My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

9 - Finding a Home

The person who dashed out of the mansion was called Kashin Sankeeray. He was one of the nobles if this country holding the title of Baron. Before coming here, Calcedonia explained a bit to Tatsumi about this Kashin.

Speaking of that Kashin, he was continuously bowing pliantly to Calcedonia.


Kashin who though was the lowest of nobles, was still a legitimate noble. Seeing him bowing down to Calcedonia without falter made Tatsumi once again realise Calcedonia’s status in this country.

“This lowly one congratulates her holiness for this happy occasion! To think that even her holiness, Lady <<Holy Maiden>> will finally be getting married. If word gets out then I can imagine how many of her holiness followers would feel bitter. Even I, this Kashin Sankeeray shed tears when I had heard of your decision.”

“E-Excuse me, Lord Sankeeray, I still haven’t decided to get married yet……”

Even though she had a troubled look, Calcedonia sent a deep and meaningful glance at Tatsumi who was behind her.

While noticing that glance, Tatsumi simply remained silent and continued observing her. Because, the one before Calcedonia was a noble. If Tatsumi, who was but a commoner did something improper, then it might offend Kashin.

“Oh? So that was the case? But for her holiness, who is a priestess to leave the temple to search for a house, does it not mean that her holiness is going to get married in the near future?”

“W-Well… I-I’m at least, hoping for that to be the case…”


Again, Calcedonia dispatches a meaningful glance at Tatsumi. This glance had a somewhat delighted feeling in it…was what Tatsumi thought.

“What are you saying! There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t be happy to have her holiness as their life partner! By the way…”

Kashin started to look around restlessly.

“Hasn’t her holiness’s soon to be husband not accompanied you today?”

“No, today is…”

Calcedonia finally turned towards Tatsumi. And so, Kashin too finally noticed Tatsumi’s existence.

“Hmm! This person is…?”

“Yes. That person is…”

“Oh! This one understands! So it’s her holiness’s newly employed servant!”

“Ye…What!? N-No he isn’t my servant—”

Calcedonia’s beatiful brows quickly squinted in a frown. But without noticing her change, Kashin kept on talking non-stop after interrupting her.

“But, with just one male servant, it wouldn’t be enough for all the household matters. If her holiness wishes so, should this one arrange for some maid-servants?”

“No! It won’t be necessary!”

Without minding her tone, Calcedonia immediately rejected him. Without understanding why her mood suddenly got worse,Kashin started to get nervous.

“T-Then for now, shall we continue on to today’s main purpose? As requested , I have chosen a few mansions of her holiness’s taste. Please, this way….Ah! I’ll immediately arrange for a carriage. Please wait a—”

“No, I don’t mind walking! Please hurry up and show the way!”
Calcedonia kept glaring at Kashin with her sharp eyes.

“A-As her holiness commands… T-Then, this way please……”
Kashin began to walk in a panic after feeling the intense oppressive aura like thing Calcedonia was emitting.

Glaring at Kashin for a little longer, Calcedonia then turned around and bowed to Tatsumi. And because of that, the ahoge on her head swayed along.

“I-I apologise. For him to call master something like a servant…”
“Ah, well don’t mind it. I think I certainly look ordinary enough. It won’t be strange for someone to misunderstand.”

Tatsumi had a normal appearance. This world’s sense of aesthetic wasn’t much different from his previous world.

Compared to Calcedonia who was called the <<Holy Maiden>> and could even make nobles act extremely polite with her, Tatsumi could at most be called <<Villager A>>.

“Rather, we should get going too. To tell you the truth, I’m quite curious on what kind of house he’s going to show us.”

Tatsumi said in a light tone, as to improve Calcedonia’s mood. And so Calcedonia unintentionally smiled out.

“Ufufu. I’m a bit relieved.”

“Eh? About what?”

“When I saw master in my dreams, you always had this gloomy aura over you. You were always so depressed. But now you’re smiling so cheerfully.”

After Calcedonia pointed it out, Tatsumi finally noticed that he was smiling.

Over the period of one day, Tatsumi had a lot of conversations.

Though it was only with Calcedonia and Giuseppe, it’d been a long time since he spoke this much. At least, he hadn’t done it since his pet Cockatiel Chiiko died.

He also noticed, that the reason he was smiling like this was because he could meet Chiiko again.

It hasn’t even been one day since he met Calcedonia. But from her actions and atmosphere, he certainly felt that it was similar to Chiiko who was with him for many years.

Inside Tatsumi’s heart, the image of Calcedonia had already overlapped with Chiikos, and he already thought of her as a precious family member.

Just like the past, she was now here with him by his side. This made him really happy and really glad.

That’s why, Tatsumi clearly replied to Calcedonia, to his Chiiko-

“That’s right. The reason I’m smiling like this, it’s because Chiiko’s here by my side.”


Calcedonia’s ruby eyes turned moist, and the feverish light returned. Gazing at those eyes from such a near distance, Tatsumi’s face also turned red.

And from a little distance, the bewildered Kashin was looking at the two who were gazing at each other.


The first place where Kashin guided them to was an area about 15 minutes away from where Kashin lived. It was a place where especially big mansions were gathered.

“In this area, only nobles who have a higher ranking like Marquis can have a residence. Of course if it’s Lady Calcedonia, then even if you were to live here nobody would complain.”

Kashin had an ingratiating smile plastered on his face as usual.
But as for Tatsumi, he was absorbed in the surrounding buildings rather than to mind Kashin’s attitude.

Every single mansion was huge. Even though the gardens were gigantic, they were properly looked after. He could tell that since the garden’s were for display status, they were pruned and maintained with sophisticated designs.

—Come to think of it, in Japan it was common for gardens to be made in the inner yard. And in Europe they usually did it on the outside so everyone could see.

While thinking that, Tatsumi continued to gaze at the the surrounding buildings and gardens.

“Well then, it is this manor.”

The one Kashin guided them to was a comparatively large mansion even in this affluent…rather, Aristocratic Neighbourhood.

“This mansion was originally the property of a very influential Marquis. But it turned out that the said Marquis was secretly dealing with slave dealers. He was eventually found out by the Kingdom, and had his nobility and assets seized.. His entire family was beheaded. Since then, this mansion remained empty.”

“W-Whole family beheaded..!?”

Tatsumi was startled after Kashin said something so shocking without batting an eyelid.

But Kashin was one thing, even Calcedonia didn’t look to surprised. In that case, that must be quite a common punishment for serious crimes in this kingdom.

“—-And, as for the price. Because it is Lady Calcedonia who is buying, I’ve tried my best to reduce it—”

Even though Kashin was talking about the price here, for Tatsumi who was unfamiliar with the value of currency here, he couldn’t understand if it was a high price or low.

Well, since it was about a mansion as grand as this one, there was no way it would be cheap. But even more than the price, there was something that bothered Tatsumi.

“Chiiko…Could we talk for a minute?”

Interrupting their conversation, Tatsumi stiffly grabbed Calcedonia’s sleeve and brought her a bit further away from Kashin.

“Hey, this mansion….Umm…Only me and Chiiko are going to live here right? Or is Mister Giuseppe included too?”

“No, Grandfather already has his own mansion.”

“…Then….No matter how you look at it, isn’t this mansion a bit too big for us…”

Tatsumi once again looked at the mansion. No matter how you looked at it, it had to have ten plus rooms. Tatsumi who was a normal Japanese citizen wouldn’t be able to live in it just with the two of them even if you asked him to.

For a huge mansion like this one, the maintainance issues shouldn’t be small. Even if you wanted to clean it, with just the two of them even 24 hours wouldn’t be enough.

“Or are you planning on hiring some servants like that Kashin suggested?”

“N-No…If possible…I want it just for the two of us…”

While covering her flushed face with her palms, Calcedonia said to Tatsumi with her upturned eyes.

“T-Then wouldn’t a smaller house suffice? And this place is an aristocrats area, how should I say this. It feels stiff…and I don’t think I can calm down here.”

“I understand!! I will convey master’s intention to Lord Sankeeray!!”

Calcedonia smiled sweetly, and once again returned to Kashin.
It seems like Kashin was recommending Calcedonia some huge estates, but as per Tatsumi’s wishes, Calcedonia refused.

Finally Kashin tottered forward after loosing his patience. And Tatsumi and Calcedonia began to walk side by side after him.


After that, Kashin took them to a few other places, but none of those could satisfy them.

All the houses Kashin took them to could be considered mansions on their own right, and none of which were situated outside the aristocrats area.

According to Kashin, none of them were to Calcedonia’s liking. So he himself was quite troubled.

“E-Exactly what kind of residence does her holiness wish for……?”
Kashin who could still keep his insincere smile on after all this received Tatsumi’s respect in another meaning.

“My master wishes for a house of a smaller scale. Like the ones’ commoners’ live in.”

“C-Commoners’!!? Pardon me, but wouldn’t a larger mansion be necessary for Lady Calcedonia and Lord Morganeich to live in? I presume her holiness would also host house parties, if so then a commoner’s house really wouldn’t…”

“Excuse me, Lord Sankeeray. Why do you speak of Morga’s name? How can I be living with Morga?”

At Calcedonia’s words, Kashin stupidly stumped on his words.

“N-No I mean..H-Huh? T-Then, isn’t her holiness’s future husband Lord <<Freedom Knight>> as the rumors say……?”

“No, that is incorrect. The one who I will be living with isn’t Morga but——”

Calcedonia returned to Tatsumi’s side and grabbed his arm as if to bury it in her abundant chest.

“…..Lord Tatsumi Yamagata here. This person is my Master.”

And she looked up at Tatsumi happily.

Kashin who saw that, kept on staring with his jaws dropped as if the sky had fallen down on him.

Kashin had assumed that Calcedonia’s marriage partner would be <<Freedom Knight>> Lord Morganeich Tychors just as the rumours stated.

There has always been a rumour that the <<Holy Maiden>> and <<Freedom Knight>> loved each other. Kashin knew of that rumour. And when he heard that this time Calcedonia was leaving the temple to look for a house, he thought finally the rumoured couple would tie the knot.

But Calcedonia’s real partner was a very ordinary boy who he automatically thought was a servant. He had neither seen nor heard any rumours about him.

Certainly, black eyes and raven hair was rare in this country. His clothes were also something he had never seen before.

But his height definitely wasn’t tall for a man. Even now as he was standing next to Calcedonia, there wasn’t much difference between them. And his appearance was very normal, it couldn’t even be compared to that of <Freedom Knight>>.

Speaking of <<Freedom Knight>>, they said his strength was at the very top of the order of Clerical Knights.. He was an expert in the sword and lances, could perform a wide variety of magic. He was said to be kind to the weak and strict towards the strong and himself. With his extremely handsome looks and well built figure, he was the number one popular guy among the younger generation of maidens.

Kashim himself saw the <<Holy Maiden>> and <<Freedom Knight>> together at the temple, and he was fascinated by the sight.

But in the end, rumours were just rumours. Right now, in front of his eyes, was Calcedonia who was looking up at a boy with a happy expression as if she wanted to be spoiled by him. No matter how you look at it, it was the expression of a maiden in love, and couldn’t be just acting.

It wouldn’t take even a moment for this to become another rumour, would it? Then for now obtaining even a little information on this person who Calcedonia said would become her husband should be given priority. It might be of use later.

So Kashin, once again plastering that fake smile on his face and rubbing his palms against each other, approached the person who would become the husband of the <<Holy Maiden>>.

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