Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 49.2 ♬

Chapter 49 Part 2:

Moqi Sui was sitting in a chair and happily looking at the plate on the table.

Chu Ci looked from distant and he seemed to have no major problem.

When Moqi Sui saw Chu Ci suddenly rushed in, his eyes lit up and said, “Are you here to eat with me?”

Chu Ci thought of himself was angry just a moment ago, and immediately froze his face. Looking at this face that was good to everyone, even if he was not angry in his heart, he had to pretend.

Thinking of the system saying that the target’s lifespan wouldn’t change, in other words, this person wouldn’t die so easily even if he was poisoned, he doesn’t need to worry so much at all.

Chu Ci’s eyes swept a glance at the fruit sent by Moqi Shan to see if it was something delicious. However, when he saw what was on the plate in front of Moqi Sui, he had the urge to beat people.

He immediately walked over and took away the fruit that Moqi Sui wanted to eat in his hand, “This thing is spoiled and can’t be eaten!”

The fruit on the plate was grape, and the quantity couldn’t even covered the bottom of the plate. Just now he only thought it was too little, but when he took a closer look, it was actually all half-rotten grapes and simply couldn’t be eaten. This Moqi Shan might have come to fool the target. He doesn’t believe that the outside dared to give the rotten things as tribute to the monarch of a grand country.

Chu Ci glanced at the skin on the side of the plate and his complexion was not good. The target seemed to have just eaten one.

Moqi Sui has the child’s nature, he was stunned by Chu Ci’s fierceness, and could only stare anxiously at the person in front of him.

A-Ning has been angry before, and he couldn’t make him more angry.

However, when he saw Chu Ci want to take away the whole plate of fruit, he couldn’t help but say, “Are you going to take it all?”

Chu Ci’s anger because the matter of the grape that Moqi Shan sent has not slowed down, he replied, “Yes! Just have a meal if you are hungry. You can’t eat this thing.”

This small courtyard rarely has a new and unusual thing. Although Moqi Sui was reluctant, he could only watch Chu Ci took the things while went out.

Chu Ci walked out the gate and looked around to make sure that no one was there before secretly threw the rotten fruit into the hidden underbrush.

After all, this was something the second prince brought. It would be no good if someone found it.

By the time Chu Ci returned with the plate, Moqi Sui had already started to eat.

He put the plate on the table, then turned around and walked to the door again.

Moqi Sui watched A-Ning left, he opened his mouth and finally said nothing.

Chu Ci sat at the door for an afternoon. Although he didn’t move, he felt that he was almost bored to death.

Ancient times were really not a place for people to stay. After quarreling with the person he like, there was a kind of feeling nothing left to live for.

Felt vexed.

The leaves of the two pot plants at the door of the Bie Courtyard has been pulled bald by Chu Ci.

“System? Let’s chat?”


Chu Ci didn’t hear a response after waiting for a long time.

It seemed to be very busy.

The system usually ignored him when he was busy. When he was not busy, he almost available at any time.

The sky was getting dark, Chu Ci’s stomach also felt hungry, then he thought of Moqi Sui’s dinner and prepared to get it.

When he entered the courtyard, he found that the target was crouching under the tree again to watch the ants. When he opened the door of the courtyard, the man obviously stopped when he heard the door open but he didn’t look back.

Chu Ci directly took the midday’s bowl and left.

Moqi Sui secretly looked at A-Ning’s back when he heard that he walked away. He thought A-Ning was so angry, he wanted to talk to him and worried he doesn’t leave himself.

When Chu Ci came back with dinner, Moqi Sui had already obediently sat on the chair and waited for the meal.

This time he put the food down and went outside.

Chu Ci didn’t hope to eat with this person, so he went to the dining room and ordered a steamed bun before going to the imperial kitchen and returned. Having eaten modern food, he was really not interested in what people eat in the palace, it was good as long as he was not hungry.

He walked back to his post with a bad temper.

It was a little cold at night. Chu Ci was squatting in the cold wind and shivering.

“Sigh.” Chu sighed, like a person really wronged.

“Are you looking for me?” The system’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Chu Ci said dispiritedly, “It’s all right. I’m boring and wants to chat with you before.”

System: “I’m a little busy, don’t call me if it’s not important, because it’s useless to call.”

“What’s the matter?”

“The issue of your next world.”

“Oh~ Then you go busy.”

Chu Ci shook his legs, he suddenly felt a little sad and missed Lu Jiang.

He quickly patted his face, he must not become an unfaithful radish!

Knock knock—

Suddenly the door was knocked again by the person inside.

“A-Ning, are you angry?”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows proudly and said, “Yes.”

Moqi Sui hesitated for a while before said, “Then, do you still sleep with me?”

Chu Ci’s heart moved and said, “Do you like me?”

Moqi Sui said without the slightest hesitation, “Like.”

Chu Ci said, “Then you like Xiang Xiyue or like me.”

This time Moqi Sui still said without hesitation, “Like Xiyue.”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth in hate and said, “One can only sleep with the person they like the most. Since you like Xiang Xiyue, you can only sleep with her or sleep alone.”

The person in the door was silent for a while and suddenly said, “Then I like you the most.”

Child could be taught too.

Chu Ci put away his expression, he got up and opened the door. Looking at Moqi Sui’s glittering eyes, he pretended to say reluctantly, “Then I will sleep with you tonight.”

“So A-Ning also like me the most?”

Chu Ci paused and suddenly declared, “My name is Chu Ci.”

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