Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 51.1 ♬

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Chapter 51: I Became Eunuch (3.5)


Translator: Mimi

The next day. Because he was temporarily unable to adjust his biological clock, Chu Ci once again slept until he woke up naturally.

At this moment, the sun outside was already high.

He was just wake up and still a little muddle-headed. Chu Ci opened his eyes and stared at the roof blankly for a while, before suddenly startled.

The target didn’t say he was hungry today!

He quickly looked sideways.

However, Chu Ci was startled just after turning his head.

Moqi Sui’s beautiful face was very close to him.

Chu Ci immediately sat up, his sleepiness was completely gone.

Moqi Sui didn’t seem to find himself startled others. He still looked up at him from the bed and smiled happily, “A-Ci, you look really good-looking.”

Is he flattering me?

Chu Ci rolled his eyes, he was very clear in his heart how he looked. His appearance could only describe as comfortable to look at, and actually couldn’t say as very good-looking. But he still said narcissistically, “Don’t tell me you only find that I good-looking today?”

“Yes.” Moqi Sui said as he nodded earnestly.

Chu Ci originally still proud of himself, heard the reply of the person before him, it was disappear without any left. He even doubted whether this person was really foolish or fake foolish, or that he had recovered better and better.

He thought in his heart, before moved his body.

Chu Ci’s two hands pinched Moqi Sui’s cheeks and threatened, “Honestly tell me whether you are acting stupid now! Are you already okay, and trying to deceive me.”

Because he doesn’t exert his strength, Moqi Sui didn’t feel the pain and let Chu Ci pinch his face. He said doubtfully, “What is A-Ci talking about?”

Chu Ci raised the corner of his eyes and let go of the target’s face. He wondering in his heart what this person would look like if he recovered.

He looked at the two red marks on Moqi Sui’s face because of his pinching and suddenly remembered a sentence.

He proudly looked at Moqi Sui and said, “Are you like me more and more?” He remembered a phrase called the beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

“Yes!” Moqi Sui nodded without hesitation about this question.

Chu Ci happily got out of bed and reached out to touch his favorite face and said, “I didn’t hurt you, right? Are you hungry? I’ll go to the imperial kitchen to get you lunch.”

Moqi Sui immediately got up and said, “Hungry.”

Chu Ci picked up his clothes and put it on his body while said, “In the future, call me when you are hungry.”

Moqi Sui paused for a moment and said, “I’m not hungry after looking at A-Ci.”

Chu Ci’s hands paused, he raised his head and looked at this man who laughing innocently, “You even know the flowery words, it seems that you are not far from recovery.”

“A-Ci, come back soon.” When Chu Ci went out of the door, he heard Moqi Sui’s voice behind him, and suddenly felt a little enjoyment.

This time, Chu Ci didn’t go to the dining room to eat, but went directly to the imperial kitchen to get Moqi Sui’s food and returned to the Bie Courtyard.

Chu Ci pushed open the gate of Bie Courtyard, and saw Moqi Sui waiting on the other side of the gate.

He walked into the room while carrying the food, “What are you doing standing here?”

Moqi Sui followed him happily, “Waiting for you to come back, because I miss you.”

Chu Ci was stunned, and he couldn’t help but smiling. He turned his head to look at the target and said with a serious look, “Do you still remember your Xiyue? You said that you wants her to be your empress yesterday.”

Moqi Sui blinked his eyes and said, “But I later said that I like A-Ci the most. Moreover, A-Ci is the most good to me. So when I become emperor, I want you to be my empress.”

Chu Ci looked at Moqi Sui who became more and more emotional after being sick for a while. His intuition told him that this person would not be foolish for long.

He thought for a while and said, “Then you write down your promise, lest you renege it in the future.” After speaking, he speed up his footsteps to enter the room.

Moqi Sui also quickly followed.

Chu Ci put the meal box on the table and ran directly to the target’s desk to find a piece of paper, he said, “Come on, write your promise first before eating. After written in black and white, you can’t renege.”

Chu Ci knew that it was impossible for the eunuch to be an empress, but his uncertainty about the future made him want a piece of paper to at ease.

Moqi Sui didn’t complain even though he was hungry, he immediately sat at the desk properly and picked up the brush.

Chu Ci began to grind ink for him.

Moqi Sui kept looking at him with a smile.

Chu Ci also noticed his gaze and couldn’t help say in his heart: Don’t tell me it really happen so soon?

After the ink was grind out, Moqi Sui wrote his promise on the paper in front of Chu Ci.

Chu Ci looked at the neat line of words and exclaimed in his heart: The person is foolish but the words that he wrote are still beautiful and have personality.

Chu Ci picked up the target’s guarantee and blew it. After the ink was dry, he carefully folded it up and put it into his chest.

After finishing these, Moqi Sui could eat lunch.

He watched Chu Ci take out the food from the meal box, before looked up and said, “I think A-Ci should have lunch with me, because you are the person that I like the most.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows. This man was really learn and apply flexibly. He used to ask himself to eat with him before, and now he was directly order.

He took out another pair of chopsticks from the meal box and said, “I know.”

After eating the food of dining room and then eating the food of imperial kitchen, only then Chu Ci felt the flavor of some food.

His mouth ate very good in the previous two worlds and his preferences have been raised.

Chu Ci found that the target always scratched his body from time to time, he couldn’t help ask curiosity, “How long have you not bathed?”

Moqi Sui didn’t feel embarrassed, he thought for a while and said, “I bathed the day before A-Ci came.”

The weather today is not bad to itch like this. Is it because of yesterday’s fever?

Chu Ci leaned in front of Moqi Sui and sniffed. There was indeed a smell. He thought about it and said, “How about take advantage of the good weather at midday to bath?”

Anyway, the things in the Bie Courtyard were still relatively neat, it was completely no problem to boil water to take a bath.

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