Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

9) Chapter 30.2 ♬

Chapter 30 Part 2:

“Why did you accept that 15-level newbie as a succeeding disciple?”

Chu Ci immediately heard the voice of Bai Yimeng questioning outside.

“She’s useful.” Chui Yan’s tone was not urgent and not slow.

“What could a fifteen-level newbie do?” Bai Yimeng seemed doesn’t give up.

“Her luck is very good.” Chui Yan’s tone still didn’t change.

Bai Yimeng said with ridicule, “When are you so poor that you have to rely on someone with good luck?”

Chi Yan didn’t answer her question but asked back, “Are you jealous?”

Bai Yimeng said, “Yes, I’m jealous! I have seen that person. She looks good. She seems to be approaching you purposely. I don’t feel at ease if she is staying at your side, and I don’t like her.” Bai Yimeng coquettishly said, “Break your master-disciple relationship, okay?”

Chu Ci who hid behind has a dumbfounded face, doesn’t understand what Bai Yimeng was thinking.

Chui Yan calmly said, “The skin in the game is fake, you should be clear about this, so you don’t have to care about her appearance.”

Bai Yimeng was quiet for a while, before said, “Are you unwilling to break it?”

Chui Yan silently looked at Bai Yimeng, expressing his attitude.

“Sigh, forget it.” Bai Yimeng waved her hand and said, “Considering I’m still the first love of this grand most handsome man in the college, I believe you are good.”

Chui Yan suddenly said, “Tomorrow is weekend, let’s go to watch a movie?”

Bai Yimeng said, “I’m not going. There will be activities in the guild tomorrow, I’m the Vice Guild Master, I can’t be absent.”

Chu Ci was anxious for the two people in the back hall. At the moment, she has given up the date for the game. Next time, she would give up her boyfriend for the game!

Outside, after Bai Yimeng’s words, the room fell into a silence.

Chu Ci couldn’t hear any voice and began to worry, he slowly went to the door, trying to see what happened.

Just as he walked to the door, he suddenly bumped into a wide chest.

Chu Ci was startled and jumped back, then he looked at Chui Yan with a smile, “Master, hehehe.”

Chui Yan just calmly glanced at him and then entered the aperture to go to the guild territory.

Chu Ci quickly followed, he pretended to not know Bai Yimeng, “Master, who is that?”


“Is Lu Jiang your name?”


Seeing that Chui Yan doesn’t conceal his affairs, Chu Ci thought it was a good opportunity.

He said to probe, “Is Master lady called Yi’s Dream? I saw her photo when I visited the forum today.”

In fact, Chu Ci has never seen the photo, but Chui Yan doesn’t know ah.

“Yes.” Chui Yan’s answer was still without the slightest hesitation.

Chu Ci continued to ask, “But the forum said that she and Intoxicated Heart are married couple, do you know it?”

Chui Yan said while busy looking at the fire in the furnace, “It’s just a game, they are merely friends.”

That’s all? Chu Ci shouted in his heart: You will spend your remain time in lonely, do you know? Then he shook his head, the target is really too young.

But Bai Yimeng is too addicted to the game and Lu Jiang is too sober. How can this be play? How to play matchmaker?


Just as Chu Ci being sentimental, Chui Yan suddenly approached him, but his eyes fell on the small furnace in the distance.

“The success rate of pellets is related to the heat control. You run out halfway like this, are you wasting my materials?”

At Chui Yan’s reminder, he quickly turned to look at his furnace. It flashed a white light on it, which meant that the pellet had been done.

So fast? He didn’t even touch it again but it seemed to continuously have fire.

Chu Ci hurriedly went to the side of the small furnace. When he was about to open the lid, he found that Chui Yan also followed.

He naturally knew that one didn’t have to adjust the fire in the pellet refining process, but Chu Ci still quickly raised his hand and pushed the target, he said, “Master, go see your own furnace, don’t you also have something refining?”

Although Chui Yan was a swordsman, but he was full-level swordsman, the shove of fifteen-level’s Chu Ci couldn’t shake him the least bit. He was set to stand there to show his resolution to see the furnace.

Chu Ci thought about the money that he had from sold the seven colored glass, if he failed, at worst he just lose money. Thinking of this, he opened the furnace in front of Chui Yan.

The light in the furnace flashed a light before died down, Chu Ci’s screen suddenly began to jump with system notices that only he could see.

Congratulations on your advance to level 16.

Congratulations on your advance to level 17.

Congratulations on your advance to level 18.

Your life skills proficiency level is rise to level 2.

Your life skills proficiency level is rise to level 3.

Your life skills proficiency level is rise to level 4.


It didn’t stop until level 9.

Chu Ci looked at the furnace and saw 10 pellets, one black, and the others were dark green.

Sigh, only one is success.

Chu Ci silently sighed in his heart before said to the person beside him, “Master, this thing give me a lot of experience ah. Even if only one is success, my character has been promoted 3 levels, and my skills proficiency has rose to level 9.” He stretched out his hand and prepared to take out the black one.

Chui Yan said with complicated expression, “The black one is the failed product, the dark green is the finished product.”

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