Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 30.1 ♬

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Chapter 30: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.5)


Translator: Mimi

Seeing Chui Yan went to the back hall of Bailu building, Chu Ci promptly ignored the clothes on his body and followed.

Here he just about to come in, when the game system noticed that only guild members can enter.

Now he was.

Chu Ci followed Chui Yan to enter the back hall with a big swing. The decoration inside was decent. There was an aperture in the middle of the back hall, which should be used for teleportation.

After Chui Yan walked to the aperture and stood there, his whole person disappeared from Chu Ci’s field of vision.

Chu Ci quickly followed.

As soon as he stepped on the aperture, then in a flash, he stayed in another unfamiliar environment, standing beside him was Chui Yan.

This should be the guild territory that those group of people in the World saying could avoid enmity. Chu Ci knew from the novice guide that each established guild in this game would have a corresponding guild territory. In the territory, the guild’s founder, which was the guild master, could construct their own buildings, but of course, he must make construction blueprints.

There was no building in Chui Yan’s guild territory. It was just a huge original flat ground. On the flat ground was neatly filled with various shelves. All kinds of materials were placed on the shelves, just like a huge refining site.

Chui Yan raised his hand and pointed to the small corner of the site, “You go there to improve the proficiency of your life skills. What I’ll do now requires full-level proficiency to do it. You can take the materials yourself, almost all on the nearby shelves.”

Chu Ci looked at the place that the target’s hand pointed. There was a shabby small furnace in the small corner. This was not because Chui Yan was stingy, but all the basic tools of the game were set so simple.

“This is the formula, you have to learn it first.” Chui Yan took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and handed it to Chu Ci, “I don’t have any simple materials, so you will practice to make Invisible Pellet. That thing is according to your practice, how much the pellets that come out is for your experience. Moreover, you can also use the pellet when you go out.”

Chu Ci was touched by his words, they all said that the big shot Chui Yan’s conduct was indifference but it doesn’t seem to be such.

He took the formula and walked toward the small furnace’s direction.

The full-level of game character was 100, so the highest level of life skills was also 100. The current him has only one level life skills, the future was long.

After Chu Ci went to the front of small furnace, he turned his head to look at Chui Yan. At the moment, Chui Yan already done his own thing in front of the high-grade furnace. When he saw that the other party hadn’t left, Chu Ci felt a bit reassured and took out the formula that Chui Yan just given to him from his bag. The formula in his hand instantly turned into a dot of light and rushed to his forehead, and then the video version of the production method appeared in his mind. He could see each details clearly.

Chu Ci was ready to make the Invisible Pellet according to the first step of the formula. He was still not particularly sure of his luck. After all, he only tried three times, it was too few to dare make conclusion, so he still tried to prevent waste.

When he began to look for medicinal materials, he found that the clothes given by Chui Yan were quite easy to use, especially suitable for work.

After Chu Ci got all the medicinal materials of Invisible Pellet and was about to put it in the furnace, Chui Yan’s voice came from behind him.

“Your level is low and the success rate is also low, so you can use more medicinal materials, your success rate would increase with more experience. You said that your luck is good, it should be no problem for your to succeed a good quantity pellet out of first ten pellets.”

Since the target had said so, then he also wouldn’t modest. He directly ran back to the storage cabinet to take ten sets of the materials. Then he walked to the side of the furnace and poured all his mind into it. After lit the fire, he was squatting on the side to peek at the target, thinking about how to solve the difficult problem of the target’s lonely life.

This game was still conscientious. Manufacture pellet doesn’t require you to really learn pharmacy. Just put the materials in the furnace and waiting for the time. At most, occasionally added fire to increase its success rate.

The level of Chui Yan’s life skills was already full, so he was using a high-grade furnace. The higher the level of one life skills, the better the furnace one could use. Chu Ci knew from the forum that most of the target’s money was from selling the items that came out of these furnaces. It was very business mind, he could always predict what items will be sold at a high price in the future, directly started to buy most of the materials with low price first, and then selling finished products at high price.

After Chu Ci was squatting for a while, he became uncomfortable and immediately changed his posture.

Chui Yan just finished dealing with his furnace, he turned his head to look at his little disciple’s situation, but saw her sitting on the ground without an image. She was obviously wearing a skirt, but sitting on the ground with her legs pulled, with both hands was resting on her knees.

He frowned and said, “You’d better stand up.”

Chu Ci’s thought was originally still wandering around when he heard Chui Yan’s words, and then looked at Chui Yan with a puzzled face.

Why do you care so much?

Forget it, forget it, I won’t argue with him.

Chu Ci propped his body and stood up.

“Lu Jiang, quickly come out!”

A voice suddenly appeared, made Chu Ci shuddered. He looked up at the sky, the voice seemed to be from the sky.

And it’s sound a bit familiar?

Chu Ci thought about it, seems to be Bai Yimeng’s voice.

He looked at the target again. The target put down his work and walked to the place where he had just come in. There was also an aperture.

The target right away disappeared as soon as he stood in there.

Chu Ci rolled his eyes and then secretly walked to the aperture where Chui Yan disappeared. His mission was to keep the two together. Didn’t he has to know the situation of the two at all times?

Thinking of his heavy responsibility, Chu Ci stood in the aperture without hesitation.

The surrounding scenery flashed, and he returned to the back hall of Bailu building.

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