Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 5.1 ♬

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Chapter 5: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.5)


Translator: Mimi

Because of Yu Shuyao’s words, Chu Ci had no intention to care about that not easy to get hold of chili. His eyes secretly observed back and forth between Xuan Lin and Yu Shuyao.

Xuan Lin’s hand that holding the chopsticks paused, he didn’t raise his head as he said, “Shuyao is so outstanding, it’s normal for someone like you.” The words were full of vinegar.

“Hee-hee.” Yu Shuyao on the side mischievously sticked out her tongue, “You are jealous again~ I can truly feel that you still love me when I see Xuan Lin get jealous.”

Only then Xuan Lin realized that he was being teased, he raised his head and looked at Yu Shuyao dotingly. At the same time, he took a piece of meat with his chopsticks and put it in her bowl, then helplessly said, “Don’t make trouble, eat properly.”

Chu Ci felt the cold dog food was slapped on his face. If he could, he wanted to bring his favorite dishes back to his room to eat.

After Yu Shuyao was return, Chu Ci would secretly pay attention to Yu Shuyao’s attitude from time to time, and found that she has no flaws. No matter who saw it, they would believed that she loved Xuan Lin.

Chu Ci suddenly said curiously, “Shuyao, what are you studying now?”

Yu Shuyao blinked and said, “Try guess what?”

Chu Ci searched her information and found that the system didn’t tell him about what Yu Shuyao was study. Chu Ci shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

The unwilling to be left out Xuan Lin also joined the topic and said, “Shuyao is study performance.”

No wonder, her acting was so good.

Although Chu Ci thought so in his heart, on the surface, he showed very envious face and said, “Wouldn’t you going to be a big star in the future?”

Yu Shuyao clenched her fist and said, “I’m right in the middle of working hard to become one.”

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin and found that a layer of red oil was already floating in the water bowl in front of him, he immediately got up to change the bowl for him.

At this time, Xuan Lin suddenly thought of something, he put down the chopsticks in his hand and said, “Shuyao, take advantage of my good health, I’ll accompany you to go shopping. I have never been with you for a long time. It was incompetent for a boyfriend not accompany his girlfriend shopping.”

Yu Shuyao’s happy voice came in Xuan Lin’s ear.

“Okay, I always hope that Xuan Lin can accompany me to go shopping. Go out with such a handsome man, the others who see certainly very envious of me.”

When Chu Ci put the newly changed water in front of Xuan Lin, he found that his face was a bit blushing, he must have been praise by Yu Shuyao!

After the meal, the three people rested in the living room. Chu Ci was still silently forced to see them flirting. At the same time, his mind was not idle.

This time shopping was a date. He felt the Little White-flower Xuan Lin was definitely rigid and doesn’t want to bring him, this light bulb. But he always felt no sense of security if he was not staying by the target’s side, and he always worry the opportunity of the target know the truth would suddenly appeared. However, if he said that he want to follow them shopping, it must be very strange.

An hour later, Chu Ci was still feel tangled, and Yu Shuyao already couldn’t wait to pull Xuan Lin to go out.

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin who was far away from him and ready to go, he really wishing he could change back to radish and secretly get in their car.

“Why are you still sitting? Let’s go.”

It seemed that the Heavens had heard his plea, as Xuan Lin who had just walked out of his primordial spirit’s range, suddenly stopped, he turned his head to look at the poor man on the sofa, and wrinkled his eyebrows.

My dear Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin was come out! Chu Ci jumped up from the sofa excitedly, and trotted up to Xuan Lin’s side. He never liked the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin this much. He looked at the target who instantly turned back to the Little White-flower and said hypocritically, “Aren’t you dating? Wouldn’t I disturb you like this?”

Yu Shuyao obviously didn’t expect that Xuan Lin wanted to bring An Hong with him on their date. There was slight surprise on her face, but it very quickly disappeared.

The Little White-flower Xuan Lin returned to his senses and found his another personality had made a decision for himself, he couldn’t help explain, “My body has just gotten better recently. If I feel uncomfortable at that time, An Hong can help me.”

Chu Ci hurriedly nodded, “Yes, this is better just in case.”

Chu Ci took the initiative to become an invisible man, and listened to Yu Shuyao tell Xuan Lin the interesting story in college.

Xuan Lin was patient as always, he continuously bent the corner of his mouth as he listened to the description of the person before his eyes.

The car finally entered the underground garage of a huge mall.

The handsome guy and the beautiful girl appeared hand in hand at the mall naturally became a beautiful scenery.

Yu Shuyao seemed very much enjoying this moment of became the focus of attention from many people.

When they arrived in the commodity area, Yu Shuyao was no longer glued to Xuan Lin and began to look for the thing she liked.

Chu Ci followed behind Xuan Lin, he looked at Yu Shuyao bought things while Xuan Lin was in charge of paying.

He knew from An Hong’s memory that these things were top-quality luxury items.

Looking at the two people who deeply love each other, Chu Ci began to worry about his life after became a devil. Although he can go to various parallel worlds, he can’t use his cultivation because it would disrupt the balance of the world. Therefore, if he want to eat delicious food in each worlds, he must first worked hard in that worlds. But Yu Shuyao’s experience made him wonder whether he could also meet someone who was willing to treat him so unconditionally, so that he would not have to work hard.

“An Hong, help Shuyao hold her shopping bags. It is too heavy for a girl to hold.”

Chu Ci’s daydream was interrupted by Xuan Lin. He looked up at Yu Shuyao who was walking in the distance. She clearly only held two paper shopping bags in her hand.

Ai, since he stayed with the target without pay for anything, he should help the target properly.

Chu Ci walked to Yu Shuyao and said, “Xuan Lin felt distress for you and let me help you held the shopping bags.”

Yu Shuyao just felt she unable to concentrate on shopping because the things in her hand. So when she heard An Hong’s suggestion, she immediately hand over the shopping bags to him, and then show a bright smile to Xuan Lin behind her.

“Hey? Is it Xiao Lin?”

Chu Ci suddenly heard an aunt’s voice behind him. He looked back curiously, and saw Xuan Lin was surrounded by two fashionable aunts.

He quickly followed Yu Shuyao who walked to them.

“Hello Aunts.” Yu Shuyao immediately greeted.

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