My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

8 - Let's Learn About Magic

Largofiely Kingdom.

Located in the northernmost part of the continent of Zoysalight, it was one of the largest countries. It possessed the Great Iceberg Mountain range, where the ice spirits gather in large numbers according to the phases of the moon– especially during the time when winter was at its coldest.

In this world, the seasons changed at the whim of the spirits. When the fire spirits were at their most potent, it was summer. When the earth spirits were at their strongest, the time of harvest; it’s autumn. When the time of the water spirits’ ascendance was near, spring comes.

When the days were short, the phases of the moon were affected by the ice spirits that gathered ice on the Great Iceberg Mountains. In addition, they existed during the time of the evening moon and the morning dawn. Although it was the the water spirits who had influence during the fall’s short time of abundant harvest, in the winter night came early and this period tooks up half of the year. Yet it was rare for someone to die of starvation during this time due to the excess of food gathered from bumper crops harvested in the fall.

In addition, due to the large amount of snow that fell every year, there was an abundant supply of water, some of which was used to brew various types of alcohol. In fact, the alcohol from Largofiely was some of the finest in the continent of Zoysalight.

The nation was also known for it’s embracing of strong chivalry and military arts. The soldiers and knights had to go through a severe training regimen because of this.

Giuseppe and Calcedonia were currently teaching Tatsumi about the beliefs of the common folk of the land. However, what Tatsumi was interested in the most was things related to magic. He figured that it was real after being summoned here, and people who could use magic appeared to be in general called “magicians”.

It wasn’t only Calcedonia, but Giuseppe was also a magician.

“There are not that many people that can use magic, and the amount of people with the ability are usually one in one hundred, typically one or two people, that is to say.”

There was a system of magic that each individual magician would have a specialty in. Of this, there were six basic types which were called ‘attributes’.

They were <Light>, <Darkness>, <Earth>, <Water>, <Fire>, and <Wind>. From there they were ranked and broken up into several subsystems , and it was unknown how many sub-systems there were.

“I have affinity with <Holy>, <Flames>, <Sea>, <Tree> and <Thunder>, and Grandfather has <Holy> and <Sea>.”

“Eh ? Five? That’s really amazing. ”

“Yes, this lass Calsey is something of a genius. Most magicians only have affinity for one attribute. I, her grandfather am considered special for having affinity for two. In the past there were only one or two other people that had that many affinities.”

By the way, <Holy> was a advanced form of <Light>, as <Flames> was to <Fire>, <Tree> was to <Earth>, <Sea> was to <Water>, and <Lightning> was to <Wind>.

“Typically, an incantation is needed to cast a spell. In addition, no matter how advanced a magician is, voiceless casting is still impossible. ”

In the case of a criminal magician, they were bound with a gag to prevent casting. Because of this, there were no worries about the possibility of magic being cast. When one recited a spell, it was powered by the reserve of magical energy that resided in the body. Because of this, knowledge of how much internal energy was needed to cast a spell was very important. The proper chant and amount of magical power were the two components needed to cast a spell.

“Th-then? Is there any chance I might have an affinity? ”

Tatsumi asked Calcedonia and Giuseppe without holding in his excitement.

The possibility that Tatsumi might have considerable talent as a magician due to coming from another world was a common theme in fantasy novels. Or he could become very strong due to the the transfer between worlds. If there was such a thing as magic, then he wanted the chance to be able to use it. Tatsumi had asked with great expectations, but the faces of Calcedonia and Giuseppe were unclear about it.

“U-UM …… It’s hard to say this, but, for Master, it’s …. ”

“This is hard for you to say … .. Son-in law can not use any magic, because … … we can not detect any magical energy from your body. ”

It was said that most creatures of this world had some amount of magical energy, even the smallest of insects. Still for magicians to gain any proficiency with magic, more than a little was needed. Because a minimum fixed amount of magical energy was still needed to cast a spell.

But Tatsumi, who was a visitor from another world, did not appear to have any magical power at all. Due to him who has come from a world with no known magic. It’s not unusual for him not to have any.

Certain magicians, like those at the skill level of Calcedonia and Giuseppe, could sense magical power that other possessed.

However, they could not find any on Tatsumi from his arrival ’til now. It was put forth that – without any magical power it was not possible to use magic at all.

This depressed Tatsumi terribly.

“Do not feel so down, Son-in-Law, as a human being on this world, even if you do not have the amount of power to cast even the most rudimentary spells, you still possess some small trace amount. ”

” Th-that’s right, Master! You have just enough magical energy to live in this world. When you first came here I was able to transfer some to you! ”

The two said this to try and comfort Tatsumi. Still the shock of learning that he would not be able to use magic after being so excited about it was considerable.

“…… The chants that we use to call the magic are indispensable to casting it. Therefore what we use is called [Aria Magic].”

In order to raise Tatsumi’s spirits, Calcedonia attempted to change the direction of the conversation regarding magic a little.

“When talking about magic originally, it was only Aria Magic, but since about … ten years ago, someone came forth with the ability to use a new type of magic. In order to have some clarification between the two types, the original was given the label of Aria Magic. ”

” New Magic ……? ”

“A form of magic that calls upon the aid of Spirits, and is called [Spirit Magic] in comparison to the more traditional Aria Magic. A woman who had come from a foreign land began to spread knowledge of it around. ”

” Really? Then perhaps …… this woman has come from another world like I have. Can such a thing be possible? ”

” Well, I’ve only recently become aware of this person. I’ve yet to meet with this young woman at this time. According to rumors, she is a woman of outrageous beauty, yes? If possible, I would like to meet with this person at least once. ”

And then, as usual, Giuseppe began to laugh.” Ho, ho, ho. ”


” Well now, we’ve already been talking for a long time. ”

Giuseppe cut the conversation short and turned to look outside through the window, and saw that the sky was beginning to be dyed in a deep dark red.

“I guess I should be bringing up the subject of where the two of you should be living, Son-in-Law, but have you made any decisions yet? ”

” Master, we could look into acquiring a vacant house from a merchant, as there are several candidates. later, I think we should go for a look together. ”

” Is that so? For the time being, I think Son-in-Law should stay here in this temple. This is the head temple of the Doctrine of Savaiv on this continent of Zoysalight. To which a number of pilgrims and traveling priests have come to visit from various regions. There’s plenty of guest rooms. Or, —– ”

Giuseppe arched an eyebrow mischievously.

“—- Would you prefer to stay in Calsey’s room? I have no complaints if Son-in-Law wanted that.”

“Th-That’s fine !? A guest room would be perfectly fine with me! Please, give me a guest room !! ”

His face having become quite flushed, Tatsumi requested a guest room. And then Calcedonia looked at Tatsumi with a look of regret on her face.

” Ho ho ho, it was a joke, boy. The room where Calcedonia is currently lodging is in the dorms where the maiden priestesses live. Even if I requested it, it would be impossible to let Son-in-Law stay there, yes ? ”

Gender was of no importance as the men and women who stay at the temple were mostly unmarried.

As Savaiv is the patron god of marriage, It was expected for the clergy of that church to get married.

Although there were celibate priests in here, the majority of them had families. A priest with a family leaves the temple and moves into a house in the town. That is to say, when a priest moved from out of the temple to a house in the town, it was a sign that they were getting married. There were some inconveniences after marriage, such as having children. But since Savaiv was a god that treasured children, having children wasencouraged.

Because of this, it was not unreasonable or unusual for Tatsumi and Calcedonia to move into a house together. The only complication is that of someone with the title of << Holy Maiden >> living in a house. Though this sort of thing was unknown to Tatsumi at the time.


It was now the next day. Tatsumi’s sense of time had led him to believe that it was just a little past noon. Calcedonia, who had finished her duties for the day was walking through the streets of Levantes with Tatsumi.

The two were heading to the area where houses were bought and sold. This led Tatsumi to think of this as this world’s real estate agency. The two had drawn close together and were walking happily through the town.

It was easy to tell by looking at them that Tatsumi was somewhat inattentive. With a blushing face, his gaze wandered around here and there. It was a wonder if he was conscious of anything else. Considering the two soft mounds belonging to Calcedonia that were attached to his right arm, and were not moving anywhere.

Underwear for a woman’s upper body seems to exist in this world, but were unlike the brassiere from Tatsumi’s world. Here it was a length of soft cloth that was wound around the body. Because of this, it did not possess the defensive power of a brassiere. So the sensation of tenderness of the pair of hills that would have been blocked otherwise, were not. This sensation was transmitted to his arm.

Thus, Tatsumi was desperately trying to ignore the sensation that his arm was experiencing.

” Is something the matter, Master? ”

Calcedonia had become aware of Tatsumi’s awkward attitude.

“N-no, that … I’m just not used to walking with a girl holding onto my arm. Especially a beautiful one. ”

Though this was the first time for Tatsumi to walk locked arm in arm with a girl his own age, he couldn’t possibly tell Calcedonia,  ‘Because your chest is pressed against my arm’, face to face.

Even so, despite the awkwardness, he could not say that it was not a pleasant sensation, either.

Calcedonia, who was unaware of Tatsumi’s discord brightened her beautiful face and laughed.

“Is that the problem? In the past, Master and I went out together quite often, did we not?”

“N-no, at that time, you were so small Chiiko!! I’d fold my arm and not walk, and you would sit on my shoulder or head. ”

During this exchange, the two walked while enjoying themselves.

Despite the odd looks they were getting from passers by, Tatsumi, who was preoccupied by both the conversation with Calcedonia and the soft contact on his arm, did not notice the attention being given to the two of them. On the street, the eyes of the people followed the couple who enjoyably snuggled together while walking.

There was no one in the city of Levantes who did not know of the girl titled <<Holy Maiden>> of the temple of Savaiv. And most of they were familiar with her face.

However, the fact that she was happily walking arm in arm with a young man around her age did catch their attention. The sight of Calcedonia’s face, which was at the height of happiness caused the townsfolk’s eyes to widen in surprise. This surprise went even further when they saw that she was walking together with a young man around her age.

The young man was unusual in that he had amber-colored skin, black hair and eyes, and was wearing clothing that no one had ever seen before.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of this kingdom tended to have hair colors that averaged from bright red to light brown, and if anything, the blonde hair that Calcedonia possessed was considered unusual as well.

As for skin color, the majority was Caucasian. Tatsumi would have attracted attention even if he was by himself. He was walking arm in arm with the famous <<Holy Maiden>>.

The townsfolk looked on with interest as this rare partnership went along on their way.

Meanwhile, the pair came to stop at their destination, which was the offices of this world’s equivalent of a real estate agent.

“So, it’s here?”

“Yes. This place is the home of the merchant handling houses and lots.”

They had come to a building made entirely of stone.

On the way here most of the buildings that were seen were reddish-brown in color, and the stones were neatly stacked in a manner not unlike the laying of bricks in its construction. It was due to the use of this stone that the city was overflowing with shades of red.

But the building before them was not the reddish-brown they had previously seen, but rather was made from a white quarried stone. He did not know much about the stone, but it gave him the impression that this was a mansion for a wealthy person. If they had taken the time to look around, they would have seen that many of the neighboring mansions were also made from this quarried stone. Tatsumi began to wonder why he was in such a high-class neighborhood.

“It’s an ordinary mansion ….”

Once again, Tatsumi looked up at the mansion before him absentmindedly. Thinking it over again, one would not display houses or mansions in the storefront like other products would be. Therefore in this case an actual store would not be necessary.

While Tatsumi was pondering this, Calcedonia walked up to the door, and with a voice as clear as a bell announced,

“Pardon me this is Calcedonia Chrysoprase of the Temple of Savaiv. Is the owner of the premises in? ”

A few moments later, a middle-aged man vigorously popped out from behind the front door of the mansion.

He had a receding hairline and a noticeable pot-belly. It turned out that this man was shorter than Tatsumi and Calcedonia.

He was also dressed in the sort fine clothing that Tatsumi had seen other people wearing while walking around this neighborhood. He appeared to be a rich man, as expected of this residence.

“Ah! I’ve been waiting your arrival, your holiness! I was waiting for your request to arrive! I’m truly pleased to be of service to you !!”

The master of the residence’s oily face, especially his smile, dripped with grease as he greeted Calcedonia while rubbing his hands together.

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