Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

7) Chapter 29.2 ♬

Chapter 29 Part 2:

She seemed to be the friend of the target.

It was a girl. He doesn’t know if her appearance was real or fake, it seemingly comparable to his adjusted face.

Chu Ci didn’t stand up, he squinted his eyes and nodded, “It’s me.” He was not afraid of anyone except the target.

That standing person sized up Chu Ci who was reclining on the chair for a while, before said, “What are you relationship with Chui Yan? He has only added two friends since he started playing the game. You are the third.”

Chu Ci moved his body to a comfortable posture and said, “Are you questioning me?” He doesn’t like being questioned and doesn’t want to answer anything at the moment.

The other party looked at the good-looking’s beauty before her eyes and said, “I’m his girlfriend.”

It turned out to be the target’s only peach blossom?

Chu Ci straightened up and said happily, “It turns out to be you. I have no relationship with him, I just want to become his disciple to earn money.”

Bai Yimeng didn’t know Chu Ci too knew who she was, and said in warning, “Whether you are really his disciple or a fake disciple, don’t think about seduce him, I have a good relationship with him, and at that time the gains don’t make up for the losses.”

After speaking, Bai Yimeng turned around to leave.

Chu Ci was baffling after heard Bai Yimeng’s warning, he suddenly understood something and quickly said, “You seem to have misunderstood? I’m a man!”

Bai Yimeng stopped her footsteps and glanced at him sideways, “If you want to pretend to be a man, don’t make your face look so beautiful! Everyone can see you are a woman.”

After she finished speaking, Bai Yimeng left Bailu building without turned her head, leaving Chu Ci who has a dumbfounded face.

Why does each and every one thought he was a woman?

Whatever, it was true that he liked a beautiful face, it was alright as long as it doesn’t effect the mission.

Unconsciously a long time has been passed. Chu Ci who fell asleep on the chair woke up again.

He opened the time panel and looked at it. It was already the next evening.

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]

After finished the affairs in reality, only then Lu Jiang unhurriedly entered the game. Recently, he had to spend time collecting materials for that special effect.

As soon as his sight was restored, he right away met Chu Ci’s eyes.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes at Chui Yan who suddenly appeared in front of him, and immediately smiled.

“Master, you’re online. I’m a bit miss you after a day not met.”

Lu Jiang remembered that he had added this person as his friend. Since entering the game, his friend has only been Bai Yimeng. Later, he added a person named Wen Yu, because that person often bought his items, and then it was this person in front of him.

He looked at the top of Chu Ci’s head and found that this person hadn’t been improved even a level all day, he was still a swordsman.

Lu Jiang doesn’t want to take a disciple nor to get entangled, so he said, “Sell the item?”

Chu Ci quickly nodded his head and took out the ten thousand years stone marrow and spiritual butterfly that he casually dug from the bag, “Aren’t you looking for this?”

A surprise flashed in Chui Yan’s face after he glanced at the items in Chu Ci’s hand. It took him a week to collect the materials of the previous seven colored glass bead. Then he spent a week to refine this bead. During this period, he only heard a ten thousand years stone marrow and a spiritual butterfly. He didn’t expect that this person dug every materials in a day.

Chu Ci said without the slightest hesitation this time, “These two items are for you. Please accept me as your disciple!”

Chui Yan looked silently at the person who had changed the clothes and still dressed as a man before his eyes, and said, “Why?”

He couldn’t guess what this person was thinking. If these items were fall in other people’s hand, they will be eager to sell it, the more expensive he bought it, the better it was. But this person only want to be his disciple.

Chu Ci immediately said the reason that he had thought for a long time.

“I just want to learn at how you make a lot of money.”

Chui Yan didn’t respond to his reasons at all. After a moment of silence, he indifferently looked at Chu Ci and said, “I will give you another chance.”

Chu Ci was stunned, he didn’t expect that the reason he thought was in line with the public’s emotions was actually not enough? A bright idea suddenly flashed in his mind, he pretended to be sighed in distress and said, “Actually, it’s because I’m too lucky.”

“You may not know that I just digging two times to get the seven colored glass.” Chu Ci helplessly said and then he lifted the two items in his hand, “I’m only digging one time for these two items! Many people started enmity with me after I dug these two items yesterday, and can only hide here. I know that you have a status in Dream Back, so I hope you can help me. If I step out of this door now, I will definitely be dead.”

Chu Ci sized up Chui Yan’s look and continued, “You will certainly not regret, my luck is so good. If you lack anything, I will dig it for you, but only if you cover me.”

Chui Yan was silent and seemed to be seriously thinking about this issue.

Chu Ci was nervously waiting for a reply. If he was rejected again, the front would be lengthened again.

[Chui Yan want to accept you as a succeeding disciple, accept or reject?]

When Chu Ci saw the request of accepted disciple in front of him, he forgot even the happiness and nodded to accept without the slightest hesitation.

System notice: You have become a disciple of Chui Yan.

At the same time, the screen jumped out of an achievement: Succeeding disciple [complete]

Below this message was a brown system notice that everyone can see.

[Chui Yan] completed the master-disciple relationship as [succeeding master]

[Chu Ci] completed the master-disciple relationship as [succeeding disciple]

[World] Blizzard: [Chui Yan] completed the master-disciple relationship as [succeeding master] [Chu Ci] completed the master-disciple relationship as [succeeding disciple]

[World] Peaceful: Could it be what I think it is?

[World] Chui Yan: [Chu Ci] is my disciple from today on, I hope everybody considering my face and doesn’t bully him.

When he saw the target publicly gave himself support on the World, Chu Ci smiled widely.

[Chui Yan invites you to join Bailu guild, accept or reject?]

He decisively accepted!

In an instant, it seemed that all the admission procedures were completed.

Suddenly, Chui Yan threw a set of clothes to him and said, “Change the clothes.”

Chu Ci directly changed the clothes without a second thought, what the target’s said all was right!


Emerald green short skirt? With little white butterflies?

Chu Ci looked at the fresh-style short skirt on his body and couldn’t help but say, “Master, you likes something like this?”

Chui Yan’s expression didn’t even change, he said, “It’s much better than the one you just wear.”

Better is better, but is it makes sense for me, a grown man, to wear a skirt?

Chu Ci thought for a while, and still endured it at the end.

Since the target liked it, then he would wearing it. Anyway, he believed that with his face value, he could wearing this clothes properly.

But the system was right, the target was indeed straight as heaven pillar this time!

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