarried ever since, single handedly raising his daughter.

His daughter, Shen Yue Zhen was always interested in music ever since birth, she was an amazing pianist, but when it came to business, it was obvious that it wasn’t her cup of tea, thus Liu Cheng Hai was married into the family business in an effort to save the business from turmoil.

Liu Cheng Hai was very business oriented, and as the son in law he was left in charge of the business after the passing of Old Master Shen, and ever since then nobody has challenged him for the spot.

But if Cheng Mingxi’s words were true, then Shen Shicang should be…

Chen Yueyang was intrigued and urged Cheng Mingxi to continue, “Go on, what else do you know about me?”

Cheng Mingxi couldn’t help himself, “Just stop wasting your efforts, Chen Yueyang will never approve of you.”

“Look here little brother, I think that you shouldn’t keep running your mouth whenever and wherever you like, or else you might just get beat up,” Chen Yueyang said while he tapped Cheng Mingxi’s shoulder, “What if Chen Yueyang approves of me, what will you do then?”

Cheng Mingxi laughed, “Approves of you? How in the world…? Okay maybe you do look good, there’s no denying that, but will he really pass up on all the pretty girls in the nightclub that surround him all day for someone like you? Do you really think he would rather spend money on you than all those girls? I don’t think so.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you were that bright!” Chen Yueyang said as he patted Cheng Mingxi’s chest, “The exact reason he came here with me tonight, is that he wants to spend his money on me, you fool.”

Cheng Mingxi, “Yeah right, keep dreaming.”

Cheng Yue Yang, “I’m dead serious, wanna place a bet?”

Cheng Mingxi, “What’s on the table?”

Cheng Yue Yang gestured for Cheng Mingxi’s followers to come closer, he wanted them to act as witnesses, “Ok it’s a fair bet, let’s say Chen Yueyang spends money on me, then you lose and you have to run around the whole club shirtless while shouting “I am a pervert”. Ok?”

Cheng Mingxi, “Then what if you lose?”

Chen Yueyang said with a serious voice, “I won’t, anyways just to be fair, if I lose, then I’ll strip down totally naked and run around saying “I am Cheng Mingxi”.”

Cheng Mingxi was lost for words

His followers all laughed at Chen Yueyang's suggestion.

Cheng Mingxi was just about to say something, but Chen Yueyang dragged him by his shoulder into the club, hence he had no choice but to swallow those words he was about to say.

His four followers didn’t want to miss out on the action and curiously followed their boss into the club.

Chen Yueyang looked at Shen Shicang and whispered to Cheng Mingxi, “Hey, little brother, how much money does he have to spend on me in order for me to win?”

Cheng Mingxi thought for a second then said, “At least two bottles of Louis XIII, I think you are being a bit cocky to be honest.”

Louis XIII was going for about 10 K RMB (Chinese currency) per bottle.

“Owh is that so…” Cheng Yue Yang nodded then he pushed Cheng Mingxi aside and walked up to Shen Shicang who was standing at the counter. He looked at the bartender and said, “Ok, give me 20 bottles of Louis XIII.”

The bar \tender and Cheng Mingxi were stunned.

Shen Shicang was shocked as well but he quickly snapped out of it and said, “9 bottles would suffice.”

A part timer working at the club could only earn around 100k per month, 20 bottles of Louis XIII was more than two months worth of work.

Chen Yueyang frowned and said, “What’s the big deal, give me the card.”

Before Shen Shicang even had a chance to react, Chen Yueyang reached into Shen Shicang’s pocket and brought out his wallet.

Then he nonchalantly chose a credit card and slid it across the smooth marble surface towards the bartender and said, “20 bottles, all in my name.”

“Huh...ok.” The bartender was shocked by this insane amount of Louis XIII, he took a while before he snapped out of it and wrote Shen Shicang’s name on the receipt.

Cheng Mingxi watched on from the side in absolute shock.

He carefully looked at the punk who used to spend his money like it grew on trees. At this moment, he was standing there quietly not moving a muscle. The hostility that was once familiar to him was replaced by a completely different cold temperament, which seemed extremely strange. .

And the person standing beside him… was arrogantly entering his pin code into the point of sales machine.

Was this… was this a robbery?! Boss! Brother Yang! Chen Yueyang! You are being robbed! Why would you let him do that to you?!

Cheng Mingxi looked on in silence as the receipt for an order of 20 bottles of  Louis XII was being printed out, he couldn’t help but take out his phone and take a picture.

After all, this wasn’t something you see everyday.

Chen Yueyang shoved the receipt into his pocket, and walked towards Cheng Mingxi with an extra spring in his step, his mouth said nothing but his face had said it all.

Five pairs of eyes looked over, even if Cheng Mingxi regretted it, he was not a sore loser, so he paid the forfeit which was to run around the club shirtless screaming “I am a pervert.”

Chen Yueyang and Shen Shicang walked out of the nightclub with ten bottles of Louis XIII each.

After they had loaded the alcohol into the car, Chen Yueyang hurried Shen Shicang to go home, while he himself ran towards the double R BMW that his butler had sent here, he was heading back to school.

But, when Shen Shicang was about to get in he turned back towards Chen Yueyang and said, “About what happened tonight…”

Chen Yueyang cut in, “Yea? About Cheng Mingxi? It’s no biggie, he started it, I just finished it.”

Shen Shicang noticed how Chen Yueyang couldn’t care less about it and decided to drop the matter, although he wanted to continue.

Chen Yueyang never seemed to pick up on Shen Shicang’s hints, and he continued to ask, “I have something to ask you, are you Shen Yue Mei’s son?”

Shen Shicang hesitated before letting out a grunt.

After confirming his suspicions, Chen Yueyang was shocked

After just guessing and guessing, they were really determined that Shen Shicang was from  the Shen family, if Chen Yueyang said he was not shocked, he must be lying.

If he really was from a well-to-do family, why did he have to work at a construction site during the holidays and why did he have to work at a nightclub during the weekends???

He couldn't believe that Liu Cheng Hai would treat his own son like this. How could he not hesitate to splash the cash on his useless stepson Cheng Mingxi but treat his own flesh so badly.

Then Chen Yueyang continued to ask, “Is it because of Cheng Mingxi? If it is I can take care of that wimp, I mean don’t tell me that you always want to be living in the---”

“Chen Yueyang, “Shen Shicang cut him off and said in a cold voice, “Don’t be a busy body.”

Chen Yueyang was stunned

Oh please, as if anyone cared about you.

Chen Yueyang glared at him, then he pushed him and said “You had better accompany my grandmother this weekend,” before riding off on his superbike.

Shen Shicang watched as he sped off, with a mind filled with confusion.

He didn’t say a word and entered the car, the chauffeur saw his distress but didn’t dare say a word, and it stayed that way throughout the entire journey back.

At around 12 midnight, both Lu Fengzhi and Wang Mei Xiu had gone to bed.

Shen Shicang walked into the kitchen, he opened the kitchen cabinet and searched high and low for the teacup Lu Fengzhi had drank from just now, but to his surprise all the cups looked exactly the same.

When he returned to Chen Yueyang’s bedroom, he took out a small piece of wrapped up paper from his pocket, he turned on the light and inside the paper were small pieces of a white substance which he guessed to be some sort of medicine.

As he looked at the substance his heart grew heavy.

This substance was found in the tea that was served to Lu Fengzhi.

In a surprising turn of events, he was the one that had to take charge of the Chen family's affairs.

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