Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

6) Chapter 3.2 ♬

Chapter 3 Part 2:

Early in the morning the next day. Chu Ci woke up and saw Xuan Lin sat on the bedside with a tangled face.

When he looked at the rich expression on this man’s face, Chu Ci can certain that he was the gentle Xuan Lin.

Seeing Chu Ci woke up, Xuan Lin immediately said in concern, “Are you not used to sleep on the ground?”

Chu Ci squinted his eyes and shook his head, “It’s okay.” How could he not get used to it when he always slept in the soil before.

Looking at Xuan Lin, he completely didn’t felt strange that he was in his room. He guessed that this man probably knew the matter of his split personality last night.

Chu Ci’s current situation was called seeing through but unable to reveal.

Xuan Lin picked up a fold clothes on the bed and said, “I will go to the company later, you also go with me. When you go out of the gate of the Xuan family, you are my secretary. This is the clothes for you.”

Chu Ci was pretty sure that this must be another request from the another Xuan Lin, but he agreed to it in one breath, and he was eager to be able to stick at the target’s side every day.

He took the clothes and returned to his room to change.

“Change here!”

When Chu Ci just about to walk to the door, he heard the sound of order behind him.

The black-belly Xuan Lin came out, and there was really no pressure to switch between the two personalities.

Chu Ci turned around and looked at Xuan Lin who sat on the bed with aloof and indifferent expression. Resigned to his fate, Chu Ci put his clothes on the end of the bed and began to take off the original clothes on his body.

Xuan Lin also has no hesitate, and unbridledly sized up the person in front of him.

Chu Ci stripped off his own clothes without any pressure. He was not embarrassed of this kind of thing.

At the time he was dressed neatly, he looked up and met Xuan Lin’s intense gaze, his heart thumped.

This person can’t be a gay, right?

No, no, no, the information said that Xuan Lin like Yu Shuyao very much.

Chu Ci immediately denied his guess.

After changed clothes, the two men went down the stairs with one in the front and one in the back.

When the housekeeper saw Xuan Lin came down from the escalator, he exclaimed, “Young Master’s spirit looked very good these two days. But what the doctor say the last time we went to the hospital, or do you took any special medicine?”

Xuan Lin looked at Chu Ci from the corner of his his eyes, and said, “Probably because there is a newcomer at home.”

Chu Ci raised his eyes subconsciously and looked back, the two men’s gaze meet each other. After Xuan Lin changed personality, even his whole aura was different, made him unable to compared him with the girl again.

Because of the last night’s matter, although there was a little knot in Chu Ci’s heart, but his heart that liked beauty for a thousand years would not change. He secretly hope that this person’s split personality can be cured by himself.

They have the breakfast at home, and Xuan Lin was still eat more than usual, the housekeeper was very happy.

After breakfast, the car that picks up and drop-off Xuan Lin to the company was already waiting outside.

Chu Ci did his duty as a secretary, as he held all the things Xuan Lin need to bring.

The two men had just stepped out of the house, when Xuan Lin’s cellphone rang.

Chu Ci was stood behind and watched the target answer the phone gracefully.


The target’s voice was very gentle, and Chu Ci immediately knew this man was somehow changed back to the Little White-flower.

“I’ll wait for you.” The girl on the phone was speak a bunch of words and Xuan Lin listened silently, before said these words gently, and then hung up the phone. Xuan Lin then turned around and walked back to the hall, “We don’t go out today.”

The housekeeper smiled in understand, “July, it seems that the school is on holiday?”

Xuan Lin said ‘En’ with a happy face.

Chu Ci’s heart sank. He actually forgot that human have holidays, especially students, they will free for a few months. Yu Shuyao was a student, she was on holiday! Moreover, she will be back today.

Xuan Lin has only one year left to live, and this year the opportunity for him to know the truth would happen at any time.

Maybe he need to change his plan. Since there was no way to stop the contact between the two people, he wanted to find a way to make Yu Shuyao like Xuan Lin again. Yu Shuyao was the one who pursue the target. She was beautiful and has many pursuers. The reason why she shifted her affection to He Wen was because He Wen’s family background was the only one that can be equal to Xuan Lin. Chu Ci believed that no girl would not like the health, handsome, devotion, gentle and capable’s Xuan Lin.

Xuan Lin had just walked to the living room, before immediately turned around and walked to the door again.

“I still have to go out.”

Chu Ci quickly followed.

When Chu Ci saw the driver stopped the car in front of a flower shop, he finally understood what this man wanted to do.

As a moving human help device, he had to follow Xuan Lin into the flower shop.

Just as he entered the shop, Chu Ci immediately smelt the strong lily fragrance. There were all kinds of flowers in the shop.

Xuan Lin walked straight to the front of all kinds of rose flower and looked at it.

“Is it for your girlfriend?” The shop manager on the side said warmly.

Xuan Lin’s face slightly reddened, as he nodded his head.

The shop manager pointed his finger to the rose flowers in front of him and began to introduce, “Red color represents passion love, pink color represents eternal love, and white color represents pure love. Which one do you want? And how many do you want?”

The Little White-flower Xuan Lin seemed to be particularly incapable to choose this kind of thing, he hesitated for a while, before his look suddenly turned cold and said, “I want seventeen flowers of each color.”

Although Chu Ci’s eyes were looking around, but from the tone of Xuan Lin’s voice, he could tell that the black-belly Xuan Lin came out again.

He didn’t feel strange and continued to look around this not small flower shop, then his line of sight swept over a sign by the wall side, which written the meaning of the flowers number represent. He looked down to see the mean represented seventeen, the one that Xuan Lin said.

Seventeen roses represented despair and irreparable love...

Did he know something?

Chu Ci turned his head and looked at Xuan Lin. Xuan Lin’s face was full of happiness as he looked at the shop manager wrap up the bouquet for him.

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