Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Arc 3 - Part 4

Chapter 37: First is the Song

The troops of Kenkiba Corps are proud of their high proficiency as adventurers, but that doesn’t mean they’re educated.

It’s a new vision, but it’ll do more harm than good if there’s conferences and stuff like that.
Since that’s the case, it’s better for the leader to tell them.

How do you put the ideas of change into their brain and muscles?
I am going to propose the first step after the trouble.

“A song. Let the bards sing at the feast.

When the kenkiba troops also receive that request, will you have a feast?

At a table, raise the spirit of the kenkiba corps, briefly describe then sing a song that honors kenkiba corps and its troops.
Let’s make some songs by talking in advance.

If it’s a feast, the members will sing with good feelings and confidence.

Then sing those songs filled with the feelings of bravery at the next feast.
Let a new bard make a song for even the next drinking party.
It’s like the winner of a gladiator’s fight.
The song whose reputation wins is continued to be sung in the next spree.

Repeat this, and in a couple of months, this group’s song will be completed.

Train it and sing it when you win. ”

What kind of people are they? What do they want to be?

Adventurers are basically rootless.
So, we need a story of who we are.
Even for those leading clans like the kenkiba corps, it’s the same.

So, prepare a story to sing.
In the modern world, every army has a military song as a tradition.

Then, instead of pushing from above,
let them choose spontaneously while repeating them at drinking parties.
Because adventurers are people who
dislike being pressed from above for anything.

“Indeed, it looks simple and it is deep.
He knows the temperament of being an adventurer.
Kenji, you are the deputy chief at home. ”

Gilboa said in a loud voice and laughed.

Chapter 38: From Now On, What Will You Do?

“Okay, you should do that from now on, but… I want a little time to make plans.”

“Of course. For now, I’ll pay for what you’ve done so far.” Gilboa nodded.

“No, I don’t need money.” Actually, I’m not troubled for short-term funds.
What I want is another thing.

“Now, I’m making shoes for adventurers.
They’re tough, hard to tire in, hard to slip with, a groundbreaking thing.
I would like for you to use it.
And, once the design of the swordsman’s corps is decided,
I would like to use it. ”

“Well … Well, it seems to be a lossless deal for us.
Is this a type of patron? Something like nobles do, is it?
It seems interesting, get me a pair if it gets done. ”

Among the nobles, in order to raise the fame of the family,
Some also support famous adventurers.
Indeed, it may look similar on the surface.

“Also, it’d be nice if you could tell me if there’s a tight-lipped leather craftsman.
I don’t want them to have many ways to make shoes, I want a reliable craftsman.
For craftsmen in the 3rd district, I’m troubled because there are a lot of people who are easily ”

“We make a lot of deals with nobles where we can’t be soft-lipped.
I understand. I’ll get you a referral.”

“Good, the deal is concluded, I’ll come again soon.”

With this, the discussion with the legendary man ended once.
I got a contract and the Kenkiba Corps got a future policy.

In the future, for the sake of changing the Kenkiba Corps, we’re going to be meeting with each other often.

When I shook hands with Gilboa, and separated, Suibelie accompanied me to the inn at the 3rd district.

It seemed that there was something he wanted to say, so
I decided to follow him silently.

I walked silently for a while, so Suibelie spoke.

“Is it not that you want to join our Keniba Corps?”

It was an invitation to a leading clan that any adventurer would cherish.

“I have retired because my knees are bad; he who can not fight is unnecessary.”

It is nice have the offer, but after seeing the clan’s office and members,
I had some hesitation
In that brain muscle group, I cannot think that a middle-aged me can make a living.

However, regardless of reply, Suibelie went on.

“I ain’t got no scholarship. Today, I listened to your story and I thought a lot.
I accompany the chief, and I raise my shield with my comrades.
If I touch the sword, I’m satisfied.”

“Other members do not differ much from me, they have arms, but that’s all.
If I want to enlarge the Kenkiba Corps, I need a head.

I ain’t smart, good wit’ words, or confident.

But, don’t reply wit’ nice-soundin’ words, cause
people like me can’t understand them.”

It was an eloquent solicitation, unexpected.

So, in light of the words Suibelie said, I promised to seriously consider.

Chapter 39: How to Create the Rise of Adventurers

Dusk fell, and when I returned to the inn, Sarah was waiting.
When she saw my face, she got up as if she was bouncing off the seat and came closer.

“Hey, how did it go? What happened?”

“Oh, you were waiting.”

“It’s rude to let me wait! If you were successful,
I thought I’d congratulate you, so I was waiting! ”

“Yeah, it was successful. Though, I’m still in the middle of thinking.”

“What do you mean middle of thinking? I was inviting you, yet you cut me off? Why!?”

It seems that Sarah intended to be noisy.
Also, I only accept invitations from first-class clans like the Kenkiba Corps.
It seems that she couldn’t understand.

“Why? Was my reception bad?”

“No, around the same as the deputy chief.”


“That doesn’t mean that you should anticipate for it.
Well, after writing documents.”

“Ha—…good, ain’t it? Education. Why refuse?”

Sarah didn’t understand that I was jealous.

For general adventurers like Sarah, most of daily life was in district 3.

The First district. Surrender to luck until your strength declines, if you have small money
Start small business, buy farmlands and livestock and start farming at home.

The Second district. If you get hurt or get sick and you can not move it, go to poverty center or slum
I crawl and live according to the warmth of the church.

Finally, the Third District. This is the most populated, but I will die in the middle of all the requests.

Even if you start a small business, there are many cases that you will be ceushed in few years after being deceived.
There is no match with a merchant with a career of decades in this road and an amateur who started today yesterday.

Momentum, a merchant with an adventurer, A merchant in the city does not want to take over
It will work in a dangerous distribution route.

Merchants of caravans who undertake transportation between towns are roughly adventurers.
And, many of the people employed by caravans are also getting adventurers.

For adventurers, being hired by a major caravan after retirement means that,
It can be said that it is a sufficient winning road.

Thinking that far, even for adventurers working in the caravans, there seems to be a demand for shoes.
I feel it. They are as much walking as adventurers.


Sarah is staring at me as she raise9d her eyes.
“Well, what about doing business now?” she asked anxiously.

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