Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

8) Chapter 143.2 ♬

Chapter 143 Part 2:

Chu Ci turned to look at the door and found his wife standing there with a porcelain bottle.

He didn’t care about picking up the fruit on the bed, he quickly sat up and looked at Zi Yan who had entered the door, “How come you came back.”

Zi Yan walked to the front of him with a frown, he picked up the red fruit on the bed and looked at it, his complexion instantly changed.

Chu Ci looked at the ** fruit in Zi Yan’s hand and immediately covered his face.

He was discovered so quickly…

But when he thought about the reason he ate this, he relaxed a lot.

Zi Yan looked at Chu Ci and said angrily, “Where did you get this thing!”

Chu Ci originally had intended to tell the truth, but when he saw Zi Yan’s angry face, he was suddenly a little afraid. He had second thoughts about it, if he said he doesn’t know what it was, Zi Yan didn’t seem to know that he was lying.

He immediately said innocently, “I just stumbled upon it when I was strolling outside, and picked it up when I saw it should be food.”

Zi Yan frowned and looked at his mouth, “Did you eat it?”

Chu Ci immediately performed a full set of acting, he turned his body and took the remaining ** fruit from the side of the pillow, and offered it with both hands, “Eat, it’s delicious. It tastes different every time. Master, do you want to eat to see? It’s especially fun.”

Zi Yan looked at Chu Ci’s face when he handed it to himself, his face instantly darkened. A string of this stuff obviously bear a lot of fruit and now it had been reduced by half, it must had been eaten by this person.

Suddenly, Chu Ci felt the temperature of the fruit’s stalk instantly height and let go of his hands as it was hot. Before he could think of the reason, he saw the fruit was suddenly wrapped in flames and disappeared before it fell to the ground.

Seeing Zi Yan’s expression, Chu Ci was certain that Zi Yan must have done it.

He didn’t expect Zi Yan to be so angry and doesn’t dare to reveal it even more, he continued to pretend ignorant, “This…what’s going on?”

Zi Yan immediately sat to the bedside and stretched his hand to stroke Chu Ci’s stomach.

When Chu Ci was about to refuse to welcome it, he felt a force trying to push the thing in his stomach out. He looked down and saw Zi Yan’s hand on his stomach moved in the same place with that force.

He no need to think to know what was going on.

After a while, Chu Ci lay at the bedside, vomiting.

Fortunately, nothing spitted out.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yan frowned.

He directly closed the door with his spiritual power.

Chu Ci looked at him and asked innocently, “What’s up? Is this stuff poisonous? But I didn’t feel unwell.”

Thinking of Chu Ci’s attitude towards him in the past two days, Zi Yan doesn’t intend to tell him the efficacy, but his concern was written on his face.

“It’s not poisonous, but tell me if somewhere uncomfortable.”

Chu Ci saw that Zi Yan caring about himself and sat there with a guilty conscience. The room was quiet for a while.

After Chu Ci vomited a few times, he finally stopped. No matter what, he couldn’t spit it out.

At this time, he doesn’t know whether it cause by the nausea or ** fruit, he felt his face began to get hot.

Since Zi Yan was here, the effect came out now was the best.

Chu Ci lowered his head and pretended to be silent, but he was eager to try and wait for the effect to come out completely in his heart.

Ten minutes later, Chu Ci began to regret that he ate this, because his whole body was hot and uncomfortable.

He looked at Zi Yan grievously, “Master, I’m so hot, about to burn up. Is it cause by that wild fruit? I’m not going to die, right?”

Zi Yan looked at the man whose body was starting to turn red, he frowned and then directly carried him up.

In a blink of an eye, Chu Ci was carried by Zi Yan to the front of a pool surrounded by trees and the mist above it.

“I don’t want to soak in the hot spring, I’ll die of heat!” Chu Ci refused and hugged Zi Yan’s neck. At the same time, he rubbed his face against him and said, “Master’s body is cool.”

“This is not a hot spring, you will be more comfortable going down.” Zi Yan comforted while put him into the pool water. The tenderness in his tone was unnoticed by anyone.

Chu Ci had been tormented by the heat in his body. Suddenly encountering this cool water, he finally sighed with satisfaction and let Zi Yan’s neck go.

Soaking in the cold water, his dizzy head because of heat was sober a lot.

Chu Ci immediately understood that this was not a hot spring, but the cold pool mentioned by Zi Yan before.

He contentedly swam in the pool a few circles and his head completely sober. At the same time, he also clearly felt the change in his body.

Chu Ci thought of the reason why he suffered this, he lay on the edge of the cold pool and looked at Zi Yan who had never left, and said pitifully, “Master, does that fruit have an effect in stimulating passion? I’ve a reaction.”

Zi Yan looked at the completely shameless person in the water and said with a black face, “Then stay there until there is no reaction and come out.”

Chu Ci pouted and submerged into the water, only showing his head as he looked at Zi Yan.

After a long time, Chu Ci reached out to pull Zi Yan’s clothes and said grievously, “Master, I’m going to die of sorrow.”

Zi Yan looked at Chu Ci’s clothes came down by the water, his eyes darkened.

He leaned over and directly kissed Chu Ci’s lips. He let out a long sigh in his heart: What should I do with him?

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