Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Arc 3 - Part 3

Chapter 34: Method to Get Overwhelming Reputation

What should you do to establish an overwhelming reputation?
Moreover, without leaving this town. A reputation, which makes you famous enough amongst the nobility and commoners in other towns.

I will take measures to establish your brand’s reputation Gilboa,
By arranging it one by one in succession.

“You are the hero of the Great Epic Saga from now on.
The minstrels in the city’s bar and square will sing songs for warriors driving out scary monsters.
The protagonist is the Kenkiba corps and you.
I will hire several bards and poets, and let them make songs.

You have a good face.
I will sell the opera company, of other towns, your story.
Your actor beats a monster threatening good people in one blow with a sword.
This is completely real. The story of the hero who isn’t a fabrication.
It will be very popular.
An opera company with some reputation might invite a noble.
Because I make tours to other towns, it’s killing two birds with one stone.

Now, lets arrange your equipment.
Even now your equipment is substantial, but I want to have something unified.
Do you paint them a color so that you can see it as a Kenkiba corps at a glance?
A red border on a black background. That will make it conspicuous.
Knights are roughly covered garments surrounded by silver pike armor.
It shows a difference.

I want a design to symbolize your unit.
A crest is prohibited if you are not higher than knight rank, but don’t mind that.
Make a design that is simplified and assert that it’s not likely to be a crest.
How about using a red border and intersecting swords over the black background design.
carve the design on the shields, armors, weapons, and other equipment.
Adventurers in town will come to long and fear that design.

When you receive requests, assemble in a place where crowds of the city can see you, so you can go out and make a triumphant ceremony.
I want to do it in the first class block, but it’s fine to be in the middle class block.
With your equipment and group together, make your speech as a monarch inspects the surrounding knight troops.
Every time it shows what you accomplished and what you fight for, a large number of people in town will hear about it.
Then a large number of people in town will come to look forward to the kickoff ceremony of the Kenkiba corps.

Compose an anthem for the Kenkiba corps. This design will only be in our favor.
It’s a song that represents the spirit of the Kenkiba corps.
Sing during training, sing before a battle, sing after the battle.
It becomes the spiritual pillar of the swordsman’s corps.

As for the leader, Gilboa, he will be the symbol of being the hero subduing the monster and the general who only waves his sword and kills monsters very easily.
Even if you are injured or dead, the spirit will remain in the Kenkiba corps
It will become an everlasting presence.”

After having finished saying all this in one breath, I asked.

“That is all for my suggestion. How much is it worth, and do you buy it?”

Gilboa and Suibelei were at a loss for words.

Chapter 35: What Are You?

“Ok then,” I said.

“It would be better to hire people from the aristocrats.” The third son or the fourth son of a noble.
There will be people like them.
We will train them and make them work for us, to go against aristocrats.
You do not have to use it on the front line. Interact with a nobleman from a remote place, and a clerk who can read and write is necessary to communicate with that noble.
You must also be able to read and understand, Captain Gilboa. ”

“… Kenji, what are you”, the temperature fell as Gilboa spoke in a low voice.

Oops. did I say a bit too much?

But, worrying was unnecessary.

“In other words, do you mean to make the Kenkiba Corps the fencing knights of an Order?”

Gilboa is really good at grasping the essence.
If this fellow was born as nobility, he would be fit to be the commander of the military.

Therefore, we should not end up with this as the treatment of the mercenary captain of this city.

“That’s right, a specialist troops who deals with peacetime monsters.
Even when there is no war, they are warriors with special skills who always stand on the battlefield.
Promote it like that and let the nobles acknowledge it.”

We will hold trainings, the procedure of the taking the field, unification, triumph, and equipment like Knights.
Also build up some reputation and make a shield so that you are not treated like an errand boy for the nobles.”

Gilboa seemed to think silently for a while.
Not all of the proposals that I talked about at this time are necessarily received.
Still, there should have been no realistic measures.

I thought that the kenkiba corps could rise to the top,
I will help to do that, and it will not cost too much
so I chose a realistic measure and talked about it.

How will Captain Gilboa evaluate the future of Kenkiba Corps that I showed?

I could only wait for an answer.

Chapter 36: Changes to the Organization

After tens of seconds of tense silence, Gilboa asked.
“Kenji, your suggestion… it’s awfully attractive.
But the thing is, will we able to achieve it?”
“You can’t say anything that simply. But leader, if you don’t abandon it,
be assured that it’s possible.”
I assured him.
Is a man like Gilboa afraid of change?
Or is he blinded by a new vision, and is afraid to step forward?
I can understand the loneliness of being a leader of an organization.
I can’t even imagine when one becomes the head of the Kenkiba Corps.
One can guess that there are many hidden strangles.
Still, the Kenkiba Corps, as a top clan
I wanted them to become the forerunners of the adventurers.
It would have been the same for the members of the troops who were anxious about the current situation.
“I support Kenji’s proposed vision.”
Suibelei said.
“Because I do not excel in academics, I am honest, and I may not understand half of the content.
Yet, I will do anything I can do. I want to change the current situation which the aristocrats are making us run around like their errand boys.
Besides, we are the Kenkiba Corps.
I want to fight stronger enemies and become stronger. “
So, Gilboa seemed to make up his mind and made a decision.
“Kenji, as for how we need to proceed,
Do you have any ideas? “
I nodded.
“Oh, but it would be better to spend some time.
It’s not good to get impatient if you made up your own mind.”
You decide the direction of the organization, and how you will implement it?
If it were a story, leaders would declare themselves well, the members will follow.
But in reality, that does not work out.
As the leader changes, the organization will change. But changes are accompanied with friction.
If the friction is too large, the structure breaks.
Although Gilboa’s comprehension ability is great,
Do not measure the members at that level.
In order to redirect the organization, sharing thorough vision and
it takes time and means to understand everyone.
An organization’s change of direction is not going to happen suddenly in one day.
After accumulating small changes, changes appear drastically before you notice,
which is also desirable.
How do you create small changes?
This detail is left for the support role. Time to show what I can do.

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