My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

7 - From Now On

A lot of believers went out in groups through the exit of the Savaiv Chruch.

Today, they all gathered to hear the sermons given by the <<Holy Maiden>> of the Church. They want to listen to the lectures given by that sweet voice. Even just a glance of her would be enough.

Normally, after the sermon of the <<Holy Maiden>>, they would leave with a satisfied expression but today it was somehow different.


Certainly, there were people who showed satisfied expressions. There were also those who received a very deep impression from the <<Holy Maiden>>’s lecture, and broke down in tears. People who showed feverish expressions after seeing the <<Holy Maiden>>’s figure were also present.


But the most populous were those who tilted their heads in confusion.

“Hey, wasn’t today’s Lady <<Holy Maiden>> a bit….different than usual?”

“Ahh. Usually she’s the type of person who looks overly dignified and austere but today….”

“…..She was strangely…Colourful? I-I mean, you know……sometimes when she let out those sighs, they looked like they had colours…”

“Y-Yeah! That, that! The usual awe-inspiring Lady <<Holy Maiden>> is good too, but today’s was also..”

“A-Aye. Today was also good. Still, for that Lady <<Holy Maiden>> to show that kind of expression…It has to be love related right?”

“Well, even Lady <<Holy Maiden>> is a person with flesh and blood like us. And she’s reached that age too. It wouldn’t be strange for her to have a man to give her feelings to. I don’t know who the hell he is but, damn him.”

“Hey, about Lady <<Holy Maiden>>’s partner, wouldn’t it be that rumored…”

“Ahh! You mean Lord <<Freedom Knight>> ? If it’s him then certainly he matches well with her holiness.”

“A handsome man with a beauty by his side. It could make a picture…”

Just like that while making some random guesses, they left the Savaiv Church.

After the lecture, Calcedonia returned to the parlor where her grandfather and Tatsumi were.

She entered the room after knocking, and saw Tatsumi’s face which was now dyed scarlet.

Because as soon as Tatsumi saw her face, “If possible, I really ought to make you that lass’s husband right here right now.” these words Giuseppe said rang up in his mind.

“Is something the matter, Master?”

“E-eh..n-no. It’s nothing, yeah.”

Tatsumi said while awkwardly nodding his head. And seeing Tatsumi act like that, Giuseppe showed an expression similar to that of a kid whose prank was a big success.

“Well then, Calsey’s also back. So how about I do the explaining on son-in-law’s future life hereafter?”

As the discussion became about his future, Tatsumi showed a taken aback expression.

Certainly, he had no lingering affection towards his previous world. He had a sense of nostalgia about his old world after being told he couldn’t go back true, but it wasn’t enough to make him dejected.

So that meant he has no choice but to live in this world.

And for that means, he had to find a way to earn a days bread. In other words, a job.

But did this world have any jobs suitable for someone like Tatsumi who dropped out of school? His expression turned a bit gloomy.

And as if seeing through Tatsumi’s thoughts, Giuseppe started his explanation from there.

“I can guess what son-in-law is thinking. But you can rest assured because from now on we are going to guarantee son-in-law’s living here.”

“Master, from now on you needn’t worry about the cost of living.”


“What are you being so surprised about lad? We can at least do that much, since we’re the ones who selfishly summoned you here. We were resolved to do that from the start.”

Ho ho ho! Guiseppe continued with his laughter.

“And, you who just arrived in this world. How are you going to find a job so soon? Though, since we can still have a conversation here like this, it ain’t like there isn’t any job you aren’t suited for.”

As he was told that, Tatsumi finally realized that he was having a normal conversation, not in Japanese, with Calcedonia and Giuseppe.

Surprised, he inquired them about it. It seems like the summoning ritual had a function built in, so that he could properly understand this side’s language. But, it was only limited to hearing and speaking. He couldn’t read nor write lest he studied the language.

By the way, the language they were currently using was called the “Continental Commerce Language”. It was universally used by all of the Zoysalight Continent’s residents. And he could also talk differently using Japanese as well. As for the feeling, it was similar to how one separately uses 2 different languages that they have studied.

“…… If they’re going to do it anyway, why not make it so that I can read and write too…..”

“I-I apologise. I performed the ceremony with the materials and method just as instructed by the various ancient scriptures….Making small adjustments were impossible………”

Calcedonia said while feeling despondent.

“Ah, umm, no. It’s not like I was blaming Chiiko…”

But even as he was consoling Calcedonia, he totally expected to be granted with some amazing ability correction due to the summoning.

“As for me, I’d be happier if you just became Calsey’s husband.”


Calcedonia who was sitting next to Giuseppe said that in a somewhat troubled, yet more than that somewhat happy tone. And her beautiful face once again dyed red. She rotated her gaze between Giuseppe and Tatsumi a few times while blushing deeply.

“To tell you the truth, this lass can almost already be counted as a girl too old to be married. This might sound a bit unfair but, this situation is partially your fault, son-in-law.”

According to Giuseppe’s explanation, in this world, specially in the Largofiely Kingdom, anyone who was 16 years old may be considered an adult. And by the time they were 20, they’re expected to already have a household.

Currently, Calcedonia was 19 years old. In the eyes of society, though she still can’t be considered as someone who absolutely can’t be married off to a man at her age, she should start worrying about these matters soon.

“She’s already receive a large number of marriage proposals you see, but of course all of them have been turned down. But among them there were some higher nobles, and even royalties who were in line to inherit the throne.”

Though he was saying some unpleasing things, Giuseppe’s expression when he looked at Calcedonia was soft. It was obvious that he was respecting his granddaughter’s heart rather than taking the chance for some political marriage.

“O-Oh, even royalty proposed to you? Chiiko really is awesome. Well, since you’re such a beauty, I guess it should be an obvious matter.”

A surplus figure and high magic capabilities. Even though adopted, she was still a relative of the Savaiv church’s patriarch. With this much status, it would have been weird if she wasn’t proposed to.

Tatsumi didn’t know what kind of recognition Magician’s held in this world, but he could guess that having high abilities were better than having less.

As Tatsumi looked at Calcedonia while thinking that, for some reason, Calcedonia, who’s face was flushed red had both her palms on her cheeks and was looking at Tatsumi with wide open eyes.

“Ho ho ho, son-in-law, looks like you’re really used to handling women. Just now, you smoothly praised her. Maybe, in your former world, you had some contacts with prostitutes?”

“Pr-Prostitutes!? N-No way… I…What? No, I never even dated a girl before…”

“Ho ho ? Then that would make you a natural.”

At Giuseppe’s half-sarcastic laughter, Tatsumi was vigorously swinging his head left and right.

“Ho ho ho, ‘twas but a joke. Even though I look like this, because of the nature of my job I am confident in my ability to judge people.”

Even though he was one-sidedly summoned to this world, if he was some sort of scoundrel then Giuseppe was planning to throw him out of the church without caring any more about this matter.

“ Then for now, we will be having you become a Junior priest of the Church. Even though you’ll be a junior, as long as you are a priest this Church will provide you with housing and food. But of course, you’ll have to earn your bread as a priest. And if you would like to do something else then we can see to that matter as well. Our church has many priests who run side business and has secondary jobs.”

Though, Tatsumi couldn’t think of any jobs he would like to do in this world.

Then as Giuseppe said, he should first work under the church and while doing that, look around the town for any jobs he can do.

For a Japanese like him, he naturally had a thin sense of religion. So naturally he didn’t think he could be a priest all his life. Eventually he had to do something else, so for now he should check out which sorts of jobs he could take, and among them which suited him the most.

While he was thinking if he should really bother the Church till then, Calcedonia who was flushed red all this time seemed to have finally rebooted.

“I-I object!! As I had mentioned earlier, I will take all responsibility of master!! You might not think given how I look so but I have quite the high income.”

Calcedonia declared full of confidence while throwing out her chest with her abundant assets. But as for Tatsumi, it was too much for him to accept Calcedonia’s request just like that.

“N-No. I mean, please… I really do have no intentions of becoming a freeloading gigolo.”

But ignoring Tatsumi’s protest, she again looked at Giuseppe and dropped another bombshell.

“Grandfather. I, from now on will leave this church and live together with master.”

Calcedonia made a sudden cohabitation declaration.

On the other hand, Tatsumi’s eyes became round and his jaws dropped. Giuseppe though, struck his knees in approval.

“Yes. That will be good too. If you live together then with time you will know of each others’ good points and bad points. First, live together for a while, and then decide on whether you’ll really tie the knot with marriage. Though, have you any ideas on your residence? From the way you speak of it, I guess you’ve already made preparations?”

“ Yes. I know of one among the believers who deals with mansions. So I decided to consult him…”

“W-Wait a minute!!”

Tatsumi hurriedly pulled the plug on the discussion that was rapidly progressing without him.

“H-Hey Mister Giuseppe!! What are you thinking!! Suddenly approving your granddaughter living with a guy you’ve met for the first time? Is that really okay!?”

In the first place, isn’t it the father who should oppose the most when his daughter—in this case it’s Granddaughter but— decides to suddenly move in with a man!

But unlike the bewildered Tatsumi, the other two put on blank faces.

“What are you saying, son-in-law!? Haven’t you noticed that from our first meeting, I’ve been calling you ‘son-in-law’ ? It means that I’ve already acknowledged you as Calsey’s husband. And didn’t I also just suggest that you should marry Calsey?”

“Eh….?..C-Certainly that’s it but…Still, this is the first time we’ve met, isn’t it too rash to acknowledge it without giving it much thought?”

“I’ve been hearing about you for a long time from Calsey. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like our fist meeting at all. And besides……”

Giuseppe playfully yet skillfully raised one of his eye-brows while looking at the panicked Tatsumi.

Ever since he first adopted Calcedonia, he has been hearing stories of him from Calcedonia every single day.

Now that he was talking with Tatsumi like this, he could really feel that Tatsumi was exactly the kind of person Calcedonia had been describing all these years.

And besides, if Tatsumi had any ill intentions from the start, and wanted to make use of his and Calcedonia’s relationship or made her unhappy, then he wouldn’t have brought up the marriage topic in the first place.

He could perceive that Tatsumi was truly an Honest person.

“….Didn’t you and Calsey already live together in your previous world?”

“N-No wait!…T-That was when Chiiko was just a small Cockatiel, and she definitely wasn’t this beautiful and glamorous big sister who’s slightly above my strike zone!!”

Maybe because panic, or impatience, Tatsumi blurted all that out.

And once again, somewhat delighted, somewhat embarrassed, Calcedonia’s face flushed pink after being directly praised by Tatsumi.

Seeing these two, Giuseppe who was the Patriarch of the Chruch of Savaiv, the church of the God of marriage and had experience as being the marriage witness, confirmed that they would make a harmonious married couple in the future. So prayed for the future of the younglings to the god of Savaiv.

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