“Thief! Thief!”

A sharp female voice echoed throughout the busy neon-lit street.

Chen Yueyang raised his head, and saw a middle aged woman clad in a dark red dress.

She was wearing high-heeled shoes and was struggling to keep up with a motorbike that was speeding off.

In recent years, the public safety levels in Beijing had been on a steady rise, so it had been a long time since snatch snatch thieves had dared to appear in this part of China.

After dialing 110 on his mobile, he stuffed his Bluetooth earphones in his pocket and raced towards his own motorbike, and made a mad dash to intercept the snatch thieves  that were on the brink of escape.

The snatch thieves were riding a measly common motorbike that was completely no match for Chen Yueyang’s S1000RR BMW superbike. He was known as ‘The Cancer’ of Beijing’s high schools and was an expert at motorcycle riding. In a matter of seconds, the Royal Blue double R BMW superbike had the snatch thieves cornered in a narrow back alley.

The two men got down from their motorbike and gave him a quick once-over. They thought that they could easily beat Yue Yang up as it was a 2v1 situation, but after a few seconds of random punches and shoves they were quickly dispatched by the school bully and darted off in fear.

Chen Yueyang quickly began to pursue them, all the way up to when he reached a sweltering construction site.

In the dark of the night, Chen Yueyang squinted his eyes to see where the duo had gone, then he saw a familiar face, and after a few seconds upon confirmation that it was a new face, he shouted, “Hey! Those two fellows in front are snatch thieves! Stop them now!”

The person seemed to believe him, and without any hesitation, the guy picked up a brick and charged at one of the snatch thieves. He smashed his head with the brick, knocking him out cold.

The other snatch thief panicked and turned toward the way he came, but he was met with a well-timed kick from Chen Yueyang who was right behind them.

The two big-sized guys effortlessly pinned the snatch thieves to the ground, then Chen Yueyang looked at the other guy's unchanged cold and icy expression, “Who’d have guessed I’d end up meeting you while doing good huh? What are the odds of meeting you in such circumstances, what are you doing here anyways?”

“Making a living.”


“I’m working part-time to earn some money during the holidays.”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Chen Yueyang said,

“Shen Shicang.” Chen Yueyang said reluctantly, then he sighed heavily and said, “Your part-time job sounds meaningful.”

It was hard for Chen Yueyang not to feel so intrigued at the fact that Shen Shicang was working part time. This was partly due to his looks, from head-to-toe every cell of this guy oozed that aura of ethereal, icy-cold aloofness, as though he had no material desires at all. Shicang looked like a sophisticated and upper-class scholar, what’s more he was in the first class of the school’s science stream. On top of that, he was both the class monitor and the president of the student council. The mere thought of a link between Shicang and working as a brick-mover was utterly impossible to fathom.

Shen Shicang was not a very chatty fellow himself, so Chen Yueyang decided to keep his mouth shut too.

The two of them had once been classmates during their freshman year. This was before they had separated into classes according to their streams.

Back then, Chen Yueyang had been even big headed than he was now. Basically, he had been nothing short of a fool. Many a time he had either knowingly or unknowingly pissed off Shen Shicang, the result of which was a grudge that until now, Shen Shicang still held against him. Whenever Shen Shicang caught sight of Chen Yueyang, his expression would turn sour, and he would not even deign to talk to such a meathead.

Unsurprisingly just like how Shen Shicang, the straight-A student, who had held the San Hao scholarship for years, hated him; the wall-climbing-fist-fighting-truant-playing-club-going Chen Yueyang felt exactly the same way about Shen Shicang.

As the saying goes, those who can’t discuss the same topics, tend to not have much to say, regardless of how talkative and outgoing Chen Yueyang usually was; when he was faced with Shen Shicang’s “icy-cold impassionate personality”, he could not even utter a friendly word.

The two of them held out for only a little longer, before the police arrived to take the thieves into custody.

Putting the thieves behind bars, contacting the owner of the stolen items and cleaning up the scene; all these they left in the good hands of the police ‘uncles’.

Then, the two heros were brought to the police station to have their statements recorded.

The whole ordeal was supposed to come to an end then and there, but suddenly a piece of scaffolding came crashing down towards them.

As the two got back on their feet, a sudden bright flash lit up the night sky. And the piece of scaffolding that was about to fall onto the heads of Chen Yueyang and Shen Shicang was broken in two! Loud rumbles of thunder accompanied this, stunned everyone in the vicinity.

Clad in a long white coat the doctor looked down at the youth and mumbled, “My oh my, you look very young... What year are you in now? I heard you helped chase and apprehend two snatch thieves, you have a very kind heart young man... If only my children were like you…”

The young man sitting opposite the doctor had a pair of delicately arched eyebrows and even his rough construction wear did not affect his charming image.

His porcelain skin was complemented by his shiny dark pupils, along with his aquiline nose, thin dusty-pink lips.

The strange thing was, that even though he looked so cultured and well mannered, a wild, rebellious and adventurous aura seemed to emanate from him.

He impatiently cut the doctor short and asked, “There’s nothing wrong with my head is there?”

The doctor replied immediately, “Nothing at all, the results from the CT scan show that your head is absolutely the way it should be. Oh, that’s right, I need to verify your medical history, could you please state your name.”

“Chen Yueyang.”

At that very moment, in the ward next door.

The young man sat pencil-straight on the chair, he was clad in a insanely pricey designer outfit consisting of a white shirt, black pants and black shoes. His fringe of hair was combed back and slick with hair-gel, giving an optical illusion of him being even taller than he already was.

He opened his peach-blossom eyes which were filled with emotion and charisma, his red lips were almost too red, and his eyebrows were lightly groomed. When he looked at people, something invisible seemed to reach out, and that made his gaze vibrant and engaging.

At first glance, people might think that he was the young master of some wealthy family, but upon closer inspection that wasn’t really the case.

This young man was silent but polite. The unique temperament of a top student that just could not be hidden by any amount of excessive hair product.

The doctor said to him: "Your CT scan results show that everything is normal, please confirm your name and you may leave the hospital."

The doctor found it hard to be warm while talking to someone who was wearing a pair of shoes that had the same value as half of his annual income.

“Shen Shicang.”

“Owh, I see there must have been a mix up in the medical cards.”

Mix up my a**.

Chen Yueyang threw the medical record card onto the road, and pummelled the handlebar of his Double R BMW, his frustration was close to giving him a heart attack.

Shen Shicang seemed to be handling the situation much better than he was.

Chen Yueyang looked at the handsome face with no expression, and thought to himself, Who knows whether he is just pretending to be calm, but really is just as clueless and frustrated as I am.

Nobody knew why they had turned out like this, and nobody knew how to get them back to normal.

To be precise but blunt, Chen Yueyang and Shen Shicang had swapped bodies.

“Let’s go back to the dorm.” Shen Shicang broke the silence.

After hearing that, Chen Yueyang almost lost it, “How on earth are we supposed to go back to school like this?!”

Although it was mid-August, which happened to be the busiest vacation time, for seniors however, holidays were almost non-existent.

At 7am on August 16th, the seniors would start their morning self-study session.

Being one of the most highly ranked high schools in the nation, and to place less burden on the parents and students, the school authorities had decided to prepare dorms for the students. Although staying in the dorms was not compulsory, but in order to save precious time almost all the students opted to stay there.

And the day before school reopened, was naturally the day when the students would return to their respective dorms.

But with Chen Yueyang majoring in arts and Shen Shicang majoring in science, even their classrooms were so far apart that their dorms were naturally even further away.

Chen Yueyang looked at the time on his phone, it was already very late. Presumably his stupid roommates had already returned to their respective places. If Shen Shicang were to enter... Thinking about his roomates usual habits, Chen Yueyang felt that a Straight A student like Shen Shicang would not last a few minutes in a room filled with such chaos let alone a whole semester. He would probably enter the room vertically, but end up coming out horizontally.

T/N: Entering anywhere upright (is as a normal person would do), to leave it horizontally (is obviously on a stretcher, either knocked out or dead).

Shen Shicang seemed to have already thought about it, so he added, “You… have to change rooms.”

It seemed like there were things that he could not say. It was the first time that Chen Yueyang saw Shen Shicang in such a hesitant manner.

He asked with great uncertainty: "Where should I move to?"

Shen Shicang looked at him steadily, his starlike black eyes were cold yet bright, and finally, he lowered his eyebrows and said helplessly, "My room."

Chen Yueyang was stunned.

Chen Yueyang said, Why do I suddenly feel so uneasy?

It was more of a “I-don't-actually-want-to-do-this-but-I'm-forced-to-and-I-have-no-other-choice. It’s-all-the-stupid-universes’-fault- why-is-it-my-fate-that-I-have-to-share-a-room-with-someone-like-you?!” feeling. What on earth was happening?!

Did Shen Shicang really think that he liked going to those places that were like temples and were full of bookworms?!

But no matter how outrageous Shen Shicang’s idea was, Chen Yueyang could only accept it.

After all, his body was in the hands of Shen Shicang.

As they waited for the chance to switch back to their own bodies, it was better to keep tabs on their own bodies for purposes of safety.

Chen Yueyang sighed and sent his butler his location, asking him to take his precious  double R BMW home, while he followed Shen Shicang back to school.

His luggage had been sent to the dormitory by his butler a long time ago. The two boxes had not been opened yet, so it was not a hassle to move them, which was one of the only blessings in this whole misfortunate turn of events.

The real tricky part was that Chen Yueyang didn't know how to explain this to his roommates.

As the two of them stood outside Chen Yueyang’s door, the door suddenly flung wide open.

Then came a vague voice, "Boss! Why are you back so late boss...hiccups!"

The boy who called out to Chen Yueyang held his toothbrush in his mouth, as if he was just brushing his teeth. He heard footsteps outside the door, and knowing that it was Chen Yueyang who was back, he had pushed open the door before he even had time to spit out the toothpaste.

As a result, after seeing Shen Shicang, he ended up swallowing the toothpaste in shock.

"Shen, Shen-Shen-Shen-Shicang?!"

His voice ended up drawing the attention of the other two people in the room.

The three boys stood at the door of the dormitory, staring at Shen Shicang dumbfounded.

Guan Zhe, who still had white frothy toothpaste on his mouth, looked at the SpongeBob pajamas-wearing Song Mingyan next to him, while Song Mingyan quickly exchanged glances with the well-built Lu Jiping.

Lu Jiping rolled up his sleeves and asked with a serious face: "Boss, do you want us to beat him up?"

There was an awkward silence that filled the air.

Truth be told, no one could blame Lu Jiping for asking that. He already was all brawns and no brains; add that to the fact that all the students knew about the never-ending feud between Shen Shicang and Chen Yao Yang, and you would end up with that kind of response.

Usually in the dormitory, Chen Yueyang never refuted these rumors, hence when he brought that very same person to their room, Lu Jiping would definitely ask such questions without sparing a second to think.

However, compared to the red-faced Chen Yueyang, Shen Shicang calmly held his ground and said, "There will be no beating, I’m here to get my luggage."

Guan Zhe asked cautiously, "Wh-where are you moving to?”

Shen Shicang said, “Room 401.”

Chen Yueyang’s cronies were lost for words…

What 401 meant was no mystery to the entirety of Yi High.

That room was the room of the four most successful students in the entire high school. Apart from Shen Shicang, the other three students in the room had already decided to

study abroad and had opted not to take the National University Entrance Exam, so those three students were long gone, but… there was still one top-ranked Science major in that room - Shen Shicang ah!!!

The three of them took a step back, as they tried to figure out what on earth was going on.

Then the three three cronies watched, mind-boggled as their boss, moved his own luggage out from the room; and their boss’ arch-nemesis Shen Shicang with the most natural reaction of all, took one of the luggage bags from him, and helped to carry it.

What on earth!

Our school bully has lost his mind!!!

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