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7) Chapter 4.1 ♬

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Chapter 4: A Little White-flower With Split Personality (1.4)


Translator: Mimi

The shop manager didn’t notice this little detail, because 17 of each 3 rose colors add up to 51, which has the meaning that I only have you in my heart.

Chu Ci also felt that he thought too much.

On the way home, the whole car was filled with the scent of roses and the sour smell of love.

Chu Ci looked at Xuan Lin a little wanted to ask him if he knew that he has split personality, but thought it was better let it be.

With this appearance of the Little White-flower Xuan Lin, he might be scared by himself.

“Shuyao should like it, right?” Xuan Lin fiddled with the bouquet and said to himself.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chu Ci said half-heartedly, his two eyes looked worriedly out of the window, the system could not be contacted, otherwise he can determine the target’s situation from it.

After they were back to Xuan family, Xuan Lin held the flower and asked the housekeeper, “Shuyao would like this flower, right?”

The housekeeper smiled and nodded, “Miss Yu certainly would like it.”

Chu Ci stood on the side, he looked at Xuan Lin who carefully held that bundle of flowers as he walked into the room and put it up, before sprayed water droplets on the flowers with a spray bottle.

At the moment, he really want to know the truth. He glanced at the housekeeper on the side, thinking of the target split personality’s matter, he quietly approached him and whispered, “Does Young Master Xuan has two personalities?”

The housekeeper turned his head and looked at Chu Ci, felt a little funny, “How could it be possible, you’re probably misunderstand, because the young master’s body is getting more and more worse these years, so he occasionally has a bad temper, there are no two personalities.”

Chu Ci looked at the housekeeper suspiciously, he was obviously not believe. Xuan Lin’s two personalities were too different, it was totally not just because of physical discomfort. Moreover, the target had switched the personality several times around him. Those times, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

“Housekeeper, all the dishes for lunch today should prepared according to Shuyao’s tastes.” Xuan Lin said his plan, the private chat between the two people stopped.

Chu Ci’s ears pricked up. Doing according to the female lead’s tastes, that mean he can eat something new again?

However, the housekeeper said while felt a bit awkward, “All? But Miss Yu has heavy tastes, and Young Master, you can only eat light food.”

Xuan Lin didn’t change his mind, he let out harmless smile and said to the housekeeper, “I haven’t seen Shuyao for so long, so I want to accompany her to eat what she likes. Don’t worry, I’ll eat less.”

Chu Ci can only make excuse for Xuan Lin.

“Young Master is a lot more vigor now, it doesn’t matter if he eat a bit occasionally.”

Anyway, he was sure that as long as he was beside Xuan Lin, his body would only get better and better, unless his physical body suffered damage.

While waiting for Yu Shuyao’s arrival, Xuan Lin returned to his room and began to choose the clothes.

“This gray one is Shuyao’s favorite color, but the black one looked better.”


Chu Ci let Xuan Lin foolishly tangled, and then he suddenly heard a mocking laughter. Chu Ci subconsciously raised his head and looked at the person who picked the clothes, the Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin came out again. At the same time, Xuan Lin was no longer feel tangled, he directly picked up the black one and start to change his clothes.

The Little Wild-flower Xuan Lin’s heart ability to bear pressure seemed higher than the Little White-flower Xuan Lin. Chu Ci’s scheme heart once again came out. He thought about it and said to probe, “I feel that your personality has changed a little large, are you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Xuan Lin glanced faintly at Chu Ci and said, “I have a double personality, I know.”

Chu Ci was stunned, a long string of question and exclamation marks appeared in his heart.

“You looking for me? What’s the matter?” The system suddenly came alive at this moment.

“Is your receive signal so weak?

“I just see your message.”

Chu Ci was silent, he doesn’t believe the system’s excuse a bit.

When he thought about the matter he had just confirmed, he immediately shouted in his mind, “The target actually have two personalities? Why didn’t you give me the information about this? I’m a dead plant and you still pressing me?”

“I need to explain this matter! The start of this mission required the right time. At that time, the situation was urgent and we didn’t understand it in quite detail. I’m away these two days were precisely to investigate this problem. I have to check from the target birth, to when he was 5 years old, and I can be sure that the target doesn’t has split personality disposition. You need to wait another ten days or half a month to know the reason.”

“Why do I smell a conspiracy?”

“You think too much.”

“Okay, I don’t care about when he has split personality. I just want to know if the target has two personalities, do I have to complete the double mission? I feel the the black-belly Xuan Lin doesn’t like the female lead.”

“That certainly doesn’t need to be. They are actually just one person, this is just a disease, it’s enough as long as there is a personality likes the person.”

“Then I’ll be relieved!”

“Does it look good?” Another voice suddenly sounded in his ear made Chu Ci who wanted to ask something more to the system paused, and immediately retreated from his mind. He found that he had been staring at Xuan Lin’s naked body. Chu Ci immediately raised his head and looked at Xuan Lin’s like a smile yet not a smile eyes, “Still...still okay...your body apparently getting better and better.”

The other party faintly said a sentence, “I think you look better.”

“No, no, no, your look better!” Especially that thing between your legs, Chu Ci didn’t dare to say the last sentence.

When the two of them came downstairs, the lunch had be ready, and just waiting for today’s main character.

By the smell, Chu Ci felt that today’s food was more delicious, and his mouth has begun to secrete saliva.

Then, the doorbell rang.

After went downstairs, Xuan Lin once again turned into the Little White-flower. He looked at the display in the room, and turned to pick up the rose he bought, before went out.

Chu Ci immediately followed up, Yu Shuyao was come back while drove her own car.

The two men walked out of the house, and her red car already can be seen from the doorway.

Chu Ci watched Xuan Lin hid the flowers behind him and stood aside.

After the red car was parked, the door of the driver’s seat opened. A beautiful woman with long black hair and red skirt appeared in Chu Ci’s field of vision, made his eyes light up instantly.

No wonder Xuan Lin was so infatuated with Yu Shuyao.

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