Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 4.2 ♬

Chapter 4 Part 2:

When Yu Shuyao closed the car door, Xuan Lin took the bouquet from behind him and said gently, “Welcome home.”

Yu Shuyao covered her mouth happily, and then took the bouquet and kissed Xuan Lin’s face, “Xuan Lin is the best.”

Then she sized up the person in front of her, “An Hong seemingly a bit capable, your complexion look a lot much better!”

Chu Ci was still appreciate the beauty, when it suddenly turned into the two people make a public display of affection. He unable to continue watching. Although one of them was fake, it was still a huge stimulation for him, this single thousand year old radish. He could only quietly shifted his line of sight to Xuan Lin’s hair.

He found out that Xuan Lin’s ears were actually red because of the recent kiss on his cheek!

This Xuan Lin was a bit too pure and innocent, then Chu Ci thought of Xuan Lin’s another personality, and shook his head regretfully, how good it would be if he can neutralized it.

After Yu Shuyao greeted Xuan Lin, she finally saw Chu Ci behind him, “An Hong become a lot more handsome after not meet for a few years. You used to be fat before.”

Xuan Lin’s original gentle face became full of jealousy because Yu Shuyao praised others.

“Are you hungry, I specially asked the housekeeper to prepare the dishes that you like today.” He seemed want to shift Yu Shuyao’s attention back to himself.

“I’m very hungry~” Yu Shuyao touched her belly pretending to be aggrieved. Suddenly she seemed to remember something, as she turned around to pick up a cage from the front passenger seat of the car and handed it over to Xuan Lin while coquettishly said, “Xuan Lin, help me raise this rabbit, I’m too busy study to take care of it.”

Xuan Lin smiled dotingly, he took the rabbit and said, “Okay, just leave it at home, study properly.”

Chu Ci was originally happily watch Xuan Lin play the split personality. But, when he saw the rabbit in the cage, he subconsciously retreat a few steps.

The rabbit was his natural enemy! During that very long days when he was still a radish, the number of times he was chased by a rabbit was countless.

Chu Ci was retreat so much, directly made Xuan Lin out of his primordial spirit’s range.

Xuan Lin immediately sense it as he turned his head and looked at Chu Ci. He found that Chu Ci looked at the rabbit in his hand with alarmed face. He said doubtedly, “Could it be that you...afraid of this rabbit?”

“I, I, I’m afraid of this thing! Don’t think to give it to me, I will not hold it for you!” Chu Ci didn’t feel shame that he afraid of the rabbit, and he completely didn’t care, as he directly jumped three feet away from Xuan Lin’s body, with trembled hand, he pointed at the cage in Xuan Lin’s hand, already didn’t know what to say.

The atmosphere was suddenly quiet.

Yu Shuyao looked at An Hong strangely, “An Hong, I remember when we were studying together, you liked small animals the most.”

Chu Ci looked at Yu Shuyao and then looked at the rabbit in the cage and said firmly, “I don’t like it at all now!”

Xuan Lin looked at the cage in his hand, he actually never thought to made Chu Ci help him hold it.

At this time, the housekeeper came up and took the cage in Xuan Lin’s hand, then said, “Miss, just give this rabbit and the luggage to me. The lunch is ready.”

“Thank you, Housekeeper.” Yu Shuyao was also very warm to the housekeeper.

After saw the housekeeper took the rabbit away, Chu Ci returned to Xuan Lin’s side as if nothing had happened.

Chu Ci glanced at Yu Shuyao. This beauty act was very good. If it were not for he knew in advance that she went out to study in order to be with He Wen, he would thought that the couple in front of him were sincere love each other.

The three of them walked to the dining table together. Yu Shuyao looked at the table in front of her, all of which was her favorite heavy tastes dishes.

She turned to look at Xuan Lin and complained, “Did you not prepare your own dishes?”

Xuan Lin said seriously, “I want to accompany you to eat what you like.”

Yu Shuyao rebuked, “Then you should pay attention to your body.”

Chu Ci didn’t care about the food on the table before, he only felt it was very fragrant, and now he know how stimulate it was after seeing it.

Chu Ci possessed An Hong’s memory in his mind. This kind of memory would inadvertently affect him. He saw the dishes at this table and immediately thought of Xuan Lin’s life habits. This person’s body was no good since childhood. He always eat light food to maintain good health and must never touched the spicy things. His primordial spirit’s ability doesn’t include changing a person’s tastes.

Although he was a fake doctor, Chu Ci still did his duty. After Xuan Lin sat down, he immediately poured a bowl of plain water and placed it on his side, before said, “It’s better to brush it in the water before eat.”

Xuan Lin looked at the bowl on his side and didn’t refuse.

“I haven’t eaten the dishes cooked by our chef for a few months, I miss it.” Yu Shuyao can’t wait to start, but she doesn’t forget to keep her etiquette as much as possible.

Chu Ci looked at the heavy tastes food with all kind colors and fragrances in front of him, and he couldn’t wait as much as Yu Shuyao. Before he became a human, he coveted the human’s food and would secretly go to the vegetable field to steal those food. Of all the food, only chili made him feel most interesting. Smearing the chili on the body will make him felt hot, super exciting, he liked to do it when he was bored.

He don’t know if eating chili would also be so exciting.

When Chu Ci took a chili with his chopsticks, Xuan Lin on the side could not help but say.

“This dish, you eat the meat inside, not the chili.”

Chu Ci reluctantly put down the chili and said, “I know, I just want to taste how spicy it is.”

Xuan Lin was devoted to Yu Shuyao, and don’t pay attention to Chu Ci’s retort.

Yu Shuyao saw that An Hong and her tastes was in line, she immediately pointed enthusiastically to the dish in front of her, “You try this, it’s very delicious!”

There was no enemy in front of the food, and the two immediately became acquainted.

Although Xuan Lin who was in the main seat let out an envy face, but he can’t do anything about it, who asked him to be unaccustomed to certain food.

Xuan Lin looked at the dish in front of him that made people felt more appetizing, he took a piece with his chopsticks and dipped it in the water, before put it in his mouth. Even then it was still a little spicy, but still endurable.

Chu Ci stuffed the dishes in his mouth and still wanted to secretly clip the chili back.

“Xuan Lin, someone at the college confessed to me, but I refused.”

Yu Shuyao suddenly talked, scared Chu Ci as his hand that clip the chili shook. When Xuan Lin about to raise his head, he quickly threw the chili into the bowl in front of him.

After confirmed that his chili was not found, only then he recalled Yu Shuyao’s words, and his heart was startle again.

What this person want to do?

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