Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Arc 3 - Part 1

Chapter 23: Kenkiba corps

Kenkiba corps.

Everyone in the city knows they are the top clan.

They number around 30. They sometimes participate in wars when begged. From what I have heard they emphasis combat over exploring.

As a vice chief there, Suibelie’s position compared to other adventurers is quite good. Sarah’s eyes are that of a fan who had just met their idol.

However, the atmosphere of the man named Suibelie was nothing like the sweet atmosphere of an idol.

Shape green eyes, cuts on his left cheek, short brown hair, The devil sword that hung at his waist give the appearance that it can kill with only a slight cut. The scabbard is decorated with beautiful grass like patterns around the boarder.

I have been worried about the shoes other people have been wearing recently. While they look like sandals, they have been modified with leather to cover the top.

“You are Kenji? I have heard that you are doing something interesting these days, especially from the new recruits. I am Suibelie, the vice captain of Kenkiba.”

I hope those rumours were good.

“I am Kenji, I run a negotiation business for adventurers. The production of magical shoes is a new addition to it.”

After shaking hands, I noticed that he didn’t want to talk about it in public so I decided to rent a corner of a neighbouring bar before asking him why he came.

Again, I noticed that an office was a necessity.

After taking a seat and a sip of liquor, I got down to business.

“So, what kind of business does the vice captain of the top clan have with me?”

Suibelie seemed to hesitant a little before opening up.

“Recently, there has been some friction in our group, the reason being. In our last request during battle two people were seriously injured. One of them retired, he was quite a skilful swordsman. The way we have been receiving requests recently has been quite reckless, we have been relying on other for preliminary investigations on requests. However, it still isn’t profitable. Our chief is also retiring soon. So, there are rumours of the young ones wanting to pull out. None of us are very educated, so we needed help to solve this problem and I heard that Sarah knows a guy that is very well educated. So, I would like to hear your opinion on this.”

As an organisation gets bigger, problems become more complicated.

This is a fundamental problem for adventurer parties. It seems that management consultation is necessary.

More than anything, if I can handle the support of this group well, it will set my business on track to becoming successful.

“Okay, will you let me hear your story in detail?”

I decided to go to the clan’s office with Suibelie guiding me.


Chapter 24: Top Clan

Lead by Suibelie, I passed through the third-class block and headed for the second-class block.

The inhabitants of the second-class block are successful adventurers, mid-sized merchants and masters of professions.

In addition to being a top-notch clan, Kenbika corps accepts many requests from nobles and large merchants from the first-class block.

However, regardless of their captain, many members live in the third block. (TN: just calling them first, second and third block from now on.)

To get into the first block you have to pass through an inspection at the gate, there are restrictions on large weapons such as crossbows and pole arms so it is inconvenient.

Under such circumstances, an office in the second block is the most convenient place to have it.

I think this while walking though different air. The smell of sludge and sewage is significantly less prominent then what it is in the third block.

I wonder how much it costs to have an office, I think this while arriving at their office.

It was on the first floor of the main street in the second block. There was a huge sign board with motifs of swords and fangs.

In this world without elevators, the first floor of an urban area is considerably expensive. I admire the good financial status of the top clan to afford this with 30 people.

“I am back.” Suibelie said while opening the door.

“Thanks for your hard work today!” More than ten men shout while wearing simple armour.

In the office, there is a reception area for welcoming nobility and large merchants on the right. On the left side, there is a table and chairs for waiting members lined up in a casual manner. In addition, the walls are lined with weapons such as swords, axes, spears, pole arms, crossbows, etc. It is an impressive show.

Perhaps it is a system made by the captain so that you can take a weapon and immediately jump into action.

You can easily tell the difference between them and an amateur.

There is money, skill and high morale.

I recognise their status as a first-class clan.


Chapter 25: I cannot speak unless it is a friend

Suibelie guided me to the reception for nobility.

First, being treated as a customer is not a good development.

While it is pleasant to be hired as a teacher, to truly produce highly effective results, you must be covered in mud and think they are friends.

“Suibelie, I would like to talk to my friends at the table.”

The trick around here is common to any adventurer business where honour and bluffs are important. So, the things I want to say seem to have been interpreted by Suibelie.

The eyes of the group members hanging around the table concentrate on me inquisitively.

“I am Kenji, a former adventurer, I am a somewhat good with numbers and letters. I’m a party consultant.”

I showed off my sword while introducing myself.

Among the members there were two people I had guided before. I greeted them lightly and they returned the greeting.

I feel that their gazes softened slightly. They seem to have accepted me as a friend.

I turn to Suibelie after having taken a seat.

“There are things I want to ask. I would like one of the new members to explain the basic to me, is that okay? I hope you also supplement.”

This is a well-practiced method used even in the consulting of my original world.

By having a beginner explain it to me helps me understand the degree of education they give to new recruits.

From the explanation of Suibelie and the other member, it seemed as if I was listening to an epic saga, but I did manage to get the important parts such as how they fight and their current situation.


Chapter 26: The struggle of the Kenkiba corps

The founding of the Kenkiba corps goes back twelve years.

He was in his early twenties by the time he was a Captain.

Gilboa had a powerful cursed sword and technique, he was a feared mercenary with no enemies near his level.

Both Adventurers and mercenaries gathered round him, during times of war they were a mercenary group, but to be successful in times of peace they repeatedly did quests with high levels of difficulty, during that time they racked up achievements and became the top clan. (TN: Toppu Kuran. No joke that is in the raws)

The Kenkiba corps fights in a rather orthodox way. It is a very different fighting style to adventurers.

They have they an infantry team with magically blessed swords, shields and armour as the vanguard. They have the rear guard equipped with powerful crossbows for long distance, making their enemies look like hedgehogs.

The vanguard holds off the enemy when they approach. The middle defence breaks or hooks their shields and pulls them over with morning stars and battle axes.

The rear guard again loads their crossbows with the vanguard moving left and right to move out of the way.

Thirty people fight like a living creature. The Captain always stands on the frontlines to inspire his comrades.

They are trained and equipped so that they can fight even if they are split into teams of 5, 10 or 20.

I was amazed by how extravagant their fighting style is.


Chapter 27: Doctrine

The battle tactics of an ordinary adventurer is similar to that of a hunter.

In the modern world, it would be similar to the special forces.

In a party with a small number of people to sneak up on a monster and overcome it with attack power.

If there aren’t enough people to overcome a monster, they turn to traps and other strategies.

However, the shield and crossbow soldiers make up more than half the members of Kenkiba. They are expensive to maintain.

In both my world and this world, shields are thick wooden boards usually with metal around the edges and backed with leather, it is also standard to throw away a shield after battle.

If you block attacks with a shield it will become riddled with scratches and holes.

You can ask for a shield to be repaired, but you are better off using a new one. Otherwise, there is a larger possibility that it will break when blocking an attack.

This is why shields are less popular with adventurers.

Entirely metals shields are too heavy to use effectively. I have heard that in the military there are shield soldiers that use a shield with two hands. Though I have never actually seen them. Are they used when fighting Dragons?

Although crossbows are powerful weapons, they are expensive to manufacture. They are fragile and it is impossible to fire quickly and in succession. However, if you can arrange a number of them and keep them maintained properly, they are a force to be reckoned with. If you have a vanguard equipped with shields protecting them while they reload and if you have someone to break the enemies shields their combat prowess increases.

However, it is not cheap.

It is necessary to have warrior blacksmiths to carry spare shields and parts and repair crossbows and shields.

You can reduce the need to repair and replace shields and armour by having them blessed with defensive magic by a war monk. (TN: Can be monk or priest will leave as monk unless it is stated that they are actually priests.)

Though this way of fighting the Kenkiba corps completed many quests and racked up a lot of achievements.

The best way to fight an ogre is using traps.

When I was an adventurer I ricked my life fighting a two-meter-tall hob-goblin. After somehow defeating it I swore I would never fight one head on again.

However, the Kenkiba corps is equipped and trained to be able to crush any opponent from the front.

They have both talented people and a first-class combat doctrine.

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