Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Arc 2: ‘I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game’ 1) Chapter 26.4 ♬

Chapter 26 Part 4:

The system said, “Before going to the second world, I will fulfill my previous promise. Say what do you want?”

Chu Ci’s mind still hasn’t turned over, he said doubtfully, “What promise?”

The system helplessly explained, “In order to make up for the first world’s mistake, as long as you can complete the mission, I will agree to a request of you. The time is pressing, hurriedly think about what you want.”

Chu Ci was silent.

Of course, what he wanted the most was to enter the dimension world, but this request was too high and obviously impossible.

He thought for a while and said, “Can you give me the strategy plan for each world?”

The system refused without hesitation, “No!”

Hey, so stingy.

Chu Ci thought again and a light bulb suddenly flashed in his mind, he said, “How about give me a bit more luck?” Thinking carefully, he seemed really lack of luck. He felt that all his luck used up when he was fortunate enough to get the consciousness. Otherwise, how could he be strike to death just after he cultivated became human form? He doesn’t even enjoy it for a day. If his luck was better, it would much easier to complete the mission later.

The system was silent for a moment. When Chu Ci thought that he would be rejected again, the system said slowly, “It’s possible, but this reward could only be effective in the second world.”

“No way, right? I’m so painstakingly sacrificed myself, and you are this stingy?” Chu Ci always felt that he has entered a fraud organization, so when all the missions were completed, whether he would be squeezed into dried radish by these people, he couldn’t say for sure.

The system said helplessly, “People in the dimension world also can’t do whatever they want, don’t think too easily.”

“To give reward is what you say, and then you also say excuses.” Chu Ci curled his lips and said, “Anyway, I don’t expect to get anything good, one world then one world.”

“You’ll feel this effect when you reach the second world.” The system said, “I will send you now.”

Chu Ci’s body just lightened for a moment and then immediately sank down, feeling the same as the first time.

After a while, he wanted to open his eyes to see, but no matter how hard he tried to open his eyes, his eyelids couldn’t be opened as if they were sewn by the needle.

This body doesn’t a blind person, right?

“You don’t struggle first, it’s useless. Your body in this world is the person in a vegetative state. I will pass on the information about this world to you first.”

“Hey, hey? A vegetative person?” Chu Ci quickly shouted, “How could a vegetative person do the mission? Could it be that I still have to use my primordial spirit to repair my body first?”

Along with a burst of sting pain, a large amount of new information continuously entered Chu Ci’s mind.

The target of this world named Lu Jiang, 22 years old. His girlfriend was Bai Yimeng, 21 years old. The two of them were schoolmate. Bai Yimeng’s appearance was mediocre, but Lu Jiang was the most handsome boy in the college. It was the story of woman chased after the man and succeeded. Don’t be too happy that Lu Jiang was single-minded while dating with Bai Yimeng. Merely this girl doesn’t cherish it and running to play online game, then entangled with a man in the game. Finally, she broke up with Lu Jiang in order to be with that man.

The body he was possess named Yu Xin. He was rescued with great difficulty from a car accident in his early years but became a vegetative person. His body was seriously injured in many places, but his family was wealthy and couldn’t bear to let him go. Therefore, they spend money to suspend his life. As long as his heart was beating, they thought he still alive.

Chu Ci was also a person who has played games. He didn’t expect that this time female lead was actually gave up the target for a virtual character. Should he say that the target was too useless or the woman was too fickle?

But he was most concerned about the details of Lu Jiang.

“Is the information of this time target certainly all normal?”


“How straight is the target?”

“True Heaven Pillar.”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “Looking at the information, this person is so outstanding. Just because of a not too long relationship in the university, made him spend his remain time in lonely. Could it be that he only have one month of life?”

The system promptly said, “That’s not, he could live until old. Otherwise, I won’t find you such a body that would never wake up, waiting for you to repair this body and properly woke up back. You will become the target’s classmate.”

Chu Ci felt himself get dizzy. Didn’t he has to stay for decades to live until old? His heart was so tired.

The system continued, “It’s just that this target only has this one love affair in his life. After he miss it, he spend his remain time in lonely.”

“No way, right?” Chu Ci said in surprise, “Is this the legendary envious blue color in the sky?”

After speaking, Chu Ci suddenly found something fishy, he said faintly, “Your mission seems to make the target happy, but why do I feel there is a conspiracy in it?”

“Let me think about it...” Then Chu Ci continued, “Don’t tell me that these people would become immortals in the future, so you are trying to find ways to make them not go through calamity?”

The system said, “Guess wrong, you don’t need to know, just properly do the mission.”

Chu Ci has already spoken to the system in the last world, he said to this rogue companion, “Can you let me recover now? Let me wait in this empty void space while recovery the body, unless you keep accompany me to chat all the time.”

The system suddenly said irrelevantly, “The world you are in is more advanced than your last world. The games are holographic. Do you understand?”

Chu Ci didn’t know why the system suddenly mentioned the game, he could only nod his head and say, “I heard the word holographic in the last world. This is a very beautiful wish. Could it be that this world can already?”

The system said, “Yes, your family decided to put you in the game cabin to see if it could stimulate your consciousness to make you wake up, so you can use this game cabin to enter the game world. The target and his girlfriend are inside.”

“Great great!” Chu Ci’s respect for the system rose a bit, and he said excitedly, “That’s all right! It’s precisely the game that made them break up, right?”


Thinking of himself could play the holographic online game, Chu Ci said impatiently, “When did they get it, I’m especially longing for this kind of holographic online game after I see the others’ descriptions of it in the previous world.”

“Very soon.” The system said, “By the way, Bai Yimeng is called Yi’s Dream in the game, and Lu Jiang is called Chui Yan.”

“Okay!” Played game while doing mission, it was really change of fortune.

When Chu Ci was still excited, his surroundings suddenly brightened, and he found that he was standing on the water surface. He moved his toes, and the ripples spread out. At the same time, the classical simple music sounded in his ears, with the Wuxia’s atmosphere.

“Welcome to [Dream Back], I’m your guide 000. New player, please confirm your name in Dream Back.” A nice female voice sounded.

Chu Ci was certain that he had entered the holographic online game. He looked at the blank frame before his eyes and said without hesitation, “Chu Ci, Chu of the state of Chu, and Ci of the eloquence.”

“Welcome to player Chu Ci, please confirm your appearance.”

As the voice fell, a transparent panel appeared in front of Chu Ci. One side of the panel was illuminated him like a mirror to produce his appearance, and the other half was to adjust data. It was similar to the appearance adjustment of the game character in the previous world.

Chu Ci frowned as he looked at his thin appearance in the panel. He doesn’t like people who was too ugly. He didn’t know how to adjust it and could only said, “Can you turns me into the most beautiful appearance?”

“Please wait for a moment, we will perform the system analysis based on your appearance and then adjust you to the most perfect look.”

As the voice of the system staff fell, Chu Ci saw that his thin face slowly became full and his body became healthy.

“Is this satisfaction?”

“Yes!” Chu Ci nodded his head with a smile, and the people inside also moved. This looked much more comfortable.

“Get wounds by saber and sword are inevitable in the game, please adjust your pain.”

A movable bar appeared in front of Chu Ci.

He didn’t hesitate to lower the pain to the lowest.

“The name setting is success, the appearance setting is success, and the sensory setting is success. I’m about to send you into the Dream Back world, wish you a happy game.”

After the sound of the machinery voice disappeared, Chu Ci felt under his foot turned into a solid land. The players who had just entered the game was appear around him, and just like him, they were dressed in coarse linen.

This game was similar to the game that he played on the computer in the previous world. Xuan Lin taught him a lot of things in here and also its usefulness.

Chu Ci didn’t in a hurry to do the mission, rather stroll around nearby, while memorizing the names of various tools. Later, as long as he called the name in his heart, it would appear.

Suddenly a row of yellow system prompts appeared in the sky.

[Game System] Player Chui Yan passed 7749 days of refining to obtain a seven colored glass bead.

[Player] Blizzard: Worships the big shot. Sure enough, the first person who get the seven colored glass bead in Dream Back is the big shot.

[Player] Wen Yu: Is the seven colored glass bead for sale?

[Player] Bright Mountain: The first butterfly special effect in Dream Back. I don’t know who would get it home. Everyone come to guess!

[Player] Butterfly Thousand Lily: Want it, want it, want it!

[Game System] Player Intoxicated Heart used the legendary petals rain on player Yi’s Dream, and invites all players to enjoy it together.

A series of yellow system prompts appeared in a group of white letters, and at the same time, the pink flower petals rained from the sky.

[Player] Blizzard: The guild master and his madam are make a public display of affection again.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes.

Yi’s Dream? Isn’t that the target girlfriend?

Chui Yan? Isn’t that the target?

What kind of situation is this? Has it developed to the point where everyone know?

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