Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

Arc 1: ‘A Little White-flower With Split Personality’ 1) Chapter 1.1 ♬

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Chapter 1: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.1)


Translator: Mimi

At night, a snow-white round radish stood on the cliff of the deep mountain. The green leaves above it were prop up just like a big umbrella, which look like it have been grow on fertile farmland instead of cliff.

Through the moonlight, you can clearly see that the radish was swaying like a person, and then with the speed visible to the naked eye become blurred up.

Chu Ci used his full strength to suck in the the last trace of spiritual energy at the surroundings into his body, and then his body became light as a feather, as his vision also slowly widened.

He finally able to transform into a human form!

God know how difficult it was to find a place with rich spiritual energy on this planet which heavily polluted and human activity everywhere.

After determined that his lower body was no longer a white cylinder, Chu Ci quickly formed a water mirror, and eagerly appreciated the body that he had just get with the help of moonlight.

He was relieved when he saw his face clearly.

The delicate face and the beautiful appearance in the mirror was just like what he wanted, it was worthy of the suffering he get from three lightning strikes before he was able to transform.

Everything was perfect, the only deficiency was that his member was obviously smaller than the average male.

Chu Ci knew this problem when he decided to transform, but he couldn’t wait.

This little flaw was nothing in the face of this perfect appearance.

Anyway, after he became a person, he had to wear clothes. Once he put on the clothes, that part would be covered, and the people would not discovered whether it was big or small. The size of that part was not a problem.

Chu Ci twisted his waist and stretched out his muscles, while thought about a city to select for celebrate his succeed transform into human form in his mind.

He would not going to A City, B City was not bustling enough, C City was raining...

At this moment, a huge black cloud quietly gathered up, slowly blocking the stars and moon in the sky, as the surroundings instantly darkened, it looked somewhat eerie and frightening.

Chu Ci’s vision was not affected by the light. When he couldn’t see his figure, he raised his head and looked at the sky, with a trace of doubt flashed on his face.

Then, a bolt of thunder suddenly came down without warning from the dark cloud and strike him.

In a split second, Chu Ci felt his body became lighter, and his vision wider, with the rustling sound of tree leaves that blowing by the wind, he was blown up by this breeze from the cliff, and slowly rising just like black smoke.

After the dark cloud had disappeared and the bright moon was once again hung on the sky, there was no one on the cliff and there was also no radish, as if everything before was an illusion.

Chu Ci couldn’t see his body anymore. He looked sadly at the white light dots scattered out from his side, but he understand clearly in his heart.

One must cross the calamity if they want to become a demon or an immortal. The conditions for attracting the Heavenly Calamity can be that the spiritual power reached the criterion or the magic power reached the criterion.

The reason why Chu Ci was able to have the consciousness was because of the fortuitous encounter a thousand years ago. He didn’t know what he had experienced, suddenly there was a powerful but unable to use spiritual power in his body. With his own consciousness, Chu Ci was certainly unwilling to be a radish forever. In order to cultivate became human form, he constantly absorbed the spiritual power that can be used, caused the total spiritual power on his body to exceed the critical point, which attracted the thunder of the Lightning Calamity.

If he had known earlier, he would wait for another one burned incense stick’s time before went out. This time he didn’t eat the good food, and also didn’t see the beauty.

Chu Ci looked at the sky, in his heart, in addition to unwillingness was also relieve. That spiritual power gave him the consciousness but also let him to can only be a radish forever. Sooner or later, it was a matter of days before he meet the Heavenly Calamity to succeed cutivated became human. He couldn’t cultivate, so he was unable to bear even more small Heavenly Lightning.

The most annoying thing was a radish can only see but unable to eat!

For a thousand years, he saw the change of the human world, and finally couldn’t help but cultivate to become a human, but when he can transform, he didn’t have time to enjoy it.

Chu Ci looked at his own primordial spirit that slowly disperse, wondered what the meaning of this incident.

He blanked for a moment before snap out of it, and found himself still conscious. When he focused his eyes on the surrounding light dots again, he saw them fly back at a speed visible to the naked eye, seemed to feel Chu Ci’s reluctance to part with the human world.

Could it be that there was still some turned point?

“Do you want to make a deal with me?”

Chu Ci found that his primordial spirit was consolidated by inexplicable force, and then a voice that didn’t belong to him appeared in his mind.

He seemed to be temporarily saved by this voice.

“Who are you?”

The voice in his mind calmly said: “You can call me as the system. I come from the dimension world. I want to make a deal with you. If you help me complete a few missions, I can let you become a demon directly without went through the Heavenly Calamity.”

The dimension world was a world where only the immortals and demons can go. It was located at the intersection of all parallel worlds. As long as one can enter the dimension world, they has the qualification to travel through various parallel worlds without restriction.

After Chu Ci knew that he had a strong spiritual power on his body, he began to cutivate with the dimension world as the goal. Because the immortal path cultivator had to abandon the seven emotions and six desires, which was not in line with Chu Ci’s life philosophy, so he chose to cultivate into a demon.

“I accept!” Chu Ci immediately agreed to the deal that can let him live again and enter the dimension world without thinking over it.

After all, he would certainly dead after passed this village!

“The deal is established!” The system continued: “There are nine missions in total. I will be in charge of send your primordial spirit to the parallel worlds where the mission target is located and placed you on the body of the person over there, so you will temporarily use someone else’s body. Your mission is to let the target together with the person that he like. The missions of the nine worlds must all succeed. If you fail one, the deal would be invalid, and the power added to your body will be retake, as you will go back to the path of your original destiny.”

“Okay!” In this situation, he didn’t have the right to choose and he could only agree.

“There are so many people in every world, can you tell me first who the target is?”

“I will give you the information at that time, and I will let you take as few detours as possible.”

“There’s one more question! Why are you choose me to do this task?” Anyway, the deal has been established, and he had want to ask why.

The system seemed inconvenient to answer, it was silent for a while before said: “The completion of the mission is beneficial to you without any harm. You don’t need to know the rest, you only need to complete the mission well. I will send you over now.”

Just as the voice fell in his ears, the night scenery in front of Chu Ci right away disappeared, as the surroundings were suddenly become pitch-black. Chu Ci felt his whole person sank down, and then his body that didn’t feel any weight suddenly felt real.

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